Spouses of Transgender Community Group

Being transgender it's not easy but neither for their spouses. This group is created with the intention of helping and getting to know others that are in. the same situation or to just educate those that are on the other side of the fence and want to know how does it feel or how would it feel to be a spouse of a transgender person. The main objective of this group is to educate, help and support others that have no one to talk to or can not find someone that will understand what they are go

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  • Saraloo


    Hi, my  partner of 15 years came out as transgender a few months ago and I am struggling to come to terms with it. I am supporting her as well as I can with clothes, makeup, being out and about as female What I struggle with, is that I am not and never have fancied other women. I see my partner still as I always have, male. Although she say she understands this I don't see how  she can except...
  • Natalietastic

    Shaved Legs

    Since my husband told me about his identity crisis a week ago, I've had a lot of ups and downs. One of those included being shocked that he shaved his legs. How could he do that without talking to me first? I was devastated. I'm trying to hard to reimagine my life, but then something as small as that happens and I'm back at square one. I explained it to him and I think he understood. I'm torn...
  • Sylph

    Counseling today

    I had a phone counseling session today. It was ok, not great, but ok. Of course, we mostly talked about OH, and she agreed that he has other issues we need to investigate, not 'just' gender. She didn't really say anything I don't already know - we are doing all the right things, communicating and discussing etc. She told me I should also take care of myself. She asked me several times why I felt...
  • 17whoaminow

    Who am I now....

    We have been on this "journey" for over a year.  I knew "she" had a pension for wearing woman's clothing, which I thought was no big deal, it was nighties and such. Only done at night. Then it moved on to undegarments, again, no big deal.  I was much more accepting of these two desires than the constant watching of pornography and continual discussions about sex with others. Then, I guess she...
  • Cora

    Reimaging Your New Life

    Hi everyone! So this past week has been really tough for me. Honestly, I've been feeling suicidal---like suicidal in the way that reflects the pain I'm in, not necessarily like I'm going to do something---cause really #1 Nobody is worth that and #2 I need to watch the rest of Game of Thrones in 2019 LOLOL. Anywho, so recently I got the book "The Other Side of the Closet: The Coming Out Crisis...
  • gallinarosa

    Is it possible to not transition and be happy?

    TG husband has had these feelings his whole life. Did not really know what the feelings were when we met and married over 20 years ago. He learned about 10 years ago what it was and realized it wouldn't go away. He saw a therapist once then but didn't like how she pushed him to transition so never went back. He did not tell me then but I have noticed he has seemed miserable for a LONG time and...
  • Beeslee

    Hormones....Feeling Afraid

    My mtf partner and I have been together for about 9 months. She is finally going to start hormones in a few weeks, and I am getting more and more afraid. I think they will help her look more female and I am thrilled for that. I am hoping that they help her feel better emotionally. But I am afraid of the mood swings; she can be a bit moody as it is!I am most afraid of changes in our sex life. We...
  • imtryingoverhere

    I thought I knew who he is, who we are...

    A few weeks ago my husband (we've been married 33 years and have three children) sat with me and said "we need to talk...I want to be a woman....I've spent these last weeks confused (How did I not see this coming? How do we tell our children?), horribly sad (I'm not a crier...but I find myself crying myself to sleep), angry (How could he not have known this about himself), and guilt ridden (I...
  • christiansen97321

    My husband

    So I have been married to my husband almost 2 years. We have a one year old son and I have 2 kids from a previous relationship. I have known that my husband likes to "dress up" on occasion for quite a while. I'd asked him many many times if that's all it was or if there was more to it. For the last 3 years he has always said that's all it was, he liked the feel of the clothes. For the most part,...
  • gallinarosa

    One thing you aren't worried about anymore

    Good morning everyone! I know we always share our anxiety-ridden stories here and it is a great place to vent and feel like others can relate. It is also nice to come here and see how others are dealing and how others have managed. It seems like there are a lot of people here who are very early on in their "journey" and at this early stage, it is super helpful to have some positives to balance...
  • unicorn18

    Boyfriend transitioning MtF

    we have been dating for 6 months but we have known each other for 3 years and I've known about it for 3 years but a couple days ago when he told me it hit me really hard and I don't know why, I guess I'm scared because my dad is transphobic and I don't know what will happen, we plan to stay together, I'm a bisexual female and I support his decision 100% but I don't know how to cope with it so I'm...
  • Natalietastic


    My husband and I have been married for two years tomorrow. He told me two days ago that he thinks he has discovered he's a woman. Please note, that I'm posting in the midst of just hearing this. I plan to be supportive of him and our marriage as we work through this. I guess I'm posting because I'd love advice on how people handle this while having to carry on their lives. I have to travel for...
  • Queasha

    lasbian couple together threw Ftm transition

    Idk where to start . I have been in a realationship with my girlfriend for 3 yrs she is perfect in evryway. Iv nvr been so deeply in love or happy. Iv always know she really wanted to transition to male. But i nvr would have thought how hard it would be for me . I nvr had a problem with transgender people. In fact i had always overly suported them. For me the problem was just being in a...
  • loglady13

    My wife just told me she is trans

    Hello there My wife and I have been together in a lesbian relationship for the past 4 years, and our one year wedding anniversary is coming up very soon. She has always been "butchy" and fairly masculine but never thought she could be trans. Recently, through some therapy, she discovered that she is probably bi-gender and wants to start going by a masculine name some of the time, and possibly...
  • HippieNHardTimes

    I don't know what I'm afraid of....

    I am the wife of a transgender male FTM and our 1st anniversary is coming up in October. I have known he was trans since we met and I have always been supportive. He is 18 years old and came from a family that is less than educated or supportive about this kind of thing. They didn't prepare him to be on his own but he moved out as soon as he graduated because of all the hate he was getting at...