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A place for wives of police officers and their families to relate and support one another.

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  • AllyShoo

    How to support a loved one...

    Hello all, long story, grab a cup of tea.myself and my partner had been together for 4 years before he joined the police (UK). He came to it quite late (30s) and I put my heart and soul into supporting him to get in. I put my life on hold. When he did get in, it was fantastic, but I immediately found it difficult  to adjust to and it really affected my mental health. I didn't cope, we argued...
  • CCCWife2016

    Is divorce inevitable...?

    hello again, First I want to say thank you to everyone in this group. I cannot tell you how important it's been for my ability to cope. As many of you know, it's difficult to connect with our community.  It's like we are the silent backbone of law-enforcement. Because as we all know, our LEO's need our support and so often we give every ounce of ourselves to that purpose.  Things have been...
  • lovemyleo18

    Detective's Girlfriend

    Hello- I'm new to being with a LEO. My boyfriend is a detective & lately has been dealing with some really hard situations at work. I know he is very stressed & I don't know how to help him. I know certain situations he can not talk about & others he just doesn't want to. How do I help him relax when he gets home rather than stewing on his day? I just want him to know that I'm here for him, but I...
  • kerileigh


    Hey everyone. My husband became a police officer less then a year ago. Our marriage is not doing well at all. We have a 3 & 4 year old and I work part time. My husband loves his job.. but it seems like he is checked out of our marriage. We have been married 5 years and I'm trying my hardest to be positive and supportive for him but it is getting harder and harder. He isn't affectionate or caring...
  • deleted_user

    Spouse of police officer for 15 years

    I have been married to a police officer for 15 years. He was in homicide for 8 years and is now the Sgt over the K9 Unit. It is soooo hard being a police wife. There have been many many times I've attended family get togethers alone and have even gone on vacation with just the kids because he has to back out at the last minute.Even now I work full time, clean the house, take my daughter to...
  • Rachelebg

    Is he cheating on me with his job?

    My fiance just became a deputy. I feel like he's fallen in love with another woman. We are only in it a year and I constantly feel like I'm having to prove my worth so he'll pick his family sometimes over overtime. I feel like I am second in his life. I feel like he is so in love with his new career. I've never before felt as I do now and wondering if the job always comes first and foremost? None...
  • FCOfiance

    Starting Again

    My fiance just started his career as a law enforcement officer about 2 months ago, and it's been extremely challenging for both of us. The hours are long, our work schedules are often flip-flopped, and I almost feel like he's falling more in love with his career than he is me. What I'm most concerned with is my fear of losing him. Some of the calls his sheriff's office gets are extremely...
  • Cantdoitalone

    What's normal?

    Ok. What the heck is normal? What do you do when you have no mother or family to help?  I feel like God is seriously my only friend sometimes. Leo wife 8 yrs, small rural town, 4 kids, FT nurse. Everyday feels like hell, glad kids give me purpose.  I'm grateful for any advice
  • Katieeightyseven


    Hi I'm a "future" police wife. My boyfriend wants to be a cop. He is in the process of joining an academy however, he is also applying to be a teacher. We've been together 4 years and I am trying to be supportive but I don't want the police job to work out. I don't mean to be selfish but even the application process has been tough. Its been much easier for him to be a teacher and safer....
  • nicolehow

    I feel lost

    My boyfriend is a deputy that works nights and I work days. It's really tough coming home every night to cook and eat dinner alone, go to sleep alone and so many other things. I have terrible nightmares about his line of work and it's all very difficult. I don't want to put the stress in him because I know he deals with a lot on a daily basis and I am supposed to be his rock and support system...
  • Taylor12

    Children's disappointment

    New here! Unfortunately my kids Dad (sadly separated a few months ago) was on night shift last night. He was doing the Cardiff run at the time but is based in London. Awful night for all. Anyway unfortunately he didn't have any time off over the school holidays and was due to have them from today until Tuesday (they have a couple of teacher training days). Rest days have now been cancelled, and I...
  • HannahGeneva

    Not Sure How To Handle It All..

    My Boyfriend Is Getting Ready To Become A Police Officer.. and I'm Not Sure How To Handle It.. Its All New To Me. I Just Thought Id Come Here For Support and See If I Can Get Any Advice. 
  • MrsMc85

    Promoted to overnights?!

    New here.  My husband just got promoted to Srgt., and his schedule changed from flexible M-F to rotating overnights. It has been really hard on everyone.  He doesn't know when to eat, sleep, exercise, or spend time with family.  I know he is doing his best, but I'm overwhelmed from picking up all of the extra slack with two young children (ages 1 & 2.5yrs) at home. Any advice from moms of...
  • 437


    I've joined this group in the hope that I'll feel like I'm not alone in all this... Hoping to gain some strength and find way to deal with the loneliness. X
  • Mollie


    Hi :) Im new to all this but thought joining a group of women who understand the realities of being married to a police officer might help me! My hubby has not long been accepted into the polcie force and even though i knew he would be one since the day I met him the reality of the life has only just hit me. I am used to the idea of his shifts and overtime and attending family gatherings alone...