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  • mjb

    One day at a time...

    Monday night was horrible – there’s no pretty version of it. It completely sucked. I yelled at him on Tuesday and meant every word of it. I shouted at him telling him I will not hesitate to leave him. He said “I thought you don’t believe in divorce?” I replied, “You’re right, I don’t believe in divorce, but I also do not believe in being married to someone who hits their wife. So...
  • AMarie

    Trying to stay sane

    This is my first post, first off I've read a lot of the posts on here and I can relate. Most mirror my own ongoing issues. I've been married for 11 years to an alcoholic and addict. 2 years ago we had a daughter (unplanned) and his behavior started to improve and I had hope. It quickly went downhill and in April he went back into rehab (3rd time since we've been married). He relapsed within weeks...
  • petey49

    Elephant questions

    We have reached apoint where we no longer talk about his drinking.  He knows how I feel about it and I consider it his lifestyle choice.Now, how do I answer the "elephant questions" that come up?  Here are some examples:Q:  Why am I gaining so much weight?  My thoughts:  Gee, it might have something to do with the 4600cal in your weekly bottle of rye.  My answer:  ????Q:  Why am I...
  • jms7229


    this new website is driving me crazy!!!!! I  think it is a huge Black Hole!!! I feel we need a new support group to assist those of us ( me) that are feeling confused. Oh well, at least I am distracted from my usual irritations. Good luck everyone. If you happen to see this post, please let me know!!! Lol I'm having panic attacks about being lost and alone in cyberspace!
  • angel3

    Alcohol and Abandoned

    my AH and i have been married for 4 months. Weve been together for 6 yrs. I only learned about his alcohol issue until he moved me and my daughter to his hometown. He confessed to his A and i forgave him cause i believe in him. He got saved, we went through christian marrital class then got married. 2 months into our marriage he became distant, angry, cold and scary. For the first time he scolded...
  • Kellie

    Funny Story

    So as I have mentioned in a previous post my AH has been to rehab and back and is now trying to hide his drinking . Monday night he "worked late" stumbled in around 9. Clearly he had been drinking and really thinks I won't notice! Now,  I give him the death stare (as he calls it) and say nothing , I don't care to engage when he is drunk.   So he goes to bed and passes out. As I sit here enraged...
  • bluesprite72

    Don't know what to do!

    So, my AH and I were in the process of working out our seperation. At first, they were horrible and he was only thinking of himself and not the boys and I. Then, we were starting to work out how I would be able to stay with the boys in the house and he would leave some day and pay alimony and child support. We talked about going to an attorney together, to work out the details so that everything...
  • Dazedandconfused

    Husbands drinking

    I am also in this club of what to do?  In my opinion my husband has had a drinking problem for the past five years.  Would defiinitely say he is an alcoholic.  Things have come to a head recently as we had a huge fight, where I was called a "lying, bitch whore" with my response being "ass hole alcoholic"!  After this, we decided to attend marriage counseling.  A few days before our first...
  • JJN

    And so it begins...

    My husband and I got into a fight this past Friday about his drinking. It took him less than 5 seconds to choose the beer. Stated, immediately he would not quit drinking. I heard them all, "You knew I drank when you married me" , "You could have it worse" " I go to work every day"  and on and on. This was my fault, I was destroying our family, if I can't accept his drinking we are done. So I...
  • christmas

    New to this

    New to this. Didn't find counselling helpful. Husband been in rehab and detox. Been to appropriate support groups. But just keeps relapsing. Been to support group today then got drunk this afternoon. Does the usual hiding/denying drinking. He is on anti depressants. I have supported and shouted at him in equal measure. Just wish he would die sometimes. Feel really guilty about that. He is...
  • Caitface

    Not sure how to feel

    I've been doing a lot of working on myself and focusing on myself and generally trying to avoid my ABF when he's drunk and not react to the really dark or mean things he says sometimes. And generally, things have been going better because of that. But it's meant that we don't really spend much time together. We're young, in our 20s, and we haven't been on a date in like 4 months. He just keeps...
  • elliel

    A wife of an alcohlic

    iThis my first post.  I have been married to my teenage love for 39 years. For 25 my husband has been drinking.  There were lots of times I wanted to leave but there were always reasons I couldn't. Finance was the biggest one!.  I managed to raise 3 great children successfully and lots of times he was a good dad.life went on and 2 years ago when health issues started with my husband he went to...
  • Ok, I have to share this, because I am, not sure what the right word would be, dumbstruck/gobsmacked/flabbergasted.speechless, regarding how he views his alcohol consumption.  Right now he drinks 1.75 litres of rye whiskey every 6 to 7 days.  That works out to 8 - 10 onces a day, every day.  He has been drinking like this for at least 2 years (although he has been drinkign heavily for a lot...
  • JJN

    Feel like I am going crazy

    Here I sit while my husband is outside mowing the lawn. Between work and a recent argument we have not spoken more than a few words in 2 days. He is my husband, the man I have loved for close to 20 years, father of my child, and I can't connect with him. Every time I see him crack a beer I get irritated. He is not abusive, but does get angry easily, and I notice he has little tolerance for...
  • IamDonetoday

    Words of Encouragement

    I came accross this poem, don't know who the author is:There comes a time in your life,when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.Forget the bad and FOCUS ON THE GOOD.Love the people who treat you right,pray for the ones who don't.Life is too short to be ANYTHING BUT HAPPY.Falling down is part of life, getting back up is...