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Caring for aging parents can be a difficul time as we become the caretakers for our parents. This broad responsibility can encompass such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and in-home care. Whether you have just started caring for your parents or just need a place to talk, we're here.

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  • oliya

    Care for father!

    Hi, being new here, I think I would get some help regarding my dad’s illness. He is 60 and is suffering from dementia and diabetes. He hardly takes food and medicines and doesn’t allow us to appoint a caretaker. Last week, he fell down from the stairs. I am in a helpless situation and can’t extend my leave anymore. While having a talk with my colleague he told me about some medical...
  • Debbalina

    Switching the "parental" role

    As long as our parents are alive, we'll always be their children, but there will likely come a time in their care when they can no longer fill the parent role and we switch. The adult child becomes the parent, and the parent becomes more like the child. How did you/are you handling this new role?My mom is still in parent mode but I see this change coming in the near future. I wonder if I'll ever...
  • billwfriend

    Mom received scam phone call

    somebody tried to steal moms money by saying it was her grandson and hed had a car wreck hitting someone who was seven months pregnant and he was in jail. She was told to call lawyer and she called. The lawyer tried to get her to western union money to bail him out of jail but made fatal mistake thinking that my nephew drove. Said he was driving and hit the girl. My nephew doesnt have drivers...
  • natalie123

    Behaviour changes

    My father-in-law is a retired lawyer. Being a lawyer he was so strict but softhearted. Recently, he is showing some changes in his character. Somedays he doesn’t talk whereas, after a day or so, he sometimes will burst out in anger with no reason. I just don’t know what to do. I regret I am not able to spend enough time with him. My friend suggested me going for a nanny care service as she...
  • ErinS

    Stepping away

    My dad lives alone in an enormous house full of junk that he trips over. He has always been a domineering jerk who insisted on having everything his own way, and that was annoying but fine as long as he was relatively healthy. Now he's showing signs of dementia, is in terrible health but refuses to keep doctor's appointments, is being taken advantage of financially by a younger relative, and is...
  • webbiebe257

    Learning the ropes

    I posted earlier this month and I stated this was different.... it is woke up to mom trying to go outside saying that she needs to go to the store but it is 3am. I just thought it was going to be peachy and cream but its not. I was also sick I have the flu and was not feeling well. Well I ended up getting her back on track and back in the bed but it took almost about three hours. Sooo... its 6am...
  • Debbalina

    Had the first of many conversations

    Sat down with mom today and started going over all her paperwork/financial docs/etc. for when she passes. Since I live with her I think the majority of it will fall on my shoulders. My brother is executor of her will but he's also 3000 miles away. My sister, who lives nearby, is severely disabled, so I'lll likely have to pick up whatever slack she experiences as well.During the conversation, mom...
  • grammiann

    Being Mortal

    Hey friends - Has anyone read the book Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande? I'm not very far into it, but am finding it extremely insightful as far as understanding an aging loved one's emotional needs.  Would love any feedback!
  • peaceful

    7 years later....

    Hi,I have been watching videos ofTeepa Snow , Occupational Therapist who has developed a Positive Approach when caring for pepole with dementia and ALZ.My life is SO much easier. Many times my attitude and expected outcomes were way off when dealing with my Mom. It didn't help that my Mom was always difficult and demanding. Now, it is similar but easily manage by a few adjustments.If you get a...
  • Wendy123

    New Here. Help!

    Hi, just started taking care of my mom 83 who had a stroke.  she is doing pretty good but shouldn't be alone.  she thinks she's ok alone but her doctor and i don't.  that's one frustation. and then i live 9 hours away and my brother and sister aren't willing to help (well just the tiniest bit as long as it doesn't inconvenience them too much).  I am really pissed at both of them.  we are all...
  • Debbalina

    Mom fell......AGAIN.

    This time she was going up the stairs and lost her footing. Luckily she was only on the 2nd step and didnt fall on her side where she has the hairline fractures on her ribs from her last fall. This is very distressing. She said she'd not sure what really happened as she suddenly found herself on the floor. Meaning - she may have blacked out?? Now she can't remember if she blacked out on the fall...
  • Wendy123

    Learning the painful way

    just wanted to write a little tonight to let off some emotion  it's always really intense now that i have started trying to care for mom.  so many huge issues coming up.. mom's health and care, family crap, job, where i will live, etc.  i have periods during the day of extreme rage and depression and then can usually calm down by yelling for a while or gettig out of the house for a walk but it...
  • Diane-M


    My mom seems to be doing somewhat better these days and I am getting a little bit of a break. I had started looking into assisted living but Mom of course has not wanted that from the start. She actually came up with some solutions and now has services coming in 7 days per week, between hospice and bureau for aging and a woman she pays on weekends. Of course she still complains that none of...
  • annj30

    Dad has Encephalopathy

    Its been awhile since I have posted, but this morning I felt I needed to reach out once again.  My dad has been diagonised with encephalopathy.  I have never heard of it and have spent the morning trying to research it.  They are doing more tests today, so hoping to know more later this afternoon.  He lives in assisted living and they found him crawling around the floor looking for a rattle...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    The next step for us

    We are in the next step with my MIL.  We feel that we need somebody with her 24/7; she still takes care of most of her needs, but it gives her more confidence to take walks if one of us is with her, and that will keep her more engaged in living.we will be doing more around the house to make things safer for her.  More grab bars will go into the bathroom.  We will move the freezer from the...