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Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • lowvalue

    Exhausted and burned out

    I recently got rid of my ex of 12 years!!! 12 long years of torture that some how spiraled out of control, and by the time I looked up, I was sitting in a counselors suite waiting to tell some stranger my deepest, darkest concerns and worries. I knew that things were not picture perfect between my ex and I, but I always thought things would get better over time. Now I'm stuck in a position as to...
  • CireinIL

    New this group but not codependency.

    Just left 11 year marriage. Silly that it takes so much courage to do what is healthy for us. Scariest thing I've ever done. I am alcoholic too, so now been with no crutches for 2 months. I go to AA daily and am looking for some fellowship and conversation about my other addiction, people. Significant others to be more precise...
  • kitty4


    I am beginning to realize I am codependent. I have been married 7 years. My husband struggled with cigarettes and pornographt early in our marriage which he overcome. There was also physical abuse which has not recurred. He has since developed OCD, depression and has been using spending to try to feel better. As soon as we pay off the credit card it is maxed out. The card is  in his name and I...
  • heidsta

    I just f'd up again

    It took my therapist so long to convince me that I am codependent. I've been on my own (separated + divorced) for about 2 years, and only recently have I been able to fully admit to myself, that I contributed to the downfall of the marriage. HI! My name is ENABLER! And not just an enabler, but one that complains about the things I have enabled! I stayed too long out of sympathy for him. (How can...
  • GiveMeStrength

    Two Steps Forward... Two Steps Back

    Hello all, I am brand new to this forum. It's heartbreaking to read about the things we are all going through, but it is a small comfort to know that we're not alone. Thanks to my own reading and research, I have come to believe that I am codependent on my partner, and it's been growing since we moved in together 2 years ago. He's got a lot of troubles in his life, from alcohol to drugs to...
  • Pinkee1986

    It's ok God is in control

    today my daughter ended up in ER. Doctor said her liver is improving, ran blood tests and checked for blood clots in heart and lungs. All test were passed and she was sent home. God is good ALL the time and ALL the time God is good. I call my sisters in Christ Jesus and thanked them for their prays. Thanks for letting me share in Jesus name. Amen
  • Pinkee1986

    Freedom is GREAT!

    today only by Gods grace I  AM FREE from MYSELF and her and her choice to die early death by her OWN user of OWN FREE WILL CHOICES.... we got up only by Gods grace and love talk to each other AKA.. communicating and offer warms love and enjoy the day speaking..... then OFF WE BOTH GO INTO THE EORKD TODAY THIS DAY ONLY... FREE PEACEFILLED AND LOVINGLY! God is amazing and so full of...
  • salina

    Article on codependency I found interesting

  • lovebug7

    Besties no more

    Originally I had joined an Al-Anon forum because I believed that's what the issue was. Upon further investigation, members and my friends have pointed out that the issue may be codependency. I had about 5 threads so it may make for a longer read.Part 1 (3/27/17)I don't want to write too much. I've been reading stories for at least the past month which has helped me realize that I'm not alone and...
  • Wraith

    Just want to say hi

    Hello, I'm a guy in my early 40s, and I'm having trouble with codependency issues. I came across this forum and I was not sure if it's good or not. I had joined a forum where there was barely any activity. It's hard to find the right forum because my issues have to do with family dynamics and not alcohol/drug addiction, with my problems my family of origin.  Hopefully this will be a good match...
  • PJ1117

    The toxic friend

    The frustrating thing about being codependent, is knowing you've managed to get into another codependent relationship. All the signs are there. Knowing it's time to just walk away. Dealing with the conflict of it all is still challenging to me. My friend, that I've only known 3 yrs.  I thought of her as a good friend and we always manage to have fun no matter what's going on. However, she is...
  • willowfan2002

    Hey, I'm new

    Hello, to be honest, I'm not really sure where to start.  I guess I have codependency issues.  I mean, I suppose i'm not as far along in the process.  I was in an abusive relationship for two years.  My ex had a lot of issues and I tried to take care of it all.  We broke up and I kind of realized that that was where it could go.  However, I suppose I never did anything about it.  I would...
  • Pinkee1986

    New ME....TODAY Gods gift life!

    TODAY I thought of TONS of things yet I CHOSE to prayer for those I love to be healed of their addictions and that I ENJOY THIS DAY I HAVE BEEN GIVEN to accept THE GIFT OF TODAY NEW LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS FOR ME... given to ME by God to think of OTHERS above myself and continue to TRUST God even IF don't understand ALL just keep moving forward and help the next suffering codependent person to...
  • deleted_user

    New to Codependency Group...

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello. I'm a codependent. My husband is a narcotic addict, and through his disease I have learned to be a codependent. For the sake of my child, I have separated from him, and am in the early stages of finding a lawyer for a divorce. I can't continue going on taking care of him, loosing myself in the process, and I want to give my child the best life possible. I have been...
  • carriebrooner


    so I've known for a while my husband is still getting high and still looking me in my face and lying like I'm stupid and I got severely fed up and called him out and he finally admitted that he's been getting high but he's still lying to me telling me he doesn't have anymore drugs that he did the last of it just 20 mins before I called him out.. how convenient and he still lying about where he...