Spouses of Transgender Community Group

Being transgender it's not easy but neither for their spouses. This group is created with the intention of helping and getting to know others that are in. the same situation or to just educate those that are on the other side of the fence and want to know how does it feel or how would it feel to be a spouse of a transgender person. The main objective of this group is to educate, help and support others that have no one to talk to or can not find someone that will understand what they are go

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  • Emerald

    Husband says he's over his gender identity crisis

    My husband has been struggling with gender identity since the summer.  He finally told me about it in November.  This has been crushing for me to say the least.  He even began taking female hormone-like supplements he ordered online and has been using a breast enlargement suction cup to try to grow breasts. He has bought his own bras, make-up and women's shoes and clothing.  He said he feels...
  • Willowrose


    This is my first online support group. I am a female who's partner is a pre ftm. I was hoping to meet others going through this. I would like to gather as much info as I can in order to support my partner.  
  • Giggles90


    Hello everyone. I am new to the whole online support thing and need to talk to people going through this. My husband recently came out as transgender and wants to transition. We have only been married 2 years. I feel like my whole world has been flipped and life is crashing down around me. I do not know how to feel or react. My family and friends have never dealt with this kind of thing so they...
  • So, I have been in a 3 year commited (2 years married) lesbian relationship and my wife is now coming out as female to male.  She has already started hormones and basically, I didn't find out (officially) til about 2 weeks ago.  To be already be on hormones, one has to assume she has already gone through the series of psychological testing and routine bloodwork.  I have been struggling with...
  • SueCruis

    PTSD plus gender dysphoria

    my situation is a male to female that has to be a woman or else he has flashbacks.   In addition he wants to be dominated and can only be a woman when I dominate him. Really codependent and early childhood trauma has morphed his self image.  My domination is never good enough and it's not my cup of tea and so really I am useless in this relationship for him.  I stay because I can't afford to...
  • Irene

    Feeling like leaving

    Hi everyone!Yesterday was another blow out... along with having Gender Dysphoria, my husband is an alcoholic.  On Valentine's Day, he picked a fight with me and ended up smashing his phone.. he called me the next day (from his work phone) to apologize to me and that he needed to quit drinking. The fight broke out the next day because he won't get professional help for it... that he can do it on...
  • caitykat


    ive been supportive of my fiance since he came out to me as ftm three years ago. ive seen the posts from women who arent supportive on here and felt like they had it all wrong but im starting to really see where some of them are coming from. my kind, funny, loving girlfriend has turned into this man i dont even really know. hes become selfish and self absorbed. if we fight its all about him and...
  • Irene

    Big fight last night

    Last night I went to my first counseling session for support for dealing with my husband's gender issues (still not diagnosed as TG, cross dresser, Transvestic Fetishisim, or some type of sexual addiction to feeling like a woman). I came home to him drunk as a skunk (he is also an alcoholic, the way he had been dealing with these feelings alone all his life)! When he gets like this he lashes out...
  • smarmes

    There's a lot of fear-mongering going on here.

    This site is among the top results of googling "transgender spouse support," so I was hoping to find support here. Mostly what I see is fear-mongering: folks telling strangers horror stories, making dire predictions about the future, encouraging divorce, misgendering their spouses, insulting the character of transfolks. We can be better than this. I am a cisgender woman, and I identify as a...
  • lifechanging123

    What happens now

    This is my first time here. I have never posted in a support forum before but when I came across this one I decided maybe it was time. About a year ago, my husband told me he was transgender. Several thoughts raced through my mind but one kept coming back “what does this mean?” He insisted nothing was going to change. He felt guilty for keeping this secret from me and couldn’t do it any...
  • AloneInThis

    Can't slow this train!

    We started doing this type of separation where we each stay gone 3 or4 days a week. The kids stay put and we take "turns". I hated it. I feel punished. Like I can't see our kids cuz of his choices. After only two weeks, we stopped. After only 2 weeks he has changed so much. He is much more with the clothes even in front of the kids. He announced in private to me he wants to change his name. And...
  • Irene

    I just found out....

    My husband recently told me he had always fantesised about being a woman since he was a kid a week after I told him I saw him wearing my bra while he was masturbating... I'm in shock!  How could I have not known??? There is not one thing about him that is feminine. NOTHING! He is still not sure if he is TG, a cross dresser, does he have Transvestic Fetishisim, is he wired wrong when he thinks...
  • wanderingangel


    ...as a "normal" relationship.Told me that was bi and liked men. I was OK with that.Flash forward and backward, stay with me now.Forward. Our oldest 3 and our youngest is 2. Year 2010. Makes a decicion and does not tell me untill 5 years later and makes a fight out of it.Backward. Tells me 3 weeks ago that knew since was 13.Confused is one word I am.Confused as why lie to me in the begining if...
  • OneDayAtATimeWithYou

    No sex drive

    My wife is starting to transition (FTM) last night she told me that she can't have sex anymore. She explained to me that she want's to but has no will to do so, she lost her sex drive and just feels like she can't. She has been waiting for about a month now to start testosterone, but the Dr. has been lacking in communication and still hasn't reviewed her blood work. She is very frustrated and I...
  • apescape

    new to this

    Hi all,I'm new to this community, both online and irl. My husband told me he was questioning his gender identity about a month ago and last week he told me he believes that he is trans and wants to be a woman. And he's gotten into see a counselor and is looking for voice coaches and we've gone shopping for women's clothing and he's looking into hair treatment stuff because he's begun to bald......