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This community is dedicated to the challenges that gay men and lesbian women face, both between the partners in a relationship and from other influences (family, society, etc.). Find support and talk to others who may be facing the same challenges, and share your experience.

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  • 0oOReneeOo0

    The woman i love

    The woman i love is complicated in so many beautiful ways. She's just as crazy as me, if not more crazy. She lights up every room she walks in to and sets it on fire the moment she opens her mouth. She's fierce and doesn't even know it. As much as she thinks she's fragile and weak, I know she's not. And even when she wants to be, i want to be there to hold her gently. I want to be the one she...
  • Triz

    Struggling with my own sexuality

    Hi everyone, I'm 19 years old and I'm a girl who lives in Portugal in a small town called Guimaraes. I decided to write this, because I'm feeling very lonely, where I live people aren't very open minded and I wanted to talk to my friends about it but I don't have the courage. When I was 10 I really wanted to kiss this girl who was my best friend at the time, but it never happened and then we...
  • Gab.M246

    Dont Know What To Do

    To start off im just going to say plane out that im in the closet to almost everyone with the acception of my best friend and my cuz who has always been there for me. So i have this friend and i love him, but just as a friend. He asked me out about a month ago and i said yes because my dad asked my if i liked girls and i told him that i have a boyfriend. I know that was wrong but i didnt and...
  • Devjj


    I'm a newbie to this site. Not really sure what im doing. But I jus recently realized im bi sexual thru therapy.. Not really sure what to say or where to go from here.. but I was told to check out this site and I could maybe make so friends cuz nobody but my therapist knows im bi sexual. And i dnt plan on "comin out" anytime soon. 
  • LeG3NdArYPhiL

    How do you know?

    For about 4 months now I’ve had a suspicion that I am bi. It all started with some “messing around” with a dude at a summer camp that really started this whole thing. I’m definitely attracted to women and I think I’m attracted to guys but how do I know for sure? 
  • 0oOReneeOo0


    I WANT TO COME OUT! Being married to this man just isn't cutting it. 
  • ajgb

    How do I come out?

    I’m 13 and live in Texas, so being gay isn’t the easiest. I’ve been lucky to have my few close friends who know about my sexuality supporting me. But I just don’t know how to come out to others, my friends just asked one day so I told them. What do I do? I’m so nervous and scared.
  • WhenMiceAttack

    Lesbian in a Hetero relationship...

    Hey, everyone... I need help and someone to talk to. So I guess it's story time (sorry it's long).I've always been emotionally attracted to men and physically attracted to women. I've been with my husband for 10 years, married 5, and we have a 2 year old daughter. I met him when I was 16 and fell for him before I had really had any time to explore my sexuality. A few years into dating, I told...
  • fridanyc

    Coming out to my son

    I came out to my 9 yr old son about 2 weeks ago. I did not use the word gay or lesbian but I tell him that my partner and I are more than friends that we love each other and care about each other alot. He became upset during the conversation and initially shut down. When I asked why he was so mad he said because its weird and because he just wants us to be best friends. I told him that there...
  • Danity89

    Life with no judgement

    Hello I joined this group because as a lesbian it’s hard to talk to others about your sexuality I love women I’m in a relationship but how do you balance living your life with a women the outside world see you guys a sin I’m open she is open that was a turn on because we can be ourselves I wanted this life for a long time now we have it and I’m not taking advantage is that a bad thing 
  • Goodash

    My Story

    Hey guys!  I just joined this group and would like to share my story. When I was a teenager, I met and was in a "relationship" with a girl. We tried to hide it but our parents found out and tried to stop it. In my late teen years, my mother moved us away from the town I grew up in so that forced my girlfriend and I to go our separate ways. Eventually, I married a man and had a child. During the...
  • baristajedi

    Feeling there's something wrong with me

    Hi there,I'm new. A brief background about me; I'm a gay woman, I came out of the closet just 2 years ago, at 36. I was married and we have a little girl. A year after coming out, we decided to separate, but for practical reasons lived together for another year. I met a woman after we separated and things got serious and now we've moved in together.its a lot of happy progress and steps forward;...
  • donovich

    Coming out to my dad...

    First, slightly complex background. I am struggling with my sexuality. I say polysexual but I'm really just into guys and agender folk. More comfortable with Polysexual though since that isn't always true. I came out as FTM trans and want to transition to male but am agender (subgender to be exact). So long story short, I'm mostly just a gay guy.My dad and I aren't close at all. He came into my...
  • justOwen

    Boyfriend Troubles on the Horizon

    I'm currently questioning my gender identity. Wondering how I should tell my boyfriend that I wanna be a man, not the girl he's loved for almost a year and has had a child with. He says he'll always love me for my soul and not my body but does that apply if I'm switching genders and completely turning all of our worlds' upside down? Need some feedback, ideas or how you came out to your s/o....
  • Maddy95

    Sexually harassed after coming out.

    Can I ask a serious question please?I'm fresh out the closet I'm only out online not to my friends or family yet so I'm a bit clueless and felt like I was transitioning into a werewolf when it became impossible to suppress being a lesbian.Question is:Did any of you get sexually harassed by men alot after coming out?This past month a 62 year old hit on me and turned verbally very nasty when I...