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Caring for aging parents can be a difficul time as we become the caretakers for our parents. This broad responsibility can encompass such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and in-home care. Whether you have just started caring for your parents or just need a place to talk, we're here.

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  • pd2012

    Sister is Visiting, Brother Coming Soon.

    I haven't posted in awhile, how's everyone else out here?????  I'm having fun!  My sister came out for a visit last week and will be heading home on Friday.  Initially, I thought the visit would be great for my mother because my sister and mother talk constantly on the phone all day long.  Apparently, something went amiss as they've done nothing but bicker with each other.  Mr. PD and I...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    Can't win, version 730,823

    I was out runing erronds, and I got hearing aid batteries for my MIL.  Size 312.CheckWent to Costco cause they have the best prices.  The packaging was different, fewer batteries per pack, lower price.  Same batteries.CheckWhen I gave them to MIL she said they were the wrong ones.  Had the discussion about different packaging, but same size.  Not pleased.So she asked me if I just got them...
  • or so....she is great to be with Mom as they do all sorts of things expected this will be her visit before Christmas and she may not return this year for Christmas as she deals with the suicide week before Christmas of her long term husband....she is going to take trip out to my Niece's place in Colorado....that should be interesting as last time her O2 levels significantly dropped...
  • about 2 yrs ago, i had to step in and take emergency guardianship of my mom. it has been hard. she lives with me and my kids now. she is very self sufficient but its hard to deal with her mental illness sometimes. no familial support at all. i am overwhelmed sometimes. need people to talk to about it.
  • elle16

    new here

    Hi, everyone.  I've just joined, and I'm hoping I can get some guidance for how to cope with my situation.  For the past 14 years, my very elderly parents (they're in their early 90s) have lived with my husband and me in a 900 square foot house which my husband and I (and the bank) own.  My husband and I live in the basement, since my parents can't manage the stairs.  Living conditions are...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    A victory

    We used to sit down (me, my wife and her mom) and plan out the meals for a week or two at a time.  Then my MIL said she did not want to do it, I should just do it.OK by me.This last menu had Mac and Cheese and Ham on it.  (My wife and I love it, we have a home made recipie we use.)  MIL hates it.  And she told me so.  I told her that she declined to be part of the menu process, so this is...
  • I am a 50 year old woman who lives with my 80 year old mom. She is fairly healthy which is a good thing but I find living with her brings a whole host of problems. Just today when I got home she showed me some financial paperwork and felt she had to explain it to me just so "when I'm gone" (as she always says) I'll know what to do. That's just it. Things tend to revolve around "when I'm gone."...
  • withlove

    Run down

    Both of parents have had a disease that has altered their mood. One of my parents lives in a nursing home and the other lives with me and my child. As my parents care giver i am feeling run down. My parent relies on me for everything and is capable of doing things on thier own. Like we will run out of toilet paper during the day, while I am at work, and they will not buy more. Even though we live...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    Surgery for me

    My sore shoulder (going on several years now) is a bone spur - rotator cuff issue.  So I get to do surgery soon, Tuesday next (july 19) if all goes well with my pre-op physical.This will let me heal in time to do the scattering of ashes for my parents later in August.
  • swgirl78

    Double whammy cancer

    Hi all,I was referred over to this group from Healthy Relationships.My mom was diagnosed almost three years ago with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She's gone back and forth between Taxol and Avastin, and it looks like they will need to switch her chemo again as her CA125 numbers just went up again. During her treatment, her quality of life has diminished significantly to the point where she rarely...
  • moresmiles

    I'm Back and Need Help

    It's been months.  This new site is very challenging!  I so much trouble just getting back on!  My mom is still hanging on.  Her dementia is the same.  Good and bad days.  It's been hard enough but now it looks like I have bladder cancer.  so many new things to think about.  Found a Dr at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC that I will see next week.  I just know nothing about this and how...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    Bossy MIL?

    My poor dog, he ate something that did not agree with him and was sick much of yesterday.  He pooped in the living room, something that he hardly ever does.  (I blame us humans for not getting him outside for his walk soon enough in the day)  But then later he had the runs and, well, left a mess on the carpet.  I saw it as I was taking stuff to the compost pile, and I wanted to water plants...
  • Shcshl

    Father is ill and mom is demanding

    I am not sure if this is the correct support group, but I am just looking for others in my situation.    My Dad is elderly and been having strokes and is now almost completely bed ridden.   My mother was his caregiver at home, but now he is termporily in a nursing home as he recovers from an infrection from a bedsore.   He is expected to be there for about 20 days.   They moved close to me...
  • billwfriend


    Today DS sent me email with a new forced password and it worked when I got home...not so on Iphone from Moms where I was working in her yard all afternoon...I was chopping down saplings that have grown into small trees ect in her flower beds along the back wall to the lower back yard....I got the right side done today....I had gotten the front yard and the left side of the stairs done last week...
  • she seems to be doing well and is back to her bad assed self again *I say that in jest....LOL She is the sweetest of little old ladies I have ever known....:-)so today she said I hope my cars battery is not dead when I get home....ok so now my task is to take my battery charger over and see if I can start her car and if not turn on the battery chargeer and get her car charged back up....she had...