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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • BrokenBridges

    Causes confusion

    A narcissist causes confusion.  They can take any statement and turn it around on anyone to make that person 2nd guess themselves.  They minimize their victims.Ultimately, the end result is the narcessist bringing back the focus onto themselves.You can truly lose yourself.
  • Tzulover

    Need advice about getting away from my oldest son

    I am a single Mom of 2 sons. They are 38 and 40. My youngest went thru college, got married and is having his first child soon. We do not really have much of a relationship. (That will be another post,another day). Currently my problem is with my oldest. We left their Dad when they were 14 and 12. Moved out of state. I went to work and never looked back. I gave my life to them. I worked and came...
  • bombkid067

    mom daughter relationship conflict

    hi there. basically my mom is a single parent, and i am an only child. She just turned 60 two weeks ago and I just turned 20 in June. My father has been incarcerated since I was 4. My mom was an alcoholic for 29 years, she'll be 14 years sober in February. We've been really all we have for most of my life. She stopped working when I was 2 and spent most of my life taking care of myself and my...
  • maylou

    adoption advice

    I'm just after some father was adopted, we found his birth mum but unfortunately she passed and we thought we would never ever find out who his father is..however. new info has come to light and we now have his name occupation age and what we think was his address at the time..its a little touchy as he was a married man and we really don't want to uproot and cause problems for his...
  • mugglestruggles

    My parents HATE ME.

    My parents are divorced, they have degrees, have good 6 figure paying jobs, they have it good. My dad  only talks to me every few months.. but my mom is the one who payed for my college, was always there--FINANCIALLY. But she never wants to have a relationship with me... If i ask her to go anywhere, she cant help but start yelling at me, telling me im a dissapointment and blah blah. I got a...
  • PinkAngel

    Do I sever ties?

    Hi, I hope it is ok to ask for advice please? Im mid 40's, married to a wonderful man with two wonderful teenage children. My father was a chronic alcoholic and my childhood was difficult, but my issues seem to lie with my mother (my father died a few years back) My mother has always been dismissive, if I showed anxiety or worry as a child or teenager she would snap 'stop wittering' I never felt...
  • maylou

    issues with my past - finding it hard to forget

    First off I am new to this kind of thing, and I'm not even sure I'm in the right place for the kind of response/ advice i'm after but thought I'd give it a shot before considering counselling.For years now I have never been able to forget the things I went through growing up with an abusive father (mainly mentally but sometimes physically) the majority of the issues started as my parents were...
  • SMR

    When is it enough?

    My father and I do not have a good relationship. In truth, I feel like I only have one parent, my mother. I have tried to maintain my relationship with my father and his mistreatment of me has caused me a great deal of pain and suffering throughout my life. He is a narcissist. I am so tired of this. I am weary of trying to make a relationship work with a person who doesn't seem to know how to...
  • Kehl

    I should go?

    I just argued with my mom days ago. It wasnt a huge problem but it became huge.I lost my job so i came back home and my mom pays everything for me now and i'm under her controll at this moment.It's been 3 months staying at home but It doesnt mean im not looking for job. My mom force me to take a car lesson while im at home but i had car accident while practicing so i need more time to practice so...
  • cherrytreats

    she won't let it go

    hi. Just found this place and I hope it will help.About 9 years ago My parents divorced. It was messy and angry and I was right in the middle. For 5 -6 montsh we slept of sofas at friends houses or house sat while they went away but eventually we got our own place.Then the first lot of hell happened.FAst forward to last year (april/may). I have always said that having children was not for me and...
  • wearefamily2016

    Woes of a Daughter-In-Law

    My loving husband and I have been married for over a year and a half, together for 5 years. We have been trying to conceive and have been unsucessful so far. :( I have no problems with my father-in-law or brother-in-law... They can be difficult at times, but I know it is just their wacky sense of humor that takes things too far :) My sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law is where I struggle.My...
  • achraf321

    A journey without the return of The paradise

    My story with the death of my motherSince the death of my mother my life has become sad and I am nine years old I have always mourned my heart and my father has married a woman authoritarian and hate me very much
  • BrokenBridges

    Im at my end

    My spouse: 1) Believes theyve been given a God given intellect over everyone else. 2. Gives long lectures to people who arent as smart as themselves and pawns it off as mentoring. 3. A master manipulator and table turner. 4. Belives they are Gods gift to opposite sex and why wouldnt anyone want to be with them. 5. Lures their victims, gets close, learns their emotional weaknesses and uses it...
  • rainbowseacove

    Backstabbing sister in law,please help

    Through pure fluke or fate whatever you call it, I was googling stuff to do with our local schools one day and came across a post on a mothers forum that was written by my sister in law. I only knew it was her by the details in her post and how specific they were, I could see that she had written other posts and that confirmed it was indeed my sister in law. When I looked the date range of her...
  • deleted_user

    anyone have a evil sister in law who tore up fam

    my brother married this evil woman who hates the air i breath and has exilied me from my family and just took over...kicked my butt to the curb i cant even go to family function if i do she will call 911 to have me car cant even be on their street. this chick never liked me from minute 1 no idea really what i did to her, she said i slapped her sisterly hand when she tried to give me...