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  • Mollie


    Hi :) Im new to all this but thought joining a group of women who understand the realities of being married to a police officer might help me! My hubby has not long been accepted into the polcie force and even though i knew he would be one since the day I met him the reality of the life has only just hit me. I am used to the idea of his shifts and overtime and attending family gatherings alone...
  • caseymat

    Looking for support

    hello everyone! My girlfriend is an officer. She unfortunately works in a smaller department which comes the terrible shifts and force ins and late nights. I am looking for someone to help me talk too! It's a hard job for her, but, a lot of people do not realize that it is also hard for us girls and guys at home... the constant waiting and being nervous. 
  • heartsandarrows

    Rookie LEO wife

    hi everyone. Have been desperately searching for a group of women who have experience with this new life my husband and I are facing. He's been on the job almost two years. A lot has changed in that time, no children yet but we have been married for almost seven years. Having a rough time navigating the many highs and lows this career brings about for us both. Hope to make some connections with...
  • Blues1002

    Having hard time

    hello ladies....my name is Trisha....and I am engaged to a wonderful officer. He is a high ranking officer of a special breed and unlike anyone I ever meet. Wen I first met him it was so surreal. I thought wow and it just went from there. I'm not sure about the rest of you....but I know that it is very hard to be an officers wife. It's a lot of drama...non stop on the go and that phone....u want...
  • panthers12

    Pulling away

    Having difficulty in my relationship.  I am divorced, with my man for 5 years, he raised my two young children in that time - super dad... but lately has pulled away.  Calls me a nag for asking him to spend more time with me.  He is seeking activities outside of our relationship for "happiness' like biking and playing hockey, and is also drinking more.  Feel like I am watching a downward...
  • CCCWife2016

    Its been a week...

    Hello all. This is my first post. I am a newly married police wife, we just tied the knot in June 2016. Let me start by saying, my LEO is my wife - i don't know how much different that makes me feel, but i know i read a lot about wives supporting their LEO husbands. So our story is just a tad different. But not likely by much...Anyway. This week has been rough. really rough. Until the shooting in...
  • Vfgtmt08

    Sheriff or Officer

    So I am new on this site. This month is also going to be a start of a huge change for my fiancé and I and our kid's. My fiancé just put his 2 weeks notice in for his job and is starting his new job on the 16th. He has been a Correctional Officer for a year and before that was a LP manager for 5 years. The tough part though right now is he got accepted to be a Sheriff or an officer and he can't...
  • thayilstyle

    Alone and no one to turn to

    I've been lonely for quite some time now and I recently found this community and immediately joined! I noticed from reading others' posts that their LEO hubbies although have weird hours - it's usually fixed. My husband's schedule changes every 28 days and I almost never know when and if he's available for anything. I love my husband dearly but we moved almost 6 hours away from all of our family...
  • momofgna

    Job change

    Hello, my husband recently went from the sheriffs department to city police. He was at the sheriffs dept for 8 years as a liscensed deputy. He is now going thru FTO with the city police. It was the job he had been wanting all along. We as a family were so excited for him and his new journey. The training he is enduring is different than what he went through at the county. It has been a lot for...
  • deleted_user


    I just got married to a man I really do love and want to spend the rest of my life with. I've never been familiar with the police force life but my husband was an officer years ago and wanted to go for it again. He went through the academy while we were engaged (which took up a lot of his time) and just became an officer a few months ago after we got married. WOWZERS.I wish I was stronger but it...
  • mrs161


    Hi everyone, I have been with my police officer for almost a year now. He started working as a police officer about four months ago. He loves his job and I get so much joy from seeing him beam when he talks about how much he enjoys being in the line of duty. However, its been really difficult. I have learned to be patient with time and know its precious. He works nights now and works 70+ hours a...
  • bryking

    Bad feelings

    Does anyone ever randomly get a bad feeling when your LEO is working? I also struggle with nightmares too that something bad happened to my LEO. Does this happen to anyone else?
  • bbohm

    Going through separation

    Hello, I'm new here but not new to police life. I married a gentle, emotionally invested, incredible man 12.5 years ago. Seven years ago he became an officer and since then has changed into a completely different person. Over the past 7 years we have both made pour choices, mostly due to the change in him and me not knowing how to cope with it and not getting proper support. We are new...
  • khudzi01

    I'm so lonely

    So I'm engaged to an amazing man. We're getting married June 2016. He became an officer in the beginning of the year. I'm sure it's too early for me to feel this way, but I've been feeling so lonely lately. We have a 1.5 year old, and I feel like I'm raising him by myself. Right now, he's working 8 hour shifts, but starting in December, they switch to 12 hour shifts. I've been feeling...
  • I have been married to a police officer for 15 years. He was in homicide for 8 years and is now the Sgt over the K9 Unit. It is soooo hard being a police wife. There have been many many times I've attended family get togethers alone and have even gone on vacation with just the kids because he has to back out at the last minute.Even now I work full time, clean the house, take my daughter to...