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  • Community Leadermujicaptsd

    TW PTSD like a low grade fever

    I think my boss's treatment of me has gotten to me this semester.  I had a day of low grade PTSD anxiety, like a low grade fever.  I used to feel that as a kid growing up in a war zone on the mission field when there had been combat in town for too long.  The war was all urban in my city and went onfor six years, so life had to go on somehow.  Sometimes I had had to go downtown where low...
  • run2bfree

    realizing painful pattern

    With my divorce and my ex bad mouthing me to my kids (he is their step Dad), I can see that it is a pattern of mine.  THe kids are sympathietic to him playing the victom which he could win a emmy for.  He is a lawyer and speaks with authority and lies very well and that took me a long time to seeSo I am on the outside, it is my fault the marriage broke up, his words, but the kids seem to side...
  • Muskoka007

    feeling somewhat ashamed to be white

    I am not political at all, and I am not posting to upset anyone.  Sorry, in advance if I hurt anyone's feelings, that is not my intenion.  I am heartbroken of what is going on with our american neighbours/friends and the police burtality and racism.  It makes me upset to be white when I hear this stuff, I do not want to be assoicated with this.   I just feel awful that there has to be any...
  • Ash

    Tomorrow :( maybe tw

    Tomorrow I hoped to be going back to school but nothing ever fucking works out does it. I'm being a stupid bitching rat because instead I have to go to the doctors and maybe inpatient AGAIN. That makes me feel so angry I have no control just someone else gets to decide if I can go to school. :'( I just want this one thing to go right. But its always too fucking much. Too much to ask the teacher...
  • art4life19

    I'm new here Issues with disassociation

    Hi I'm Art I'm new here but I have had PTSD for several years. I have PTSD from a combination of several different traumatic events that have taken place in my life not just one event. I am a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, a rape survivor, a car accident survivor, the survivor of an armed robbery and the survivor of a natural disaster. I get nightmares and flashbacks from the different...
  • lovelilbeany

    Dizzy and pale

    blood pressure should usually be around 120/70. Before the tablets mine was on average 101/79now 3 days of tablets and its 91/72thats nothing to worry about but it doesnt feel nice being dizzy and pale as a ghost all the time. Its great my feelings of anxiety have lessened a bit though. If only id been put on them years ago! I do wonder though if they slow my pressure down then on top i take...
  • Rizen

    Walk a Day

    I'm trying to exercise daily. I was doing fairly well until I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago but now I'm getting back on the horse. Today I walked over a mile with my arm weights that are about 22lbs total. I was out of shape and it was hard on my arms. I also did my 30 situps. I'm also going to drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy. I do tend to have a sweet tooth but I'm cutting...
  • arfie

    The Frightened Child

    I was introduced to the Inner Child theories fairly early in my psychotherapy in the 70's. They were/are extremely hard for me to wrap my head around. Any and all discussion of them triggered me to a child's eye view of adult parties in the kiddie whorehouse with Frank Sinatra crooning"Young at Heart" over cheap speakers. I still hate that song. . .Those blasted theories still haven't faded into...
  • mlr0853

    TW? PTSD info

    I came across this site, yup it's related to hiv.  I really think the information gave me a better understanding of the magnitude and far reaching effects of treated or untreated long term PTSD.
  • jljlost

    Wasting my time

    I hate that my PTSD wastes so much of my time.Yesterday I decided to drive (a big trigger but I can't give up trying) to my brother's house. I moved just a few months ago so am not familiar with the area. Anyway, he lives where I lived most of my life. It is about 120 miles away. I get lost no matter how good directions are. I mean really lost. I ended up on the wrong freeway about 200 miles...
  • LillyPotter

    successful @ cutting down on a med

    aha  :)put this in my journal but posting alsotired, i've realised though, that lots of this dreaming stuff and clarity is coming from less chemicals in me, duhbeen lessening benzos, working slowly down for a few months, tricking my body - more than mnths, been whittling at it for yrs really.  knwoing it would be like a trick to do it.  the mental belief of needing them is so strong.  scary...
  • lilmissy7

    Birthday baggage

    Couldn't sleep all night, tough pain night & stuff & my mind was doing push-ups all night with all the thinking. Today's my birthday, they are always hard for me. I feel sad/numb, there is so much I could write rite now but I'll just sum it up to saying 'I got major birthday baggage' 
  • jennyoo7

    Venting arrrrgggggghhh

    i met a lady on here several years ago and we've talked often throughout the years. She's been banned from here for a long time so I'm not worried about this starting anything. She suffers from borderline but I saw a good person underneath the lashing out and self sabatoging. Periodically she's lashed out at me but due to my codependency I always forgave her. Recently there was a death in the...
  • silverlight

    Found Out What Happened...*TW*

    So,apparently this guy broke into the building right during a tenant meeeting i wasn't at and broke into this lady's apartment,as well as an apartment on the 3rd floor.....he stole the lady's keys,which means he has keys to the building.(Management hasn't changed the lock,and the door just has a piece of plywood right now covering the window)i feel so scared now,and wish they'd catch the...
  • lovelilbeany

    My doctor

    i dont know what my doctor is thinking. I cant decide if shes good or just pure shit. Is she right the lumps and pains in my neck are just fibro pains and right not giving me a mri? Xray was clear. Is she right giving me beta blockers for migraines when my blood pressure goes low frequently and often go faintish.  Is she right giving me 100 tramodol pills when i just told her in tears i feel...