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Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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  • wrongedx2

    So hurt

    I recently found out my significant other cheated on me. We were up at our cabin with our children and had an amazing day together. We then went to a bowling alley and the kids bowled while we watched some of the cubs game. It was getting late and I said we needed to leave. I went to our cabin with our kids and my so stayed out watching the game.  It came to be 2 am and he wasn't home. I waited...
  • LawLaila135

    Disappointed and Hurt

    I broke up with my boyfriend Dec. 2015. It was very emotional for me. We had been together for five years and planned to get married the summer of 2016 0r 2017. He always told me how me he loved me and I always told him I loved him the same. As far as I know he was loyal to me and never cheated on me. But in October of 2015 this woman was always laughing and talking in his face at the golf club...
  • Darrellk91

    Dying inside

    So 2 months ago my partner said she didn't feel like I showed her enough emotion and she didn't feel appreciated. We spoke for hours and then went to bed. I went to work the next morning and she called me and said she didn't want the relationship anymore. We have a little boy at the time 4 months old. I managed to get covered at work and went home early.  Only to walk in on her in my bed with a...
  • duster

    Thoughts on outing the other WS ...

    Part of me feels like the wife of the pig that my wife had an affair with deserves to know ... part of me doesn't want to spark the ruin of another family, but it pains me to think he's getting away with it.I'd love to hear thoughts on this ..
  • I think a CS is not necessarily a bad person but is someone who has made really bad decisions. The CS is facing the consequences of having made a unilateral decision that affected both partners, without having first consulted that partner in the decision making process. The pain, damage and distrust done to the BS haunts them in ways a CS couldn't possibly imagine. The fundamental beliefs of the...
  • Islandgirl07

    Cheating after miscarriage

    Last week I lost my baby at 12 weeks this was my 5th miscarriage and last night I just my boyfriend cheating. He admitted it and seems like he doesn't feel guilty about it. I've lost my strength I feel like hurting myself at times but I end up thinking of my kids I cry every night I hardly eat I feel like my hearts been rip apart. I don't know who to talk to and what to do. 
  • AmandaRose

    He cheated.... again

    Last night I heard my husband's phone buzzing picked it up... there was nude photos from some woman of her privates and messages. When I confronted him about this he told me yes. He met her on words with friends. They exchanged numbers they've been sending sexual pictures and texts. He apologized. But three years ago he did the same thing. Just text and pictures. He begged me not to leave and...
  • Heartbroken5


    my husband and I have been together 3 1/2 years... married for 6 months. He has 2 children with his ex and I have 3 children with my ex. I have absolutely nothing to do with my ex as he is a dead beat. My husband on the other hand is a wonderful father to his children as well as mine. His ex does talk to my husband a lot.. asking for favors... can you drive me here etc. my husband claims he does...
  • ohemaa1

    He cheated again with the same woman

    So i found out in February that my fiance of 9years who is abroad (3yrs LDR) was cyber cheating on me, as in exchanging nudes with a colleague. I confronted him and he apologized. He made me understood that he's cut contact with the lady in question and even got me books to help me build and regain trust. He made me believed that he was seeing a consellor and we even started having morning...
  • Confused8380

    Really new to this..

    After reading several posts about the significant other cheating what do you say to me? I'm the guilty one after 10yrs of being together and almost 9 of being married I stepped out of our marriage and life together, there's no true justification as to what I did and I hate myself more and more everyday for doing what I did..any help?
  • Heartbroken88

    Don't know where to start

    I found out a week ago my husband was having an affair...he broke it off and she contacted me with a fake profile on social media. Lasted over 5 months,  he said we were separated,  she found out we weren't and stayed with him. It was about sex and things he wanted to experiment with. He has said he tried to end it quite a while ago but she has been threatening to tell me (he still saw her 4...
  • duster

    help me out ...

    Wife cheated, not really much to say about that, that's why we're here right. Anyway, she's very remorseful and really is doing everything she can (support, individual counseling, agreeing to some rules) to try and repair our relationship. I am as well, seeking individual help, through therapy, and here; I do want it to work out. I've identified and learned a lot from reading through posts here...
  • Ashlee

    New to this board

    long story short, married 12 years, husband has cheated more than once, always sorry when caught. I just found a porn site he's on and he created a profile of himself (he cut his head off but I've seen the photo before, his naked torso) "seeking women". Can't tell if he has found any but am really at a loss. How many of you actually succeed in keeping your marriage together with this type of...
  • Cloudnine

    Nothing has "yet" to happened

    So I've been with my husband for 15 years and married for 2.  In 2010, I met a really nice guy who was in a play that we both went to watch.  He happens to go to the same gym that I've been going to for some time.  Long story short; we developed a rapore, but I never really told him how I felt.  He was super handsome and I was heavily sexually attracted to him.  Since 2010, I never really...
  • don87

    Need some advice.

    Last night I got blackout drunk. I ended up going home with a girl I dated a few years ago and I passed out in her bed. Then sometime during the night I remember I started rubbing her breasts. Or she took my hand and made me rub her breasts. I don't really remember. Should I tell my girlfriend about this? Is this considered cheating? I feel really bad about this. Thank you.