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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • My husband and I have been married for 16 years tomorrow but together for 23 years. 8 weeks ago he announced he was moving out and he was seeing someone else. I have met this person who he had denied having feelings for in the past.I don't want this. I am trying very hard to hold on to our marriage and work it out. Sometimes he says he is leaning toward coming home but isn't sure yet and then he...
  • tynee5511

    A lonely road

    Although I know that this journey is the path that I must take to come out successful on the other side the fact that I am lonely is killing me not that I want to jump and date but I do want to have someone to talk to friends with mutual interest or you and someone just to text and say how are you I am resentful that he is not lonely and I am I've tried online dating I hate it it seems like a...
  • AndreaP

    What can I do?

    We lived together for 11 years, never married, 1 Autistic 8yo ex left me 2 years ago, he has an affair with a younger woman. Now they are living together, She has 2 kids , no my ex kids they live with him.My son goes 2 days a week with his dad. Mondays and Tuesdays (he is off of work)I never ask for child support, 2 years ago the gave me $900 a month, 1 year later $700 last month he...
  • Newbeginning2017

    Under one roof

    Has any one else lived with their estranged spouse while going through your divorce? I'm okay most days because my two adult children are living back home for now and they serve as a buffer. Other days I'm stressed beyond belief especially when I come home from work and see his car in the driveway I actually get I'll! He's been staying most nights with his girlfriend and that's fine with me. I...
  • m.r.78

    Will the pain ever go away?

    I now know what true pain is.  I thought I did before, but I had no inkling.  My husband of ten years divorced me four months ago. Granted he has bipolar disorder and the mania came to visit every three years or so but we were getting through it together. But this time he wanted out and there was no stopping him.  It started after I gave birth to our son two years ago.  We had decided not to...
  • tiredofhurtin

    Separating and sad

    I have been married to who I thought was my soulmate for 13 1/2 years.  After moving wherever he needed us to for his business, 3 beautiful children, sacrifices for his family he has decided he wants to separate. He sprung this on my a little over a month ago and has almost been out for a month. I love him with all my heart and we both agreed that I wasn't a great wife because of resentment that...
  • sh39

    Some perspective.

    I had a sad conversation today.  A friend of mine asked my advice on divorce, attorneys, how the process works, etc.   He's been married 20 some years, and his wife has always struggled with addiction. The last episode apparently was the last straw and he's done and wants to get out.  He knows it will be a tough road ahead.  He is seeing an attorney tomorrow, and plans to tell her that...
  • Newbeginning2017

    Ten years to late!

    I should have been gone ten years ago my marriage truly has been over for at least fifteen. We've only been married for 27 years. When you are no longer intimate on any level it's over. When he'd rather be on the computer half the night instead of in bed with you it's over. When he no longer kisses you goodbye it's over. When you go away to visit your parents and he doesn't even call it's over....
  • Nevertolate


    I was married for 32 years and got out two months ago! It's very difficult to do, I left everything I loved and worked for behind. I miss my beloved pets, but I need peace in my life. I was blamed, put down enough for many years! It's not what I wanted to endure til the end, so I had to make a decision . Better late then never!
  • BlindsidedHurt1

    I don't know where to start...

    20 years together and now my husband tells me he he no longer loves me. Someone else has been giving him the attention he's craved. So many missing details, but I'm shaking as I write this. I don't know how to begin. I just searched for support groups.  His announcement hit me like a truck. and it happened last week.  *EDA: this is all so new and I believe him when he says nothing has happened...
  • jmry78


    Hi all, I am very troubled tonight. I don't understand emotions and I don't understand relationships of all kinds. I will start this off like this, if the same thing happens to you in different situations, how much longer can you blame everyone else and not yourself? Thats were I was 5 years ago, so I changed and tried to become a better man for my wife. I married a woman with a 3 year old...
  • Hello Yall,Never did I think I would be in a divorce support group but here I am.  After 23 years, and they have not been easy, 1.5 years ago, my husband said, .... "I don't love you, I am not in love with you, and I want a divorce".  This is a man who is not touchy feely and struggles to find words and so forth.  Well, it hurt me deeply.I spoke to my preacher and in spite of all my...
  • tiredgirl


    I just want to die. It's all I can think about and the only thing that makes sense to me. Please don't criticize me, insult me, tough love me. My worth is low enough 
  • CrushedDad


    on September 15th my wife told me she doesn't love me anymore via email letter.  Downhill since then.  Wants a divorce seemingly very quickly.  ALWAYS texting somebody.  Married 18 years with two girls 17 and 14.  I know I share some of the blame here but I never cheated on my wife, got physical with her or my daughters, not addicted to anything, not a gambler or woman chaser.  I work 40-50...
  • SBC1238


    Quite often as I have been going through the divorce process I have dreams and almost always my ex husband is in them no matter what it is about.  Drives me nuts!Last night though, was a relive of him leaving and his family was there to say goodbye! Maybe it is because I think so much about the situation these days but geez, I need this to stop!