Codependency Support Group

Codependency is defined as someone who exhibits too much, and often inappropriate, caring for another person's struggles. A codependent person may try to change, or feel shame about their most private thoughts and feelings if they conflict with the other person's struggles. If you are on a journey towards self-love, this support group is for you. Join us and find others who are going through the same.

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  • Tinyblu

    Codependency in the Workplace - The Blurred Lines

    After learning what codependency was and that I truly embodied the word, I embarked upon a journey to do the work.  I find that I am daily faced with "working the steps" in my ongoing journey to recovery.I find myself wondering if many of my actions are codependent, and I get really confused at work.  I have a coworker that is NOT a team player at all.  Though it doesn't always directly affect...
  • stephmylife


    I'm new to this website and group. I'm excited about having a supportive and empathetic community. I'm a recovering codepenant. I came from an emotionally abusive and narcissistic household and I'm still trying to learn how to break free of the claws of my narcissistic mother. I'm in a happy, healthy relationship and I'm so grateful for that. He is an angel on earth and has been so supportive...
  • mclee

    Trying to fix men

    Hi, I am new here.  I am 51 divorced 10 years.  I have gone through two relationships since my marriage.  Both I ended up heartbroken.  The second one just ended, he is a sex addict.  I tried to help, I tried to understand, I tried to partake to a certain extent. Yet I am the one crying at night.  I lowered myself to some extent to understand him and be on his level.  Three times in the...
  • onedayhonest

    Being my own Man

    It's taken me all of my Adult life to get to the point where I have come into my own authentic self, my own Man. As a child you look for role models. I've absolutely idiolised my Dad, and taken direction and deferred to him. I have had feelings of Shame, that I am not going to be able to live up to him, and I've strived to be like him, more to the point, which is the point of not being authentic,...
  • onedayhonest

    Turning your child into an Adult spouse

    My son lives full time with his mum. Unfortunately, he has taken on the role of surrogate spouse since my departure. Reading up on this subject, when one member of the family leaves the family system, another one will step up and take its place. However this relationship is not healthy, and it needs to be stopped. I will be taking a very proactive role to ensure that this unhealthy dynamic is...
  • lyl

    In denial

    Hi everyone.My native language is not English and I have a tendency to write too much, so please bear with me.I am still in the middle of my 20s, and just out of a 4 year long codependent relationship.I cannot afford therapy, nor go to free counselling in my region, since I live abroad and don't speak the language.I suffered from long term depression and anxiety before and my biggest fear is them...
  • onedayhonest

    What colour is that ...?

    I recently went to see a lady about Colours! Yes, like all the Colours in the rainbow. There are people who specialise in working out your colours to wear, so you look good and well-coordinated. I thought this was a good idea, as it will make me feel good looking nice, and save money in the long run. However, in my excitement I mentioned this to my dear Mother. And while I was away, she sent me a...
  • itsgottogetbetter


    Hello all- I am new here and a little nervous about opening up. I have been married almost 6years. My husband left a month and a half ago. I have been told by a counselor that I should look into codependency. The concept is mind blowing. I (and all of my closest friends) considered me strong willed, outspoken and funny. Since being married- I have become none of those things. My husband suffered...
  • caramal

    narcissistic husband

    I've been isolated from family friends by my husband Have been begging to see my mom he eventually gave in said I could meet up with her at my sister's place The problem is I've always been convinced he's the problem but now 2 months later still haunt made a move from my side!
  • warriorone


    Hi. I am new to this group. I have been told by a psychologist that I have relationship dependency.  I dont know what this means but am wondering if it is similar to codependency.  
  • Hello,I've been on here recently and opened up about the topic of the PTSD I experience with my BPD partner. I think I'm in shock right now with todays incident but I know that I have had many PTSD symptoms as of late. This morning I woke up to a plethora of text messages from my partner. She found an old dating account that I have not used in over 3 years. My picture and details showed up and...
  • Onedayatatime73


    Hi there. Ive recently discovered im codependent.  My biggest hurdle right now is learning to manage my overthinking and worring about everything.  Ecspecially things out of my control.  Any advice on how to help manage that would greatly be appreciated! I know i should start  counseling.  Until i figure out what ill have to pay with my new ins, im just trying to figure things out on my own....
  • onedayhonest

    The Star of the show

    I returned to work today. Everyone is encouraging. Isolation will become a thing of the past. I no longer need to feel fear, it holds me back and does not allow me to grow to my potential. I am very capable and have only scratched the surface of what I can achieve. My achievements so far have been significant and I need to not be so hard on myself and be very proud of what I've done so far. There...
  • onedayhonest

    A return from isolation

    Hi, I am a member of another group, and decided to join as I am a recovery co-dependent. I am about to start my 12 step Co-Dependency program, and my first question is: - "Reflect on the idea that isolation is commonly a part of co-dependent behaviour. Write about the possibility of 12 step recovery being a return from isolation." 
  • CoDaChrome

    Crisis hits and I know where to go....

    Exhausted.I am so tired of trying to catch up to all of the BS these days.....I am totally exhausted.  I went to Europe a couple of weeks ago and came back to a tsunami of sh*t at work, at home, friends crud, family crud, yadda yadda....bada boom...(I tend to turn into a comic when I am at my end of my crisis rush).  Well I had a good run of a high for the last couple of weeks, all of my...