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Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • we had a spiff a little bit ago because I found out he was still talking to both of his exes.... I'm not that kind of girl maybe other women are okay with it. But I'm not. I think, especially after 6 months, you should let them go and move on with your current relationship. He should do that out of respect for me and she should stop talking to him out of respect for the both of us... he said he...
  • mlr0853

    C tatoo on my Forehead

    Hi, I'm new here. My family of origin has all died, and I live alone with my cat. I grew up with 4 adult alcoholics. Alcohol and drugs in my youth, I never quite made it to my own journey until 2010. When my true recovery started, was learning my son had been molested, a 2.5 year court process, and then 11days in hospital for severe depression and starting on Lamictal, today I'm 63. I've been a...
  • FindingMeAgain

    No Contact Woes

    I'm reaching my three-year anniversary of therapy in November, and I'm excited about the strives I've made in life. Part of the changes has been to step away from my family (mainly mom and brother) several months ago when I realized they were never going to change and that I was officially codependent. I've since taken responsiblitiy for my own codependency and have given clear boundaries to my...
  • salina

    Guilt and shame - codependency

    Hi hope your all well , just wanted some advice on how do you manage to  get rid of toxic guilt and shame ? I'm finding it so difficult especially as it's just an automatic part of my thoughts , than it makes me so stressed out  ...
  • juneport

    How to Avoid Toxic People

    Hello! I am moving abroad in a few days to do some traveling/self reflection. I have been in three codependent relationships in my life. From the ages of 14-22. First with a bipolar boy who emotionally abused me for years, then with an alcoholic 7 years my senior, and then with a sex addict/pill addict. I ended these relationships for good in March and I have made a committment to never get...
  • Hopingforhelp

    Struggling :(

    My husband was recently put into a 42 day treatment for perscription pill abuse. My children and I are not allowed to see him per him and his therapist (because we live with him, which makes no sense). I allowed him to treat me badly for years, lie, steal from myself and my family. I need help in learning how to deal with this and taking steps to make myself better. :( He is really only seeing...
  • Mandy1


    i love my husband so much. I've ruined my own life!!!!!Struggling with terrible pain, addiction and obsession.Cant sleep, can't eat:(Its been so long since I felt anything good, I don't think it's possible.All I want is his love and support, 8 years I'm still waiting.
  • PJ1117

    Her pity party

    I am codependent and deal with mild depression. I have a really good friend that has depression issues. We understand each other but she craves the attention and pity. When she's really down, she post it all over social media. I personally don't like it when people do that but to each their own.She was recently was diagnosed with cancer. A full recovery after treatment is expected. I didn't visit...
  • Hi, I was wondering if codependents attract people with personality disorders.  Do people with personality disorders feel inclined to be with codependents?  Thank you for your thoughts.  
  • Jess8611

    My own worst enemy.

    don't think there's hope left anywhere for me.I have a lot of ongoing mental health problems, and with that I have been self medicating myself to help, ease my battle with my own mind. But now it's became a problem. I'm codependent on this drug, I'm now using stronger drugs just to feel different. Just to feel normal. I have became what I have always told myself I would NOT become - a drug...
  • enfieldguy

    Anyone get super anxious

    about being abandoned after a fight in their marriage or relationship to the point of depression or feeling ill? I've been abandoned a lot in my life and the fear of it ever happening again kills me. Could use some friends who understand. 
  • i am new to this site but my husband is in big trouble he has got a dui 2 times and is out of work till he go to a after work program!After both meetings he drank I am trying my best to ignore it but I can't!I am devastated he will lose his job!I think he needs to go away for a while!What should I do ignore it till he wakes up on his own!I am so worried!
  • polarbare

    I am new here is my story

    i Read a lot of the traits of codependency and see myself .. I am divorced but not before I let this man destroy me... He left when I could no longer work and he left when I was packed to go back with him from Canada to the USA ... He is I believe a narcissist such a cold calculating person ... his daughter was a cocaine addict prostitute and I spent alot of time trying to help her.. again the...
  • A Letter I wrote to the family counselor at his rehab facility:Thank you for sharing the Codependent No More book with me.  It was incredibly eye opening.  I am aware once again that I have a successful, happy life to live and I somehow got in way too deep with Marshall's addiction along the way...  And immediately after making a full recovery from a previous codependent relationship, might...
  • I finally got my on again off again ex to move out ( we broke up after i caught him in a lot of lies, yet again), but he still has a lot of his things at my place and still has a key because he hasn't yet found a permanent place. I've had minimal contact with him for almost a week but resurfaced a few days ago, and Ive been on amicable terms with him. Today he came over to pick up some of his...