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This community is a place where you can share your long distance challenges and triumphs, vent, give long distance tips and ideas, or just get support from people like you who are going through the same thing. Whether you live a couple hours away or a couple continents away, the specific challenges that face a long distance relationship are unique and difficult.

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  • niagara1230

    LDR and out of the honeymoon phase...

    I'm in an international long distance relationship (I'm in the US, he's in the UK) and after about a year and a half I think we're out of the honeymoon phase of our relationship.  Neither of us has been in a relationship for this long before.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the spark alive?
  • mtlgirl

    Unwritten rules

    Hi everyone,im in my first long distance relationship. I'm in Canada and he's in Ireland. We met unexpectedly when I was on holiday 6 months ago. We clicked and here I am.this is the first LDR for both of us, and normally I would know what to do and how to act but he's 3,000 km away. Eventhough were together and I trust him, sometimes I feel so lonely.My question is what are the rules to all of...
  • Mybeatingheart

    Struggling to connect

    Hi I have been in my long distance relationship for 15mths now. We live 3hours apart and get to see each other once a week. I'm really struggling with establishing an emotional intimacy and connection with my boyfriend. I love him incredibly and we text often and we speak on the phone briefly most nights. When we do talk I ask him questions but he gives me the very basic replies/ good/ yeah/...
  • lottiej


    Hi!Ive been looking for this sort of support group for a while! I'm in a LDR (international) and find it very difficult. No one really understands the situation and the pain you feel whilst in a LDR, so it would be great to chat to people who are in a similar situation! I have 4 more months until I see my boyfriend again... And we've been long distance for around 6 months so far, with 2 visits in...
  • reyesjordan21

    Don't Listen To The Negative People

    I started dating my girlfriend towards the end of my Senior year in High School. She's a year younger than me, so we both avoided the talk about what would happen after I graduated. To make matters worse, we both knew I would be starting college at New York University next fall. She would remain in my hometown in Southern California. 3,000 miles plus. Everyone I knew basically told me to cut off...
  • per_adise

    Hello, could anyone give me some advice?

    Hi, my name is Melanie I am Malaysian, and I am currently in a long distance relationship with my German boyfriend who is currently volunteering in Cambodia. My boyfriend is aware I have this issue, I get really anxious easily and I have breakdowns. He is learning how to cope with it as I will be studying in Germany for my degree, and then the distance will close.So recently last Sunday, he said...
  • LyndseyD

    Hi! Newbie :P

    Hi! I'm kinda new here and just wanted to connect with some other people in a long distance relationship. I don't really meet many people I can't relate with when it comes to my long distance relationship so it'd be really cool if I could talk to some people about it :) Message me :)
  • SarcasticAsshole

    I need serious help

    hey guys I'm new here, and I need as much advice as you can offer! Ima teen and I came across this beautiful girl on Instagram and we started talking and now we talk everyday! I've fallen in love with her (for the sake of this post let's call her "Kim") after a bad breakup with this girl I thought loved me a few years ago I've sworn to myself to these rules! 1. You can't catch feelings if you...
  • Hi. My name is Jason. I go to school in Texas and my girlfriend goes to school in Oklahoma. Recently when we meet up to spend the weekend together, we do not do it as much as we used to do. Is there anyone that is similarly going through the same thing?
  • Shutterbug

    Hard weekend

    Hey everyone! My bf and i have been dating for almost 2 years and he recently moved to florida in december for a promotion within the hotel industry. I am 31 and living with my parents still. I love my job but i dont make much. So i try to go out very little and save what i can. My bf has it made. He works right on the coast. Living free and makes good money. I flew out for 2 wks over my winter...
  • anniep

    LDR and going crazy.

    I've been in an ldr for 2 1/2 years.  My (boyfriend), has a female "best friend," who didn't want to meet me.  She would constantly text him and vice versa.  I got her number and texted her, as well as in the last 2 months spoke with her.  She said that they are together everynight and he denies that I heard what she said was correct, because she's from the south.  My real question:  has...
  • tyeshamari

    Please help

    I feel like I am struggling more than I should be.I am not sure what I can do to help with how I am feeling.My boyfriend and I are now in a long distance relationship, he moved back to Illinois and I am still here in Alabama. Well not only has the distance been getting to me but the relationship aspect of it has been as well. So, he now works two jobs now and in the fall will be going back to...
  • Cassie

    Should we get married?

    Hey lovely people! I've been in a 4yr relationship with a great guy, the last 2,5 have been long distance but we managed to see each other every month or so which I think is great (we were 2,5hrs away from one another by plane). I did most of the travelling because he was studying while I had a job and he was in a more fun place.We are now both looking for new jobs, but he cannot be in the...
  • AmyB

    What changed?

    I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 5 months. My boyfriend lives in the UK and I live in South Africa. I last saw my boyfriend in December, and he'll be flying out in April. Everything has been going really great, but we've hit a wobble and it feels like it's constantly going downhill. He is quick to blame, has become overly selfish and it feels as if it is a constant struggle...
  • InLoveToHard

    Relationship or no?

    So I'm 30 and my bf is 21. We are log distance, only 7 hours apart, we have met but it took us 4 years to meet face to face. I've been on and off with this guy for about 4 years..he loves to game, to the point his life now is wake up, game,go to work, come home around 1130 or 130 depending on his schedule,get me on FaceTime and then go on a game til 430 am and then go to sleep. He tells me that...