Infidelity Support Group

Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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  • InHisGrip

    One day at a time

    I was unfaithful to my wife of 30 years, with another woman, on and off for almost six months. They were the darkest months of my life. A horrible nightmare. I wasn't looking for an affair, but it happened; still trying to figure out how... and why.  I own what I did and make no excuses. No circumstances can justify my infidelity. I was weak and vulnerable, and I DID IT. I cheated on my wife....
  • sexysub56

    Sarcasm about common lies/excuses/bs reasons

    cheaters give which insult everyone's intelligence.  Translation/truth ahead:"It just  happend."  LIE  AKA "Somehow we unsresssed and involuntarily ended up in bed.  Then my penis ended up in her vagina.  I have no idea how it happened..""I didn't want it to take place.:It just happened."  LIE AKA  "And while my penis mysteriously endedPREGNANT. up in her vagina, I somehow did some kind...
  • Confused26

    Terribly confused

    So I found out about 3 weeks ago my wife had an affair. We have a 2 year old daughter together. We are currently separated. We have been married 6 months, and together for 5 years. She has told me she is sorry multiple times. We gave up our party days when we had our daughter. Until about 2 months ago, she was going out regularly, every weekend. I stayed home with our girl. I may have not been...
  • Georgia

    So much regret

    About 10 years ago i did the unthinkable, and had an affair. Never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be capable of that - but i did. I was consumed with guilt and left the marriage - not for the man i had the affair with but because I couldnt see a way of moving forward with my husband. I stayed with the man for a few years until it was apparent that he wasnt the person i thought he was....
  • Jb42090

    Recovery from husband's affair.

    My husband​ would emotionally cheat through online sex videos with other woman while we were dating be on dating sites etc.. I was stupid and in love with him forgave and decided to marry him anyways and that everything would change. 2 months after being married he starts a affair with some woman who is 20 years older. I worked to get him through College. So while I was at work they would have...
  • Daisy53

    Married One Year and Now Divorcing For His Affair

    I am so angry, bitter, hurt and feel betrayed.Where do I even begin? My Husband and I have been married one year. Both our second marriages. We were in a long distance relationship while dating seeing each other on the weekends. We immediately fell in love with each other and he we both wanted to marry spending our lives together. We dated 8 mths, married and he moved into our new apartment...
  • Wannabe-Doc

    She is now datin a guy&moving2my town-try2meet her

    I am becoming attracted to girls but I am married... I spoke to him about it bcuz he is also my bestfriend and he told me its called Bicurious. He is very loyal and doesnt know how to deal with me and these urges. I started to watch lesbian porn and now I think I am getting worse. I stopped watching the porn for months now hoping it was just a phase and I will get over it. I dont think its...
  • sas11220

    Intimacy after infedelity

    I found out that my husband had cheated on me after only 6 months of us being married, I knew the minute he did it. I had never felt so hurt in my life. We have been together since we were both 15 years old. We have talked and decided to work things out. Last night, for the first time since I found out, we kissed and hugged and touched, and it felt...perfect. We hadn't felt that connected in a...
  • sexysub56

    I am now divorced...

    And fairly disabled.  My question is do the OW still stalk the wives of the CS?  It was fairly common to hear of it when I used to post here seversl years ago.  The skank my X cheated on me with stalked me,
  • TheMrs

    Can't stop thinking about it...

    My husband cheated on me with the mother of his two older children after not seeing her for six years. He went to a court case concerning his children who live with their grandparents in another state where their mother also lives but she has lost custody due to the fact that she's a heroin addict who got busted for having a meth lab in the trunk of her car.  Sorry I can't stand her I think she...
  • Will123

    My wife cheated on me

    This past mont my wife and I arealways having an aguement about all her late night parties and hangouts. So I told her I want a divorce as a scare tactic and she agreed right away. Ever since then we were distant to each other but I realized that I want to fix this and I want my family back. I came home one night and I heard my wife on the phone with another man on speaker. Then I started eve's...
  • Shady911

    Wife admitted cheating yesterday

    I am a wreck. Just found out that she cheated on me. We'd been fighting for months. But never took a step back to work on things. I think she did it to force her way out of our marriage. She has always had many issues.  I would have fought to save it unless she cheated. I feel like this is unforgivable. I will never get past this. I should just divorce her, right? What am I fighting for?
  • BetrayedinSoCal


    I found out 2 months ago that my husband of 16 years was having an affair. I am devastated.  However, we decided to try to save our marriage. We have been communicating better than we ever have before.  I am consumed by the affair and I am sad all the time. This has been such a struggle for me. He says he has ended the affair. He has blocked her phone number and email. He has given me access to...
  • Blesedo

    Still going through it.

    I need some advice. Things have been going rather well lately. My wife ended a 10 month affair January 2016 and we decided to reconcile in March 2016. So it's been over a year. To be honest things have been great between us. However,  I find myself becoming angry,  sad, about what has happened or regretful for staying. These feeling come completely out of the blue and usually last anywhere from...
  • Jamz1007

    Dealing with the aftermath

    My story is a Rollercoaster. 3 yrs ago my husband admitted to having an affair that he said was going on for 6 months. At that time we had 1 child. Shortly after that he moved out and we went to counseling and found our way back to each other and after 6 months he moved back in. Shortly after that I found out he was still seeing her that whole time. So the roller coaster continued, his behavior...