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This community is a place where you can share your long distance challenges and triumphs, vent, give long distance tips and ideas, or just get support from people like you who are going through the same thing. Whether you live a couple hours away or a couple continents away, the specific challenges that face a long distance relationship are unique and difficult.

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  • brittwby

    I need help figuring out what to do

    so I’ve been in this long distance relationship for five years. we met on Instagram and we haven’t been able to meet in person. this woman tried contacting me about a casting they are doing for people in long distance relationships. I tried it but I couldn’t do it because I’m sixteen and you have to be eighteen. I got my hopes up for nothing and it’s been bugging me ever since. I’m...
  • aussiegirl131

    He left and I'm confused

    So I have been dating a guy for a few months and I had bought tickets to go see him and we had been making plans for the future. A few days after he tells me he loves me he starts stonewalling me and being distant. He tells me he's feeling depressed and not sure where he is going in life. He says he's not sure if he can handle this long distance type of relationship. This whole time he says his...
  • Gage11-11-16

    My LDR BF's Mother/Family doesn't like me...

    I feel like ive been going in circles. My Family has no problem with Grayson (BF) or our LDR we've been dating for 9 months. His Mother has commented a lot about my weight and how my family isnt the best and said im disrespectful and i dont know what to do me and grayson have cried our tears especiallly today gray  as i call him he went to his grandmothers and his mom told the family how im so...
  • jdjones

    LDR Move near

    Good Morning,I'm in a LDR with my finace recently found out that we are expecting. He wanted me to move out to live with him on Monday evening and I agreed. However, after  thinking about it some more I decided that it was a bad idea, for insurance purpoeses, and I need a job. He then called me Tuesday and told me that he would never talk to me again. Hasn't responded to text or calls, thinking...
  • basil93

    Does anyone else...

    Does anyone else's relationship have more fights / issues when you're not in the same physical place? My S.O. and I have always been long distance but we used to be in the same continent and could reasonably visit whereas now we're in Europe and America respectively and can only really see each other once a year. We just finished a month-long visit, and now that we're apart again we've already...
  • mrs.ricketts

    I miss him so much...

    I'm just starting a long distance relationship. He came for the summer (as my best friend) and we basically fell in love. He's gone back to his country now and I'm stuck in mine with all the memories, I can't even leave my room without having a heavy heart and tearing up. We did everything together while he was here, there is a whole in my heart where he should be. How do I deal with the pain? 
  • cmrbx

    I feel like I'm dying...

    I met my boyfriend after almost 3 years of dating, he's leaving today and I feel like I'm being torn apart, my heart feels so heavy I can't breathe I feel like I'm gonna lose everything... I don't know what to do please help 
  • Lancelot5

    I'm lost

    It's been 9 months since I relocated to another city. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost six years now. We discussed on how our relationship will be and we agreed that we were going to make it work. I haven't made any friends here yet and I spend the whole day alone. She's the only person I talk to online and recently there's been a change in the way she talks to me. She's...
  • tiredtears

    Long distance over 6 years

    I've been in a long distance relationship since i was 16. It's been over 6 years and I've visited him in Europe once. He's visited me twice in America. The second time proposed to me (1 year ago now). I have another visit to see him scheduled this year and I'm excited but at the same time upset. Because I haven't seen him in over a year and he always makes me so happy when I see him. I feel the...
  • lovedupp

    what now

    I met my now fiance online in 2015, (we currently live in different countries) the distance is extreme. I have to say the amount of time we have spent texting, chatting ,talking via cam and phone has strengthened our relationship, where we found out alot about each other before physically meeting. This year I made the journey to his homeland and from the moment He picked me from the airport, I...
  • mindlost

    Anything Helps

    I have a boyfriend who is exactly 819 miles away from me. We've been together nearly 5 months now, but he goes to college in the same state as me. Not the same university as me, but close to it, which is how I met him. Through a friend of a friend. But anyways, I ended up transferring universities, so now when he comes back, instead of being a 25 min drive from one another most of the time, it'll...
  • campeon28

    Anxiety problems

    I've been with my long distance girlfriend from California for almost one year. We've powered through it all pretty smoothly. But lately people around me have been telling me it's a bad idea and that I should stop. Even my father who I don't talk to that much has said the same. I find myself being very unhappy because I miss her so much. I'm happy whenever we're talking but when we're not I get...
  • seb42289

    Temporary long distance relationship

    I'm currently 3 days into a 5 week long distance relationship and I can't cope with anything 
  • Marshmellow


    So I've been dating my high school friend for six months now. We're in a pretty serious and healthy relationship. Our relationship started as long distance (he's studying in another country) and to us it has been normal. But now he is back for the summer and even though we are having the time of our lives, I feel sad when I think about the time when he has to leave and we'll be long distance...
  • fangnoai


    Hello. This is my first time to feel so attached to a person who is far from me. We met in Taiwan when I was an exchange student there and developed so much. We agreed to see each other every 3 months but it's so hard. I think time is very slow. I'm a shut-in and I don't usually talk to people so I don't have any friends to share this situation with. So I try to find some people online. And now,...