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A panic attack is a period of intense fear or discomfort, typically with an abrupt onset and usually lasting no more than thirty minutes. Symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, and sensations of choking or smothering. Panic attacks can be very sudden, appear to be unprovoked, and are often disabling.

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  • jessejohnson12


    i hate panic attack above been getting. Them more frequently now a days and I don't know how to help it
  • Lately i'v been feeling a lot of stress, i'v been doing a lot of panic attacks. Last week i didn't do almost any panic attack... it was, i don't know i was feeling stressed out about not feeling stressed out. But yesterday night i went to the movies with my friend and usually i feel a lot of stress going out and in a car but i don't know this night everything went well. I was feeling a bit...
  • dammed

    anxiety panic attacks

    For anyone who suffers panic attacks and anxiety which make life harder to live and are looking for ways to cure it I found this website it involve praying for miracles I hope it helps
  • ClearDay1

    Could Use Some Support

    I have a history of anxiety and panic, and lately the panic attacks are unbearable.Why this keeps happening IDK. Nobody understands it.I could just really use some support because I know benzos are not a solution.Thanks very much.
  • cherylzies

    Help, please.

    So. First off thanks to anyone who reads this. I stumbled on this support group tonight while Googling help. I've been on and off anxiety medications my whole adult life. I haven't taken anything for the last 2 years and I've just been trying to manage my anxiety (my poor husband) I've never received a diagnosis or anything, but am going for an appointment with my GP tomorrow and hope to self...
  • Hello,I'm new to the forums and have a few questions related to Klonopin. I was prescribed 0.5 mg for panic attacks that have worsened since I've entered menopause. My main triggers are driving in bad traffic, being over-scheduled, work stress, and rushing. I've noticed my anxiety is worse during the week and less of a problem when I'm relaxing on the weekend.I took the medication as prescribed...
  • dammed


    I am new here and I believe I have been experiencing panic attacks I never had this symptoms until I smoke weed for my first time it was a unpleasant feeling I panic my heart was racing so fast and everything around me moved slowly I felt like went your drunk the next day I felt a lot better until a few weeks I been experiencing lightheadness and dizzyness everytime I go on my bike it take time...
  • Hi, I'm new here and don't even know if I'm having panic attacks. My dad suffered a lot last year and passed away at the hands of some extremely cruel doctors and nurses (because we have universal healthcare here and they're cutting costs like crazy). I believe they murdered him through deprivation of water and food (he was crying for this) and numerous shots of morphine till he could no longer...
  • Hi Everyone,I have been having a history of panic attacks for about 10 years but after the one I had today I figured it was time to find support as not many people understand what I go through. I had my first panic attack while driving one night about 10 years ago and I thought I was dying of a brain tumor or stroke. I drove straight to the hospital ER and stayed there most of the night while...
  • I have panic attacks and can control them fairly well,but i cannot drive very far by myseft with out having one.I live in a remote area,and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how they drive with out having one.It is the only thing that i have the most problem with.Any help,ideas would help me.Thank you,Shea....................
  • Hello fellow Panic attack sufferers. Is anyone out there. It is 1:30 am and I just had a panic attack, nothing new i am 67 and have been having them since a teenager. I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse five years ago. I live in the Orlando area and could use info on a local support group for my two conditions.
  • TheDreamer

    Nightly Attacks

    ive been having panic attacks right before falling asleep...they started two years ago after my ex abandoned me while I was pregnant...he was my only was so devastating I'm still dealing with it now...recently I had another ex who just disappeared on me too even though he knew panick attacks are an issue for me and abandonment worsens it...I believe he did it to punish me for smthg I...
  • Your heart starts racing your feet start pacing the sweat pours down your face, and you wish you are in another place. Your having a panic attack, Nothing will change that fact..Your shaking in your shoes and all you want is a bottle of booze...You can always take a pill it will help you to chill then you feel under the weather and a little light as a feather, your having a panic attack nothing's...
  • no715

    Bad week

    This week has been .. really hard for me. I did a lot of panic attacks, i didn't sleep well, made a lot of nightmares. I hope it will end soon.
  • I know it is a little bit silly question but have a problem and didn't see a doctor and talk about it with anyone. When I am upset or face with an event that makes me feel unhappy or shocked, I suddenly start to feel so cold (even if when the weather is hot) and shake. I cannot control my shaking and cannot keep myself warm. Is this a panic attack?