Families & Friends Affected By Suicide Support Group

Suicide affects not only the individual, but also the family and friends who provide support and love. This community is offered as a place for those affected by suicide to gather and gain strength from each other. PLEASE NOTE: If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, please take advantage of our CRISIS RESOURCES, which you can find at the bottom of every page of the site.

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  • Alesha2016

    Fiance committed suicide

    Hi all I'm new to this an am still working out how to use so were to start on the 13/11/2016 my fiance committed suicide (hung himself) I wasn't allowed to go to funeral as apparently its my fault all I ever done was help an support him we were together nearly 4 yrs an friends a year before that an we have a baby together she was 17 months at the time of his death n I attempted in going to...
  • Jleemurpa

    10th anniversary of my husband's death

    It's been ten years since that day. Still remember him the way he once was and find myself still in love with that guy.  Angry with him for leaving us.  Angry for his leaving two boys without a father.  There is a place in my heart where he once was.  Parts of him are still there.  Maybe in 10 more years all of this negative emtions will be gone.  Probably not.  Thanks for listening.  
  • pas916

    A work situation..

    I am a nurse in an ICU. two ish years ago, my family and I lost my child hood best friend to suicide. our families our neighbors and have remained close through the years. about a year after that, his brother committed suicide as well. Last night, I came into work, and we have a patient who has attempted a suicide with a gun, but has survived. I was okay in assisting with this patient during the...
  • Acrylix

    I never talk about this before.

    I never talk about this before. He made his decision years ago. We found out recently about the reasons why he could not see pass that day. We were unable give him a " traditional funeral ", his death was not kind to his body.  We were unable see him and could not burried him " properly"  due to state law.   His name has " Religious Taboo" all over.  We are unable to speak about it in truth...
  • lostsoul72

    41st birthday

    My brother would have been 41 yesterday. He has been gone now for 5 years. I still think of him daily. The really sad part is that his son is with his mother and she will not allow me to see him. I have not seen my nephew in 5 years. My life pretty much sucks since that aweful Christmas day.
  • Gayatri

    Little brother's suicide

    My 16 year old brother killed himself 3 weeks ago and I don't know how any of us are going to make it past this. It was a total shock, he wasn't bullied, he had friends, we're a very communicative family that always talks about our problems to each other.I can't understand it. He was so loved. I feel overwhelmed with sadness, anger, guilt, pain and I just don't know how to get through this. Has...
  • deleted_user

    why do they cut their hair before suicide

    when my cousen killed herself she cut her hair that she has been growung ever since she was a child, i heard that it was a ritual at the viewing of the body, or some big emotional distress, i carnt understand whyit was out of the ordinary,has anyone been through this where their loved one cut their beautiful hair before death.
  • deleted_user

    Suicide by Hanging

    How long does it take!
  • MissingAPieceOfMe

    It feels like a hole has been ripped into my being

    11 days ago my husband committed suicide. He had been battling with mental health issues and in the last year multiple triggers, including his father passing away from a heart attack, escalated his battle yo include domestic violence. After an altercation that ended up involving our three children I took the children and moved out. I needed to keep us safe while he hopefully attended to...
  • 11 years ago I lost my little brother. He was 14 about to turn 15. I was 17 and a senior in high school. The official cause of death was suicide. The family was convinced it was a homicide not investigated thouroughly and there was a lot speculation and rumours going on at the time about what may have caused it or who. Either way through out the chaos and the years afterward, I had to come to...
  • Inner-Chaos

    This summer

    In the beginning of this summer I lost my cousin to suicide. He hung himself in his sisters shed and her husband found him. Later on in the summer, I found out that my ex's uncle had killed himself, I still considered him family along with his wife and kids so it still hit me pretty hard ontop of my cousin. The feelings about everything comes and goes and some days I don't really know how to...
  • JJ660

    Loss of Boyfriend

    My boyfriend completed the act while I was pregnant. He knew about the pregnancy, and seemed supportive, while I was emotional and scared because I was having additional health issues which could have compromised the pregnancy.We never saw this coming. He was the happiest, kindest guy, and we had just come home from a relaxing and fun vacation. I even thought he would propose soon. I am still...
  • izabellemendez

    loss of my mommy

    i am 14. she passed away less than two months ago. the nightmares are horrible. they feel so real. im hurting.
  • acidicvenom13

    Little Brother

    How does one get back to being themselves after their little brother kills himself for seemingly no reason? There were over 400 people that showed up at his funeral and no one has any idea why he did it. He came home from school, went for a run, and came home and shot himself. He had everything in the world to look forward to and instead he ended it all. I don't know what to do with myself. I was...
  • coeurenmorceaux

    My daughter

    She was, and still is, the heart of my heart. We were very, very close, none of the stuff that usually happens between Mom and kid as daughter goes into the teen years. She was a very "good" girl, no trouble ever, except for the emerging psychosis that no one recognized: no therapists, not two psychiatrists, until after her first hospitalization in 2009.It is five years now. No, it does not...