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A panic attack is a period of intense fear or discomfort, typically with an abrupt onset and usually lasting no more than thirty minutes. Symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, and sensations of choking or smothering. Panic attacks can be very sudden, appear to be unprovoked, and are often disabling.

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  • summerbabe88

    Need Some Kind Words

    Hi all,As I type this I am anxious as hell! I haven't had severe panic in awhile due to my meds and therapy. However, my panic has come back fulllll forrrce. When I have a panic attack my mind kicks into overdrive and I think I am dying. I want to die in that moment, actually. I am terribly scared and thankfully I am seeing my psychiatrist this Friday. Any kind words would be wonderful, I feel...
  • I'm on my way to my psychiatrist. having a panic attack in my uber. I was 100% when I was in my apartment but the idea of leaving my apartment leads me to panic. Why must I be so afraid when I leave my home? the world isn't out to get me, I have no idea what I'm afraid of. My psychiatrist always asks what makes me anxious, what's my trigger. I don't know! breath breath. I just want to know...
  • sunflowers

    Trying to figure things out.

    Im new, still getting used to anxiety/depression being a part of life. I had a panic attack today, but in those moments I often forget it's a panic attack, and feel like it's something so much worse.. It's the worst feeling :( learning to breathe, colour, take care of myself but it's pretty isolating.. Anyone have any other things that help? 
  • Today I was surprisingly able to walk to the metro and then ride the metro without having a panic attack which is always an accomplishment for me. It could have been that it was raining and I was distracted by trying to text and hold an umbrella at the same time. Then on the metro it was incredibly crowded so I was sweating in my coat and trying to keep my balance. But now here I am half way...
  • My panic attacks almost come like clockwork. My walk to the metro is 15 mins, in preparation for said walk I take xanax for the panic attack I'll get on my walk. I don't know what causes me more panic the fact that I have to spend my day outside of the safety of my home or having to take a crowded metro to work. I would like to figure out what the specific trigger is.
  • barnowl1110

    Panic attacks and family illness

    My father had a stroke last month. It was just 5 days before my wedding. It was so severe it almost killed him and the only reason he is even here is because his co-workers recognized the signs. My father has always been a superhero to me. He was always larger than life. A natural athlete who regularly exercised well into his fifties. A police officer for almost 30 years. Charismatic in a way...
  • Honey603

    Afraid To Face My Fears~ Agoraphobia

    Hi there, just under two months ago I found this forum. At the time I was having the worst panic attacks of my life. For several weeks I lived in a constant state of panic. Nowhere was safe, especially not the inside of my own skin. Although I'm doing significantly better now, I can go to school without fear (something I had the most trouble with), I'm still afraid to face my fears. Until seven...
  • CreateYourWorld

    Burning in throat

    Is it normal to feel burning in your throat and chest during a panic attack ?
  • Mudd13

    Afib triggers panic attack make Afib worse

    hello, new here,Ive had panic attacks for about 8 years now and have what's called lone-afibulation which is when for unknown reasons my heart will go out of rhythm ,the one side will pump fast while the other side stays normal and it triggers panic attacks which in turn cause my heart to race while out of rhythm. It always happens when I'm sound asleep and it wakes me up due to it beating so...
  • CreateYourWorld

    Throat Swelling

    I'm afraid it's not a panic attack and something more dangerous. I'll feel like my throart is swelling, difficulty breathing, heavy weight on my chest, burning/tingling sensation in my head and chest. Is it normal? 
  • ruthgrps

    Cant Switch Off - HELP

    At the moment I am suffering from severe anxiety/panic/nausea, I just cant seem to relax at anytime, day or night.  Today we've been to the opticians and I was anxious,my heart murmur was loud, and I was scared.  It seems to be all the time now day or night, in the night I am reliant on Vallium to get to sleep, I wake frequently, have nightmares etc, I find my husband who is quite healthy, hard...
  • I am intentionally kept in hyperthyroidism to keep cancer from growing back. But the problem is that I never know if my anxiety is being caused by a very low TSH or if it's straight panic.I guess it doesn't matter. Panic is panic. Just wondering. I was doing pretty good for a few weeks, then my endocrinologist increased my dose of medication. A couple weeks later, I'm having a hard time managing...
  • gossipgirlxoxo

    Is it Normal??

    I have been getting panic attacks for about 6 months now. I just don't know if they are panic attacks anymore. I will get them just sitting in my bed, not worry about anything and then bam I'm hystercial crying, shaking like crazy and fearing everything. I get at least one of these "episodes" (this is what I call them) a day. Is it healthy and is it an actual panic attack?
  • Tessam37

    Panic attacks & anxiety before bed

    Does anyone deal with panic attacks before bed? I've always had trouble sleeping but, in the last three months all day long I have panic in my body about going to bed and then when it is bedtime. I try to tell myself everything's going to be OK, I've tried breathing techniques. Nothing seems to be really helping. I've even recently tried meditating on YouTube to help. But, the feeling of panic is...
  • ruthgrps


    I have suffered with panic attacks for some years now, the first one was on a bus coming home from a hospital, it started with tingling in my hands and feet.  Then my hands and feet turned inwards, and went white.My problem at the moment is that I am getting paniced in the morning and evening, I am alright once I start moving in the morning, but, at night my stomach churns, its hard to get to...