Grandparents Raising Children Support Group

This community is dedicated to grandparents who are the primary caregivers of their grandchildren. In cases where the parents are not willing or able to provide adequate care for their children, grandparents may take on the role of primary caregivers. Join the support group to find support, share your experience, and get advice from other members.

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  • HelpUsLord

    2nd Time Around

    Nine months ago I received a phone call from 35+ year old son telling me his son was out of control, and his new wife could not handle it any longer. He then called my wife a short time later and asked if we could pick up this grandchild at the airport.  There was NO hesitation, she said yes.  We do not have custody of this grandchild, only a notorized letter from the father stating that the GC...
  • debri85

    Serious Sigh

    This really sucks.
  • Iamnana

    Support Group

    I started a support group all4family17 please look us up on Facebook, it's a closed group so only members can see the posts and the privacy of our members is very important to us! When you request to join we will send you a private message to make sure you're appropriate for our group! All are welcome!
  • Iamnana


    Good Day All! I am a stay at home nana located in Northeast Ohio. I received emergency custody of my granddaughter jan 2015 and rec'd legal custody Dec 2015. I have raised 4 children so the thought of raising a toddler 15 yrs later wouldn't be THAT different right? (I use comic relief to get me through my days!) Just because the courts agreed with me that it was in the best interest of the child...
  • marietta

    Single grandmother raising 2 beautiful granddas

    I am new to the group, just need to know I am not alone and need advice on dealing with my daughter who has mental health issues. I have complete custody of my granddaughters. I am having some financial problems because of daycare for them, I work full time but I don't make enough. I love my granddaughters so much.
  • ctgrandma

    Need advice asap

    My daughter and her boyfriend, (father of my granddaughters), are about to lose their parental rights to my beautiful granddaughters. I am in the process of applying for guardianship of them, they are currently in foster care, and the foster parents who already have 6 kids, (all foster) are applying to adopt my granddaughters too.  I am told that grandparents basically have no rights and that I...
  • dhall

    Raising grandchildren with medical needs

    I am currently raising two of my grandchildren and i am trying to get custody of another she has kidney problems. Is there anyone who can give me advice or anyone who would like to share what they are going through thanks 
  • suz181

    I know I'm not alone

    I am just now reaching out to find other grandparents who are raising their grands after having my gd for 1.5 yrs.  She is now 5.5.  it's so hard being older working ft and still having a teen at home. I am also a single parent.  There is nothing locally in support of grandparents raising grand groups in NJ as in other states. The fixer in me thought,  I should start one. Then I realized,...
  • debri85

    New to the Group

    Hello, new to the group, my husband and I are in our mid 60's and have had our grandson for a little over a year. It's not that he's a bad child, quite frankly he's pretty good as 10 year olds go, except for being sexually abused by a stray his mother allowed around him when he was four, there really aren't any major issues yet. It's just that, we were retired, hadn't had to deal with a child...
  • mimi369

    Heartbroken for many reasons

    My beautiful teen daughter is in an abusive relationship and has chosen this boy, also the father of her son, over him and her whole family. My husband and I have temporary custody and the judge also ordered a restraining order against the boy and my daughter. Our grandson is now 7 months old. It's so hard not having my daughter in my life, but I felt like I had to protect my grandson. How do I...
  • Grammy2008

    Advice for helping child feel better during move

    My daughter who is 32 has found a place to live. However, she also has two children ages 8 and 2. They have never lived anywhere but at home with me and their mother. I have been co-parenting.They have only known our family life as the three of them and me (grammy). My concern is that the 8 year old seems to be depressed about the move. We are very close and I fear it is leaving me that might...
  • suz181

    Facebook Support Group.

    Just now looking for support after almost 2 years. I thought I should mention there is a FACEBOOK support group called. RRC Support Group. Relatives raising children. Really good group of people all in same situation from all across the US and beyond. My state NJ has nothing locally and in person. It has definitely helped me the last couple weeks reading and commenting on posts with people just...
  • tsmith317

    Emotional Mess Tonight

    I am raising my 3 yr old granddaughter and have had her since she was 2 months old after rescuing her from my daughter and her crazy boyfriend who were homeless and on drugs. When I picked up my granddaughters (the oldest lives with her daddy now), my 2 month old baby was soaking wet in her own urine - not sure how long it had been since she was changed. Urine was dripping off the car seat she...
  • ngp1934

    New to the group

    My husband and I have recently gained custody of 2 grandchildren.  1 boy (10) and 1 girl (11). We are having trouble with even the basics. Bathing, brushing teeth, manners, school, and the list could go on. We have had them for 8 months but what they went through before is tough to overcome.  Any suggestions, 
  • Hope4Delaney

    Going to give "tough love" a try....

    This did not work with my daughter (GD's mother) but I'm just so exhausted trying everything else. GD turned 18 at beginning of month. She has been acting worse and worse, lies about everything, takes things, swears and yells at me whenever I try to talk to her about anything, lays in bed all day instead of doing school, up at night keeping us awake, and on and on. Some of the things are so odd,...