Families & Friends Of Addicts Support Group

Addiction affects more than just the individual. This community is dedicated to the families and friends of individuals suffering from any form of addiction. Mental health professionals are increasingly considering alcoholism and addiction as diseases that flourish in and are enabled by family systems. Family members react to the addicted person with particular behavioral patterns.

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  • Pkk

    Tired and ready to leave

    Hi everyone, I am new to this group and can't believe there are so many with the same story! I live with an alcoholic and occasional drug user.I live in Washington state and have been with my husband 20 yrs, married for 15. We have 3 children 13(son), 12(daughter), 7(daughter). I don't know where to even start, there are so many stories. I have made many mistakes because I thought I was doing...
  • foreverrain

    About Al-Anon...

    I'm here because I have some questions about Al-Anon. I grew up with an alcoholic father and unfortunately his addiction got the best of him, and he passed away two years ago. Since then, I attended counseling and read Dr. Woititz book Adult Children of Alcoholics. The book was great and it really helped me to understand why I am the person I am today. However, I still carry around the feeling...
  • BoyMom13

    High Functioning Alcoholic

    Another long, sleepless night.I'm new to this group. But after another episode with my husband I know I needed to find some kind of support. In the last month or so I am just coming to the realization that my husband is a HFA. It's been extremely hard for me to accept. We're only 23, so very young for this to be an issue. We were high school sweethearts, had our son at 19 (not planned) but have...
  • FromAshesToBeauty

    How to let go and move on?

    Oh where to start... I suppose from the beginning. I met my husband when I was 15 years old. We met through some mutual friends that we had and we both were new to our town. We hit it of hot and heavy from the jump. I was hung up on a boy from the previous town I lived in and my (now) husband helped me get over that. We were best friends. Did everything together. I started to "friend zone" him...
  • Mell

    Repeated attempts of suicide

    My brother has been a drug addict since he was around 14 years old,  he is turning 28 this month.  He has been addicted to everything under the sun but most recently it's heroin. He has gotten worse over time especially these last few weeks.   Twice in the past week he overdosed but lied to the cops when he woke up after they hit him with narcan and said it was an accident so they won't take...
  • sexy_mel101


    husband is an alcoholic. Hits me when he's drunk!!after he's sober he doesn't remember doing that? 
  • piscesgal

    fed up

    it amazes me how much you can love and be there for someone and want nothing but good for them and they blame you for all their miseries.... they don't want to get better. But I realize this isn't about me. I'm just tired of constantly going through this fucking cycle, it's the same result each time.. how many times am I going to allow myself to fall for this? really coming to my breaking point....
  • Hopeful_KC

    Confused GF of "Former" Addict... Help?

    Emotional rollercoaster...My BF and I have been together for almost 5 Years. When I first met back up with him and we started dating, he was charming, funny, outgoing, and always put me first. He made me feel loved and went out of his way to show me. I think that is why I fell in love with him. He made me laugh, he made me feel safe, and we always had a good time together. About 2 years into our...
  • NJconfused

    Wife has an addiction

    apparantly my wife is addicted to other men. She has been going in the booths in the adult shop by where she works. I peeked in and saw her with two men but I left before they noticed. Not sure if I should confront her or just hope it's a phase. 
  • vanessa92

    My Cousin Is An Addict

    Hello everyone, this is going to be pretty long as I am going to share my story, and need advice. My name is Vanessa Reigota and I am currently a marriage and family therapy masters student. At this time, I am required to become part of a support group of some kind that I can relate to; in hopes that I learn more about myself before I can begin to help others. I have chosen this group because I...
  • SilentOne321

    Making excuses

    Growing up with an addict father, everyone always made excuses for him. "He loves you so much but he doesnt know how to love himself." Or "he works really hard and has done some nice things for you." Or "no one is perfect." Or better yet "he isn't an addict. He needs the pills and he only drinks on the weekend." Everyone around me made it acceptable for him to abuse me. I began to wonder if I...
  • jeandoe

    Spouse of addict

    I am here because I am finding my husband's issues with addictions to be overwhelming and I am at a crossroads as to what to do. My husband comes from a long history of substance abuse, starting with both of his parents. He experimented a lot as a teenager and was exposed to drug use all of his life. He had a problem with cocaine which he has since been clean from for about a year now but seems...
  • throughthickandthin

    need advice!!

    Heymy boyfriend is currently in jail because of heroin. It has destroyed his life. He wants to be clean but I know that it's easier said then done. He needs help and by the sounds of it he's getting the help he needs in jail however jail is way different then being out in the real world with temptation and stressers.Once my boyfriend is released what should he do? How can I help him stay clean?...
  • wastedtime

    just no fight left in me...

    I asked my husband to leave.  It was my birthday and after promising getting in a program weeks ago and finding a counselor for his depression...(he still hasn't) he skipped my birthday and drank instead.  I asked him to not come home.  Packed him a bag and left it on the porch.  We have been here dozens of times and he is happy in the messy circle of "I just don't get him."i tried being...
  • Mip

    Alcohol addiction

    My mother has a romance with alcohol and distant relationship with me at the moment. Accusing me of poisoning her son against her. As I have been seeing my own psychologist he gave me some great strategies on how to deal if and when this situation arises and it is working a treat. When she accused me of this, I simply said well that makes me sad and sorry I do not accept what you are saying and...