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This community is dedicated to grandparents who are the primary caregivers of their grandchildren. In cases where the parents are not willing or able to provide adequate care for their children, grandparents may take on the role of primary caregivers. Join the support group to find support, share your experience, and get advice from other members.

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  • Cooperiley

    Is it me or the Stepford wives?

    Hi. I am new to this group and new to the area where we live with our grandson. We chose this area because of the school district. I am 62 with a 8-yr. old we have had since he was 7 weeks old. I can and do pass for about 55...lots of energy.The mothers at this s hool act like this is the most bizarre arrangement they have ever heard of. Endless questions about where his parents might be; some...
  • Hi, first time here. Although I dont have my grandson alone, I d  most everything for and with him. Is anyone in this predicament? My daughter is in her early 20s. She had a baby, who is a little over a yr now. she is bipolar and other diagnoses. Before the baby, she could not leave the house, slept all day, barely took meds, but she did manage to date someone who used her for sex. She broke it...
  • SaraBT

    It's been a long time...

    Hi, everyone!I just logged in for the first time in ages and noticed two mssages asking how everything was.Where do I begin?Last April we adopted all three grandkids. Because their last name is the same as ours, we were honestly able to tell them that NOTHING would change other than some paperwork.Then in late July Pinky developed a massive infection of her heart from using dirty needles and...
  • Charmom

    New to the group

    After raising 4 children I was looking forward to me time. That all changed after receiving a call from a police officer. My daughter attempted to commit suicide in front of her children ages 3 years old and 10 months old. After that things moved very quickly and I have custody of the kids.It's been an interesting journey and I love the grandkids. The oldest saw his mom trying to cut her self and...
  • ngp1934

    New to the group

    My husband and I have recently gained custody of 2 grandchildren.  1 boy (10) and 1 girl (11). We are having trouble with even the basics. Bathing, brushing teeth, manners, school, and the list could go on. We have had them for 8 months but what they went through before is tough to overcome.  Any suggestions, 
  • jimmyjojo

    New to this group

      About 5 years ago my wife's daughter and her husband were making bad decisions one after the other. They had two boys. One was 5 and the other was 1. They would call us almost evey weekend early in the morning and her daughter would ask if they could have money, or tell us to come get the 5yr old, or something that required us to act immediatly. One day we asked them to come over and my wife...
  • deleted_user

    Grandparents Raising Teens

    I need to hear from you grandparents who are raising teenagers. Are any of you dealing with resistance and defiance from your teens? If so what do you attribute this behavior to? If not, what have you done to build your relationship with your teen?We (I should say I am) being met with a lot of resistance and defiance from my teenage grandsons. I am beginning to think it is because I am 'not'...
  • Katie1953


    I have been given permanent guardianship 8 yrs ago. Am I able to travel out of country with my grandaughyer?
  • Katie1953

    Trying to stay calm

    My husband and I have raised our grandaughter since she was 8. She is now 22 and a wonderful young lady. We took custody of her half sister when the oldest was 12. The youngest is now 9 and we have had her since she was 10 months. Their mom ( my daughter) has battled addictions for 25+ yrs. Throughout our having the girls she has been in and out of their lives. At one time she was clean almost a...
  • GrandMommy

    I'm new here

    Hello, My Hus and I hv been our Gd's legal guardians for 1 year in October, but have basically raised her from birth. My daughter had / has a drug / alcohol problem, which led to lying, stealing and all that comes along with that life. And, I believe she may be bipolar. Our daughter has seen our grand spoadically over the past 2 years, but the last 5 months not seen her at all and hv only spoken...
  • tsmith317

    Emotional Mess Tonight

    I am raising my 3 yr old granddaughter and have had her since she was 2 months old after rescuing her from my daughter and her crazy boyfriend who were homeless and on drugs. When I picked up my granddaughters (the oldest lives with her daddy now), my 2 month old baby was soaking wet in her own urine - not sure how long it had been since she was changed. Urine was dripping off the car seat she...
  • deleted_user


    I've been reading about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up in this group. If anyone here has experience with FASD and would be willing to share, I'd really appreciate it.
  • catskyn

    my grandson

        My daighter has been sober from Herion for 8 months now. My grandson was born Herion addicted. He landed up in a Foster Home a year ago after his fathers girlfriend abused my grandson. He as moved to 6 differnt homes before being placed with me. The Adoption process will start next month in August. He has been with me for 4 months. Its very hot even now at 11 pm he just got let out of his...
  • r2lilladies

    Relieved to find others....New to DS

    I am new to this site.  I have been searching for support groups for grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren.  This is a new venture for us and we have found ourselves kind of starting all over again.  We are not the "typical" grandparent age most think of.  I am 36 and my husband is 39.  We have 5 of our own children still in the home ranging in age from 7-16.  We have 6...
  • sjones1974

    When they ask to call you mom

    We have had full custody of our 2 grand daughter's for 2 years now. Mom never even calls to check on them nor does she ask to see them unless something like Christmas or mothers day and both girls really don't want anything to do with here if she is there, She is on drugs and makes everything about her not the girls. Well yesterday being mothers day we spent the day as a family without her....