Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Support Group

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder, more specifically, an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive (repetitive, distressing, intrusive) thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or rituals) which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

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  • Mariathegirl

    Compulsive staring at peoples private areas

    Hello Friends, Lately I have a compulsion of staring at peoples private parts mostly girls, and I am a girl. I am not into girls and I dont stare because I want to check them out it is just a way for me to avoid eye contact and it is part of my social anxiety. Its horrible its been happening for a month and I feel very uncomftrable and i Know that I have made some people uncomftrable. I feel so...
  • deleted_user

    dog hair obsession

    does anyone else out there suffer from this? To make this short and sweet, i pretty much drove my husband to get rid of his dog about a year after we were married. Just couldnt handle the shedding and we were home alot. So i justified it that way. So, afew yrs lat, got him a dog that i thought wouldny shed as much(just shorter hair), and i feel trapped. My son was 3 when i got him, and is his...
  • LO2017LA

    ocd make me crazy

    i have ocd about fear of put life of my family in danger about electricity and gas heaters and door i check them many times it made me crazy
  • smothered2

    A hoarder's spouse

    I'm married to a man with OCD and hoards.None of this was known when we started dating. Since the weeding and sharing a space, it came so gradual.Now I can't breathe, it's overwhelming. Any positive advice/ideas are welcomed. 
  • Mikimoto

    Can anyone help me understand?

    I do not have OCD, but a friend of mine does.  I've known him for 4 yrs. and we have often expressed an attraction for each other.  He avoids contact because he hates to be touched or kissed.  Confused to say the least :(.  Can someone be attracted to someone else but not want to be physical with them?  He spits after kissing (this is crushing).  And he goes home to shower, throw out...
  • Handsome

    New here

    Suffering from health anxiety. Wanna make friends... Anyone out there. 
  • larkspur

    I am new here

    Hi. I am new to this type of discussion but would like some advice and help on how to deal with a 26 year old kid who has SEVERE ocd and has gotten to the point that he tries to control me -- when it was not always that way.  Can someone please help me?
  • yasmin17


    Hi ive just joined this group but have really bad health anxiety and that is what im currently getting treated for. however i think i have a touch of OCD too. Is it possible to be obsessed with health anxiety i mean i get loads of anxiety symptoms and they are seriously taking over my life but im obsessed with trying to self diagnose myself too. i know its not good and i shouldnt be doiung it but...
  • 1234321

    Do I have OCD?

    Hi I'm 30 years old and I've had a tramatic experience lately that has caused me to doubt myself and feel extremely guilty. It all started about a week ago and I was sleeping in my bed with my 1 year old daughter. When she woke up, she started to play with me like put her finger in my mouth and crawl around on the bed. I remember random inappropriate thoughts popping into my head, but I quickly...
  • vlrandjdr2015

    Not letting OCD win!

    I have dealt with OCD probably my whole life, but was not officially diagnosed until I was in my early 20s.  I have ups and downs with it and this past week has been difficult.  My OCD obsessions have come and gone and changed over the years.  Currently my biggest is worrying to the extreme about others-like the entire world!  If I hear coughing, I worry someone is choking.  If I see somone...
  • idkwhattoputhere


    I hate how people think OCD is only for cleaning, it's a lot more complicated.
  • PixieDreadful

    New poster...with questions.

    Hi, new to the group! I have just realized I may have had OCD for most of my life. I get treated for anxiety and depression but never have realized, or even talked about, these other symptoms. I've had recurring and changing obsessions all my life. For years I was obsessed with thinking I was getting Schizophrenia, to the point of thinking I was hearing voices (I really wasn't). I thought about...
  • idkwhattoputhere


    I was told I have symptoms of OCD by our schools social worker. I guess I have OCD.
  • libralove93


    I'm struggling so bad with my OCD these days, it's unreal. Is anyone else really good at hiding their symptoms from everyone else? I swear my girlfriend has no idea half of what goes on in my head. But it's all in there... all the time... my mind never stops, never even slows down. I think I'm crazy sometimes. Anyway I'm new here and could use some friends going through the same thing. 
  • Lizawells53

    Feeling desparate

    I obsess about everything.  I think and rethink everything.  So glad to find people like me