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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • tgfj

    Just beginning the divorce process

    I joined this because I am lonely and really feel a need to vent.  So my wife and I after 6 months of counsling and nearly 2 yers of arguing have agreed that the right move is to divorce while we can stil tolerate talking to each other.  We have a Sophmore daughter in Nursing school and a Senior HS daughter as well.  When we made the decision to go through with the divorce I asked that she...
  • AllHeart

    Emotionally Neglected

    After over 25 years of living in a flat, and unfulfilling marriage which was the case more often then not, I think I am finally able to put a name to the ongoing problem with my marriage: Emotional Neglect. For years I pleaded with my husband.  Could not understand why I felt he was so distant, cold, not willing to connect on an intimate married couples level with me. He seems to want to live...
  • willgetoverit

    Trying to deal with myself...hard to be alone

    Hi everyone I'm new hereA year ago I find out my husband of 22 years was cheating and promising marriage to another woman while married to me. When I faced him he denied everything and then when he couldn't denied it anymore he just blame it all on me, he cheated on me because I didn't treat him the way he wanted I didn't did this or that etc. he ask me to forgave him but accept that it was my...
  • fedup2017


    i had envisioned myself graduating and getting married. During school if you asked anyone who would be the first to get married it would be me and him. He was friends with all my friends. Between yesterday and today I have heard of 4 ppl close enough to me who r newly engaged. I'm really happy for them. But it can't help but want to loaf in bed and cry my eyes out all day. I literally do not have...
  • Strong4me2017

    Life takes a turn

    Well you rise up and you think everything is good and then life hits you in the face. Today I found out a rumor about my soon to be ex husband is true he got his new girlfriend pregnant. We tried for years to have a baby. I'm so angry this is my worst nightmare  I have been doing so good I have been happy like life is okay and now I don't know. I know that it is good we don't have kids but...
  • teachergirl94

    Everyday is a struggle

    Hi all,I realize this post doesn't exactly pertain to a breakup that is happening currently as I'm still with my boyfriend, but it does relate to the topic and I really need some advice/guidance. Back in February my serious boyfriend and I broke up for about a month. About a week after our breakup I found out he was sleeping with another girl who he has known for a long time. He ended things with...
  • PeteyPablo

    Attachment Hunger is real!

    Attachment hunger has been with me since childhood. Probably, most of you have it too. It's unhealthy and causes relationships to break down earlier than they would have. I've been in about a hundred relationships and I've heard about a million others (in my profession) I've read many books about the psychology of it all too. The best book I've ever read on the subject is, "Love must be tough" by...
  • girlonfire

    Why Are You Afraid Of Losing Him When He's Not Afr

    Hey all, I just wanted to post this article I read on the Mend app. It helps you through a breakup day by day. It really helped me. I also traveled this past Memorial Weekend and spent time just exploring another state and I really think that going out and seeing there's so much more in this world can help! Don't give up - there's so much more out there to see and people to meet!! There was an...
  • Godhelpme


    Been thinking about dating but don't even know where I would start. How long do you you ever really feel 100% better, then date? How do you trust again? How do you do this again...I forget? Is anyone else trying?
  • Andrewatln

    Day one of no contact

    So I finally decided that it was time for me to stop hanging on and told her that we can't be friends for the time being. Today is my first day initiating no contact. I still feel sad and anxious. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  • What


    I'm tried waking up every morning and feeling sad.  I want to be through this.  I don't k ow why this has to happen.  It would be so much better if it did not happen.  I feel like he never gave it a shot that he gave up way too soon.  Now just sad
  • Jennifer702

    Devastated ...

    Wow... where do I start ..? I'm Jennifer I have been married for 15 years as of 6/15/2002. I am currently going through a divorce I filed last July 2017 and in a month it will be final ..! I'm so hurt that he has put me through the stress and literally has made me feel like nothing do to him being a Narcissist (personality disorder) which I found out recently and am not completely knowledgeable...
  • lostinthecycle

    Making the first step

    So after just about 14 years together I have hit the bottom or very close. My counselor wants me to pick the date that I am going to officially end it and I am at a loss....I dont know where to even start. I have reached a point that I can not even really show anger when he fights with me or tries, instead I just have this overwhelming calmness and the only thought that goes through my mind is...
  • nybaby10

    Hurt and Confused

    This is my first time on here, so I hope I'll find some support. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me this past Saturday. Our relationship wasn't perfect and we had been fighting a lot. Things just haven't been the same the last few months. He's hurt me a lot (sexted other women in the beginning), yelled at me, and at times showed me I wasn't a priority (even though he disagrees, there's...
  • pi_girl


    I know I am very young (14 years to be exact), but I feel like I have no hope for love. My first crush rejected me when I asked him out, and I believed from then on that no one will ever love me. This year I met a new boy who many of my friends had crushes on and we became best friends. He helped me through depression and anxiety, with some suicidal experiences mixed in. After a bit of being...