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WHEN BEING IN LOVE, MEANS BEING IN PAIN... This group is to help women through the journey of realizing they can love themselves. To help realize that they are capable of having a happy, healthy, whole relationship and break the cycle of abuse and heartache from loving emotionally unavailable men.

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  • I learned today what happens when I disobey. My new facebook account was blocked and I was asked to verify my identity after he reported me probably for alledgly using a fake name. My mistake was letting him know he was being emotionally abusive and calling him out on it before I also let him know I was leaving.This is a man who was emotionally insected by his mother (now a couples therapist) who...
  • iamheretoo


    My relationship is disintegrating. I broke up with him week before last. We live together and neither of us can afford to keep the place alone. So...I have been sofa surfing most nights. I have been unhappy for quite sometime. My needs are not being met. He is irritable and impatient, intolerant, rigid, uncommunicative, and disinterested in just about anything but TV and the video game he plays...
  • I have been posting some messy updates on my 11 month relationship with a emotionally unavailable man who with time became emotionally abusive. I felt the abuse and the pressure but I couldn't prove it for months. What I wanted to do in this post is share some links from different sources I have found useful about the techniques he used against me and are considered emotional abuse.- The Silent...
  • He left on August 16th in the middle of the conversation he initiated to sort things out and never came back. I am still here with the pain if this experience that is as I feel it threatning to drown me. He drained me and left. but what he helped me understand is that he wanted to make me responsible for how he feels for me and for his emotions in general as he did not want to take responsibilty...
  • princess4mysavior

    So Tired

    This is my 3rd marriage been with him for 7 years married for 2. He does absolutely nothing for me doesnt help me financially, I have supported my three boys most their life by myself never received child support life has been a struggle to say the least. But my faith has brought me through. Married him because I love him soo much but I am tired I am 45 years old and I have been emotionally...
  • cutieface48


    hey guys! My boyfriend and I have been super happy with one another for 4 years. He is my frist serious boyfriend and the man I thought I would spend my life with. He always told me he wanted to be with me forever, that I needed to improve what I was eating so he could have me around for longer. He constantly told me that I was gorgeous and the only girl for him and that when he went out with...
  • iamheretoo


    Road trip this weekend. We took my car. He drove. He was driving very aggressively. Tailgating and passing and cussing and flipping people off. I tried to just chill and meditate and not let it bother me but at one point I opened my eyes and we were going 65 and a bout three feet from the car in front of us. I calmly asked him not to follow so close please and he snapped at me. I did not speak to...
  • loveandkate

    Hilarious codependency fail

    I just have to share this story because it is so laughably unnecessary. Was making plans with a friend, said, "I should be getting home at 7:30." My friend said, "Great, I'll meet you [at this place 7 minutes away from your home] at 7:30." Instead of being a normal person and saying, "Nah dude, that's not gonna work - earliest I could meet you would be 7:40," people-pleasing me just said, "ok,"...
  • lisa30

    In desperate need of help

    hi everyone,ive just joined this group after starting to read woman who love too much, my fiancé of 3 years left me two weeks ago whilst I'm 21 weeks pregnant because he's unhappy but not told me with what,  now he's saying it's the house and pressure of our wedding that was supposed to be in 3  months time and he has tried to talk to me - but he hasn't, because if he had I would have changed...
  • goingup

    Codependency Daily Reminders

    Hi Ladies.  Here are some quotes from the Codependents Anonymous Workbook that are helping me today.  Thought I'd share a a daily reminder for us all:"To have healthy and loving relationships, we must decide that this is truly what we want." "We learn to release the need to be filled from the outside, learning instead to be filled from within, before coming to relationship with another." If...
  • butterfly143

    Think I am in trouble again

    I am recovering woman who loves too much. I went thru a period of time after I ended a 6 year relationship with an emotionally unavailable man where I spent two years on my own. I made alot of progress on my self esteem during this time and have been in counseling. I was in a much better place and standing up for my self respect more...I met a really nice guy at the beginning of the year that is...
  • artgrrl

    How to be Selfish

    Hi ladies, I ran across this a few years ago and posted it here. I have discovered it anew. Hey, we all need our booster shots every so often :-)It's a great read. For those of you still in a relationship where you are loving too much, maybe you aren't in the right psychogical place to leave yet. At any rate, this post will help strengthen you. According to the author of Women Who Love Too...
  • in_cure

    Missing someone to care for

    I've broken up with my ex in February and sometimes I feel this emptiness for not having someone to care like I cared for him. I know the obvious - and healthiest alternative would be to start caring for me but it's like an automatic reaction to think about the ex and to miss him. I think I miss more caring for him than I miss himself. Do you know how this feels? Can anyone relate? 
  • artgrrl

    Yay for Huma Abedin!

    Yay for Huma Abedin for finally leaving the biggest dickhead in America.  I just watched a documentary on his running for the mayorship of New York City. My heart bled for his wife. This is a prime example of how even women in power can be charmed and chained by these shameless assholes. She tried to hang on for so long because her religion frowned upon divorce. I think, though, that her...
  • artgrrl

    Why You Are Still Single...

    I just read an interesting article on a dating/life coach (male) telling women why they were still single whilst in their late 30s. He gave some realistic feedback about the expectations of men, and how women 35+ were simply at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a good guy. There was quite a bit in the article that I found naive, but it was interesting reading the comments below. It gives...