Infidelity Support Group

Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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  • CynthiaR

    Stuck in the anger phase

    My husband of 32 years started cheating about 10-12 years ago. He had a relationship with one vile woman for 5 years. He would end it then start again.  It finally blew up when she sent me a wedding invitation and called to tell me to get out of their life together and sign the divorce papers. He showed me the papers after all hell broke loose. I knew about the affair the whole time and...
  • ElizabethM

    I went through it, now friends are having to deal

    I was cheated on by ex husband and have 3 D Days.  We were married for 26 years and have been divorced for almost 6 years and I still face issues with being cheated on.I have remarried a wonderful man, and I still think about how my ex cheated.  So, I did a lot of research of why people cheat.  One thing I have learned and this is now ingrained in me, that cheating doesn't have anything to...
  • onedayatatimeforme

    I do not understand the cheaters

    I have been married for 24 years to the only man I dated, knew and my first. I have two amazing kids with this man that is now called my stbx who throughout our marriage he chose to have affairs for attention. One of his affairs he said a year after he semi came clean with it he told me he stayed at her house but slept in the guest room, a year after the affair he told me that and I have yet at...
  • lyza15


    My husband left me for another woman. Until now he still would not admit about the affair and I know for a fact that they are already open to the OW's co-workers. He is making me look bad to his family. He always lies. He does not care who he hurts as long as his image is clean. He is very selfish. He does not want get an annulment. I told him that he should be open about this since he was the...
  • Karma16

    Wife cheated

    We fell out of love and were disconnected for over 2 years. She cheated a week before she asked for a separation. I wasn't aware of the affair when she asked for the separation and made a decision that I really did love her and fought to get her back. Only to find out later that she cheated. If we didn't have to daughters under 4 years old together I would have left right then and there. But I...
  • TLCF137

    Perspective Please

    I have been in this relationship for four years.  In terms of lying, I suppose everyone tells small lies here and there and for the most part, I don't lie to anyone else about big things.  I may lie when I say I'm okay with trying something new or going somewhere when I'm tired but I'll usually say something like, "I'm tired but I'll go with you," or, "Yeah, that's fine.  Let's have pizza,"...
  • ripped_my_heartout


    the more time goes by the more I find out about her. For me I just don't understand her affairs. Why did she and why does she continue to cheat? It's not love it's just the sex.  She has been with so many men now im not counting anymore. My son caught her with a man she brought home from the bar. There is no pattern to the men she is sleeping with other then they are men. Some are fit, some a...
  • Devasted

    Married 30 years

    I really need help. I can't find any local support groups in my area.  My husband recently was hospitalized for a heart issue and while he was in surgery I had use of his phone. I know I shouldn't have snooped but I did and found out he has been sleeping with a 23 year old for the past 3 years.  I am 55 and now I feel my life is totally ruined.  I've spend over half my life with him and the...
  • 3timesover

    Husband cheated on me again with the same girl.

    My husband of 8 months has cheated on me with the same girl that he cheated on me twice within our relationship before the marrigae. He claims that he doesn't have any feelings for her but I'm not sure that is the case.  He says that he wants me and wants our marriage to work but I am not sure what I chould do.  I love him and he is a great father to our daughter but the pain that I am...
  • mariposamoreno

    porn addiction?

    Hello everyone. I had been dating someone for almost 5 months, who had been a friend for many years. He and I have officially broke up as of a few days ago, and I think I just need to vent to help me move on. I am kinky as they come, but I am totally against strip clubs and porn in my relationships, or wandering eyes, and my ex swore up and fucking down a blue streak that he was fine with that...
  • deleted_user

    Secret email account

    Does anyone know how to find out if someone has another email account? I\'m pretty sure there has to be but he only accesses it from his cell phone and that cell phone NEVER EVER leaves his possession.Thanks for any advice I can get.
  • Radnelac

    I cheated

    Hi im New to this site and I was the one who cheated. Ultimately I came so focused on what I wasn't getting and forgot about all of the other things she did for me...these things were all just as important. We met as teenagers and fell in love... It was a two week summer romance and kept in contact for the first year...and periodically over the years. We have been only together for 6 years now....
  • betrayedtodeath

    New here, unfortunately not new to A

    Had a revelation yesterday that I have been struggling with tainted memories and was relieved to find it is an actual "thing", which lead me to this group. My real DD was Memorial Day weekend 2016. I say real, because it was the day I found concrete, undeniable, irrefutable proof of my CS's behavior. Of course he lied (again) when confronted, but this time after I showed him the proof and how...
  • ntm

    Confused and numb

    I am numb and broken. I am a young woman who has been married for 13 years and I believe no I know , that for most of the time he has always had another person on the side . I just found out again about him being unfaithful again. He never admits to the affairs and I don't know why I have stayed. I cant  cry anymore. And last time I told him if he did it again that would be it. Well here I am...
  • 3xsafool

    Twice Bitten Once Stung.....Stay or Go.....

    My story is long...14 years long.  We had been married 26 years when the actual "sting" happened.  The "bites" happened 12 years into the marriage and again at 22 years.  The "bites"  I am referring to are long conversations with another woman (always the same married woman)....for several months my husband called this woman on his way to work...talking 15-20 mins (I had proof)....I found out...