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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • rob30miede


    She has told me we are just friends .. And knowing she will never love me again .. I will never be able to hold her in my arms again.. I am so lonely.. I am hurt I know tomarrow she is going out of town with someone romanticly.. I wish it was me not who ever she decides to have sex with... at the time I was the one who she loved .. I feel betrayed..
  • Jennb270

    Ups and Downs

    How do you deal with them and not go crazy? Earlier today I was accepting. Then he called. Now I am a blubbering mess and all I want him to do is call again. But I text him and get silence. I know he is sleeping with anothwr woman, but he wont call it a 'relationship'. How do I stop getting hopeful. Sometimes I feel strong, like we could be friends. Sometimes I feel weak and hate him. ...
  • Dumdum

    Breakup Blues

    Hi, yesterday morning I woke up at my boyfriends and his phone was unlocked laying on the floor next to me while he slept on the other side of me. After thinking over in my head if I should check his phone or not I decided to. I found multiple texts with unsaved numbers. The first one I looked in was a girl he had been dating on the sly. I woke home up told him what I found gave him his key and...
  • so. Been married for 26 years AND WE are going our superset ways. He is t a bad guy just drives me crazy and is hard to live with. Lol. We needless to say have different goals and are going In different directions. Wpuld love to make a friend to talk too
  • mmbrooks10

    Confused and hurt

    I have been married for five years, found out my husband had a 6 month long affair. I separated for a year, recently allowed him back into my life, I think he is cheating again. What can I do, ignore it or confront him? He has corrected several poor behaviors before coming back into my can I fix what is happening? He won't go to counseling.
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  • We were together for three and half years and recently broke up after an epic fight (created a big scene on the streets epic) and now it's almost two months later and I feel as lost as I was when we first broke up. When we were together I felt stifled and constantly picked fights with him, and finding faults - he is by no means perfect but I feel guilty for not doing my best. I used to wish it...
  • Am I the only one who feels like it takes 20 times the effort to do anything? I just had to pep talk myself for an hour just to get out of bed and take a shower...
  • I've been having an emotionally upsetting weekI've been trying to ride it out Wouldn't you know man I just broke up, who is sick control freak with no self esteem, just sent me a scathing email about how wronged he was, what an innocent victim he is, how I'm a bitch, his ex's are bitches, his new girlfriend is so much better, he's glad he's no longer with me, I'm obviously self centered, blah,...
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  • amanda11

    pending divorce

    hi, just found out my husband has been in a relationship 4 years now. i am really hurt as he has cheated on me more than once before and i forgave him. but i cannot put 4 years behind me and move on. i am 60 and fearful of being alone but i have filed for a divorce. i have not yet told our two children but i need the strenght to follow through on this divorce .
  • This is a big deal for me, I'd been working part time for the last 14 years while raising my kids (sometimes up to 60 hours/week with multiple jobs) but I've landed a full time job starting in September. I'm in the process of getting divorced, so the prospect of not having employer sponsored medical insurance was a huge headache for me. Although this job pays peanuts, it establishes a base...
  • It’s been a while since I was on here, and Life continues to have its ups and downs. I appreciate this site for helping me deal with it when things get tough… I have been dating a woman for about a year. I am 10 years older. I was a little hesitant at first because of it. The main issue at that time was that she has 4 year old twins, and my older one is almost in college. But we...
  • sinclair79

    So... What's next??!

    So... My back story first. Nov 2014 ex wife leaves me for another man she met only 2 weeks before after spending a year prior to that telling me we were ok and that she loved me. No communication on how unhappy she was. Of course there were signs, but I never knew for a moment that she was that unhappy. Anyway, fast forward almost 2 years and I'm in a relatively good place mentally, emotionally...
  • Finally, some good news for me. After months of playing games, refusing to leave the house (and being an unemployed bum who refused to lift a finger to help around the house), my ex has signed a divorce settlement that will get him out of the house on Sunday. Although now I have to stress about coming up with money to pay off his settlement, that stress is so much less scarey than having to...