Codependency Support Group

Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • mirandac

    Robert Burney

    Here is a great link from robert burney, i love his stuffits pretty deep into the mind of a codependent. Its aboutabandonment, betrayal, intimacy, fear, rejection, grief and shame. It is good to reread when facing ourselves and our ownissues. It humbles me and the work i know i need to doto heal my inner codie and to stop blaming my ex whenit was really both of us and our relationship had...
  • barri

    New to group

    Hoping to find the support and understanding needed as I battle and attempt to recover from this demon.  I am sick and tired of feeling crazy and making the same mistakes over and over with the same people..i am soon to be 55. Been on and out of codependent relationships since I am 15. I was married for 20 years now divorced for 5 and still saving my ex to make myself feel something. I am tired...
  • WolfgangMinerva


    I know this will sound basic, but I need to know what are the bad effects on someone who is in a relationship with a codependent? My ex-boyfriend called himself "Mr. Codependent " as if it was something to be proud of.We were together for seven years but broke up and got back together many times.  Usually I broke it off.  I was afraid to say anything for fear he'd get insulted and angry.   He...
  • salina

    Rebuilding relationships

    Hi hope you're all doing well , i just wanted some advise I am in therapy at the moment and my counsellor does state a lot of my 'inner child ' issues relate to my relationship with my mother who has bipolar and has always been emotionally unavailable because of her illness she did the basics like food or dress us as kids but I have never had a proper connection or emotional availability/...
  • cleo9340

    Love this article by Melody Beattie from her blog

  • VCM1992

    Should I Feel Ashamed??

    So, I'm feeling ashamed of wanting to break-up with my boyfriend right now.  Here's some background on why I want to break up with him.  I recently started living with my boyfriend and it was honestly going pretty well.  We had a few things here and there that he needed to change, such as cleaning up more after himself more.  Little stuff.  But then some indicators went off.  I noticed in...
  • salina

    Article on codependency I found interesting
  • salina


    For anyone struggling with boundaries this video really simplifies it covering the basics .
  • mstewart17

    New member..Feeling confused and helpless

    New to the group.. have been with the same guy for several years, married for 1. The first year of marriage was as hard as everyone said it would be, but that's just it- it was really hard and I don't feel like we had that first year bliss. My husband suffers from anxiety and it can get very intense. I've pondered the idea before and shut it out, but within the past couple of weeks I've come to...
  • prplcarn

    I am starting to see the fog lifting

    I'm mostly new to this site.  Been doing some reading and now going to CODA.  I'm married for 6 years, 10 years total relationship.  I love my husband. He has broken everyone of my conditions that I set at the beginning.  No lieing, cheating, physical abuse.  We have been working on gaining custody of his daughter for 10 years. I also have daughters of my own.  The relationship was great in...
  • Pinkee1986

    Just for Today

    I choose to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.
  • Callahan.0219


    Hi.. ive just recently discovered.. im codependant.. Its causing issues in my relationship... and im trying so hard to help myself and better my ways without losing my Boy friend.. i know that sounds stupid.. but through all my issues hes the only one who has stayed to help me.. and that i feel i truly love.. but i try to hide my emotions from him if they will cause him pain or anger.. or...
  • Smithy103

    Feeling so trapped, lost, and like I am loosing it

    A few months ago, I found out that my boyrfriend of 3 years (who struggles with alcoholism, drug addiction, OCD, bipolar depressive dissorder, depersonaliation disorder, depression, anxiety, panic disorder...etc.) Woww.....never actually realized that list was so big. Anyways, I always knew he struggled with these things because we are very open and honest with eachother and we are best friends....
  • RGatesl

    Tips while i wait

    I've recently come to find out that I am codependent. I've started attending CoDa meetings, started reading The New Codependent as well as the Codependent Anonymous Big Book. I left a pretty bad addiction almost 6 years ago. Year's before that and mostly in the last 6 years I have focused hard on many changes I needed to make. One thing I have done is avoid intimate relationships. I always...
  • Recovered


    Step 4  Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.  I started of by making a list of all persons of which I have a close relationship with. Each one has a special purpose in my life, and Ihave a role to play in making an effort to work on all my shortcomings regarding them. I have decided to let go of the people I cannot change. The difficult ones who doesnt accually want to be...