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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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4 Online
  • Minidogs2


    Bedtime is now my favorite time. I can go to bed in peace with my dogs and not be bothered by anyone.
  • therapygirl5

    Confused about feelings

    i am new to this group. My husband and I will be married for 23 years next month. We of course have had our ups and down, being seperated a few times. I guess I never thought it would come to a divorce. Our longest time apart was two years. I finally felt like I was moving on, yes I dated some, and then he surprised me in the shower one night and asked me if I was really over him and that he...
  • Proverbs31

    Not sure what to do

    Hello, I'm new here.. my husband cheated on me last year but I just found out 10 months later. Their is also be a baby involved but the mistress is not coming forward to us, nor is she requesting for DNA test. My husband says the baby is not his. She has told a few of her friends that he is in fact the father but she will not talk to us. We tried calling and reaching out on Facebook but no...
  • butterfly143

    Think I am in trouble again

    I am recovering woman who loves too much. I went thru a period of time after I ended a 6 year relationship with an emotionally unavailable man where I spent two years on my own. I made alot of progress on my self esteem during this time and have been in counseling. I was in a much better place and standing up for my self respect more...I met a really nice guy at the beginning of the year that is...
  • FindingmyHappinessNow26

    I will never love again

    I am just ending a relationship of 5 years after realizing that I loved him way more than he loved me and honestly this SUCKS! I am hurt and I feel like I may never love again; I gave him my heart and soul. I tired so hard to get him to give me what it was that I needed. At times I felt like I was asking for TOO much when all I asked of him was to be there for me the same way that I was for him...
  • dragonvex

    It's Because of Me

    6 years married and he asked for a divorce last week. I can't blame him either. Last year, I cheated on him. It was wrong and I've been working to make amends. He reproposed this last Christmas so I thought things were getting better...and I know it's been a struggle for him because he would get drunk, bring it all up, couldn't stand to look at me at times...but the other times were truly full of...
  • summerlaura

    Living under the same roof

    Has anyone managed to live under that same roof with their soon to be ex? I work part time, my sons birthday is coming up and then all the holidays. I'd love to get through the end of the year before pulling the rug out from underneath him. I'm so glad I found this group. I need all the support I can get and like someone here said, your friends definitely get tired of hearing about your divorce...
  • jab27

    Caught off guard

    I am new here.....a few months ago my husband stopped talking to me out of the blue (or so it felt to me). We have been married for 14 years and had our ups and downs.....I have stood by him through many trials and things that many other women would have left someone for - in part for our kids but also because I love him. As of a few weeks ago, he said he is planning to move out and get his own...
  • basnime

    He is leaving any day now

    It has been three weeks since my husband told the kids he is leaving. This is the week of the first and the rental place should be calling any minute now. He is thrilled to be moving on. I am heartbroken. After I emotionally abused him for years, hes finally had enough. I do not know if I am looking for sympathy but this hurts. I have been in therapy for six weeks and I feel it is helping. My...
  • rose0908

    How do you know?

    I posted a few months ago about me contemplating leaving my husband. His anger issues bother me, as well as his lack of responsibility. I kicked him out in July, but allowed him back after a month as he had no where else to go. Since then, he thinks everything is fine. But he reaches for my hand, and I just want to pull away. I'm still so lost aboul the things he said, and the way he reacted. A...
  • iank30


    today has been super hard and I have been really struggling with missing her. I know I made mistakes I know that I am wrong and I am willing to do anything and everything to start to fix this but it's on her terms now and I can't do anything. If she wants to see or talk to me she has to do it bc if I try I know she will either ignore me or block me so I just don't say anything. My heart and...
  • elbrojps

    Fixing self-image

    In many ways, my impending divorce is easy compared to many. No house or kids, no overt hostility, we share some common friends and activity groups well enough. For the most part, we are completely separate - we've had separate leases for about 7-8 months and are mostly no-contact though each of us have broken this briefly. I'm sad to lose her in a sense, but for the most part, I've accepted...
  • Onmyway

    Hell week

    Last week was terrible, from both kids getting sick, frightening tantrum to a stress induced breakout. It has been horrendous. My DD got sick at school on Monday. Has to pick her up and thankfully she was better by Tuesday. Decided to give STBX one more shot to contact kids, no dice. No return call or text. Son get sick on Wednesday night, which I didn't notice at first. Went a support group...
  • summerlaura

    New here

    My spouse just told me last night that she wants a divorce and I don't know how to cope. Our usual routine in the evening is to watch some tv and have a glass of wine after our son goes to bed. Now we're sitting on the couch and I feel awful. I don't want to be anywhere else, but it is so painful. How do you get through the beginning part of this - grief, anger, etc. I don't know what to do with...
  • plentyofcats


    i just learned that I'm in a codependent relationship and I have to stop it. I really thought he was the one... Never a conflict... Until he keeps on not divorcing and not marrying me - he has strong OCD, but I can't he lot him. Help!