Infidelity Support Group

Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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  • ab-123

    It’s been awhile...

    I haven’t written in about 2 months. Since then, my ex came back into my life. He texted me a month ago and we’ve been talking and spending time with each other since then. He broke up with the woman he cheated on me with because he said she wasn’t good for him and that she was psycho. He waited a few weeks after he broke up with her before texting me. We just spend time together but we...
  • too_late_in_love

    I am that mistress!!

    So here goes I am that terrible woman seeing that married man!!  To be fair he told me he was getting a divorce and I believed him and by the time I knew the truth that he still lived with his wife it was too late and I was already in love! He says he is going to leave her but am I just deceiving myself by believing him? We have been together for a year and he says he will leave her in the next...
  • Dini

    I Need All of You

    Hi all. Or whoever is out there.I'm Dini, it's a nickname I picked up when I was little. I'm in my mid twenties, in university to get my masters, very witty with sarcasm, and I'm heartbroken. My boyfriend, my soulmate, broke things off with me about 3 weeks ago. We left it open that we needed time to process some stuff and that we would get back together to talk and re-evaluate our relationship...
  • guachita

    We are done

    So things ended in divorce... as per my therapist recommendation I started a new blog.  Please read my new entry at:
  • PeteMason

    I got it awfully wrong

    My first love, my only true love, admitted to me that she had cheated on me with our best friend, she told me at the time that he had forced her to have sex with him.  We were both too young to properly understand the meaning of the word forced, meaning my interpretation was she cheated on me.I forgave her, but was unable to forget, so eventually, two years later, I left her.  Since then I have...
  • devastatedattorney

    Unexpected turn and the ensuing devastation :(

    Hi. Thank you for reading.This is probably not the run of the mill infidelity story that gets posted here but here goes nothing.I am a 30 yr old male. I am a lawyer and I work in a fairly established family owned law Firm. I have been with the Firm since I was 15 years old. I was groomed to take over the helms of the Firm and I have done well. A year ago I was made partner. Things were...
  • Cuppy213

    Can't get over it

    I found out my husband of 12 years has been having an affair with a married woman for the last 3 years. He keeps telling me ok so what I got caught get over it. How? Its hurtful. I have bent over backwards for this man, his children, and his family. I have never laid my hands on him and now I want to hit him every time I even look at him. What did I do to deserve this and how do I just get over...
  • Adieo

    Absolutely Desperate

    Three and a half months ago I found out that my husband of 33 years was having an affair with a co worker.  It hit me completely out of the blue as I totally trusted him and always thought he totally had my back. We have three grown children together.  He moved out for two weeks, then I caved in and asked him back because I was missing him so much.  We have been trying to move forward, we both...
  • musclegirl

    Foot fetish is gonna be the end of our marriage

    I don't post here too often and I reply only here and there, but I am on Dailystrength every single day LEARNING from all your posts and replies.I guess not many of you will know my story because I am not that active. I am married to a husband with a foot fetish. Not a severe one (I've studied foot fetish to the core-believe me). Some people's fetishes are so bad they can not function AT ALL...
  • heartache5

    How much did you "allow" your cheating partner

    Obviously we can't lock our partner up at home, so how much "freedom" did you find acceptable and how long after cheating.  It's 5 weeks things are going well he is very renorsefull, hit his rock bottom a while back and truly working on himself and us. But then he asks me if he can go to a French group dinner for example (there will be men but also unknown women there so I freak out lol) or he...
  • Jennie73

    getting over it

    Hi I am new to the group I am in a 3 year relationship with a man and am just recently divorced.  It is a long story to make it short, the marriage was abusive and I put up with it for too long. When I decided to leave I did not give myself enough time to heal and jumped into another relationship. I wasn't ready and he wasn't in a better space either.  He told me everything I wanted to hear and...
  • Findingmywaytome

    Rough day.....

    Anybody else do really well and then "wham"!! Insecurity rears its ugly head and all the fears line up to laugh at your "progress"?  I saw her name in a professional setting today. I wanted to yell and scream and blurt out "THAT WOMAN IS A WHORE!! SHE FUCKED MY HUSBAND AND TRIED TO GET HIM TO LEAVE HIS FAMILY!!!"... Irony is that it is in a family court parenting guide. She is selling her...
  • heartache5

    How soon did you have physical contact

    Just wondering for who worked things out after cheating. How soon did you have physical contact again. And I'm not talking about sex but pure just cuddling or holding hands etc. And if so did that help you to reconnect and start working things out and moving on or the opposite did it only make you feel more resentment.  I haven't been able to even cuddle or anything 5 weeks post D-day. But I...
  • Harmony01

    Divorce Abuse/Infidelity reentered relationship

    Hello All, I was married for 26 years to a man that cheated on me habitually! Throughout the years he would promise to stop. He did not for all those years....... I was hurting and a nervous wreck...Finally I called it quits. I was celibate and getting to know myself after the divorce. He got on with his life and was in several relationships. A year later he came to me and asked for a...
  • Junetwentyseventh

    Just tired.

    I'm so tired of everyone's opinion on what I should. So fcking tired. It's so annoying, like i'm going to do what I want at the end of the day. I understand my friends and family care but that doesn't mean I want to hear their negative feedback 24 fcking 7. I came to Dallas and is staying with my brother and his Fiancé, i'm already ready to go back home because that's been the main topic since I...