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This community is a place where you can share your long distance challenges and triumphs, vent, give long distance tips and ideas, or just get support from people like you who are going through the same thing. Whether you live a couple hours away or a couple continents away, the specific challenges that face a long distance relationship are unique and difficult.

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  • It's been a month and 10 days since I saw him last. How do I deal  with the loneliness of him not sleeping next me me? Not being able to hear his voice or smell him even rub his head before I fell asleep. Being able to wake up in the morning to him making me coffee and giving me good morning kisses. How do I deal with being 17 hours away from him 7000 miles away. How do I comfort myself? I sit...
  • bethany


    It's been 7 weeks since he left. Doesn't sound long when I say it out long but it sure does feel like a lifetime. Like any relationship we have our ups and downs. Recently it has been amazing, we developed a routine that worked for both of us. He even surprised me with a flower delivery. I thought we were finally on the right track. Then all of a sudden I receive an angry message suggesting we...
  • PaulinePedersen

    The hardest part

    Heys guys. I'm new on this website, but I thought that I would give it a chance. I've been together with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and we've been having the best time and I love him with all my heart. About one week ago he moved from Sweden, where we live, to the states. He will be studying for a year abroad but it's taki g hard on me. All of my friends also moved to different towns on...
  • 221B

    Help wanted

    So in about 6 months I'll be in a position where I can relocate to be with my bf. My question is: does anyone have any tips for applying for out of state jobs? I can imagine that employers would sway more toward local applicants, so what can I do to make my resume or cover letter stick out? What do I say if they ask me why I'm looking to relocate?? It probably doesn't sound too professional to...
  • caligirl98

    Parting again.

    My boyfriend came to visit over the weekend from college and just left to go back about an hour ago. This was our first visit since we started long distance. We had a great weekend and I loved seeing him but I completely broke down when he left. I don't want to be an emotional mess every time we visit eachother and have to leave again but the separation is just so hard. How do you guys deal with...
  • Ms_Sunshyne

    Much Needed Support and Advice!!

    Good evening. I'm in need of some major support on this subject. My boyfriend and I will have been in our LDR 2 years this November. He lives in New Jersey and I live in Memphis. I just spent a week with him last week to celebrate my 28th birthday. We also have made consistent visits to each other every 2-3 months since May 2015. I've come to the conclusion that I would like to relocate next...
  • oceansaway1

    New to this...

    Hi there,I've joined in hopes to find some people to relate with, because I feel that not many people understand what I go through. I am a US native, and my boyfriend of a year and a half is from the UK. We met at a job in my hometown and have been long distance dating ever since. We've spent the last 3 months together and he has just left to go back home, and I will not see him until the...
  • lj10075


    ive been in a long distance relationship with my bf for over a year now and recently ive felt we've drifted apart. my depression and anxiety has become worse and rn im going through a really bad emotional numbness. i dont feel anything for anyone. and the worst part is feeling like i dont love him bc i know i love him with all my heart. i just want to feel love for him again how do i get rid of...
  • Dop

    Need some advice

    Hi guys, I'm new here... I just go straight to the point. I have a question. I have a bf but i haven't seen him yet we just chat and now we have this situation that we need to face. He's in the army so there wont be communication for 2 to 3 years... my question is... wud u still be willing to wait for someone u havent seen? Are u gonna wait that long? If you were on my shoes what will u do? I...
  • I am 54 years older, about 1 monthy ago, throught oldermendatingyoungerwomen.com review site, register at agematch.com. And I have meet a younger girl.  We have we have the same opinions and the same tastes, but we have a big age gap. Who can tell me, how can i to deal with age gap relationship?
  • TurningMountain

    Need advice

    Hi, I need some help and advice on having anxiety when my boyfriend texts me and talks to me after being away for awhile. So he's in Nevada and I'm in Texas and we're both juniors. I'm homeschooled and he goes to public school, so he's gone from about 9am my time to 5pm. And when he texts me when he's in school it gives me major aniexty and I honesltly don't know why. Like as soon as my phone...
  • 221B

    Quick update??

    We had our talk about if we're gonna take the plunge doing this LDR thing for real. He said he wants to do it, he wants to stick together, beat the distance and have me moved in with him by this time next year. I'm almost scared to hope tho...a year is a long time for something to go wrong, and neither of us have ever done an LDR with this much distance before. Plus, our work schedules are going...
  • April

    He's Cheating.....surprise surprise

    So i have been bragging about how amazing my Navy boyfriend. How we live 9hours apart, and he is preparing for depolyment and is faithful and amazing....blah blah blah. He surpised me and drove down to see me and meet my family this weekend. Last night I did the horrible task of looking through his phone.......the girl was very nice when i face timed her. Told me he wants a family with her. He is...
  • caligirl98

    3 am

    I'm laying in bed crying because I feel so pathetic. I literally have to beg my boyfriend to call me and he still doesn't. I don't understand how there isn't even 1 minute in the day where he can take the time to just let me here his voice. I've communicated to him that I would like to FaceTime or talk on the phone more but he completely ignored that I guess. Yesterday I suggested we FaceTime...
  • 221B

    Time running out

    I have three weekends left with my bf before he moves even farther away than he already is, and it's really making me think. Last weekend, he instagted "the talk" about if we're going to really do this LDR thing, with me moving in with him next summer. I told him we both need to take a couple weeks to really think this out, so no decisions were made that day, but he seems to want to do it. I'm...