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Sexual abuse is a relative cultural term used to describe sexual relations and behavior between two or more parties which are considered criminally and/or morally offensive. Different types of sexual abuse involve: Non-consensual, forced physical sexual behavior such as rape, incest or sexual assault, or psychological forms of abuse, such as verbal sexual behavior or stalking.

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  • justkel

    Seeking Advice on Overcoming Issues..?

    This is my first ever post on any kind of forum related to these issues. So this in itself is a very uncomfortable thing to talk about. But I'll maybe cut right to the point and start by saying.. I'm currently a 21 year old woman, who has a history of childhood sexual trauma and long term physical abuse that went on for several years from childhood into adolescence. Growing up I never discussed...
  • Liam1998

    My sex life and my sex abused past? Dreams?

    OK so I was abused sort of when I was 9 by my cousin who was 12 at the time. The thing is I dont remember it actually. I just remember him saying he wanted to play a game and it involved my bottoms coming off. I was told I said I was molested that he used me anally. Because that caused issues in the family. He was sexually 2wggabused by a daycare provider of some sort. So who knows if he knew it...
  • Jordansmemory

    My daughter's ongoing hell...

    I apologize in adance for the length of this... I am new here and just trying to give a little background info...I'm so afraid to even post here. I've been to other "help" resources and been attacked by the group members, accused of failing to protect my daughter. I've lost my home, job, car, and life savings in court trying to get somebody - anybody - to listen... to HEAR my daughter. Only to be...
  • hopeless99


    I was raped by my uncle a few years ago. I think it was too hard for me to deal with since I was only 13 and so I pushed it away. I burried it in the past and kept myself as busy as I possibly could with sports and clubs. And for about 3 years it worked. I ignored it and I tried to move on. I kept it a secret and I never told a soul. I have a great family and a great support system but I feel...
  • HELPmemattter143

    Anybody out there

    Hello my name is Candice I was on a crisis chat line witch referred me here I'm seeking help I'm in a situation that I'm afraid there is no way out and it's so confusing and twisted my mom was raped and I was born she hates me and believes in different religion she has sold me my whole life I can't take it any more I feel the only way out is to end it I'm so alone and my story is different and I...
  • Time2livelife


    im considering going to the police with my evidence of my fsther being a phediophile against me and my sisi am terrified for all the reasons i never gave a statement before like protecting my family reputation ect. But if it means keeping the fuck away from my niece and never asking me if he can hold her again i may just do it. I just spoke to my cpn and told him i wish my father would just die...
  • CiarAnn

    I just need to leave

    I'm so sick of being home, I'm so mentally exhausted I don't want to go to school. I just don't want to be here in this town in this state. Im so tired of feeling nothing g but depression and sadness. I feel like a burden, I can't c talk to my mom anymore because all she does is yell at me. Why is it that no one wants to listen to me and try and see things from my way. If I left home I want...
  • darebearsworld

    Trapped In My Mind.

    Today in counseling my counselor has mentioned the "chest of drawers" method of recovery. Where you open a drawer and put away a memory and only allow yourself to think about it at certain times. So many times I just want to scream at her. I cant just forget about it and no matter how hard I try, I cant get it off my mind. Its there when I wake up. Its there when I go to sleep, shower, driving,...
  • Learning2LiveAgain

    Having a hard time dealing

    Recently, I've been struggling with the idea that what possibly happened to me when I was a child was incest. I don't quite know how to explain it, logically I know it was if it did, but I've never really thought about it until now and just the thought of the word makes me sick.Several years ago I had these flashes of images in my head, memories I guess they'd be called but flashes describes them...
  • skye815

    Advice for dealing with anger?

    Hi, I'm Skye. I'm not really sure how to go about this. I am not entirely comfortable with sharing the details of my experience at the moment, but I was abused by my Grandfather as a child (from about age 3/4 to age 14). I never told anyone, and my Grandfather remained a part of my life until two years ago. That was when my sister mentioned something odd to my mother, and she asked me directly....
  • Cry

    Am i normal? And other shite (swearing... Fyi)

    So I was told by a close friend "I don't act like I was raped. Were you really?" I didn't know how to respond. What the fuck was I supposed to do, show him my vagina and say "here's your fucking proof!" How do rape victims act. I cry. I get memory pains, hell I even almost crashed my mum's car today because I blacked out and ended up in the basement where my brother raped me. That.... Hurt... I...
  • wolverine22

    Back with an update

    Since I was last here, Ove been diagnosed with type 2 Bipolar disorder. It makes a lot of sense and the medication has helped immensely. I've also forgiven my rapist. Being a male victim of rape has its own set of trauma/problems, but it was a quote from Oprah that pushed me over the top: "Forgiveness is when you give up the hope that you can go back and change the past."I really want to stick...
  • jas4159

    my message to all abusers

    “For all you abusers out there we are so much better than you could ever hope to be.  While the fires of hell consume your soul, I will watch in sadness for all that is lost and for all that could have been had you got the help you need.  For the pain you have caused and lives you have cost.  And yes I will feel sad for you too.  God didn't make evil souls and you chose the path that we...
  • Elslok

    Rescheduled Cica Tribunal

    I went yesterday to my tribunal, where they were deciding whether or not a crime HAD been committed against me, whether I was to be believed and whether I was entitled to compensation (this I was not as bothered about.)They asked their questions, they listened to my responses. They had read all the awful statements from my family.They asked me to leave the room while they deliberated. Normally it...
  • jas4159

    Chapter 4 Whole again.

    4 ERNIE THE VISIBLE-INVISIBLE MANI struggled trying to decide if I should include a chapter about my primary abuser.  Although this is a short chapter, the information it contains will give you a snapshot profile of a predator.  For this reason, I decided it is important to include a chapter about my primary abuser as I saw him, this led to some interesting discoveries.Ernie was twenty-four...