Panic Attacks Support Group

A panic attack is a period of intense fear or discomfort, typically with an abrupt onset and usually lasting no more than thirty minutes. Symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, and sensations of choking or smothering. Panic attacks can be very sudden, appear to be unprovoked, and are often disabling.

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  • TDlove13

    How many panic attacks?

    okay so I know how many I've had, by how many panic attacks have all of you guys had? Just wondering, so comment please!!
  • shygirl2017

    Panic Attack

    I struggle with panic attack mostly day of my life. I don't realize my panic attack destroy my life and I feel uneasy , nervous, overwhelmed all the time. I cannot sleep without meds. My panic attacks pop every time especially I worry about everything consumpts my life. I know my panic attacks got worse when I start having fibromologyia pains constant. I feel too hot burn up and I cannot speak...
  • MixedxEmotions


    So I have a very unusual phobia. I cannot ride in a moving vehicle. The speed factor is the worst. Right now I'm getting treatment, but it is a very slow, tedious process. But I just wanted to come on here because I feel like I'm alone. Not being able to ride in a car is EXTREMELY life altering. I can't take a trip Florida, I can't get in a taxi/bus/airplane/train/shuttle. I always worry about if...
  • KDeavs

    Car/Travel panic

    Hey there. I just joined because I'm scared and I don't know what is going on with me. Within the last year I started to experience panic episodes.  I came off Celexa for depression about a year and a half ago. Not sure if this could be related.The first time was sitting in bed watching something funny on YouTube. I felt like I could not get a deep breath in and I had this overwhelming sense of...
  • LibbyTeal

    Panic Attack or the Flu?

    Do you ever have a situation where you can't tell if you're having a panic attack, or if you're actually coming down with a flu? I've gotten to the point where I swear I cannot tell the difference. I'm generally a very healthy person (aside from anxiety/panic disorder), and I have a phobia of getting sick (specifically GI related), so I tend to always tell myself that whatever sensations I'm...
  • Bravens13

    New to Panic Disorder

    Hey Everyone,I've always been someone who has anxiety but in the last three months it has turned into a monster. First it was panic attacks that would be related to me finding some spot on my body and thinking it was going to be the death of me (Hypochondria). Now, however, it has morphed into an almost constant state of panic. When i'm fine, im fine, but when i begin to slip into panic i feel...
  • cassichase

    Just need to tell someone

    I have been living with a continuous state of panic today. I have taken some medcation, but I am still shaking. I wish my flashbacks would go away then maybe I can calm down. I cannot believe I'm in this state of mind again. I thought I was healed from all this. I just needed to tell someone.
  • paperofshadow

    Panic Attacks.

    I Don't Know What To Do, When I Have Panic Attacks, They Get So Bad To The Point Where I Need To Go To A Corner In My Room And Just Sit There. I Don't Know Why I Have To Do That. Has Anyone Else Experienced That!? 
  • wvguy

    Xanax saves me

    I see several posts below mine regarding heart issues that may be related to panic attacks.  Yes, I have found myself in the ER due to what I was sure was a heart issue. I think anxiety and panic attacks or two different things. I have both. It was a panic attack in disguise that sent me to the ER for my heart.  Only, and I mean only, when I'm having a panic attack do I take a Xanax and it has...
  • Baer

    I'm new

    hey! so im really new at all of this but i figured i would give it a try... i amdealing with multiple panic attacks per day these days and am not quiet sure what to do in that moment. Im on meds and have a therapist buts its the nights or just bad times where i have a panic attack and dont know what to do or what resouces to use.... any advice would be amazing!
  • alisonyx

    i don't know what's happening to me

    Hi everyone,First off, I'm new here so I'm not quite sure what protocol/etiquette is for posts. I looked around online for forums where I could discuss my issues with anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder (see what I mean? There's a lot going on and I'm trying to parcel through it...) and wound up finding this site (among a few others).So basically about a month or six weeks ago I had this weird...
  • Diane22

    I just want to say

    That this group should be more active. I love this website and i wish more people participated.  I love listening to other people's stories and sharing mine.  It's an outlet for me. Knowing im not alone in the struggle to maintain.  Panic will not run my life and so far w my new med it hasn't. But anxiety has had its evil head around. And im sick of it.  I wana feel 100% again.  The days I...
  • Nickili311

    Trying to undo this Trick

    My first real attack was 10 years ago. Over that I've set so many boundaries in my life that I forgot what it's like to be completely free. Over the past few years I just kinda gave up and just avoided places that cause me to panic. I don't drive over long bridges and I don't fly. I have a kid that is 8 and I would love to do more with him. I just started to try and get help. I've read a book and...
  • Diane22

    Another morning panic attack

    It seems even w this new med added I am still waking up in the am startled w racing heart and tremors.  It's always short lived but very upsetting.  I still take klonopin in the am and I find myself running for it as soon as I wake up.  Im sleeping like crap.  And I have these very vivid dreams which I was told would go away after some time on the med.  It's just exhausting. It's been a...
  • Trichster724


    This past weekend at work there was a new girl who I think is either on some type of drug or is just a little off upstairs.Anyway, most people at work know of my PTSD and that I don't like to be touched. I was working in the kitchen with my back turned to the other waitstaff and ALL of the people I work with have learned in one way or another that I can't stand being touched unexpectedly and...