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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder, more specifically, an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive (repetitive, distressing, intrusive) thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or rituals) which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

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  • Addie

    My family

    My family does not understand me. They assume that when I don't want to be touched that means I'm being ridiculous and rude. I don't like being hugged but when my sisters say" hug me," and I don't they say " that's how I know u don't love me," and I can't bear for them to say that so I hug them, and I know it sounds bad but I feel like vomiting and taking a hot shower. And I absoutly hate when...
  • ocdgirl

    Need a friend

    I'm really, really struggling. I could use somebody to talk to.
  • Sarah.in.repair

    My hair

    I have pretty thick, curly hair which I like even only once I've made it go the way I want but I struggle every morning with my hair to the point waking up is an issue because I don't want to accept the reality of how messy and big my hair gets. It makes me cry and want to shave my head when I look in the mirror. I used to have an actual addiction to cutting my hair. It's more than just hair I...
  • well here i go anyway....i'm sorry to be repetitive and probably annoying because i am,but i could use some support..this ocd spike is just getting worse..i am so discouraged,when i first went on Latuda about..7? months ago,it was like magic...it worked so well.but now,just like all the other meds i've ever been on it has stopped working quite obviously...does some of this have to do with the...
  • waking up?I think I'm headed for a nervous breakdown. I keep getting bombarded with these horrible thoughts in my sleep, each seems worse than the last. I feel as though they are very real and on the off chance that it actually is OCD, I doubt I can continue like this day in and day out. It's exposure for me to even type part of these so bear with me, but what I "see" or "think" in my dreams have...
  • Giacomo

    Lifetime of OCD

    Hello everyone. I noticed that there are a lot of younger folks on this blog, so I thought I would give a bit of encouragement about living with OCD, which I have my whole life. I am 48, have a family, and a lawyer; and despite suffering from OCD for decades, I have learned a lot of tools to keep it in check. Although I still struggle periodically, I am relatively happy, particularly compared...
  • 75zzz

    Potential rabies?

    Hi, a few days ago a rabid dog came up to my car and potentially left its saliva there. I didn't think too much at the time but looking back I may have touched those areas with my hand (which had minor scrapes).I think it is possible that the dog was rabid considering how aggressive it was. It is also possible that I touched the areas where it was. But would this constitute getting rabies shots?
  • Hello to you all. How I find this site is just a miracle. I am at a state of shock right now. I just found out, or better yet my husband just told me that he is suffering from OCD...or OCPD...one of the two...but I for sure think it's the later. We were a couple for 7 years and we just got married 5 month ago. Saying he is a man of my dreams is an under statement. He treats me like a princess. I...
  • anxious-emet

    hand washing?

    Does anyone else feel the need to wash their hands no matter what they touch? I am a germaphobe and have a need to wash my hands a lot. Well lately it has gotten out of control. I am washing my hands raw. They hurt, sting, burn and crack and bleed. What do I do? How can I break this habit?
  • I'm on Celexa currently for my ocd and it's not working. I was on Luvox in the past but had to stop it because of side effects. Does anyone have any suggestions for an ocd med that works?
  • Hey everyone,First baby, new to this rise in anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I'm currently am 26 weeks pregnant, and even though I've had ocd throughout my life, my hormones are out of control and I'm having a hard time dealing with my thoughts. Up until this point everything was going smooth... But now im what-ifing and having horrible images of myself harming my belly. I recognize this is...
  • Sorry...i don't at all want to flood the board, i know i just made a super long post the other day.....here i am again....*sigh*...sorry..my head...my ocd head comes up with the most bizarre things...yesterday i was in the shower and i had the thought,"I wish I was German."????oh...you must all think i am so so crazy.....the other thing that is disturbing.....TRIGGER WARNING......i used to have (...
  • I can't help but feel as if I made a mistake telling my Dad about my intrusive thoughts. He has been very supportive and understanding with me, but I can feel the tension in the air. The uncomfortable silence where i can't but wonder if he is wondering what I'm thinking. I can tell its been making him stress since I've told him. It's the little things that I can tell. Now I feel uncomfortable and...
  • HappynessHappens

    ocd advice

    I first got OCD about 5 years ago. With therapy I learned to manage it. With new dresses I have had a relapse. At first I thought I could handle it but it quickly became too much for me. I am now on celexa. But I'm still having alot of struggles with the OCD and anxiety. Has anyone had a relapse who could tell me what to expect? I feel very discouraged and depressed. Any advice would be...
  • So,hello all....i'm going to my best to make sense here,and not to ramble on and on,but i can't promise anything,so please bear with me....after quite awhile of my ocd being pretty well controlled,(i started Latuda about...6?? months ago,and am now at 100 mg,the higest dose you can go i believe..)i have,just over the last couple of weeks been having a bad spike in symptoms...at times i will panic...