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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • godhelpme1

    How do I let go?

    This marriage meant everything to me. I came from a broken and and unstable household. Building my own life and my own family was extremely important to me. When I married, it was the mark of a new beginning, a light at the end of my dark tunnel. I never imagined that my wife would toss the life we worked so hard to build away. I'm devestated and don't know how to let go and move on. Did any of...
  • tabatha


    Yesterday it was beautiful out and it actually made me feel more sad because I was missing out .. you know like Being  in this situation and not able to really enjoy the weather... today is raining and cold and I feel like I'm not the only one stuck inside ... anyway he took both dogs up north yesterday so he could clear his head and of corse I'm hoping that means he might come home. It's how...
  • Tasha100

    so much anger for man

    its really hard for me to share this with people but i have built up anger in my heart, so i feel i need to share this with someone. growing up I have always been the cute girl and as i grow man still look at me and see sexy. I don't like that i wanna be respected i want man to look at me and see my brains. anyways growing up i didn't have a father, he was an asshoe. he left me and my mother when...
  • ripped_my_heartout

    Moving on......

    I finally just feel ok. There are setbacks occasionally but that's to be expected.  I know more will come once the divorce process starts. The no contact for the last 17 weeks has helped me. I can not imagine how people cope with divorce while living together. I could not do it. I've moved into my apartment full time last weekend. I have never lived alone. A big step for me. It's very empty...
  • WhatHappened88

    I hate myself

    I'm getting divorced because my hubby cheated 5 years ago. We tried to make it work but he moved out 2 years ago and never came back. I'm depressed, lonely and ready to move on but i put on weight after he cheated and am shamed of my body. A guy I went to high school with, but don't remember, reached out to me on Facebook and we've been talking for 2 weeks. It felt so good to have someone...
  • MurrayGirl

    Considering Separation/Divorce, Input Welcome

    A little backstory - Married to my husband for 10 years, teenage daughter (not his) and elementary aged son. About 5 years ago we went through a really rough patch where I was miserable and we were considering divorce. He was just insensitive and extremely verbally hurtful. We went to counseling together and separately and things became immensely better. Or so I thought at the time.He has been...
  • BothsidesBroken

    Don't want to say dating and won't for now

    There's this amazing woman that I've been hanging out with for a while. She has feelings for me, as evident by the messages popping up on her tablet while I tried to install something for her. I have feelings for her too, tho not really romantic, just a very strong emotional and spiritual connection. I've felt that way for years. Since the divorce and slightly before, we have been hanging out...
  • Isabel2310

    Should I stay or should I go...?

    We argued today. It seems to happen quite often in our relationship. I have severe problems with anxiety, depression, self-esteem,...etc. He does too although getting him to admit anything is like pulling teeth. This argument centered around the fact that he's had a headache and such for the past two days and apparently my daughter who is seven seems to be bothering him with her noise level....
  • speechless1000

    2nd Divorce

    I'm currently separated from my 2nd husband & the sense of failure is pretty soul destroying.  I just wondered if anyone else was in the same position? TIA x
  • Saffy92

    Feeling lost

    I have no idea what I'm doing but I guess we all find our ways to cope. My husband left me 6 months ago. Told he doesn't love me anymore so suddenly and my entire world got turned upside down. He was my family, my future, my world. Even though he has hurt me like I never believed would be possible I miss him. I'd trade anything to have my life with him back. Today I filled out my own divorce...
  • BothsidesBroken


    I have both my original wedding ring and the replacement. The original was warped long ago but I wore it anyway until there was a replacement. The replacement is still inside the envelope it was placed into after I threw it away during group therapy in hospital. That action signaled my knowing it was done, all 18 years and nearly 19. The divorce is finalized. I feel nothing toward my ex. Absolute...
  • Lonleyone24

    Not sure!

    I'm tired of being let down. Getting my heart broken. I haven't gotten a divorce but I'm sure the pain in that is the same pain you go through with you end a realtionship. I was in a long realtionship and yesterday it was shattered with just one text. " I just want to be friends " I would have loved to have know that before asking this person to be with me. It would of saved me the pain. I'm...
  • cleigh

    My Heart is Calloused

    I feel my heart is calloused and it scares me.   How does a calloused heart become soft again? How does a calloused heart learn to love again?  How does a calloused heart learn to trust again?  Is it possible?   I am so scared that once a heart is calloused, it has hit a point of no return.  There will always be a bit of distrust, a bit of holding back, a bit of never being 100% truly...
  • thiscantbeit

    Still here...

    It's so uncomfortable to be in a positon where no matter what I do, I can't seem to get over the fact that the person that I loved with everything in me just gave me up and didn't value me at all what's so ever. No matter what I do to let go, to get past this, to try to get it together, I carry that agony with me. I'm not looking for things to "distract" me because I don't want a temporary fix...
  • K8tlyn820

    Every time I turn around another reminder

    Today I am just depressed. Every time I have to deal with logistics of our divorce I realize I am just getting screwed over again and again. Today I got my final Comcast bill after canceling the service. Not only did he rack up a huge bill in the month I wasn't living there with movies and paper views, somewhere in the course of this year he added himself as an authorized user on my account...