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Just broke up with someone or in the midst of a difficult divorce? Breaking up is difficult no matter what the circumstances are. They say that time heals all wounds, but sometimes a listening ear or a hug can work wonders for the heart. Whether you need a place to vent, someone to hold you to No Contact, or need advice about what to do, we're here to help.

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  • TheSelfishIdiot

    Now she wants to know everything I am doing.

    So from the last time I posted I have put in an application with an apartment complex because I told her she needed the house more than I did because she needed a place for here kids.  They are already settled in there and have friends that live by, there is no point for here to leave and move the lids away from that when there is no reason for a almost newly single man to have a 4 bedroom house...
  • LCRuss


    Its like death ....over and over and over again
  • dilkisilva


    I am a divorcee and was in a relationship for 10+ years. We understood each other, was there for each other and did everything together, went places together, we were best friends - or so I thought. Then out of the blue one day he announced that he had given the best years of his life to me and its time to move on. I was shocked and the pain was unbearable. Although I did not expect him to marry...
  • pleasehelp031

    Just need hrlp

    I'm need hello getting over north husband cheating multiple time with multiple people my blood boils jus writing this he crossed every line he not only brought our kids around few times one did my daughter hairhe had her go to Chicago and met his aunt n cousins whom I met and are like his mom and brothers than he F***ed this Bitch in my parents house on our bed i beat the hell out of him all...
  • starttoday7

    Will she come back again

    I have been with a woman that I have loved more than any other woman and with all my issues she broke up with me again... Saying she doesn't know if we will be back together I sit here devastated at the thought of not being with her... How can I get out of this slump and really fix myself if she is constantly on my mind???
  • imlala86


    Here goes nothing.... I have two children with a man whom at one time I loved. We haven't been living in the same home for over a year and haven't been officially together during that time. I have been extremely traumatized because of the relationship due to drinking and verbal and mental abuse. I know that if I stayed with him I'd be a news story where '... man kills woman... they have kids...
  • Danibug99


    My fiance and I have been together for two years and have a beautiful baby boy together. He's addicted to synthetic marijuana.. He is now kicked out of my home because my mom is sick of it and lost his job and now he is not allowed to drive my vehicle, he was driving it because I dont have a liscense yet. I love this boy dearly. He's very depressed and has lots of mental illness in his family...
  • JStar7227

    I just want another chance

    The woman I love more than anything in the world told me she wanted to be apart for a little while I know I shouldn't feel this way but we've been together since sophomore year of high school that's 4 years she made me happier than anyone or anything ever has she was perfect for me she was there when nobody else was I nearly ended my life before I met her and now that I don't have her I almost...
  • Lost56


    My husband and I will be married for three years in about a month. The topic of kids has been our biggest argument. I dream of having children, and he can do without them. He has said he didn't want kids, but would occasionally say that he maybe he would, eventually. I finally confronted him this past Monday, and he said he would never want kids. He only said maybe to shut me up. So I told him I...
  • FrankieeTukuafu


    Does anyone have anything they want me to include in my prayers? It's hard feeling alone I know from experience and to feel like there's no one to turn to and that no one cares. I can't offer any face to face comfort but I can offer prayers
  • returnofthemack

    Dreading Being Alone Again

    You know you have hit an all time depression low when you get upset seeing two lizards mating and it angers you. Even the lizards have someone! And then theres me...So its been a week since the breakup, and although I have managed to somehow do something social everyday, it does not help the extreme lonliness I feel. I live in an amazing city (San Diego) and yesterday was a beautiful 80 degree...
  • Jonesy11

    Adult Child of Divorce

    hi all,I am really just looking for a place to feel like I have support. I'm 24 and last May my mother let me know that her and my father were getting a divorce. I thought that with some time I would be ok, but it's been a year and I am still devastated thinking about my parents divorce causes me actually pain this hasn't gotten any easier. I have 2 younger brothers that are a Junior and Senior...
  • serenityspeaks


    So I feel like my progression is different day to day. I feel I should be further. I feel I am getting depressed. Anxiety is pretty much daily. 15mos ago I moved to my own place. Jan 2016 I was kicked out and to this day I feel this is hard  for me to acknowledge. You spend all these years with one person, have 3 kids. You kinda expect more respect. But when I look back on little things in...
  • linny5227

    The end of an era.

    Today is not only my 27th birthday but it is also the day my ex-fiancé finally moved all of his stuff out of the house we picked out together (the house is in my name.) Naturally, today has been hard. I don't miss him anymore, but I do miss what I was used to. He's been a big part of my life for the last 7 years. I spent 7 birthdays with him and this one was no exception. He was good enough to...
  • gocardsgw

    First time posting...sad, lonely and lost

    This is my first time posting. I know I'm not the only man to ever feel this, but I never thought I would be in this situation. My wife and I separated in March after almost 17 years of marriage and close to 23 years together. We have four beautiful children. I made an ass of myself in September and after years of drinking, I decided to get sober. I begged for another chance with her. I fell...