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Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder, often precipitated by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. As a result, sufferers of agoraphobia may avoid public and/or unfamiliar places. In severe cases, the sufferer may become confined to their home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place."

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  • TDlove13

    Life with social anxiety....You

    so I have social anxiety. I HATE it, and I need someone to talk to so bad. But, If you want to know what it's like, here's a quick run though of a common situation: you're at school, in the lunchroom. You're doing fine, but suddenly you can't breathe. You need to get out, but you can't. You're feeling so scared and helpless you want to kill yourself, and a few minutes later you end up having a...
  • healthseeker

    Does anyone have coping tips or suggestions

    I just wondered if anyone on this site has gotten healed from agoraphobia.  Even if it is just a partial healing, what did you do to get healed?  Or maybe people just have coping strategy tips.  I'd love to hear any advice at all.
  • InfinityCats

    Is it social anxiety?

    I think about this most nights but I don't want to offend anyone actually diagnosed with social anxiety so let's just not call it that way yet. I can say I am a person without friends and by friends I mean people I actually can share with. I have just my boyfriend but even tho he knows everything about me I still have problems sharing. Some stuff I just can't make myself say. I can't imagine...
  • cassichase


    I'm lonely, but I have problems going out. I'm sad.
  • kayt2323


    hey everyone, I just joined and I’m new to this website. I’m in high school right now and I don’t have many friends. I feel excluded a lot of the time and I feel like I’m putting more effort into the relationship then others are. I’m always the one reaching out and asking for plans but I don’t see anyone asking me. When I do get appreciation, however, I’m so grateful for it...
  • 0PENeye

    I just want to talk

    Hello everyone. I just joined. I am having a very hard time making conversation with people. I am so focused on myself and whether I said the right or wrong thing. It's affecting me on my job. I need to go over things with my co-workers, but without realizing it,  I cut myself off and don't say exactly what I mean. I feel like a kid again and I'm 26 years old. I'm just having a hard...
  • question

    Hello, and Lonely...

    Hi everyone. I guess I came here too because I thought you guys might understand this better than people in any other support group, as it's sort of a social anxiety thing, and I have bad social anxiety...You know when you're incredibly lonely, but you don't want to talk to anyone for fear you will bother them? I hate that. I felt more comfortable posting here than bothering too many other...
  • scaredsnowball


    Hi I'm Lauren, I have frequent panic attacks and anxiety. I cannot leave my bed, my room or my house. Any ideas? 
  • cassichase

    Company and Hurricane Irma

    I live in Florida. The hurricane Irma made people evacuate to other places. I have a friend from high school who was on the East coast. She needed to run. I invited her and her family here, but I was hoping they would find somewhere else safe to go. They came and I did everything I could not to have panick attack. When they found out it was coming to the West coast they left and went back to the...
  • Sarasoccer01

    I need Somone

    My social anxiety is so bad. I have gotten to the point where I hate going in public beacause I hate when people judge me. My dad always tells me I'm not anti-social and it's just my mind telling me that and my mom laughs at me. I know I am and I hope someone else who can relate can talk to me please. I just need Somone to talk to 
  • jaib

    leaving home?

    I was just looking for infomation on leaving home when you are agrophobic and found this site. I started going out less and less when i was 16 and by 18 was completely house bound, for the last year and a bit ive been doing exposure therapy and i can now get about a 10-15 minute walk from my house, still with plenty of anxiety but im trying to manage. I was just wondering if anyone had moved out...
  • MAUMAU121160

    Anxiety and Agoraphobia,

    Boy can I relate with all of you sadly! My depression started out when I was 3 years old due to insane parents and it blossomed in agoraphobia 4 years ago after I lost my job of 26 years. Any little thing from cleaning my apartment to leaving my front door seem overwhelming to me and have even had to wash my clothes in my bathtub for almost 4 years now being afraid to use the laundryroom. I made...
  • shysadguy

    The struggle

    Somedays are tougher than others right? ive used this site on and off for a good few years now. in the past it has helped me relize that i am not the only one going through this struggle, which can really help your mood in that instant. but  the unending anxiety  is brutal at times.   Just going down the road to the  shop is a struggle for me at the moment. i guess im just hopeful a little...
  • kelli333


    I have severe agoraphobia, I can't leave my room. I'm lonely and depressed with constant anxiety. I can't drive because I get a panic attack. I'm just so tired of my life. I feel like I have no fight left in me.
  • glimmeringsun

    Social anxiety and resulting unemployment!

    I turn 24 next month and have never held any one job for longer than about a month due to social anxiety. Usually, I get overwhelmed and simply decide not to return to the job (without notice). On one occasion, during training, I pretended to go outside for a cigarette (I don't even smoke) and darted down the street until I was out of sight. Did I go back? Of course not - I went straight home,...