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Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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  • KellyR

    He's decided he needs space

    So...I thought things were going good..moments that felt normal..laughs and great moments...until I asked Tuesday if he's talked to her and he made the comment if I feel so good why do I need to ask...said I was just checking in and I will have moments i need to ask...well it took us to his feelings and how things haven't changed for him....he's struggling with everything he's done to me and his...
  • outdoorchick


    This is kinda weird for me since I don't do online social media of any kind. I just need someone to vent to. my husband of 25 yrs has a porn addition . he said he stopped a year ago and went through counseling and steps but I saw him trying to delete it again. I'm devastated.  I feel dirty and know it's not me but for months he denied me over and over sexually. I thought it was medical but it...
  • Hesetmefree

    Online dating

    How would you feel if your spouse made an online dating account and that is as far as it went?
  • broken86

    Escorts and secrets for 2 years - but I love him.

    In the last week I discovered that my fiancé of 7 months (together 2 years) has been texting/phone calls back and forth with escorts and prostitutes the entire time I've known him.  I found multiple text messages to multiple girls that he must've forgotten to delete.  I've found craigslist personal ads he has responded to from women offering sex and "massages".  They all consist of only...
  • SoLostandHopeless

    The highs and the lows

    Sometimes the highs are scarier. He says he'll seek treatment for sex addiction, that we'll work on repairing the damage and that he wants what I do. I just distrust him so much, hearing the same lines over and over. Am I being conditioned? Am I that weakminded?
  • Confused77

    How long until I'll know what to do?

    Hello, all.  Thank you for sharing your stories and advice.  This forum has provided such support, more than I could have imagined.  D Day for me was almost one year ago now and I struggled initially and then pushed it aside, but it's crashing down on me again.  In the interim, we both sought individual therapy (something she NEVER would have done before this happened) and we are now just...
  • Emerald0743

    Feeling Crazy

    I posted a few days ago about finding out my boyfriend cheated on me. Since that Day so many strange things have been going on the day it happened i was pissed and on my way out and he was a hysterical, suicidal mess a 7 hours after the reveal it was as if nothing happened i was mostly trying to keep the peace and keep him from doing something stupid we watched movies he rubbed myfeet and back...
  • emotionalwreck

    Wish I knew which way to turn

    My husband of 33 years was cheated on me 5 or 6 times that I know of.  The last was sexting, the 2 before that were with the same woman and that is when he gave me an STD.  15 years ago there was a sneak away weekend which he got caught because a co-worker let me know he was cheating and 25 years ago he had was with another woman twice who claimed after one day that she was pregnant. Oh yes...
  • emptygirl

    Feeling empty and full of anxiety

    Joined this group today. I needed to do something before I go out of my mind. I found out a month ago that my partner of 11 years has been having a emotional affair (so he says) with a co worker, 20 years younger then him, for at last 2 months. I put him out for seven days until I could wrap me head around this, and still trying to. He claims that there was never any sex involved, they had met...
  • Healme123

    Loveless Dilemma

    My step-son was killed 6 years ago today and my husband is in the midst of complicated grief.  For the past 6 years I have been struggling to keep my marriage together and have forgiven 2 transgressions on his part.  I am tired and lonely.  Some days I wonder why I am still in this relationship because I would advise anyone who has been treated the way that I have to leave the situation....
  • onedayatatimeforme

    How do I heal from his affairs

    I have been married to my stbx for 24 years, he is addicted to porn and at time dating sites. Through out our entire marriage he had affairs and if I added them up there are more than 80 in 24 years that he claims were all for attention because as he put it I am not any fun anymore and I give all of my attention to the kids. Um hello I am a mom and a grown up and having fun is with someone I...
  • KellyR

    Post Traumatic Systoms

    Hi all,Happy New year! Ever since I found out about my Husbands A 4 months ago, I have physically felt awful...this has changed over the last 4 months, I am able to eat now, but I still feel pain all it chest has a burning in it, my back body feels like its shaking....Emotionally I am up and down, I get that part, but just the physical pain hurts...
  • KellyR

    Wedding anniversary...

    Hello,Tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary and yesterday was 4 months since DDAY... I am dreading it...we have made some plans, I feel like I am the only trying to make plans. Can't help but wonder if this will be our last.....he went out saturday night, which I was happy he did, he can escape reality for a night...only when he was out..I was really happy! I didn't cry, I danced with my kids...
  • gettingintune

    any experience with 12 step recovery programs?

    has anyone attended any of the 12 step meetings for the people affected by their partners infidleity  like S-anon or COSA or ISA?Which ones have worked best?What have been the take aways from these type of recovery programs?
  • Confused77

    Why does it get harder?

    Hello all. I'm sorry to all those who have experienced what I have. I had no idea I could feel as much pain and, while it's comforting to hear how others have found a way through it, I hate that so many of us are put in this position. I reach out today because it has been a particularly difficult week and I know you will understand.My story: I was with my partner for ten years. We were engaged,...