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  • twins212001

    Just don't know what to do anymore

    I have been living as the spouse of an alcoholic for almost 3 years. It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure. Horrible times when it has gotten to the point of physical abuse (last time was a year ago). She has been drinking non alcoholic beer most of the time but the last couple of weeks it's been back to the bud light. She gets mean, nasty, and confrontational when she drinks. Saturday night...
  • bubbles2017

    New to group

    I'm new to this group. I feel that I've cashed out my social support system lately with issues concerning my spouse, and I feel that i have no where left to turn. He was an alcoholic before I met him, and I knew it going into the marriage. Life has hit us hard. he hasn't handled the stress well. We have a daughter on the way, which has been our greatest blessing.He says things he thinks but...
  • Jesy

    Feeling lost

    My husband has always been a drinker. I guess it's called binge drinking because it happened once in a while but when it did it DID. Them he started easing up and going to church with us and life was looking up. We've been together so long and for the past year it's back to how he used to be. Starts out quiet, then he gets loud and obnoxious but happy, then moves on to mean and thinking he's some...

    Not fooling anyone!

    It's been a while since I haven't had to wake up early on Saturday morning and head out for different reasons. Weekend mornings are the only sober time I get with my A. This morning I worked up the nerve to talk. I try hard not to have confrontation because I know where it usually leads to. I asked him if he was aware of where I am right now in our relationship? He answered yes. I asked him if he...
  • umiil

    Great article describing emotional abuse

  • UtahMamaBear

    No song has ever been truer....

    Better ManSong by Little Big Town Little Big Town - Better Man4:53 · YouTubeLyricsI know I’m probably better off on my ownThan lovin' a man who didn’t knowWhat he had when he had itAnd I see the permanent damage you did to meNever again, I just wish I could forget when it was magicI wish it wasn’t four am, standing in the mirrorSaying to myself, you know you had to do it I know The...
  • UtahMamaBear

    Feeling lonely and depleted

    My husband is a hard working, funny, playful, loving man who just happens to be an alcoholic which at times negates all of his positive attributes. We have a 5 year old daughter and 8 year old boy. They are my world.My hubby will go to work every morning, albeit late, and either come home buzzed/stoned OR will proceed to getting buzzed/stoned upon his arrival home. Sadly we have had 14 years of...
  • Kate1234


    I am torn between deep compassion for my very sick husband, and frustration when I see the bourbon bottle on the floor next to his chair.he is in end stage alcoholism...or close to it anyway. When I remember he has a disease he canencenot seem to fight, I am more co mpassionate. When I am tired or he won't flush the toilet or he takes off to buy more alcohol late at night I lose patients. I try...
  • michelle31

    new to this.....

    my partner is a binge drinker, and its gradually and gradually becoming more and more unbearable. we have been together over 10 years and have 1 child together. hes always liked a drink and would go on a blow out every few weeks etc, like what you would expect of a man in his twentys. hes now mid 30’s and binges at least 2/3 times a week, he feels its improving because the last 3/4 times hes...
  • umiil

    no integrity

    How do you deal with AH having no integrity in what he says?  He says things just to "please" me but doesn't actually feel the way he says.  I see in his bouts of anger when he lets things slip about what he really thinks.  It just makes me feel like I never know where I stand with him.  And it makes me not want to talk to him or listen to anything he says b/c who knows what is real.  I...

    Here we go again!

     Ok Ladies what do I do? It's been awhile since my AH has even talked about quiting. Well tonight he text me and asked if I wanted him?? I responded "No, not drunk". He said he didn't wanna loose me and would quit drinking tomorrow. Wants me to go everywhere with him and help him.... 1st off we both work and he's told me before that he tells himself no drinking as he goes to work in the am but...
  • charisma

    And he is pissing the bed !!

    My husband is a functioning alcoholic. We are eight years together and we have a six years old son. When he is sober he is a lovely man. But he is not sober very often. He will go work in the morning and I know he is well and sober. He will call me, several times to check if I am ok and is the only time we can have a prober conversation. On his way home he will drink, and he always tries to hide...
  • Jobean

    at a loss...

    I've been wanting to go to a al-anon meeting in person but haven't for a few (stupid) reasons... 1. I'm embarrased to admit this is my life, 2. the meeting times that are nearest to me are always a conflict- whether it be work or child.  I know they are excuses- starting here may build my confidence to go.A little over a year ago I discovered that my husband had developed a drinking problem....
  • deleted_user

    Peeing in the night

    Well, how do you like that title, LOL?! Someone brought this up in another thread (can't find the post right now) and I wondered if this were a common problem. My AH's alcohol abuse really skyrocketed in the last 6 to 8 months and twice he's woken up in the night and peed in an inappropriate place. (Claims it's a "sleep-walking" problem he has... funny, he never sleep-walked before in our 20 year...
  • PJ54

    Understanding Alcoholism

    This is possibly the wrong place for me as I am on the other side of the fence as it were. I started reading posts here after recommending to a few people on another forum that they should check out this one. I have noticed that many here struggle to understand why the alcoholic in their life behaves as he does and this leads to all sorts of difficulties such as feeling guilty, loss of hope etc....