Panic Attacks Support Group

A panic attack is a period of intense fear or discomfort, typically with an abrupt onset and usually lasting no more than thirty minutes. Symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, and sensations of choking or smothering. Panic attacks can be very sudden, appear to be unprovoked, and are often disabling.

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  • PreciousQueen

    One or more?

    i have read that panic attacks can last up to 24 hours. How do I know if I'm having one or several back to back?
  • MikeOnTheMic

    Repetition Induced Attacks

    One of my major setbacks is the inability to hold a job due to stress. Repetitive work at simple jobs always induce panic attacks. Once my mind gets accustomed to the task, it starts processing on its own. Then I freak out at a job and lose it. I've done far better with light retail, where I have frequent breaks to distract myself by reading or such. However it never fails that one bad day comes...
  • Jangelo

    Hello Everyone.

    Never joined a group or forum before. I'm extremely independent and I usually just crunch my way through any crappy issues I'm having, but this is extremely difficult. I have really bad panic attacks. Usually about twice a day. Chest pressure, throat closing, shaking, light headedness, lips, fingers, and top of head going numb - terrifying panic attacks.I am clinically Schizoid (or was), which is...
  • animallover205

    panic attack coming on

    anyone able to talk? i feel a panic attack coming on and need some help
  • beachshore


    At 5:30 am with panicking!!  Nigtmare waking me up through the night. Does anyone use xanax for this?  I was prescrbed and want to take some to get back to having some sleep.  This panicky feeling scares me.  Used deep breathing, drank water, meditated. Anyone help me?
  • ShadowsEclipse


    Hi everyone. Im new here. Last night I woke up, around three AM. I was shaking, coughing, heavily breathing like I had been running for miles... I went through some trauma in my past, and last night I dreamed about it. My hands were shaking so bad I spilled my water all over, and I couldnt stop crying. What do you all recommend? And is it normal that I should still be upset over trauma that...
  • cjtubs

    First post

    Hi there,I know everyone says it feels better to know other people are experiencing the same sensations or physical symptoms during a panic attack and that you haven't died yet so must be ok but why do are our brains so adament that we are going to die!? I have been living with these panic attacks for 2 years now - caused by a range of things but predominately work and bullying. I am stoic,...
  • summerbabe88

    Weird head pressure

    Hey all, I suffer from pretty intense panic attacks and take lexapro 10mg along with Xanax ER .5 mg.  With that being said, I still suffer from severe panic attacks at least once a week. I get this odd feeling at the base of my neck and feels like it flows to my whole head. From there my thoughts just delve into negative fears and it's almost like my head will explode ! Do any of you experience...
  • nervousgirl

    Panic attacks/anxiety

    hello everyone.  I'm new to the group and struggling with panic attacks and major anxiety.  Looking for support and feedback. Wondering about CBT THERAPY?  It's soooo expensive but wondering if it's worth going broke over 
  • sometimesimfunny

    Are These Panic Attcks Or Something Else?

    Hi I'm new here and was hoping for some advice. I'm a really anxious person and sometimes I have these episodes that are usually triggered by some sort of stress but I'm not really sure if it qualifies as a panic attack. Physically, I sometimes sweat, my heart races, and it's a little hard to breathe. Mentally I just feel this unexplainable feeling of dread and worry and can't take my mind off of...
  • mixedsugar34

    Bad Anxiety, Divorcing, Re-Located, New Life Style

    i know my title sounds a bit overwhelming, but i think alot of it led up to why I am now currently always having anxiety and then spouts of intense panic attacks. im going though a divorce. On top of that I have bad anxiety even before I married him. We decided to reconcile earlier this year and it did not work out, so I petitioned for divorce and he kicked me out....again. And again not allowing...
  • Panic1984

    Panic Every Day

    I wake up and have a panc attack every morning at 6am. Anyone experience something like this? I'm starting to fear that it will take a toll on my heart 
  • dshaw

    really bad lately

    just recently i have been having alot of panick attacks and really bad anxiety. i freak out over little things and i cant really control my emotions as much as i could before. advice?
  • Crazypants

    Feels like I'm losing it

    Anxiety is terrible right now. Its been going on since about 10am my time, and it's almost 3pm now. I just feel like my brain is fucking with me, tricking my body into producing these terrible symptoms that trigger my anxiety even more because I have an extreme phobia of illness. I feel nauseous, I have this lump in the back of my throat, and this pulsing pain in my chest. I just feel like I'm...
  • kat2017

    panic disorder

    Hi I'm new here.  I've been having panic attacks on and off since I was 15. Panic attack is truly terrifying.  People who have never experienced this never know how it feels like! When I get a panic attack, I get dizzy, numbness and tingling sensation in my legs and arms, chest/throat tightness, choking sensation, hot flashes, then I feel like I'm losing control of myself.  Even if I know it's...