Codependency Support Group

Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • Lovestem


    Hello, this is very new to me for I am still trying to gain awarness of my codependency behaviors. I'm on my third break up with the same man. I'm losing hope in myself.
  • mirandac

    Youtube videos and some books

    I like lisa a romano, she has a lot on free youtube videos,Ross Rosenberg has some free ones too. They both writebooks and both have some media for sale. Darlene lancerand melodie Beattie have books and maybe some mediafor sale. Dr henry cloud has two good books boundariesand safe people. I like john bradshaw and pia mellody work,  they both do shamework, both were at the meadows in...
  • me3mae

    CoDa or Al-Anon

    Hello, My therapist recommended I go to a meeting. I am codependant on my mother and am finding out that I have really minimalized my parents negative behavoir   (here I go again minimalizing- abuse) towards me throughout my life.  CoDa meetings are like 40 miles away. I would prefer to go to CoDa over al-anon because I feel like my issues would fit in better there, but I don't want to go that...
  • Smithy103

    Family pressure

    Hi everyone,Today I am really struggling with my family and the pressure to please them. I am still with my boyfriend of 3 years and him and I are currently struggling (trust issues, cheating/sexual issues, depersonalization, etc. and my family knows about it) but due to my codependency issues I feel as if I can't be away from him or leave our apartment to do things I want to do. On the other...
  • sgtpuppers93

    New Here

    Hi everyone,I have never posted in anything like this before, but I am trying really hard to use all the resouces at my disposal to get better. I realized I have pretty severe codependent tendencies because I live with my (extremely patient) best friend, and the only times we ever have issues are when he goes out (particularly with girls) because I am so used to being abandoned. The insecurity...
  • Kylie321

    Trying to cope through this

    I have a 19 year old son who was addicted to Heroin when he was just 16 1/2.  I nearly lost him 4 times.  He is now 19 and in the United States Marines.  We were very close until recently. I would text him quite a bit and call him to make sure he was OK and it got to the point where he told me that I had to "lay off' .  I will be the first to admit that I am extremely co-dependent on him and...
  • Hope719

    New on here

    Hi, I've been in recovery for several years now, mainly working on codependency but also some other issues stemming from a physically and sexually abusive childhood. I don't remember a time when I wasn't a codependent. Hiding drugs for my mother, keeping beatings and drugs secret, protecting younger siblings, walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy (which of course never works), etc.Following...
  • Tacroy


    I am new to DailyStrenth and, though I joined specifically for the Liars Anonymous group, I saw this one and joined here as well.  In looking for support groups for my lying, we came across the Co-Dependents Anonymous website.  I exhibit many traits listed on the "Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence" page, so I figured that this group can't hurt and might help.I'm in therapy once a...
  • me3mae

    New here!

    In the past month my life went from stressed out social worker to self harm and a stay in the psych unit to unemployed, looking for woek, and newly diagnosed as codependent. I struggle to find online support for my case, as it isn't a romantic relationship. I am codependent on my mother, who is the only close person I have in my life. I am having to cut her out of my life a great deal, which...
  • enfieldguy

    Codependency is insidious

    Having marital troubles, wife and I have communicated every weekday for 20 years of marriage until this week and it feels like what I assume heroin withdrawal feels like. It's horrible. Any suggestions to pass the day or help the withdrawal?
  • Whattodo

    First Post

    Hi All, I'm a young woman who's a recovering codependent who's looking for somewhere to connect, support others and be supported around this "disease". I've had it for all my life I guess and it's been in all my relationships. At work, home and with friends. I'm currently dealing with it in relation to several friends, my boyfriend and workmates. I give too much of myself away ... always helping,...
  • Anu111

    Anyone know a good therapist in London?

    Hi, I have finally opened my eyes to my codependency issue. Only after understanding my mother and father with their broken selves do I finally see after 8 years that my partner has all symptoms of covert narcissism and finally after stepping back from the relationship, i asked him and he admitted that he's aware of all the lies and manipulations and why he does it. I'm going through a break up...
  • barri

    New to group

    Hoping to find the support and understanding needed as I battle and attempt to recover from this demon.  I am sick and tired of feeling crazy and making the same mistakes over and over with the same people..i am soon to be 55. Been on and out of codependent relationships since I am 15. I was married for 20 years now divorced for 5 and still saving my ex to make myself feel something. I am tired...
  • mirandac

    Robert Burney

    Here is a great link from robert burney, i love his stuffits pretty deep into the mind of a codependent. Its aboutabandonment, betrayal, intimacy, fear, rejection, grief and shame. It is good to reread when facing ourselves and our ownissues. It humbles me and the work i know i need to doto heal my inner codie and to stop blaming my ex whenit was really both of us and our relationship had...
  • WolfgangMinerva


    I know this will sound basic, but I need to know what are the bad effects on someone who is in a relationship with a codependent? My ex-boyfriend called himself "Mr. Codependent " as if it was something to be proud of.We were together for seven years but broke up and got back together many times.  Usually I broke it off.  I was afraid to say anything for fear he'd get insulted and angry.   He...