Sexual Abuse Support Group

Sexual abuse is a relative cultural term used to describe sexual relations and behavior between two or more parties which are considered criminally and/or morally offensive. Different types of sexual abuse involve: Non-consensual, forced physical sexual behavior such as rape, incest or sexual assault, or psychological forms of abuse, such as verbal sexual behavior or stalking.

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  • rubyblue

    Falling apart

    I have memories and images bringing me to my knees. How do you make it worth it? I am at a crossroads tonight. I am trying to reach out as much as I can. Idk if that is enough. I cannot deal with what is coming and honestly idk what to do
  • caites13

    Really is never ending.

    When I was 10 my moms "friend"(they had a thing for 16 years but he was married) started to touch me then it grew into more physical stuff. In my late teens I really dealt with this stuff. I stopped blaming myself, the nightmares stopped. I stopped being scared of running into him. But recently, with my therapist, I've been going through my childhood more. So the friends I told when I was in my...
  • mossk


    therapy has been a syruggle for me. mainly because I've always been taught to suck it up and shut up. I also don't want my past to define me but I'm seeing as I get older my past has created who I am today and I can honestly say I despise every bit of what I am. I also hide it very well, nobody but my therapist is aware of how disgusting I am. which is what brings me to posting this. my therapist...
  • springflower2016

    Completely Devastated

    I first off want to say how relieved I am to find this group. I am beside myself and have no one to turn to because of the nature of my dilemma. It has been a few days but I am having a hard time functioning. I wake up, hoping this has all been one bad dream....but it is real life. My world was turned upside down when I left to run errands. I am a mother of 17, 13 and 4 year old boys. The 17...
  • AyyItsCaitayy

    No JusticeEver Serevd

    i have been raped 2 times and never saw jstice. once was a set up by a friend and onec by uncle. lookng for hepl and frends to helpme sort out the mess in my head as i havent sleptin 2 days als due to cold turkeying from Methadone. HELP>!!!!! 
  • michael1974xx

    Does anyone know?

    I log in here everyday, but there is never anyone here.  I was abused by my older brother and was hoping there were others who might have been through the same thing.  Does anyone know a forum or other site where there are actually people who can give ideas and feedback real time?  
  • DS doesnt have a CL for both of these groups an the onle way to get them to think about geting one is messaging them an if u can send a message to DS asking for one...thanks..
  • I Love that im still me even in the dark pit or my past working, yes working so hard to rise like a Phonics i was never to be. Yes, yes here i be cleane and free.Scott
  • mossk

    is it worth it?

    I'm at the beginning of the healing process and my therapist has made it clear that the process wont be easy and that it will be hard. we haven't gotten into anything heavy, just current behaviors that are a result of the past and already I'm hating this process because it's opening me to the thoughts and feelings and it's messing with my head to the point that my boss at work has noticed and 2...
  • simplymebp

    Long lasting effects??

    Is it possible that due to the fact that I was violated and manipulated at a young age that it shaped how I am sexually. How i like sex and what turns me on?? Some things concern me thats why I am asking??
  • whales86

    EMDR. Hv you done it ?

    Has anyony done EMDR ?   Are you aware of what is going on while it is going on or are you like out it and you  therapist has to tell you what you said ?
  • simplymebp

    I am terrified...

    I was abused for a very long time by mulitple people. Some were suppose to be people who would love and protect me. Siblings. Others were friends. I havent really dealt with it and that is what it is. The one think I cant get over is that I am terrified to have my own kids or to be alone with my nieces and nephew in the fear that because i was so horribly abused that I will abuse... I hate this...
  • simplymebp

    Because of the past...

    So I have something extremely personal that I want to talk about but not openly with everyone. just someone who i can confide in maybe a little??
  • NiketaAroha

    Having a hard time again

    I was on here a few years ago trying to figure out what was going on for me in regards to possibly being sexually abused as a child. I have no memories only a lot of behaviors and not very pleasant feelings (attempted suicide when I was 19) . My adopted father is known to touch young girls, he even tried it with my brothers girlfriend when she was younger. He drank alot too. When I was about 34 I...
  • Wallflower22

    My story

    So ive thaght about doing this for a while ... and maybe it would be good for me to write down and publicly post my story so.... im shakeing  but hear it isMy story starts when I was six years old My life changed forever my family broke apart and it was so confusing  i was the youngest out of three children my  everyone in the family loved me and i loved them  often I was told that  " I...