Coming Out Support Group

This community is dedicated to the challenges that gay men and lesbian women face, both between the partners in a relationship and from other influences (family, society, etc.). Find support and talk to others who may be facing the same challenges, and share your experience.

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  • LetsBeFree4

    Questioning & confused... advice please!

    I’m a 20 something female and I identify as female. I’ve never been in a relationship but I’m confused about who I would want to be with. I’ve been sexually attracted to men in the past, have had a few crushes, but I also find myself imagining what it would be like with a woman, can’t recall any female crushes. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve never been with either… or if...
  • donovich

    Coming out to my dad...

    First, slightly complex background. I am struggling with my sexuality. I say polysexual but I'm really just into guys and agender folk. More comfortable with Polysexual though since that isn't always true. I came out as FTM trans and want to transition to male but am agender (subgender to be exact). So long story short, I'm mostly just a gay guy.My dad and I aren't close at all. He came into my...
  • jennbeth

    Mental health,Lost with identity and no support.

    I grew up a seriously rough childhood with all the above types of abuse. Sexual,physical,mental and emotional abuse. I have constantly had things happen to me and never feel like I can catch a break in life. My first ever sexual encounter on my own was when I was 5 years old with my best friend,my partner in crime and my confidant. Well I got taken away from my mom to live with my father at 5...
  • Henley79Lone

    Married and confused

    Married to a pretty decent guy. But, having feelings about my sexuality. I considered myself bi most of my life. (Although, I never came out to family) I've been through so much.... The last five years or so have been the most stable I've been... And I've been sorting myself out. Wrestling with demons... Past abuse... I think I'm gay. I haven't had sex with my husband in months and we rarely have...
  • acfig

    LGB Research

    Hello Everyone! I am bisexual woman in graduate school. I didn't 'come out' until my late 20s after being married to man and having a set of twins. I am now married to my wife who I have been with for over 10 years.As a graduate student at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in psychology/gerontology I am working on my thesis on an LGB topic. My target population is 'out' men and women age...
  • raykwann

    Just came out, In need of reassurance

    I came out to a few of my close friends and family as bi (pansexual specifically) but haven't been receiving the response I was expecting. I know it's kind of an unknown/awkward topic to talk about but it feels like my coming out hasn't even been acknowledged, but merely brushed off. Like nothing negative was said but neither was anything positive. I feel dumb bringing it up again because I don't...
  • 19ivejul

    I am annoyed

    I have been struggling with my sexuality for two years and trying to figure out what my feelings mean and where I am in the community and I have finally come to understand and accept that I am bisexual. I'm very comfortable with it myself but I don't think that my family will be. I have tried several times to tell my mother that I am bisexual but when I step out of the closet she just shoves me...
  • alexismarie0011

    Coming out

    I am 16 about to be 17 and I just discovered what sexuality I am and I want to tell be parents that I am bisexual but they are aginst it. So how am I supposed to tell them this situation?
  • athenanoctua

    discovering my sexuality

    I am a teenage girl and I am still discovering my sexuality. I have previously assumed that I was straight but am now thinking that I am bisexual. I have told some of my gay friends but am worried to tell anyone else. It isn't that theyre homophobic, but since I'm still not sure, I don't want to come out as bi and then be like oops nevermind false alarm. I would like any advice!!! 
  • Shane1010102

    Coming out

    I want to come out but my family is so judgemental please help me if you have any advice. 
  • DestinyShaker


    I've been struggling with my gender. I love being called a boy, using he/him pronouns, but I have mostly girl friends, say things like "thats so cute", or "it's so snazzy". WHAT AM I!!!! I have been using Demiguy because it seems all the other boys are rowdy, loud, and crazy, and I'm quiet and introverted. (though going as LJ has made me feel so euphoric though) can I be a non-binary demiguy? I...
  • c.j.g15

    Am i gay ?

    I've been questioning my sexuality. I started questioning my sexuality because i kissed a girl and it was the best feeling in the world. Ever since that wonderful kiss i've been having these dreams where i am in a relationship with a girl and growing old with her and all. I thought it was just a phase but i dont know. I havent liked any guy ever since we kissed. help .... 
  • kailikespie

    Not sure if lesbian

    Im a 15 year old female. I have crushes who are male, but for some reason, I just feel... sexually attracted, I guess is the word, to girls. I want to get married, and have children, and everything like that. But, I want to have a relationship with another female. I know that it doesn't really fit with the "Coming Out" group, but it's the only group for Lesbian and Gay. What I'm asking for help...
  • Honorius

    I'm new

    im a 14 year old gay boy and I'm new to all of this. But I want to come out but my family is 100% anti gay and I don't know what to do. Please help
  • bookwork

    questioning if im really gay or if it a phase

    So for me I identify as lesbian im 14 and im comfotable with that. Yet lately i have been having douts. like what if a bad experince made me gay? Even my dads (my parents are gay) have said it could just be a phase. So i dont know if i really am gay or not