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Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • strawberrybanana_8

    So Confused!

    I have been with my current boyfriend for a year now. It has been an incredibly rocky year. I had not completely broken things off with my last "friend with benefits" who was detrimental and now that I have learned about codependece and recognizing every sign and symptom of codependency in my relationship with him, which caused me to spiral into a deep depression. Anyway, I felt bad ignoring him...
  • Whattodo

    When your bf is codependant too?

    Hi, So I've been doing lots of reading on codependency and have started talkign to my therapist about it too. its helpful. I'm starting to think about what I say more regularly. However now I'm wondering what to do with my current boyfriend. He keeps saying he will do things and then he doesn't follow through. I think he says he will do things to keep me happy but really doesn't want to do them,...
  • Nicola93

    Codependancy & Cancer

    Hi, I´m new here and this is my first post, ive been looking to do this for a couple of years now but never got around to (silly i know), partly because its a bit of a long story. But i´m desperate for advice, i feel like i´m stuck in such a black hole and im so confused i dont know what to think of myself anymore. Anyways, here goes... (apologies if i´m rambling)i´m 23 and an only child, my...
  • Whattodo

    First Post

    Hi All, I'm a young woman who's a recovering codependent who's looking for somewhere to connect, support others and be supported around this "disease". I've had it for all my life I guess and it's been in all my relationships. At work, home and with friends. I'm currently dealing with it in relation to several friends, my boyfriend and workmates. I give too much of myself away ... always helping,...
  • Peacefuljourney1

    Driving myself Crazy!

    Hello, so grateful to this...I need a meeting but will have to wait until Thursday...I was going a couple years ago and stopped. I want through a lesbian relationship she passed away. And I am now with a man... My Co-dependace is now resurfacing...ugh I am driving myself and him crazy... he's really good to me but I have ugly trust issues... I can't wait to go to my meeting... I have never worked...
  • TonyB6816

    I ruin every relationship I have been in

    I was married to a beautiful intelligent incredible woman, everything was going great. She got her dream job and I was so happy for her. For the first few weeks before I went to work I would make her lunch and pack it in a little paper bag and write little love letters on them. Overtime I started losing intrest in her. It was like a dimmer switch in my head, that every week that past and I saw...
  • onedayhonest

    Highly sensitive person

    I am a  Highly sensitive person, and this can be good and bad. The good side is that I am hyper-sensitive to others feelings, and I am incredibly intuititve to what's going on around me. I often just do things and feel things that others don't. I am able to plug in and work out prettyr accurately what's going on (when I'm on my game, and not feeling tired, hungry, angry, lonely). On the flip...
  • nightfire

    hello there

    so i been posting on another part of the forum here and i was told i should join here too, its a lot that i have to say so ill just link it here and see what people have to say
  • onedayhonest

    Everyone is responsible for their own happiness

    I used to think that I could influence, control, support, etc everyone who I wanted to be close to. The reality is you cannot control anyone except for yourself, and even then the more you let go of control, the better. So everyone is responsible for their own happiness. You have the chance, every single second of the day, to control your mind, control your body, and be happy. Create happiness in...
  • onedayhonest

    Be direct

    When I want you to solution I need to ask you to solution. When I want you listen I need to ask you to listen. So simple. Yet we all forget. I am onedayhonest.
  • tokiwartooth

    New here

    it's hard. I don't know any other way to explain it. I have had a very hard 2 years. It started with a guy I lived with we had been dating for 3 year and his depression got the best of him. He attempted suicide. I don't think I have ever felt the way I did when I was sitting holding his hand in the hospital. We broke up well he left me blaming for it all. I tried to move on got right back into a...
  • deleted_user

    Why I still miss my Ex Narcissist

    It has been 7 months since the break up with my ex-boyfriend. The relationship was rocky from the start, he came to me as freight train of charm, love, emotions and desire to be with me. I immediately was enmeshed: I let him move in with me within days. I thought he was the "ONE". In the beginning I was mesmerized by him and happy to have this charming gorgeous loyal and dedicated guy in my life....
  • mclee

    Question (re post: trying to fix men)

    It has been over a week since I have talked to my ex.  I am not sure why I am missing him because of his dark secret.  Toward the end our relationship revolved around everything to do with sex addiction.I should be relieved that I am not talking to him.  However, i am starting to feel like everything fell apart because of something I did wrong.  I feel like I owe him an apology.  Even after...
  • onedayhonest

    Keeping to your side of the fence

    By nature, I'm very reliable, consistent and calm. However, over the last little while, this is being challenged by other people around me. I sense alot of danger in my life at the moment, which is making me very distracted from achieving my goals. I need to focus on my exercises, and focus on keeping my mind from wandering and getting myself involved in other people's stuff. I need to keep to my...
  • stephmylife

    Going "No Contact"

    Hello my friends. First I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate some growth and progress I have made in the last week. Long story short: I am dealing with a Narsissistic Mother and very toxic and hurtful family members. Today I received some very aggressive texts from my sister. I fought the urge to be reactionary and very calmly talked to her and expressed that her actions and...