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WHEN BEING IN LOVE, MEANS BEING IN PAIN... This group is to help women through the journey of realizing they can love themselves. To help realize that they are capable of having a happy, healthy, whole relationship and break the cycle of abuse and heartache from loving emotionally unavailable men.

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  • Camayo

    Insights Welcome

    Hello ladies, I'm new to this group. I've just re-read WWLTM for the second time. It's my 27th birthday next week and I feel like I'm having my quarter life crisis now, things are starting to slip through the cracks in a way that they weren't before. I'm doing stupid things, drinking too much, getting so drunk that I cheat on my very sweet boyfriend etc. My father was an alcoholic and very...
  • deleted_user

    Reposting from Physical & Emotional Abuse Grou

    I think that its very sad how we can often turn ourselves inside out to 'adapt' to our abusers...But we can fail to turn ourselves inside out for ourselves..and our own rights..and for our unltimate good?..And we can fail to decide to stop 'dealing' with the abuse?.. I know I also often did it....I learnt to have a secret internal dialogue, that I never expressed to him....Its not that I didn't...
  • missvicki43

    Boyfriend going back to ex girlfriend

    I now know why my boyfriend suddenly has been avoiding me for the past several days. He texts me today and tells me that his ex gf (which he always referred to as phycho chick) she wants to meet with him. Its only been about 6 months since they broke up so I guess here I go again with another heartbreak of the exgf syndrome. He says he hasn't met with her yet. I can't tell you how many bad things...
  • TheProofer

    Feeling a little sorry for myself today...

    I know I'm just at the beginning of this proces... and maybe it's my fear that I can't change... but I've been sad all day thinking I'll never be healthy enough to enter a relationship that won't break my heart.I've never been very relaxed around me, so at almost 50 I've had two serious relationships. The last one lasted four years and ended 7 months ago when he ghosted me.Today, I can't shake...
  • TheProofer

    I could use some insight/company/support

    So I just realized that I am a woman who loves to much. The love of my life left me 7 months ago for the second time. I've been falling apart ever since. I'm a tough career woman. No one pushes me around in any other area of my life. But men! Wow, can I pick them. Only now seeing the pattern at almost 49 years old. Also think this all goes back to some pretty serious drinking in my house when I...
  • TheProofer

    Feeling a bit better today

    I'm feeling a little hopeful today. Finding this space yesterday and knowing there are others out there who have shared/are sharing this journey is soothing the isolation.goingup gave me permission yesterday to feel ok about still loving him. That changed my perspective entirely! I'm not that bad. I just have to rework the beginning part of the relationship.Working what my therapist recommended...
  • artgrrl

    The Problem with Love.

    Hi ladies,It's been a while since I posted on here--in the back rooms of our journals some of the old-timers have been shaking our heads, that this site isn't at all what it used to be.... gone are the days when we would stumble to the main room to have the dirt brushed off our knees and the stones and sticks washed out by a sympathetic audiance. But no more. As I write this, I imagine that I am...
  • RossHomes

    Please see my post in ...

    the codependency group under "Would appreciate input" . I'm on my tablet and sometimes I have issues trying to copy and paste ...Anyway , it would mean a lot !Thanks 
  • QueenBee

    How may times do you keep trying?

    How many of us can relate to trying again and again till it looks like we are coming back for more abuse?That is what I did. I was subjected to ambient abuse by my last crush and found myself obsessed, full of rage but addicted till I found out what it was.We talked about my inabilty to handle the silence and his absence and today I found out he has been seeing another woman. And when I wrote him...
  • Airstreamgirl

    Am I in trouble?

    I am inexperienced with relationships.  Despite my age, 48, I have only had 2 serious relationships.  My first relationship was nearly 25 years long.  I married my high-school sweetheart and had 3 children with him.  After nearly 18 years of marriage, I found myself married to a stranger.  I wanted a connection that he could not provide.  He was barely ever home.  I did everything for the...
  • iamheretoo

    Is he gay?

    a few weeks ago he told me he dabbled with homosexuality in the navy late 80's early 90's.  He would not telll me much more until recently, saying he made out with the guy once. I'm sure that's not true...Last night we watched a movie with Mel Gibson who he said is his "dream guy". would a straight guy say that? I don't think so!?He is not very interested in sex(with me), and he seems quite...
  • iamheretoo

    Hello Again

    It's been a couple of months since I stopped in here.I went back home.  Last I was here I had been sofa surfing, unable to tolerate my partners irritablitly and impatience.  I left the house for two weeks but decided to go home and work on it with him.  I post here and on the PTSD group page about my situation.  He has trauma in his past.  I have abuse in my past.We struggle.  He is deeply...
  • kbolenbaugh

    Anger and Violence

    I married a man with a huge anger problem. When I married him, I thought I was going to be his third wife. A year and a half into our marriage I found out that I am wife #5. He gets mad and breaks things. He grabs my neck and chokes me so I can't breathe. He throws me and pushes me on the ground. He hits me in the head. All because I called him out when he snuck behind my back and didn't tell me...
  • QueenBee

    I learnt today what happens when I do not obey

    I learned today what happens when I disobey. My new facebook account was blocked and I was asked to verify my identity after he reported me probably for alledgly using a fake name. My mistake was letting him know he was being emotionally abusive and calling him out on it before I also let him know I was leaving.This is a man who was emotionally insected by his mother (now a couples therapist) who...
  • iamheretoo


    My relationship is disintegrating. I broke up with him week before last. We live together and neither of us can afford to keep the place alone. So...I have been sofa surfing most nights. I have been unhappy for quite sometime. My needs are not being met. He is irritable and impatient, intolerant, rigid, uncommunicative, and disinterested in just about anything but TV and the video game he plays...