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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • cherrytreats

    she won't let it go

    hi. Just found this place and I hope it will help.About 9 years ago My parents divorced. It was messy and angry and I was right in the middle. For 5 -6 montsh we slept of sofas at friends houses or house sat while they went away but eventually we got our own place.Then the first lot of hell happened.FAst forward to last year (april/may). I have always said that having children was not for me and...
  • anon171

    Becoming quite ill and family are dismissive

    For the past week or 2, I've been gradually becoming more and more ill. At first I thought I was just suffering with extreme fatigue, I went from sleeping 3 hours/night to 12 hours/night. And along with that 12, I am sleeping another >3 hours throughout the day. This post is ultimately about the family problem I'm having, but I see it fit to explain the whole situation.For the past 5 days I've...
  • Anonymous552

    Came out to my parents

    I came out to my parents yesterday they're Christians. They think I'm sickI just want them to understand.What should I Do?
  • lJsitzer

    New to this...

    reaching out on the advice of a counselor.  not very comfortable with this.
  • heyitsm

    I'm afraid to tell my family I got married.

    I'm incredibly conflicted right now. I want to tell my family I got married but I'm afraid of how they're going to react. I met my husband and married him in April. I tried to introduce the idea to my mother, by initially telling her I was dating him. The first question she asked was if he had a greencard...(I've been married once before and had to deal with immigration in the past). I'm afraid...
  • joleneLS

    Overwhelmed By How Messed Up My Family Is Tonight

    More and more I find myself looking at other families and wishing they were mine.  I know that what I see is most likely window dressing.  They all have secrets, upsets, hiccups and failures.  But my family?  My family is so messed up our window dressing is non existent.  It's a what you see is what you get sort of family.  And thanks to facebook I have had to deal with my share of hate...
  • MishGem


    Hi everyone,I'm new to the family issues group.  I joined as part of an online course I'm taking for group counseling, but more importantly I joined to engage in the process of self-reflection.  I selected this particular group because family issues is one of the most conflicting areas in my life.  I'm hoping participating in this group can bring me a heightened sense of self-awareness, and...
  • HeyHeyHey

    Big problem around an apartment, family against me

  • joleneLS

    Am I Being Too Touchy??

    My mother and I are close.My brother and I are close.My brother and mother do not get along but my brother has developed mommy issues I don't understand (but I am not him so I can't really tell him how to feel based on only what I know) and he has stopped talking to our mother but has not told her why.  Our mother has in turn stopped reaching out to him.  But they both complain about the other...
  • slouisesj

    Severely depressed adult son who lives w me

    Not sure this is the right group, but I am in need of suggestions, so here goes. My 32 yr old son has been living with me for a few yrs, once he came back from China, with a positive HIV diagnosis, and a 6 month stint with Crystal meth. He was highly motivated to fix his health and kick his habit. He got on the necessary meds, and began going to NA meetings, every day. He was clean for a year and...
  • deleted_user

    marriage and parenting

    I am 21 years old i have 3 i have been married for almost 3 years but he isnt very good to me he cheated on me he is very emothionally abbusive and has been physically. Im not sure why i put myself through this every day i dont know what to do i have no one really. I need some encouraging advice. I still love him and cant see myself with out him he is the only one i have ever been with i just...
  • jenaitsirk


    P.S. Sorry for the long post..I live with my mother and her husband. My biological father lives six hours away from me and I probably see him once a year, if that. Growing up I had a very close relationship with him, he was my favorite person in the world. I went to him for just about anything. My mom during the time was seeing other people. Eventually she went on cheating and marrying someone...
  • AvaSpouse

    In-Laws Moving in with us

    Hello, I am new to this whole support group thing in general, but after suffering for a few months I needed someone to talk to that wouldn't be directly involved in all this. Talking to my husband gets him very stressed and he's already suffering from medical problems and such.So from the begginning, my husband and I were married for a few years now but because of some complications (meeting...
  • Taraweb

    Parasite Parents are using our family (long!)

    I have a very difficult situation. My parents are addicted to cigarrettes and marijuana, and they use our entire family to get money. The situation is more nuianced than this however. Here is my family:  Me-daughter: Work full time, go to school for nursing (prerequisite classes at the moment), no drugs, live with my husband in our own house, we are not poor, but we are living paycheck to...
  • mookie214

    Daughter is controlling and hateful

    I have been dating a man for 4 1/2 years. In that time his daughter who at the time was his  #1 priorty hates me. She has and accomplished breaking us up over her controlling issues. My Bf has finally stood up to her moved out of her house which he was living but not before she through him out to start seeing me. We love each other very much. She hates he is seeing me. She hates me. I cannot...