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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • clarajoby

    I really haven't heard of a mom like mine

    why is my mom constantly discussing about money and wanting more from me??? She has her own flat which is mortgage free and she still has a job and savings . I'm just an adult starring off and hoping to get my own place. The property prices are crazy now and it's awfully hard to save up and get a good place , yet she who doesn't really need that extra money is constantly asking me for more !!!and...
  • RaeRox

    Feeling Abandoned by my Family...

    OK so...Im a 39 yr old professional mother of 4 who moved away from her family (AZ) when she was 21 to pursue a career after college graduation (TX). My children are 17, 13, 6, and 3.  My first 2 children are from my first marriage that ended in separation/divorce in 2003, when I was 8 mo pregnant with my now 13 yr old. From that point on I was a single mom (no family in the state) and didn't...
  • Thumpa

    Wanting to go back to my childhood

    does anyone else want to rewind a hell of a lot of years and knowledge and just go back to the way you saw the world and family as the sweet innocent child you once were?
  • clarajoby

    Demanding mother

    im an adult child still living with my divorced mother. she thinks she has done a hell lot raising me and my sister, and that we owe our lives to her, she demands that we give her a monthly "salary" and a regular "raise", and reminds me constantly that I am indebted to her, I really hate that concept because I think raising kids is a parents responsibility, and vise versa it's not. I should not...
  • Magenta65

    I think I have to divorce my mother

    My mom and I have had a contentious and toxic relationship for forever, and I feel like I need to put my energies towards people and things that are positive and life affirming, rather than engaging in warfare with my mother. I have tried in every way possible to let her know that she cannot violate my boundaries, and she does not have the right to try to force her opinions on me and give me...
  • rosykitten

    Estranged sister

    My sister was a troubled child. Stealing, lying, sneaking out, failing in school, fights. When she was 18, she ran away to her "mom" and "dad," which is my mom's aunt and uncle. Long story. What I can say about those two people, they are rich stuck up lawyers.My sister prefers money over love. That's what I see. She goes lying to everyone about everything just to give her the attention. More...
  • art2017

    My life

    So right now I am having issues at home. I believe my mom is bipolar even though she will not admit it. She randomly for no reason starts yelling over nothing and almost every weekend lately she will throw things at me, yell at me, make me stand in position to slap several times. I really do not do anything for this to be triggered. Lately it's like she is trying to find things to get mad at me...
  • sophiafun

    Marrying into a dysfunctional family

    I'm engaged to my amazingly patient and caring fiance for about 6 months now. There's no doubt in my mind that we are meant to be together. However, my family and his family are polar opposites. I luckily come from a stable family. My parents have been married for over 25 years and have taught me the value of marriage as both a sacrament and lifelong relationship. My fiance's family is...
  • tbbrandyn

    family problems

    Hello all, new to this group. I have a few problems with my family and I really dont have anyone that I can talk to about it. So I thought that I would try here.I live with my mother and my 3 kids. We make it work by me and my kids in the front part of the house and shes in the back part of the house. She goes to work and i am stay at home mom, homeschool my oldest, have a special needs child...


    I need help because i really do hate my mother.  She abandoned me when i was two with my father.  She is mental and also a junkie / alcoholic so my dad took her to court to get me.  I didn't see her after that other than for the odd visit.  her mother died when she was 11 but the rest of her family disowned her because of her addiction so there was literally no news of her for about 15...
  • brandnew


    I recently became reaquainted with a cousin and his family.  He has a wife and daughters.   They were very welcoming to me and I had a lovely day with them.  His wife seemed to like me and said she wanted to see me more and that was great.  I felt accepted and part of their family.   I found out that she and I work  very nearby each other and she said as that is the case then we could meet....
  • Tim17

    Death of my mother results in family disaster.

     I would appreciate some feedback.  In 2012 my mother passed away.  She was a widow living alone for 14 years in an apartment. I live 300 miles from her. In the months leading up to her death i was travelling to see her a few times a month up until she died at the hospital.  I have one brother.  She divorced my father in 1986. All those years later he was willing to help her, but she...
  • motherskeeper

    Narcisstic Mothers........

    I have one..... and I have no contact.  She keeps showing up.  I'm done.
  • JustHelpJustine49

    Mad Mother

    I am a young adult and I still live with my mother and step father. I have been experiencing a lot of problems lately and my mother isn't helping. I am never able to make her happy. My depression and anxiety grow worse everyday and I don't know how to solve it. I am absolutely terrified to leave my room in fear of seeing my mom and having her yell at me for another thing I failed at suceeding at....
  • Winter


    I feel angry and hurt right now because I feel that everyone know something that I don't know and I constantly see my mother upset over what is said to her on the phone when she talks to her other kids. I tried to get over the trauma before and after Christmas but the day after Christmas was a total let down. After that day, the 26th, when my brother called and spoke with my mother, my youngest...