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Family issues is a huge range that go from minor conflict to major misbehaviour and even abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur. Whether you feel you are in a dysfunctional family or you're dealing with a very specific issue, this is the place to talk about it and find others who might be going through the same thing.

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  • Elijah43055

    Need help with a issue with my kids

    My sons grandma has custody and my sister has custody of my two girls. My sons grandma is mad because because I took him to meet his sisters the only time they had seen him when he was 6mo old he is two now . She said she dont want me bringing people in his life that he does not know but how will he ever know his sisters then?  Also I am expected not to be upset by this.  What am I supposed to...
  • laz

    My boyfriend doesn't have a home

    my boyfriend is 18 and so am I. He's told me and I have seen for a fact that he has not had his own room or even a bed! Or even a mattress! To sleep on for over 4 years. Since he was 14. He feels as if he doesn't belong in his own home any more and that his family doesn't acknowledge him. He's feels lost and constantly in the way of others. It hurts me to see it. Please somebody help. What can he...
  • annieheart

    elderly parents

    I am nervous on posting this here but keeping it all inside is getting to me.I awoke at 230 am worried about my parents living in a bug infested house. My Dad 84 is not able to pick up after my Mom 81 any more and she refuses to do so her self. She never has. My older sister use to clean and then My Aunt use to pick up after her. Than Dad retired and he cleaned up after her. She is mad at him...
  • MiMi4

    Trying to let go

    It's been about 3 months since I've seen my daughter and my grandkids.  I keep wondering when this will be over, the waiting and waiting to see them.  It is not my choice, but my daughter's, to have no contact.  Trying to let go and accept what is is very difficult for me to do.  And as each day passes, it is another day I miss from my 1-year-old granddaughter's development.  I hope she will...
  • MiMi4

    Missing my daughter & grandkids

    I just joined today.  Two months ago my daughter, who is 24, and I had an issue and she hasn't spoken with me since.  I have two grandchildren and she promised me that no matter what, she would always allow me visits with them.  However, she has gone back on her word and I haven't seen them for 2+ months, even after repeated requests.  I am heartbroken and cry every day over missing them. My...
  • 123456switch

    I've made a big mess :(

    his is my first post. I'm very scared and overwhelmed and I don't know how to cope. I had a live in bf. We have been arguing for almost our whole relationship and recently had an argument which got loud and police were called. Nothing came of it (no charges or anything). But bc the children were present (it was at night and they were in bed but they did hear) child services wants to meet with me...
  • I've never sought advice through an online forum before, so I'm sorry if I don't present the issue I am dealing with clearly.To give some signifigant background, I'm a 22 year old woman and I am a victim of multiple traumas regarding rape and suffer from PTSD and depression. The issue I am trying to deal with is that my cousin raped and beat his (now ex) wife before, during and after she got...
  • sunny1234

    Mother in law wants to live with us!

    So my husband and I have been married for 6 months and a month ago we found out his step dad has stage 4 lung cancer and ultimately it will eventually take his life. My husband and I have been helping in every way we can from providing emotional support to cleaning their house, cooking meals and doing the lawns etc and they are very grateful. But they have now asked us to sell our our house and...
  • upsetation16

    it's official

    yes it's official, i'm adopted and that's why my family treats me so bad...well time to get on outta here...bye bye you allsayonara suckers!
  • My sister is getting married and has always acted with 2 faced for family and friends. She is slightly paranoid and think people are out to get her. When she got engaged we found out online, and didn't seem that interested when we asked her. She has showed no enthusiasm when family asks. Its not unusal for her but she is getting married and were excited. When we tried to engage her with...
  • Apple2014

    I need your thoughts....

    I'll try to make this short and sweet....I am 32 with a family of my own. A couple weeks ago my mother mentioned that my brother who will be deploying in a few months would like to have a family camp out at a place we use to go to when we were younger, we practically spend every weekend there. I said ok, sounds good, even though the weekend they wanted to go on was my son's birthday, but I hadn't...
  • upsetation16


    hate that goddamn cyber indian stalker...screw himhe's the cause of all problems in life...damn him to hell
  • I live at home with my mother and it's very difficult. She doesn't work (not disabled). She is too "ashamed" to work fast food. I work and i'm a 21 year old college student. She always asks me to buy her things, and if i dont she talks bad about me or curses me out until i give in. Then when im low on cash, she will complain about how i always spend money and need to learn how to save money. She...
  • Luna113

    Living with a narcissist: advice?

    Hello. I live with a very narcissistic relative and, no, I can't leave. I'm stuck and it's causing me a lot of suffering. They are the sort of person for whom you can do no right, but if you admit this no, no, no they LOVE you! How could you think that way?Anyway, her behavior is out of control. Yesterday, she nearly crashed her car into another because, in her opinion they ought to have read the...
  • For the past two days my husband and I have had really big blow up fights!!! Over simple things that we should not be blowing up over. Its partly my fault that is for sure!!! But after the inital blow up we tried something that we had never tried before. We took turns listening and talking. We would get out what we needed too and the other wasnt allowed to respond until they were done. My husband...