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A safe group for Mothers and Fathers of addicts, where we can share feelings, and ask for feedback.

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  • Shihtzupup

    sad and scared

    My daughter will be 21 in a week from now.  Over the past six months she has been in four different rehabs, suspended from her dream college, and continues to use and make poor choices.  I know that everyone says detach, but my heart is so broken that I can not stop crying. 
  • Kate61

    My son has been addicted for over 10 years

    I am glad to find this group as DS has helped me immensely over the years for different reasons.  My son is 31 and about to go to jail for the first time.  He has mental health issues now from using and does not know the court system at all.  He was high when he got arrested and didnt even know he had to go for finger printing.  He did have a lawyer through student services but now she has...
  • tuxis14

    Son has a drinking problem

    I have just joined.  My son has a serious drinking problem and even though he is an adult I struggle with guilt. Where do I turn
  • djruawake

    Rejoining Group

    I havent been on this site since they changed the format.  Before that I dont remember a Parents of Addicts group, it was Friends and Family of Addicts only.  I only recognize "Missmaple".  Where is everyone else?  Where is "Givenup"? Anyway here's my story.  My 34-yr old daughter is an addict.  I've been thru what most of you have--lying, stealing, agressive behavior, jail, detox, etc. ...
  • mumslet


    My husband and I recently discovered our sone, 26, was a heroin addict.  He ODed in February and we rushed to the hospital.  It was terrifying.  He was so broken.  Mentally, emotionally, and physically.  we put him in rehab and hoped for the best.  He seemed receptive, at least stayed there the whole 28 days. But in the two months since his release he has relapsed twice.  He came home to...
  • missmaple

    Finally said "Alcoholic"

    Well, 6 years in my son finally said the words, "I am an alcoholic." Some part of me was in denial with him (although I didn't really know it) and the words made me cry for a day and then spend a day on cloud 9 - finally some progress! He has a hard journey and I am terribly sad for him that it has to be so painful. But at least he found the road and stepped out of the woods. He is currently...
  • Lifecurrentlysuck

    My son addict

    My son's been troubled since a young age, the specialist first told me it was attention seeking. But over the years it got worse. Hes turning 24 this year i recently found out he's been using for years. He's been stealing to get money. Last year he got caught well all the other times too but people felt sorry for him as he is a smooth talker, he went to jail was out on bail but he and his friends...
  • my1andonly

    I never thought I'd be dealing with this

    My 21 year old son recently told me he has been taking oxycontin. He said he was done with it, and the lies that accompanied the addiction and that he was going to get suboxen to help him stop. That was two months ago and we have talked several times and he assured me he was no longer taking pills. Yesterday, I got a call from his father (we have been separated for years) that our son stole $7000...
  • butfish4grief

    Adult son with mental disability/drug/alcholol add

    My son is 44 years old and has had mental/emothional issue from about the age of 6.  His problems from that time increased until he was hospitalized and received a diagnosis of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Sociopath, Border line Schitsphenic, low IQ.  He has been in and out of hospitals most of his life as well as jails and a 17 month state in prison.  About 4 months ago he was...
  • lilacsformom

    40 years of heroin use

    My sweet sensitive son has suffered with this for so long despite many treatment efforts.We have tried everything.His body is in such horible shape .He suffers from severe swelling in his legs.feet and hands.He can no longer wear shoes or regular pants.He has been homeless for many years.After so much pain I moved a few years ago I could not watch this happening I stayed in touch and have tried...
  • xmeout2day

    Adult son with Drug & mental Issues ... I feel

    Does anyone deal with an adult child that has a clear mental issue and drug issue? My son has been in and out of jail and will not change. He came back home again and only made it 2 days before blowing up to the point he gets tossed out. It is all my fault in his eyes. He will say all he did was just scream and break stuff because he was mad. ( His girl friend back 1.5 years ago hand a new person...
  • Vlc46

    Just found out my son is an addict..

    My son came downstairs to give me something a few weeks ago and I noticed the track marks.. When I asked, he said they were from working in a kitchen. I had my husband look at them and he admitted he made a mistake but said he was under control. We tried to talk to him but he didn't want to discuss it. He is out of money, already on probation for DUI and not meeting those requirements, and still...
  • missmaple

    Saying Goodbye

    I work with parents who have young children and sometimes I am the bearer of the news that their child has a problem - a learning disability perhaps, or even something as minor as a speech problem. I am so familiar with their shock, and grief as they mourn the fantasy child and then their rich process of coming to know and love their real child. I know that htese parents often come to know and...
  • cl1973

    New here and heartbroken

    My son, who is 20, is an addict. I'm heartbroken to say those words. I grew up in a home with an addict. So I have always talked to my kids about the dangers of drugs. So i keep asking myself where did I go wrong. My son's problem first began when he was 16, after my divorce. He and a group of his friends began smoking pot. After we found out we put him in counselling. For a while it seemed to...
  • lainca

    Daughter checked in to detox first time

    I could use some input here. My daughter who is a heroin addict has checked in to detox. I missed her call so I was unable to talk to her directly. Her dad did talk to her but I have not had a chance to really talk to him. Her friend told me about the detox (that was the number she called me from) and said she really needed it and she is trying to talk her in to at least outpatient treatment when...