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Find support with others who have gone through a traumatic experience. Whether you have chronic or acute PTSD, we are here for you.

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  • jewells1

    Someehere only we know.... Calypso am prepping through out the day creating paper snowflakes to hang around the ship. There I feel like the world is filled with wonder and friends that do understand. A beautiful boat created by us here at DS . At first we started the cruises with DarkGypsy's glitter sub. It swung the oceans and the universe. Equipped well by Scotty with warp drive....and...
  • Spiral

    Son moving out

    Our youngest son informed us that him and a friend will be moving out in April.   That will leave our daughter at home but we rarely see her as she is busy with school and work and stays in her room studying or is either out.    So our youngest is the one I can relate to most or at least enjoy watching grow the most.   He is entertaining and so are his friends,  they are good group who...
  • Time2livelife

    Why cant i remember

    i remember parts of life with the early abuse sexual, verbal and emotionally up till about the age 6. Just patches, few odds and ends. About the abuse, remember what the house we lived in then looked like, few things about school i was in ect. Then its totally and i mean totally blank from age 6-about till 13 All i do remember is binge eating at age of 9/10. Sweets  shop before childminder,...
  • moonshine9

    New to site. Diagnosed 25 years ago

    I was diagnosed with PTSD 25 years ago after childhood trauma and then military non combat service. The Doctor that diagnosed me was helping me stay sober and above ground at the time. I have been clean and sober 28 years now. This man may have saved my life. He was a big help to me.
  • Time2livelife

    Should i?

    About 3 am wednesday night i woke up and had numbness in my left hip and back. I had my usual crawling sensations too on my head and face. First time ever had the numbness and paniced as it was my back. Nearly went and woke mum up but decided it was probably just my parents cheap bed and laid funny. I staid awake about 20 mins and it didnt go, i fell asleep and woke up ok in the morning. But...
  • Zoe

    So Much

    I've lived through so much trauma and I can't seem to get clear of any of it. As soon as I think I have resolved an issue it rears it's ugly head in my flashbacks. I'm tired of the fight the struggle. I can't do this anymore. So alone, cold, unwanted, lifeless.
  • Deveres-Girl

    Seeking all resources

    On October 7th my husband shot and killed himself right in front of me. It is the most devastating, traumatic, sad, lost, confusing, and lonely situation I believe any person could ever be in. I live in that momment every day. I forgive him for leaving, and am glad his suffering is over. I just cannot understand why he had to do it the way he did, right in front of me. It never goes away...
  • dsf95

    Feel guilty

    was infatuated with a younger man (he was 23 and I was 37) at our rickshaw job. He was so athletic and got lots of tips from women (we would give rickshaw rides at an outdoor mall; the mall got rid of our service when the new construction ended). He teased me once, showing me his body. He used to give me a ride home and he bought me candy sometimes. He was fun. But, I ended up being kicked in...
  • Pag.mars

    New update

    So I went yesterday for my first counseling session. I didn't tell my counselor what happened specifically, but thank god he just wanted me to be comfortable. I'm gonna be meeting with him on Wednesdays.Second of all, we did a team project for my English class... My tea got an F.But strangely i feel kind of good about it. I know that doesn't make sense. But im tired of trying too hard to succeed...
  • Preciousbabygirl

    Met with my tdoc yesterday

    She said many things to me over the course of our session and a few of them I want to share here.She told me that one of the biggest things I have to do in order to recover from my past is to forgive myself for being a child and love the 3 year old that I once was. It's easy for me to love the optimistic, fun loving two year old I was but I hold a lot of resentment towards the shattered 3 year...
  • Leo

    Any word on Weeble/Wobble?

    Just wanted to let it be known that concern is here, and caring....
  • Time2livelife

    Oh :(

    m came to bed and was really upset and crying. He rarely cries so i knew it wasnt good. He wouldnt let me pyhiscally comfort him and didnt want to say what was up. His pain hurt so much i started to cry. I went to bed not knowing. Anyway he messaged me this morning after he left for work an explained and im pretty concearned about him now.alot was how i had responded to the house thing.but On...
  • XF2344

    Feels like I'm losing it

    Over the last two weeks I have typed several posts here and then deleted them. I am having a lot of trapped feelings. I feel explosive and fragmented. What the hell am I doing? I want to get out but fibromyalgia pain is pretty bad these last few days. I am a total failure. I'm so done. I want someone else to bear all of this pain and fear for a while.Ok - I'm done complaining I guess.XF
  • Spiral

    Put myself out there

    and it is not working out as I planned.    Of course.    Oh,  I got the courage to post and ad on our local facebook page asking if anyone would be interested in starting a camera club.   Now this took a lot of courage for me because I am afraid of rejection and fear failure so badly.  So writing the ad, and actually posting it was a moment for me.    I want to meet like minded...
  • arfie

    Clarifyer _doc

    I am embarrased to say I don't know what the letters in Tdoc and Pdoc stand for. Seems like there are other letter-docs which get tossed around here. I keep waiting for somebody to ask so that I don't have to flaunt my ignorance, but my curiosity has finally overcome my embarrasment.Anybody?OT - If we put a Tdoc next to a Pdoc, do we have an asswipe? Beehaving now. . .