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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • jll1398


    I just realize that a don't have the control of someone   feeling  invent my own only Godhas the power to transform my paint in joy I'm desided to thrus him with all my hard and let Him lead the way to recover from this failure that was my marriage Is possible that no one answer this post but I want to let every body knows.  
  • cleigh

    I Didn’t Listen to My Own Advice

    Trying to rationalize or make sense of your ex’s comments or actions is purposeless and will do nothing but make you angry.   So I have said numerous times that as cheated on or betrayed spouses, we must stop doing this!   You will never find logic in your ex’s actions or words directed at you.So what happened this weekend to make me stop listening to my own advice?   My ex had the...
  • Lobo

    A new day.

    What is it you desire the most? What is it you want the most?I want love..
  • TarynJ03

    Need help leaving husband...

    My husband is verbally abusive and a diagnosed narsacist. He has made questionable comments about possibly hurting me but never has in the 6 years we've been together (4 married).He controls the banking/budgets, but I do have my own job and freelance work so I do make money, but how do I keep that money from him and save it for when I leave? In other words, how do I hide it and where? What do I...
  • justMeplus3

    Mama bear roared

    So.....we have been separated for 5 weeks....holy crap, five weeks already.  Hes staying at his mom and stepdads.  In those 5 weeks, he sees the girls for a grand total of approximately 15-20min a week.  He picks each one up and drops off for dance on Tuesday and Thursday's....his choice...not mine or the girls.  We have not told him he can't see them any more than that....this is what he...
  • QueenZii

    She dumped me over the phone

    I loved her I swear  I felt something real she was the first that I ever felt something like this for... we were together for about two years ik it's short but it was long to me and by the second year she started having a "fake babe". I should've got out then but I believedon't all her sweet words but then they got serious and the other girl once attacked me... the girl I loved was a player she...
  • 3cutiesmamaAndaFedUpWife

    This is what I deal with

    He's literally been laying in his chair for 3 days.  He's been sleeping or watching the same season of The Knick for 3 days.  If he gets a burst of energy,  he might get up and change the disc... but he hasnt, for the last 28 hours.  He's been watching the same 3 episodes for over a day.  If I say ANYTHING about it, he screams at me, throws things and slams doors.  I can't get out of here...
  • cleigh

    My Heart is Calloused

    I feel my heart is calloused and it scares me.   How does a calloused heart become soft again? How does a calloused heart learn to love again?  How does a calloused heart learn to trust again?  Is it possible?   I am so scared that once a heart is calloused, it has hit a point of no return.  There will always be a bit of distrust, a bit of holding back, a bit of never being 100% truly...
  • lostgirlinNJ


    I know he's a narcissist, I know he is mean, I know he is nothing special but why am I the one alone?  Why am I left to do all the hard work raising our child when he just picks up and makes a new family?  I hate there is no one to talk to anymore.  And I'm the one who did nothing wrong 
  • onedayatatimeforme

    Stbx starts his new job on Tuesday

    Well stbx says he is starting his new job tomorrow ( so he says ) this has been on on going thing with him, he has not had a stable job in years and this job that he starts tomorrow is one he could have taken weeks ago but he decided to take it now which makes no sense to me. I am expecting him to tell me sooner or later that the 45 minute drive to work and then again back to his mothers house is...
  • Bashful

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

     I decided to leave my husband of 20 years a year ago last January. It was the end, I no longer wanted to be there. He had 17 jobs, totaled 7 cars, and wasn't able to pay bills. Essentially I had to take care of him. When he became physicall abusive and could no longer get out of bed to go to work I decided it was the end. Yes, he is diagnosed bipolar. He told me he would agree to the divorce....
  • nmar4


    today I took the necessary steps to make sure my children and I will be protected. I was always so scared to do so and I'm so proud of myself. Getting better a little each day.
  • K8tlyn820

    One month today

    Today marks one month since our separation. Everyone says I'm dealing with our upcoming divorce so well, that I am so strong, that "if it were me I wouldn't have even gotten out of bed! Id check my self into a psych  ward!! How are you still going to work and being normal?!" What do I say? I don't have a choice, life doesn't stop just because my work got turned upside down.I have some okay days,...
  • jojored

    Living with ex after!

    9 months into the legal proceedings, and his lawyer is finally shaking some sense into stbx.  I sometimes feel as if I have two lawyers on my side - mine and his.  His had to actually ask me in front of stbx what my "grand slam" settlement would be.  I replied that I know I won't get a grand slam, no one does, it's not possible.  He said, yes, that's what I'm trying to show stbx.  So I told...
  • Saffy92

    Feeling lost

    I have no idea what I'm doing but I guess we all find our ways to cope. My husband left me 6 months ago. Told he doesn't love me anymore so suddenly and my entire world got turned upside down. He was my family, my future, my world. Even though he has hurt me like I never believed would be possible I miss him. I'd trade anything to have my life with him back. Today I filled out my own divorce...