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Sexual abuse is a relative cultural term used to describe sexual relations and behavior between two or more parties which are considered criminally and/or morally offensive. Different types of sexual abuse involve: Non-consensual, forced physical sexual behavior such as rape, incest or sexual assault, or psychological forms of abuse, such as verbal sexual behavior or stalking.

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  • deleted_user


    I noticed that there was no group for survival of 'incest'. I feel quite strongly that there should be one because of the subtle yet powerful psychological differences between these two horrendous crimes against vulnerable people. What does anyone else think?
  • iknowican

    Hello everyone.

    Hi, I'm new here and to support groups in general. I'm here because at the age of 13 I was raped, and this person continued to rape me for 3 years, at which point I moved and this person could no longer physically reach me, though to this day it feels like I'm reliving it, over and over, every damn day. For reference I am now 22 years old. This person would threaten to harm me, himself, or would...
  • Pag.mars

    Social anxiety after sexual assault

    I don't know why, I really just don't know why but ever since I was molested by someone in my family years ago, I get major social anxiety. I get shaky, nervous, my voice gets high pitched, I try to laugh it off but even that sounds forced and full of nervous energy. And when I'm not like that, I don't talk at all. I really don't understand these feelings. I don't understand how to combat them....
  • whales86

    Disassociating from your emotions

    hv any of you had the problem of  disassociating from the emotions of the abuse when your trying to work through them ?   I can recite it but I can't feel it.  I know they are in there. In the aftermath of sharing my body is reved up (heart racing head pounding stomach turning) but I can't feel anything. The flashbacks and nightmares I know are emotionally charged.  If you hv how do you start...
  • Reaching_the_stars369

    One Step at a Time

    This is hard for me to do since i have buried this so deep in myself that I havent even thought about dealing with it till recently. I was raped and molested from when i was 6 till i was 13 by my step dad and my mom knew it was happening and did nothing about it. I am at a point in my life that these memories are coming back and they are hindering a lot of my daily life. The hardest part for me...
  • caites13

    Donald trumps comments

    so I wanna start off by saying I'm not even American. But his comment towards women and recently how he can basically sexually assault a women and he'd be fine because he's a celebrity has been very triggering for me. It's all over my social media constantly. Either people saying it's just locker room talk(which is think is the dumbest excuse ever) or people saying their stories. Which I'm all...
  • Anna2414

    Sharing for the first time

    I have kept this a secret for a very long time, but I think it has been haunting me and made me into the person I have become. It was very hard to share this, but I feel that this is the first step. I was molested by a family member at a young age, and it continued on for some years. As a child I never uderstood why me? what did I do to deserve it ? I always blamed myself for not speaking up or...
  • fourthtimearound

    Still being re victimized

    hello everyone, as my posts have shown I've been a victim of domestic violence more then once as well as being raped and sexually assaulted and abused more times than I can count since middle school (middle school bully later he was my high school boyfriend) I've also had a stalker 3 years ago but it was short lived because I have a wonderful boyfriend now of 4 years who is my protector. Well...
  • GabrielleReed2018


    I have been having flashbacks lately! I can't talk to anyone because I haven't told anyone! I will sit there and just space out and when people ask what I was thinking about I just lie! Any suggestions??
  • Pag.mars

    My Story

    up until now I have doubted, played down, tried to justify what happened to me. I've wanted to explain, I was too afraid to be not ready to tell the world, I'm far from ready. But I think I've gotten to a place where I can maybe accept what happened to me, as what it was-abuse. Assault. I was molested.It was in a hotel room. In the middle of the night. I was fast asleep, and yet I woke...
  • notalone00

    Just wondering...

    when does a person go from victim to survivor?I think of myself as a survivor...but sometimes I see myself as a victim..i want to say the right thing when others ask or read my posts...thank you..  
  • To start some background information is necessary:A little over 3 years ago I wrote about what had happened, which was that I was molested when I was 12 and 13, and my teacher of course made a report. And I'm not 100% aware of all that happened, but CPS did not choose to investigate it because I was safe with my mom. But a report was made to the police. And my mom told me I'd have to go give my...
  • steffyweffy

    Survival after sexual abuse

    Hi there , i really dont know where to start with this , its not something any mother would expect to have to deal with in her life. My 12 year old daughter disclosed ,almost 7 months ago that my ex partner (her stepfather ) had been sexually abusing her for the last 5 years , he is currently on remand awaiting sentencing so we are in no danger of having to see him , thank goodness he changed his...
  • Pag.mars

    Intrusive thoughts?

    Well, this is my first time here, I don't want to get into too much detail right now but I was molested as a kid. I asked this same question I'm going to ask here, on the incest survivors group which I've been a part of for a while, and they suggested I come here and to the PTSD group to ask this question, so I'm going to copy and past what I posted:okay, this has been going on for a while but...
  • Elslok

    Back again.

    I was away for a while, had my beautiful baby boy in March. I thought I was doing well...but I was lying to myself. I have a hearing date coming up to appeal the decision not to award me criminal injuries compensation. I don't even want it. I didn't come forward and report because I wanted compensation, I did it because I wanted to see that b*st*rd get what he deserved. I resent my family for...