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Sexual abuse is a relative cultural term used to describe sexual relations and behavior between two or more parties which are considered criminally and/or morally offensive. Different types of sexual abuse involve: Non-consensual, forced physical sexual behavior such as rape, incest or sexual assault, or psychological forms of abuse, such as verbal sexual behavior or stalking.

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  • Learning2LiveAgain

    Could I have over-reacted?

    I just wanted to share an incident that happened several months ago and a recent thought I just had about it. It's a long story, so if you read please be prepared. I just needed to share.I went to stay with a friend (ill call her Kay) out of town a few months ago. It was just supposed to be for the weekend and even though my husband said he had a bad feeling about it, as he didn't really care for...
  • sexysub56

    Sexusl Abuse Makes The Victim A Crime Scene

    How hard is that ti hear?
  • grace0513

    {But He Never Touched Me}

    Just typing those words makes me sick to my stomach. I've read them in countless blogs. I've heard them leave the lips of people close to me. They say the words to defend their abuser or minimize the abuse. I know firsthand the effects of verbal abuse. At the mere thought of those words, I see and feel the familiar illustrations of words leaving lips and wrapping around the victim's neck. My...
  • Hannah94

    No matter how much time passes, memories live on

    I just want to scream at him and throw a tantrum. I'm a full-grown adult and I am DYING to just throw a tantrum in his face, in court, in front of everyone so everyone can see how badly he hurt me. Why didn't I do something when I had the chance? He hurt me so badly, so much, so often. He texted me after, bragging about how he loves when I struggle and fight to get away from him, then just give...
  • KasiKrik

    It's consuming me

    The memories, the flashbacks, the nightmares, it's consuming me and paralyzingly me. The ability to properly function and not react to constant triggers around me is drowning me.Getting help, but perhaps for the time being, it's not helping, rather, it's only magnifying it all.
  • littleone75

    Finally admitting it

    hello... i don't know where to start or if anyone care but i decided to give it a shot anyway..i was abuse sexually by the son of my stepmother at the wedding of my stepmother with my father. We were all very happy and drunk. We had a house full of bedrooms with different parts. I went to bed in my room, my "brother" knocked on the door when i was already asleep, said he couldn't sleep and want...
  • mommakp

    Looking for someone in the same boat!

    I am really not sure I should post, but I'm willing to give it a try.My daughter was sexually abused for several years by my son. Both were minors ( she was 5 when it started, he was 11). She told a few years after it stopped. My husband & I did all the right things--counseling for both, CPS was informed, son moved out. It is now a dozen years later. Our family is surprisingly close--all 3...
  • longing2fly2017

    anger and forgiveness

    so for once this isnt about my dad, its about my mom.a mom is supposed to be the one a girl can go to. i was never able to talk to her about anything. half the time if she saw me the only thing she would say is "get me another beer". the one time she walked in on my dad raping me she walked back out and all she had to say later was to not fight it. over the past few months alot has changed. my...
  • Time2livelife


    i know there have been many posts here before about forgiveness of a abuser. Ive always avioded them i guess too triggering and not something i could think about at the time. Forgiveness is a personal journy i guess? I watched something about someone who was abused and he spoke about forgiveness in able to move on. How true do u think this is? do i need to forgive myself and him to really be...
  • Darkrose1


    Hello I'm new here and I don't really know how to start. Well I was sexually abused by my father at a very young age. And we've always had a horrible relationship because I will always remember what he did to me. I felt nothing for him when he passed away last year. But I did forgave him. 
  • introvertedidiot

    i still feel ashamed.

    while growing up, my elder brother. who i love more than anything, always took care of me. i realised the fact he had too much of a sexual curiosity. it was hard to understand because he used to watch lots of porn and share stuff with me about it as well, i thought it was weird at first but then we were just really close. i thought it's a good thing how we open up. maybe a better sibling...
  • johnyo

    what do you think

    if a man has sex with a boy and tbe boy didnt hate it does that make it ok? does that mean the boy wanted it to happen or deserved that?
  • Muskoka007


    THis may sound like a stupid question but I am trying to put back memories and I was abused between 19 months and 3 years old by a boarder in our home who was into SRA.  Would it be likely I had genital abuse or would it be only anal abuse at that time.  I have many memories of being penetrated but I think it was only the rectom although I am not sure.  I have been to embarrased to ask this...
  • grace0513

    First Step?

    I went to a local center and talked to an advocate today. Not just about the things I've been processing on this site but EVERYTHING I've been dealing with over the last two years...all the triggers I never recognized as triggers (or understood why they were triggers) until now. It's all so tightly woven together. I guess I never realized...Being here has been helpful I think. Just...being...
  • grace0513

    Public Pity Party: narcisisstic self-victimization

    I told my mom. Not specifically. She's mentioned every couple of years since I was 11 that maybe something happened to me when I was younger. She has different approaches depending on her mood and her own needs. Sometimes she says my dad suspected someone of having molested or raped me. Sometimes she has a vision or feeling or dream that "something happened" and she didn't know to protect me....