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Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • yogacat3

    Healing Path: Wounds from a Dysfunctional Family

    Hey codie family, How is everyone’s healing journey going? Right now I feel like I’m at my breaking point with my family. I’ve pretty much isolated myself from relationships that aren’t 100% supportive (acquaintances, working relationships), and don’t have much time or opportunity to meet other random people — so I don’t act out a lot of codependent behaviors right now. —BUT...
  • Ihavethepowertohealmylife

    Facing my problem instead of focusing on others.

    Its a bit funny that I've been so occupied with my partners problems. Maybe a silent indirect way for an adult child of narcassists to try to focus on her own problems and needs through getting imaginary "permission" under the guise of "helping"I've unknowingly been leading myself to the information I needed most by worrying constantly about my partner. Thats a pretty strong coping mechanism.I...
  • annie67

    Help me understand...

    My SO was in a deeply codependent relationship with a narcissist for a long time. He did CoDA and a lot of work on understanding himself all before we met but told me about it. I am anindependant female running my own business & that creates time for me to do my thing & him to do his but also a need to communicate to plan things together. We had a huge amount in common & similar values. We were...
  • Tinyblu

    CoDa and the Alternative 12 Steps

    Hello All!  New here, but always looking to connect with like minded individuals.  I just wanted to share my experience with CoDa and how grateful I am to find a resource to help me identify my issues and work through them.It took a CoDa Step Study for me to come to a personal realization:  I am agnostic.  Though I had struggled with religion most of my life (especially since I grew up in a...
  • GettingBetterEveryday

    How to surrender...

    the topic of this weeks coda meeting was surrendering. Somebody had a beautiful share about that process for her and I  long to have her perspective. And not to say that she sugarcoated it. She says it's a struggle and she needs to remind herself that she is ok. I have moments when I am able to surrender and I find peace. I have faith that my HP will guide me and protect me and I need to just...

    Sooo lost.. but don't want to lose!

     I need help. Have a mother-in-law who has been living with us for about 18 years.  She is dependent on us for most things in life but we are trying to live our lives the way we want to since we just finished raising our two children.  How do you break away from someone who is codependent on you for so much of their life. 
  • mirandac

    Good article

    This was a good article and straight to the Point.
  • yogacat3

    'Toxic Parents' + Codependency

    I have been listening to my thoughts and emotions after group, and I've added this book to my recovery process (along with CNM). One of the ways CoDA has helped me is: I can often feel like my thoughts and emotions are a big jumble and I can't tell whether I'm imagining everything or do I really need help? So far, when I speak in group, I usually say something that doesn't represent me at all....
  • mirandac

    my opinion on what 12 step groups can do

    To me shaming, blaming, bullying, judging and guiltingare not useful tools in working on Codependency issues.All 12 steps groups address codependent issues and problemsin their own way. Many of us do our disease in the same way.No one person is better smarter or greater than anyone else. Thats where the healing and growth part comes in, we are notalone and we are not unique then we can...
  • GettingBetterEveryday

    Help pls

    have a problem. Basically my ex was driving my car and got into an accIdent. He had lost his license and fled from the scene, a hit and run. problem is he got a previous dui where he hit someone. All in a car in my name. In all my conversations insurance can deny coverage as it was another driver not me driving. But let's face it I knew that and I guess I gave  him permission to drive ( I'm dumb...
  • ThreeDots

    Oh my Gosh! It is all me!

    Tomorrow I will be going to my second counseling appointment and I'm embarrassed.   I sound like a wimpy whiney complain about my husband type of person that thinks she's a martyr for overworked and underappreciated people.  Most embarrassing is that I created all of this myself, so why am I complaining now?   All of the sudden I just don't want to do it anymore?   How fair is that?  Those...
  • reang

    Seeing progress

    Wednesday, I spent a large portion of my evening thinking about someone and projecting an ex's attributes onto him. I kept worrying about pleasing this new person, and yet fearing he would turn out to be an emotional manipulator. My alaram bells were ringing. I tossed and turned all night worrying and being in fear.Thursday, I realized I was having a very bad day because I was shaming myself for...
  • GettingBetterEveryday

    shame, embarrassment for codependent behaviors

    How do you guys handle the shame and embarrassment that may come with codependent behaviors? I've been secretive and covered up my behaviors for so long to avoid the embassment, shame with others. Now I'm starting to come clean with others about what's going on (which feels good) but with that comes inevitable questions and follow up from them about what's going on now(I know out of their genuine...
  • Bella999

    Accepting the Narc will never love you

    I have done a lot of reading on NPD (my husband of 16 yrs). I have always known something was off but never realized you can give it a name. I have read numerous books on this. I am very far in the process of detaching but just struggle with the idea that it is impossible for him to feel any thing for me. I can see that he just dont, especially now that i am aware of his manupilation tricks. It...
  • SassyGrace

    Your Thoughts?

    This is from an article I just read.  It explains my general dissatisfaction with existing 12 step groups.  Something just didn't feel right, and this article articulates it for me.I'd be interested in your thoughts and comments.  Thank you."As I explore CoDA meetings here in San Diego, what I am seeing is many people - who have gone to meetings for years - that only have a rudimentary...