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Find support with others who have gone through a traumatic experience. Whether you have chronic or acute PTSD, we are here for you.

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  • BlueSky

    Normal family?

    I grew up with a Christian mom and a Muslim father. My siblings and I were different religions. We did not worship together, some did not worship at all. There was no unity. My father often vanished off to other countries for months at a time without telling us when, where, for how long, or who he was with. Sometimes most of the year would go by before we'd see him. I grew up with a bipolar mom...
  • Leo

    Me, zombies, nightmares, and mockery-for-healing

    OK, so long story short is: Since about 1980, I've had recurring nightmares of zombies. Straight out of George Romero's original "Night of the LIving Dead", and that movie could send me screaming five seconds into the credits for years. Great film, don't get me wrong, classic, in fact (and since my dad's one cousin plays one of the zombies, I know that the atmospheric constancy of the crickets...
  • Muskoka007

    finally finished :)

    I did taxes all weekend long and I totally hate doing them.  Big stress and triggered the whole time.  I finished just now...yipee so happy and I can drop them off tomorrow at my accountant.  They are business taxes so not really due until end of May but wanted to get them out of the way.  Feel so relieved!!  OMG thank goodness they are doneAnyone else hate doing this?
  • darkside2276

    Borrowed soul

    I wanted to post this in the DID group but that has not been active for a while. Sorry about this  Lately I have been feeling a lot aloof almost like my body is not mine anymore. It's almost like I don't even care about the body. I'm in my wake stage but yet dissociation is high but then I'm also aware that I'm going either or  My anxiety is also from the fact that my therapist who just got...
  • HipHappy

    Counsellor or Clinical Psychologist?

    Lots of people telling me counsellors dont have the expertise to deal with Complex PTSD.And that I should see a clinical pyschologist.I think my Mrs shouldnt have done a doctorate in science with the rate these guys charge. And they call themselves doctors. I have a PHD in Commerce. I might start calling myself Dr Broke.
  • mana44


    I am not sure if I am the only one going through this but I have daydreamed for most of my life. I suffered a traumatic event when I was 14 years old and I split into a fantasy world. I am hoping to reduce my daydreams by joing this group. I was diagnosed with PTSD and Dissociative disorder. I am attached to my characters in my daydreams and for some reason I am scared writing this down and...
  • Community Leadermujicaptsd

    Who triggered my worsening PTSD nightmares

    My PTSD has had me struggling with nightmares and sleep because of my trauma from age 9 when I was in a car bombing as a missionary kid overseas.   Here's a summary I've posted here before as to what happened:"Our car got bombed when my family went out for a drive to get some ice cream.  When we got to the ice cream parlor, a guy emerged from a building across the street with a Molotov...
  • ristaystrong2

    Losing passion for singing

    This isn't really a trauma thing I just didn't know which group I was really suppose to put this in. For some reason i've been feeling like I've been losing my passion for singing like I still love playing guitar and everything it's awesome and I love listening to music and I still do like to sing a lot but it's not something that I devote to everyday anymore I use to but now it's like when my...
  • mindfulone


    I have found the main culprit, the main symptom fueling PTSD IS DISSOCIATION.Leaving this present moment to ruminate in the past traumas or predicting doom in the future.neuroscience tells us that "What fires together wires together"Where we place our attention grows, where we withhold withers and dies.thus we heal by staying present and not thinking about our trauma, unless we are with a...
  • lostgirl5678

    Survivor or Victim?

    Hi.  I'm going through a rough patch, and was wondering if anyone would talk about this with me.  I just got out of an abusive relationship of 4 years, and before that, an abusive relationship with my parents.  I sought help, and currently am taking meds and going to therapy regularly.  However, I feel like I'm going insane.  I just had a medication increase on one of my medications, and...
  • Time2livelife

    Talking truama

    How do u do it? I cant just come oyt and just be like my dad raped me continously x anount of years, details about him that repulse me to this day, what he done in detail ect. Im not even sure thats what thry want to hear me saying. Do i need to say it? I dont know. Il only get a few sessions with a female cpn if i choose too. I dont know what it is i want to say that i couldnt say to martin my...
  • Spiral

    why why why

    Why is my life falling apart around me?   Why are others enjoying success and enjoying life and I have to work so hard to have a good day?  God I am tired of this.   This is so hard.    I am tired from fighting to try and push myself to engage in life and do things.   My body aches and I know some of it is from depression.   My anxiety is showing up at weird times and out of the...
  • patti22

    Self Care

    Last few weeks, I've been beyond stressed.I'm not much for the girly stuff in life, but I treated myself to my own brand of a facial yesterday (just warm-hot washcloth, mask, and repeat hot washcloth) and boy did it ever feel good.  A much needed decompression.What are you doing for yourself today?
  • Spiral

    honesty worked!!!!

    Holy I am so use to being honest and getting slammed but this time it was actually a good thing for me!    I found another place to volunteer and since one of the board members of this new group also volunteers on the support line,  I thought I should be completely honest that I am about to be fired and why.    I hated to do this because based on past experiences,   this kind of thing...
  • Time2livelife


    hi, just popping my head in to say hi. Things are going well,mostly. I used my health funding to buy new sports clothes and a bike. Spent a whole day shopping for that.So last night m help me put my bike together last night and i went out on it for a bit. Im so unfit. I cycled 10 mins and had to stop lol. But my fatigue and fibro pain is worse today after having shopped all yday. I plan to go...