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Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • lmcneish

    first really trying here

    I don't really know what to write about specifically here, but I know that I'm really pushing myself to recover from codependence. My father is an alcoholic and my mother is a hopeless codependant, and for years I thought the problem was me since I saw something nobody else seemed to think was real. I am alone for the first time  in my life, my most recent boyfriend and I just ended things and...
  • nicoleelin

    I don't know how to change

    I suffer with codependancy, just like my mother and her mother, we don't know how to stop this cycle, and change. 
  • sunsets1386

    Struggling, any advice is helpful

    I am cross posting this in a couple of groups because it deals with several issues (someone once called me a troll because of this).I was adopted at birth and didn't know much about my biological parents until I was 25, at which age I had stopped seeking out information, grieved the loss of never meeting anyone biologically related to me, and decided to close that chapter of my life. When my half...
  • salina


    is anyone else in recovery from codependency shocked at the amount of work needed to overcome this issue.Each time I make one step forward it's another step back wow I just can't believe I have lived my whole life like this, but at the moment I am also really glad to overcome denial and carry on working on recovery . 
  • lisapp

    i have little boundries with my kids

    im great with giving love to the kids but disciplining is a weak point. my babies i've always nursed on demand and my older ones get attention from me whenever they want. my kids are happy comliant children but sometimes i feel i've lost control and i try not to show it. eg house is big mess cos i let them do what they wanted. im overtired from nursing my one year old thru the night..any tips...
  • deleted_user


    This is an amazing description of the counter-dependent, sometimes called an "abuser". The CoDA literature committee is working on a new piece of CoDA literature that addresses this topic, which is just beginning to be addressed in the therapeutic community and in recovery circles. From the Counter-Dependent's Point of View I should avoid emotional closeness, because it leaves me vulnerable and...
  • ShowMeTheTrue


    2 article killed me ... I miss him so much , and I want to give him another chance but this time I will not succumb to his disturbance and i will try to make him open ... I feel I can do itI don't want to miss him...i want to be the one who change his life, the only person that he can be real with , and trust...
  • lisapp

    dont feel comfortable with success

    whenever things are starting to turn out good in my life i start getting this  worried guilty feeling. guilty for people around tht dont have same. worry that itll surely soon end. its like i cant just sit and enjoy the good that comes my way. i dont feel comfortable...i dont feel i deserve good. i feel so bad for people around that are struggling. now that im so aware of my codependent nature i...
  • ShowMeTheTrue

    What do you think?

    Hi friends .... I wanted to ask a question and I would be happy if you answer me PLZ!!!I was sure My ex was a narcissist.... But, unlike the ordinary narcissistic, He had friends (who he know for long time) , and who loved him.Also, he had a relationship for 4 years. I'm starting to doubt myself ...maybe he was not a narcisist? Maybe i was wrong? what do you think?do you know narcisist that have...
  • beatingtheblues2

    Am I??

    Years ago, a therapist once off-handedly referred to my relationship with my boyfriend as co-dependent. He said something about some married couples being co-dependent, and I kind of took that as a good sign. Well, he and I are no longer a couple, but each of us has trouble making and keeping friends, so we spend a lot of time together out of lonliness. He is twice-divorced. I've never been...
  • ShowMeTheTrue


    Hi! please i need help..I exposed narcissist that I was dating for a few months... since then (4 days) he doesn't talk to me, and asks me not to send him messages anymore.I am very scared that he will revenge on me.Today, I sent him a message- to calm him down, and I said that I'm sorry, and I was wrong about saying that he is a narcissist, and that I'm not a therapist to diagnose things like...
  • spottiedottie485

    Moved and lost my CoDA group!

    Hi! I'm Dottie and I'm codependent! I lost my CoDA group at home because I moved. I am a new mama and worried about my codependency running wild. My baby was born 12/06/16 and I have been happier than I have ever been. I have never really cared much about how long I live or what I did with my life until now. Right now I love life and I want to live as long as possible - and I know that sounds...
  • enfieldguy

    So what do you do...

    if your wife of 19 years starts treating you like she's annoyed or angry with you every few days but when you ask her about it she denies it. Yet it's clear she's doing it. I mean I've been with her for 19 years so it's obvious to me. The only option I can see if she won't talk about it is to treat her the same way but what does that solve?
  • lisapp

    establishing healthy boundries

    hi friends,after lot of research since ive come on board ive made some great research and hope to make some permenant changes in me.. i know its a tough journy. i recently wrote a question how to change my codependency nature and yogat3 suggested i read the book boundries by cloud and townsend. it was a great read and it took me a step closer in realising the root of my problem. codependent...
  • Maddy3312

    Good morning. How do I take my first step?

    Good morning group - this looks like a great support group.  I recently lost a relationship and, through some soul-searching and investigation, I've realized I'm a co-dependent person.  I've lived my whole life this way I guess, and it's messed up a lot of it.  I keep hearing things like "now it's time to take care of you" or "learn to love yourself" or "find out who you are supposed to be."...