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Find support with others who have gone through a traumatic experience. Whether you have chronic or acute PTSD, we are here for you.

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  • DarkGypsyG


    i haven't been around much cause i've been so isolated from human interaction for the last several months i'm fnding it very difficult to interact with people in general.the involuntary isolation has brought up a lot of my issues with abandoment and rejection. so i've been doing lot of sorting of that stuff. figuring out some of the underlying behaviors has helped take the blame off me and placed...
  • jewells1

    Someehere only we know.... Calypso am prepping through out the day creating paper snowflakes to hang around the ship. There I feel like the world is filled with wonder and friends that do understand. A beautiful boat created by us here at DS . At first we started the cruises with DarkGypsy's glitter sub. It swung the oceans and the universe. Equipped well by Scotty with warp drive....and...
  • XF2344


    I've been MIA lately, not just here but in the rest of my life too. Depersonalization has been worse than ever recently. I'm exhausted and unmotivated.Is anyone here part of a real life support group for PTSD? I'm looking into trying one. My therapist thinks it's a good idea. I think it would be good for me to feel less alone.Just about every day, I can only look forward to going back to sleep....
  • Time2livelife


    Ugh last night was a horrible horrible night. I hardly slept due to pain and migraines which meant i was awake, just being haunted by flash backs after flash backs. I kept m awake alot and i feel bad for that.i had a migraine on getting up and had a appointment to go to, a very important one. I went and soon as i got in it i burst into tears in front of a stranger. Anyway they want me to do 7...
  • shelli


    Where oh where did my confidence go? So many fails before DX and put on disability. Now with limited income, still feel like failure. Walking to the front room makes me want to puke, as I am afraid someone will knock/and see me. Then can't avoid them. Everyone wants us to do things, but never $$ to do so. Then they get upset when we can't join. Wish I shit money. Wish I were in a LOL mood, but...
  • ristaystrong2

    EMDR Therapy (Nightmares)

    I'm in EMDR therapy right now from some Trauma i went through when I was little and from some other traumatic things like being stalked by a kid. Which the guy who stalked me did it off and on for 3 years in 2015 of March i had told him if he didn't back off i would call the cops for sure and he stopped after that i haven't heard from him since but because of that the trauma that it caused was...
  • Ihavethepowertohealmylife

    I hate my mother

    its like being stuck in a perpetual spin of her trying to convince me we're soul mates and that she loves me like a crazy pure psycadelic lovethen the chaos returns if I begin to trust her and let her in.its like a mind f&&k of psycological torture when this person refuses to acknowledge all of their abusiveness then overloads me with love love love love fluffy bullshit. "just let it go, we'll...
  • Cherelli

    PTSD and me.

    I recently filled out an exhausting application for Canadian Pension Plan- Disability and when I saw the list of Disorders and diseases I finally had to accept that I have these conditions. Big step. I also started telling myself that These labels do not define me. But I have been trying to see how each issue is affecting me now that I am on meds. My sister has ptsd and tries so many different...
  • Leo

    Hey, all, sorry not around, weird stuff in head

    Hey:-) Do read, no idea what to say to anyone (hello, to the newbies!)...I just... I dunno... I can tell some deep horrible bad stuff is "in there" and wants out and I don't want it out, I am tired of that stuff, but I know I have ot let it out, but I can't find a medium for that, and ... It's like, whatever this is, it's so damn painful that my subconscious is telling me to "confront" *and*...
  • Alex82

    How my break up shattered me.

    Ever since 2009 i found out that how i was raised and what i went through was considered PTSD.  At first my reaction to the news had me making some careless life choices that had me also getting help for hallucinations, anxiety, and bipolar as well.Then when i got situated in 2012, i managed to just meet someone where going into marriage was kinda rushed but i coped. Things were fine until...
  • Community Leadermujicaptsd

    OT Sick for a couple of days

    If my participation here on DS PTSD is light this week, it's because I got some flu but Tuesday after returning from Mexico on Monday.  Thought it might be a bug I got in Mexico, but it's going around my community college.  I hosted the visit of an author to our campus last night.  It was a great success, lots of students came and really were engaged.  Then, though, I spent the whole night...
  • Time2livelife


    I think my pyhiscal pain is taking me away from emotional healing. Its easier to pay attention to that pain even though it really fucking hurts its not as bad as thinking about my dad abusing me and stuff. I dunno if its good or not. 
  • skii

    Can't sleep and completely terrified

    I just can not sleep. I had a very realistic nightmare about a stabbing I was in this year. Its way too much to tell about right now but all I'm going to say is the kid went completely ballistic on another kid with a knife and it definitely felt like I was there a second time.
  • Time2livelife


    im fed up with life atm. I know i have so much potiental in life but my fibro right now is stopping that. Im in so much dam pain today. This morning i woke up with my dressing gown/ robe curled up into a pillow on my bed side table and was curled up sleeping with my head on the table wiithout knowing. I must have got uncomfortable in the night and done it. Now today my neck and shoulders hurt...
  • TwilightStar

    Long time no post

    Hey all.Just skimming by. Its been a loooooong time since Ive shown my face here. I dont know how long I'll stay online this time, but I love you guys and wanted to say hi.Hope everyone is doing well.Updates in my life. My mother died. Im living in a house share with my fiance, my landlord and my landlords family. Which is a fresh hell. Fighting all the time. Life with fiance is monogamous now...