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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • upsetation16

    it's official

    yes it's official, i'm adopted and that's why my family treats me so bad...well time to get on outta here...bye bye you allsayonara suckers!
  • I live at home with my mother and it's very difficult. She doesn't work (not disabled). She is too "ashamed" to work fast food. I work and i'm a 21 year old college student. She always asks me to buy her things, and if i dont she talks bad about me or curses me out until i give in. Then when im low on cash, she will complain about how i always spend money and need to learn how to save money. She...
  • Luna113

    Living with a narcissist: advice?

    Hello. I live with a very narcissistic relative and, no, I can't leave. I'm stuck and it's causing me a lot of suffering. They are the sort of person for whom you can do no right, but if you admit this no, no, no they LOVE you! How could you think that way?Anyway, her behavior is out of control. Yesterday, she nearly crashed her car into another because, in her opinion they ought to have read the...
  • For the past two days my husband and I have had really big blow up fights!!! Over simple things that we should not be blowing up over. Its partly my fault that is for sure!!! But after the inital blow up we tried something that we had never tried before. We took turns listening and talking. We would get out what we needed too and the other wasnt allowed to respond until they were done. My husband...
  • vnut

    My husband

    My husband told me flat out he isn't in love with me anymore right after starting to talk to a co worker now he has been angry and cold and not kind and a jerk that I would have never want to do anything withhe is pushing me out and trying so hard for me to not to love him anymore and after 12years of marriage and 2 Autistic children what am I going to do I feel high without using anything and...
  • CVCS

    Stuck between a rock & a hard place

    Hi all, this is my firt time posting but I need impartial advice. My issue with my in laws (specifically my mother in law) has come to a head now that my baby shower, for my second child, is 1 week away. ---Key Players---SR- Mother in LawDE- Father in LawKR- Father in Law's NEW WifeLO- Sister in Law (married to my Brother in Law)Let me give you some background... SR and DE had a nasty divorce...
  • Mcdermott27

    I need advice and help please!!

    Okay so I hi um I came across this website and was like why not right so.anyways I am a 17 year old girl and I I live with mom and 14 year old sister but um so August of 2015 my mom met this guy on facebook long story short he just so happened to be someone in our church's brother and all. So my mom automatically thought he was a great guy and can be trusted. Well in December my mom and him went...
  • luvprincess2008


    Well I'm really upset and mad today because I always do favors for my sister. I ask her to take me to my appt. and she always has an excuse. Sometimes she'll say yes but then the day comes and she says she can't. I told her today I'm just tired of the crap because this been going on forever and she doesn't change. I'm tired of giving giving giving and getting nothing in return. She'll be quick to...
  • I also posted this on Healthy Relationships, but I am thinking this might be a more appropriate forum I'm at a loss on how to handle this.Married to one of 4 brothers, have been very close to all, their wives, their familes for over 25 years.Next weekend we will be hosting a bridal shower/engagement party, etc. for the oldest child of all of ours, my daughter, at our home. I...
  • whipper1970

    Research Study

    Are you separated or divorced? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a research study.To be included in the study, the participants must meet the following criteria:1. They have divorced/separated or are in the process of divorcing/separating;2. They have at least one biological child under the age of 18 from that marriage;3. They do NOT currently reside with the child;4. They have NOT...
  • hi all just accepted a job offer that will take me to another city 8 hours flight from home where my parents live. I've been living away from home since graduating from uni, and now it feels like I should be moving closer to my aging parents. And I've just chosen this new job over another one that was about an hours flight away. The other job (the one closer to home) was not a good fit for me....
  • lsufan12

    Toxic relationship with my dad

    Hey all,I'm new to the group,thank you for having me. As you can see by the discussion topic,I can't deal with my dad anymore and I don't know what else to do. Little background about me:in my 30s,lived in Texas until a year ago when I got a really bad bacterial infection in my kidneys and stomach,so I had to move back home to my parent's due to medical debt. I have no kids,but I have a dog whom...
  • sweetpea222

    was i right to cut son out of my will

    i lost my aunt last year i was very close to her. my middle son before she died was going on and on about her will,i have mental illness and i cracked under stress and told him my aunt had left him and his 2 brothers 3000 each to to get him to shut up at that time she had left them that amount. then shortly before she had a big stroke she wanted to change her will her partner of 22 years had...
  • Hey everyone,first post on here. Ive endlessly googled my situation to see if anyone can relate or has gone through similar things. Its getting to the point where Im at a crossroads and have to make a decision. Any advice is appreciated! Would love to hear if anyone has had similar situations, and to talk about itI moved out when I was 17 to pursue a degree in music. My family didn't really agree...
  • hh_xo

    This is BS

    im so sick and tired of my boyfriend pawning off his responsibilities to his mom and dad. We already live in their house, rent and utilities free, with our nine month old son. He never takes us to dr appointments, or anywhere for that matter. He claims that he "needs the money" and can't afford to miss three measly hours of work. He's an independent contractor and constantly gets drunk and brags...