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Shyness is a feeling of insecurity that certain people experience while being among others, talking with others, asking favors of others, etc. The initial cause of shyness can vary. Scientists have located some genetic data that supports the hypothesis that shyness is at least partially genetic.

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  • flaughten

    What do I do

    Im a very shy person and it leads me to being lonely and being lonely makes me depressed and I cut because I know it's my fault I have no friends or anybody that cares about me. I have many problems in my life with myself, school and family and it just adds on to my depression and not having anybody to talk to makes me feel this type of way that i dont know how to really word it but its like when...
  • icebmthyail

    can't speak in front of people

    i feel really stupid saying this, but whenever i talk to someone i don't know, even if i'm just ordering food or paying for something i just completely lose my voice?? i have to clear my throat, and even then i can't really make it louder bc it just goes into a whisper or a mumble and no one can hear me and it's exceptionally embarrassing and i hate's especially terrible bc i actually love...
  • livingly

    Shyness and friendship

    Im a shy person. It's hard because I want to make new friends but when I see a new person I get shy and intimidated and can't make any words come out. I have a few friends and even they feel hard to talk to 
  • annairene

    Tired of being lonely

    I go back to school in a week and I don't know if I'll be able to stand it. I don't know how to make friends. It's so embarrassing to always be seen by myself when everyone else travels in big groups. I skip lunch every day because I have no one to sit with. I can manage having conversations with people in my classes by I can never turn class friends into real ones that I see outside of school.
  • vanessa92

    Getting more shy as I get older

    Hello everyone, I'm Vanessa! I am new to this so I am not really sure what to share and what not to share. I am a marriage and family therapy master's student and we are required to choose a support group that suits us. I feel that this group stood out to me because I have found that I am getting more shy as I get older and it really is annoying. I am attending an online school which is probably...
  • bvmc5

    What do normal people do?

    My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. I'm currently living in his house still until the apartment I'm supposed to move to becomes available. He comes from a big Italian family, so my weekends and free time were always occupied by spending time with him and his family. I am doing a residency right now so I work long hours and have limited funds, so I haven't developed any hobbies except...
  • seekingconfidence

    Frozen in social situations

    Hello all, very happy to have found a place to share and communicate. I'm a recent college grad and while I was in school I never thought of myself as shy or felt shy while I was there, I was in a stinking sorority, it was my job to talk to people! After I graduated though, I started dating a guy who is 4 years older than me and into his career. As a real estate agent, he is always talking to...
  • openheart

    Is this my excuse?

    When I tell other people I am shy, they respond with "what? you? no you aren't!" But they don't know how I feel inside. Insecure. Very insecure. Perhaps they don't see my shy self because they see me when I am in a position of power, like say at work.. or if I am with people I am comfortable around. I rise to the occasion when I must, but only when I must. When alone, I am intimidated by mostly...
  • I think I have always known I was afraid of other people and scared to get close to others when I was young and so afraid to be alone - PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I am now just that, besides my family and the people in my daily routine I am alone. My old friends have disappeared since my being saved, which hurts but its kinds funny and its akright because 'with Jesus I can make it, with Him I know I can...
  • nicoleelin

    I'm tired of being afraid to take up space

    Since I was little I have been taught not to interuppt, not to bother people, and stay out of the way. It is really ahrd now, I feel sick when I have to put myself out there to speak up for myslf, or even talk in class. I am convinced no one wants to hear me anyway. I am trying to work on this. I cant be scared to take up space. I am a person, and I need to act like it. 
  • stillremain

    Holding back eating

    So, I live in a house that isn't mine. I pay rent and I share their bathroom and kitchen. I hate interacting with them, but not because they are awful people, but because I'm extremely awkward and they make me uncomfortable. I try to time everything when they're in the house, I walk the most around the house when they're at work (they come home early, though) and I even try to time my bathroom...
  • trm

    Extremely shy

    I just got divorced and am trying to meet new people but once I meet them in person I don't know what questions to ask or how to keep the conversation flowing because I am such an introvert. When I am in a group setting it is even worse , I just don't know how to jump in the conversation.
  • 5577delrae

    shy and starting and not that

    nice to answer in   its been a while    im   
  • Idesiretobereal..

    How is any progress made here?

    I've joined 8 groups and new here but read posts from people who pour their heart out and ask ?s that apparently don't get answers.  We are here to get help right?
  • 14040312

    Shyness research study

    Hello everyone!My name is Elle and I'm an undergraduate Psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I'm currently looking for people who experience anxiety in social settings, or experience somewhat extreme or ‘debilitating’ shyness (however you may understand or identify with these terms) to take part in my dissertation study, which looks at understanding the boundary between...