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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • fridanyc

    Anger vs. Sympathy

    Growing up I was never really close with my younger cousin although we were always around each other. As I grew older I decided to actively pursue a relatiosnhip with her and despite our differences in personalities I hoped we would become close. I invited her out and brought her around my friends. She ended up developing a close friendship with my partner. I quickly became uncomfortable with...
  • bluesky123

    Abusive mother and no family

    Hello I'm new here and have decided to find some support, after a very lengthy ordeal which is still ongoing.I'm in my late twenties and have spent the last ten years not speaking to most of my family. I feel deeply alone and afraid. It is difficult to know where to start other than to say that my mother is a narcissist. I spent my childhood and teen years growing up in fear and not knowing...
  • yugi

    A mother and her children

    Dear all,I have a two year relationship with my girlfriend now, who has two girls aged 13 & 16. Before she met me her girls were stayin with their auntie and uncle for most of the time as they didn't have children of their own and the mother (my girlfriend) was working hard every day. They took good care of them, school, food,health, etc.Since my girlfriend moved into with me, I accepted the kids...
  • crystalgirl

    not seeing grand child anymore

     I'm just needing to know if I'm being too sensitive. My divorced stepson needed me to help babysit  his two-year-old little girl till he was able to get her into a daycare. Meanwhile, I'm in heaven babysitting her up to a few times a week. She's the perfect little girl and we have so much fun together. Pool, beach, parks. I'm retired so it was never an issue babysitting. He finally got her in...
  • Lia7

    home as a dump

    I am a college student who is currently studying quite far from home. The family issue of mine is quite complicated as others, but I will try to simplify by first giving my background info of my family. I live in a typical Chinese household, just me, my parents. My dad used to be pretty successful in business but stayed unemployed for ten years or so, and the main income comes from my mom. The...
  • ruthgrps

    Sort of empty nest syndrome

    My daughter is 21 and is disabled I am her carer and have been since she was born.  My problem now is that I feel she is pulling away from me as she is going out with carers for quite a few hours a week.  I know that this is supposed to be respite for me, but, I feel she doesnt think on me the same as she did, and is pulling away.  Its making me feel more nervous than normal and rather sad....
  • PreciousQueen

    Is there anywhere to go from here?

    I was raised by an abusive parent. Both my mother and my father are naturally aggressive people so they had to split and I was left with my mother after she filed a restraining order against my dad. She always thought that I was so stubborn and uncontrollable. She went to unbearable lengths to "break"me. She actually did do things just to make me mad so she could punish me. She has hidden food...
  • deleted_user

    Family has ostracized my family, it hurts

    My sister and brother, who are older, have shut us out of their lives completely. The cousins no longer communicate, its very sad. My mother and father will not do anything to help. I am trying to find ways to cope with the loss. Friends are telling me to just move on and let it go. Would like to get other people's opinion and if they have ever dealt with rejection.I own a business that does very...
  • SophiaElise246

    I'm stuck in between my family

    I know deep down in the smallest part of my heart that my family loves eachother. But there's also so much hate and anger that I just want a new family sometimes. I don't know anyone on my father's side (not even his name) and I never see anyone on my mom's side. My uncle, aunt and mom all got into an argument years ago when I was really little. Then my aunt died but the problem still lingeres....
  • deleted_user

    My mom hates my dad.

    I'm 18 years old and I still feel upset about the issue of my parents.I recently heard my mom talking on the phone (I took another phone to spy on her). She said stuff like : '' I hate my husband so much. I've always tried to get rid of him but that disgusting insect doesn't want to leave! Pfft he says he loves me so much, but I know he is putting on an act. I hate him the most and I really want ...
  • liz1023

    Sister-in-Law Issues

    I have an issue with my sister-in-law and am looking for advice.  Before I get to the issue, let me just say I have been married to my husband for two and a half years (we've been together over six), and I have always gotten along with his family.  We see each other multiple times every year despite the fact they live across the country, and I even went with his mom to India last year.  I have...
  • helloflower20

    Can't get over it

    So my story is a bit complicated, at times I think it's my fault but that just brings me more down. I am estranged from my mother after finding out a lot of lies she told me growing up after she divorced my dad. During that time I was kept from my dad and brother. For this reason, growing up I valued and loved the relationship and little time  I had with my brother. Since he started a...
  • deleted_user

    Family Scapegoat

    Hello - I want to start a discussion on the family scapegoat syndrome. I personally don't want to moan and groan about it and share sordid details - I want to focus on the realization that I am the scapegoat - how I perpetuate the role - and how I can (as an introvert) let go of my family and find another family to share holidays with, etc. I am looking for positive ways to cope with the problem...
  • SophiaElise246


    I always feel guilty for feeling bad about my situation because there are people who are in worse situations. But I'm exhausted keeping everything in. I never met my father or his family and most of my mom's side don't live near us or have already past. Mom and my uncle hate eachother and that stinks for me because he's the closest. Mom is sick and even though my brothers are 21 and 24 I help the...
  • Owlybears

    Narcissistic Mother Issues

    Hi, I'm new and just need to get this all of my chest even if nobody reads it. I was adopted as an infant but the arrangement was strange because my birth mother was around a lot. I grew to hate her intensely as a child and recently reconnected with her as an adult last year after 13 years. In doing so I discovered a lot of things that I thought were true weren't. Come to find out my adopted mom...