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WHEN BEING IN LOVE, MEANS BEING IN PAIN... This group is to help women through the journey of realizing they can love themselves. To help realize that they are capable of having a happy, healthy, whole relationship and break the cycle of abuse and heartache from loving emotionally unavailable men.

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  • iamheretoo


    he searched for hershe dumped him was cold to him and his girl. Yet there she was at the same concert with is and his girl saw her. Told him. She dumped him cold and he searches for her. It breaks my F'n heart.
  • iamheretoo


    tonight at dinner I saw the man that gave testimony on behalf of my abuser. He used to be my best friend. I stayed on his sofa when I left. He knows what this man did to me. He hit on me when I was vulnerable and I turned him down. I caight him looking at me and I flipped him off. It felt good to do that. I hate him. I think he is a scumbag. When will my heart be in the right place where I can...
  • Hi , its been quite a while since Ive been on here . I am finally divorced after being separated for about 4 1/2 years .Was married a total of 25 . I have absolutely no regret for my divorce . I have been on DS for quite a bit .Im a 46 year old female . Didnt date alot before meeting my husband . So I had next to no experience with flirting , etc .Ive only dated a few guys by now . The current...
  • my boyfriend just left for work and didn't say didn't say anything. It's disappointing but not surprising. My ex husband never remembered either. Even after being together almost 20 years.
  • Hello everyone, I'm completely new here. friend showed me this website and I immediately thought i could share the burden on my mind.My name is Mochi and my problems are emotionally unstable, introverted and cold men,especially asians they attract me with power of gravity.History of those confused relationships is following me for many years.I would say for 5 years I'm stuck in this pattern and...
  • iamheretoo


    At my counselor's advice I wrote letters to all the people who hurt me and who I've written out of my life in the past couple of years. They're the kind of letters you never send. I thought it would make me feel better but it didn't. They're mostly people "related" to my relationship with my abusive ex. For months it was forgotten and I was happy in my new relationship. Lately the anger and...
  • Today on Mother's Day I woke up, happy to be alive, happy to have a family.. I hoped maybe to be recognized on Mother's Day for being a great mom whom works hard for her family. Today I was told, that I am FAT. AND my husband is a normal looking guy and he wants a normal looking wife. AND that thousands of men would have left their wives by now if they looked like I do.He says I...
  • iamheretoo

    Petty complaints?

    ive been away from here awhile. Was happy so I guess that's how it goes?I've been living with my bf and his daughter now for four months. Things are starting to surface. He's impatient and kind of a dick sometimes. Irritable. If I bring something up that we've talked about before he gets irritated. Says I don't pay attention. I know I forget things but I think it's menopause. we got separated...
  • iamheretoo

    Good Quote

    My boyfriend said this to me last night while we were watching Vikings.....We were not agreeing about how one of the characters should react to an enemy. I wanted him to kick his ass....then he said to me. " I'm not saying I haven't done it , but vengeance doesn't feed the soul......"This is how I know he's basically a good guy.....
  • Ziro

    New to post

    Hello girlsi dont if this is the right group.i have almost finished reading Robin Norwood book Women who love too mich. i feel I fit perfectly in that role.im married since 20 years and i found out my husband cheated on me at the beginning of this year.after a millions of arguing and also violent arguing from my side, i have decided to go nack to him and TRY to forgive and accept him as he is.he...
  • Let me know if you're out there!
  • Hello, This is the first time I join and post anything on a support group. I divorced my husband of 4 years (were together for almost 10 years) exactly 2 years ago because I found out he had been paying for escorts (sex) for almost a year. He would also look at pornographic sites on the afternoons while completely ignoring me and verbally attacking me. He said he was no longer attracted to me...
  • maggibag

    There is no ONE

    There is no ONE. There are many soul mates we meet in life. You just have to treat every encounter as a holy encounter. Read Gabrielle Bernstein 40 day miracles guide book called May Cause Miracles for more information on how to be more spiritually in touch with yourself. Spirituality and faith makes a huge different in everyday encounters and situations. Just give it a try. If you do buy the...
  • As a nurse I know very well that life is too damn short! I suggest I you're unhappy with your husband or boyfriend and don't need financial support, leave him! I know it seems hard now. I've been there. Is spent three months recently devastated over a breakup. But guess what happened next. I found happiness. How you may ask? I ready the following books:How to survive the loss of a...
  • Hi, new here, I apologize if I am repeating a post. I am a 46 year old young lady, I am recently married, after 6 years of living with my husband. We have a wonderful story, we met online, not on a dating site, just by chance, we fell in love through text, messages, and phone calls, there were some things we were both hiding, of course, but not big enough to even impact our relationship. They...