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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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3 Online
  • i just went and looked at the apartment I hope to be moving into soon. While the landlord and I were talking of course the seperation came up. I told her we are going to split custody 50-50 and she asked who would be rotating homes, the kids or my wife and I. I had never heard of or thought about this but apparently parents sonetimes switch homes every week or whatever to allow the kids to remain...
  • Lonestar

    Brand new breakup

    My partner just left after 10 years together. We were having problems and he agreed to counciling. He said he was all in and wanted this to work. I went to visit my folks for a week - my dad just had surgery - and when I got home he was on the steps and said he said he was leaving. He'd moved in with a woman. I'm shattered. Didn't see it coming. I asked why he even went to counciling and made me...
  • My 18 year old son is headed off to college now in 4 days!!! First to go. He's my mini-me, so I will truly feel his absence.Yesterday I asked him and his brother to come with me to the Money Pit house to help dig out some especially tough 5 foot weeds from the neglected garden beds. I decided at that moment that I would tell him that that house was being put up for sale. He had no clue, and...
  • So the bulk of our meeting the other day was spent brainstorming how to get a car for me. Stbx has his company car which allows him to use it for personal use and he leased a car for DD and I to share, but she gets it mostly because she needs it for school. She's a junior in college and commutes. School starts Monday for her after which time I will be back to riding my bike and walking to...
  • MTGrl

    Can I get an Amen?

    They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.At this point, my dear, I should be able to bench press a Buick.
  • OK, I had no landline phone for 5 days. Guys repaired the outside line yesterday now my internet (through phone company) is crappy. I had techs on phone tonight, they made changes, still see issues. Service guy will be out late next week. Funny thing is, I can run youtube just fine, and that uses a ton of data, but when I try to respond to a DS post, that's when I lose my connection. It's...
  • PoliceWife0040

    Cheating spouse?

    As we all know being married to a police officer is challenging in itself not to mention wondering if your spouse is cheating on you during those grave yard shifts.... My husband and I have been together for 6 years....we have one child together, thinkin about number 2. but I have recently been struggling with something that I feel I defintely need advice on before deciding how to press on with...
  • After 20 years together my husband left me last Wednesday. He is talking to someone else and is going to file for divorce. I'm not innocent in the matter, I have been severely depressed after the loss of my father and grandmother last year two months apart. I am lost and I have no family left, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't breathe. How do I even go on!!!!
  • cavahoo1215

    So far so good

    For the first time in as long as I can remember I havent cried today. Im now looking forward to moving out and having my own place to do what I want when I want. I just want to get away from her, and not have to see her everyday. Tomorrow I may feel totally different. Thats the way this has gone, but as for today Im doing ok.
  • Petufina

    need advice please

    I suffer from depression and have had major insecurities that have taken a toll on my 10 year relationship. I am now getting treatment because I can afford it now. I have a 3 month old baby and I really just need to vent and get some advice.My boyfriend still loves me but he is tired of dealing with the major jealousy and insecurities I have had. He has told me that right now he is not sure...
  • cavahoo1215

    Well thats that

    We just had our joint therapy session. I gotta say Im feeling ok about what went down. Weve agreed to seperate for now. Im thinking that it will lead to divorce and at this point im not even sure I would want to avoid that. Ive been thinking a lot about seperating and I feel suprisingly good about it, almost excited. She had a few over the top not exactly true statements that mad me a little...
  • I am new to this site and was hoping I could find kindred spirits who can help me as well. I am also in a marriage where the emotional abuse has started after the physical abuse has stopped. I am working fulltime and hubby works when he feels like it. Always have an excuse that he is busy with somehting and uses this as an excuse not to work. Always saying that he needs to work for himself he...

    Divorce nightmare

    I'm trying to figure out how to survive and to be honest I don't have a clue. My husband left me for another woman 3 years ago. We have two children and had been married 16 years at that point. Since then the children have lived with me exclusively and he lives with his mistress. After enduring all the pain and rejection of dealing with his affair, we now getting a divorce. He is a police...
  • "BREATHE,You're going to be okay.Breathe and remember thatyou've been in this placebefore. You've been thisuncomfortable and anxiousand scared, and you'vesurvived. Breathe and knowthat you can survive this too.These feelings can't break youand they will pass. Maybe notimmediately, but sometimesoon, they are going to fadeand when they do, you'll lookback at this moment andlaugh for having...
  • She just told me after all of the problems that i have put her through that she doesnt love me anymore. I am beside myself and cant sleep and stare into the wall at work and barely can function. I love when i can fall asleep but hate to get up. She ignores me like i am a complete stranger. She is divorcing me and i am beside myself. We have been together for 12 years and she has been my...