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  • learningpatience

    If only I could

    I wish there was a campaign that showed a woman's face and said, "do I look like the spouse of an alcoholic?" Men and children too. I can't be the only person who looks at other couples and thinks, I wonder if he is? Or sees a woman who you know is married to an alcoholic but you can't believe it becyse she looks so put together. Imagine how much strength that would give other people in our...

    His addiction sucks the life out of me!

    I've tried the ignoring him when drunk (which is 98% of the time that he's home) it seemed to work in the beginning. He's still drinking however he was at least trying to be nice. I just get in these moods some days that I can't control my anger and resentment. He has been told that I don't want him touching me while he's drunk. I'm tired of feeling like its my wify duty to let him. I should be...
  • nls219

    Newly married and miserable

    I guess I shouldn't say "newly", but we've only been married for two years this month. I'm twenty-eight, he's thirty-six. My husband is an amazing man. Funny, kind, generous, and a hardworker. However, alcohol has quickly become a problem in our marriage. He has always been a heavy drinker for as long as I have known him, and he even admitted he's been this way for most of his life. However, it...
  • JJ02

    Some advice to help me get through each day

    I have been reading someposts on here and I can relate. My problems may not be as difficult but I still struggle to come to terms with my husband’s drinking. We have been together for 9 years but married for 1. I guess he’s always been a drinker but to what extent I found out when we started living together after marriage. I’m from a family of non drinkers whereas he’s from a family of...
  • maryml

    Alcoholism and grief

    Hi, I’m currently residing in Vancouver. My husband is an alcoholic. He’s been like this since our daughter died. We both were in grief for the first year. Gradually I overcame but, he couldn’t. He says he drinks to get over her thoughts. I know his pain. I’ve been through the same. If he continues like this, I’m sure I will lose him too. I’m getting very much concerned over this. It...
  • Amber39

    Why do I second guess myself

    Why am I second guessing myself ? It's my second marriage I didn't want it to end but he does and left me NO choice. The reason is because I don't except his behavior 
  • Indianamom7

    New here

    Hello! I'm 40 and remarried last year, degree in addition (go figure). Another night my husband came to bed drunk, as as he'd say "buzzed." Is it normal for a husband to rip his wife to shreds, fall asleep and I feel guilty about it. I'm tired of sleeping alone, tonight he went to sleep in his son's room (he's not here) but I have three kids here. He yelled at me and it's always my fault, for the...
  • Delaney

    Thawing out the ice around my soul

    That is how I feel. Afraid to be hopeful but not willing to give up all hope. Is that even possible?  I admit to feeling better just having found this site for I feel like I am reading my own life in so many posts. My AH was sober 1st when our daughter was 3 mos old. It was a surprise to me that he accomplished it all! He was sober 5 yrs! And believe me I spent a good portion of that pregnancy...
  • futurenurse

    Newly married

    Me and my soon to be husband get married next Saturday. About 4 years ago he got out of a rehab program for drugs and alcohol, and honestly has been doing great. We’re going through another relapse, where he’s finally admitted to being addicted to pot and alcohol. He wants to try and stop but doesn’t know for sure if he will. We are considering another trip to rehab, if things don’t go...
  • rose1


    if I had to describe myself with one word right now it would be broken. It is so much work pretending to be a whole and happy person when all you want to do is pull a cover over your head and cry your days and nights away. I feel so stupid for trying to give my AH another chance. He doesn't want to change. He doesn't even want me. He has told me so many times he's only here because he has no...
  • Amber39

    I'm heartbroken and angry

    what did I do to deserve this ?  I have been married to my alcholic husband for going on 7 years. He starts drinking in the morning on the weekends. I'm pretty sure he does it during the week.  I find vodka every now and then in his truck. He takes steroids he says to give him energy and it's not the kind from the doctor. He drinks a thirty pack a day easy !  He verbally abuses me.  I'm beat...
  • suemagoo

    Finally got the courage to leave the AH!!

    Today marks the first day of my life last night had another usual Saturday "episode " only worse - he came home drink from the pub wasn't getting rise from me so started arguing with my 14 year old who has mild form of ADHD and he started goading him for being in a special school at hearing this I did rise to the bait I was furious my son is very sensitive as it is and then  his boss owed him...
  • wifeykrissy

    Torn and Confused

    My husband and I recently decided to try to get pregnant. I have 2 step sons (9 and 19) and  have ALWAYS wanted a child of my own.  So, this is very exciting for me.  But the last couple weeks, my AH has been "working from home", meaning making a few calls to people, and drinking and napping the rest of the time.  By the time I get home from work, he is drunk.  Yesterday he told me that he...
  • Sn3sgurl

    Don't know what to do anymore.

    My husband has been addicted to drugs and alcohol since he was a teenager. We've been together almost 4 years now. It's just a repeat cycle for him and I'm just getting dragged through all of this. I'm over it!!!!! I always can tell if he's doing drugs by his pupils and how he acts but all he does is deny. Then finally he will admit it. I used to be a alcoholic when I first met him. I quit...
  • Garza562

    26 year old wife

    I usually don't put my personal life out their., but I just don't know what to do anymore. When I met my husband he was on drugs and I had my own bad habits... So I stuck threw he went to prison and I stayed waiting he got out prison and I was here waiting still... Now he drinks... I don't like his drinking cause he gets 10 times not agitated he says it's my fault cause I get mad so he gets...