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Incest refers to any sexual activity between closely related persons that is illegal or socially taboo. Consensual adult incest is very rare. Incest between adults and prepubescent or adolescent children is a form of child sexual abuse that has been shown to be one of the most extreme forms of childhood trauma. If you or a loved one is a survivor of incest, join the group and find support.

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  • champion100


    I need to find someone that understands the feeling that I can't bring myself to turn against my step father even though he sexually abused me and my niece.  I feel guilty that I dont want to prosecute.  I feel like he does care about me even though he did this selfish act. Why cant I be bold and help him get punished for his acts.  What is holding me back and even teriffying me?  
  • whistleblower

    EMDR: Why doesn't it help some people?

    I can only say from my personal experience that I was told not to do further sessions using EMDR because it makes me dissociate. But I know there's another reason.I think memories come with emotions present at the specific moment they were experienced. 20-20 retrospect of those emotions is not true memory. It's an analysis of our spontaneous emotional responses years later. To my understanding,...
  • kingoflimbs

    it hurts

    anyone else's mother their abuser?
  • clsdff01

    Struggling Today

    So, today I have a 1.5 hour counseling appointment scheduled. Why? Because I feel like I really need to get an event off of my chest. My counselor knows about my abuse from my father, but I never give any details. I have a recurring nightmare about the first time my father did anything to me.. the start of it all I guess. I was 13 at the time.I feel like there is still a 13 year old girl inside...
  • Malibu

    Incest sucks.

    I am new to healing from this shit.  Not new to working through healing from loss or abuse.  I had no idea how complex this issue could be and the about of damage it caused me.  Shit, shit, shit....  At a loss for words.  What a sick bastard for doing this and my parents did not protect me one I O DA!
  • AnonFuego

    Need Some Advice

    I was touched by my brother through out my life and my cousins at a few points have touched me before until my family moved away. My brother started to invited his friends to touch me when I was 7 and it would continue to every new place that we moved. He himself didnt start raping me until I was 12 and the last time it happened was when I was 21. I never had a boyfriend and I just started...
  • MingSkye

    New to Site

    Hi. My first post here.  A little background, which may be disjointed.  Was sexually abused by my step-father when he was active in the Army.  Was groomed from 11-13 (my mom's west coast home state); abused from 13-16 (a southern state we were stationed at my high-school years). It ended when I finally confronted and told my mother, however, she chose to stay with the monster.  That was 40...
  • Balancedowl

    Ashamed but.. does anyone have this experience?

    Hello,  I have a question.  Does anyone else get aroused while thinking about the abuse? I have lived with such shame for a long time.  My father groomed me and was sexual wish me from age 3 or 4 until 15. I don't remember most of it or much of my childhood. But I do remember times as a young teen, when he would hold hands in public when he would take me out of town... he also molested my...
  • Anomymous

    My Story

    I was raped and molseted for 9 years from the age of 5 by two of my older brothers I was never aroused by it I would lie and say it felt good or they would get really rough with me i used to think that's what all brothers and sisters did so I never really saw a problem with it until I did they would always say I swear this is the last one if you do everything just right but it never would be the...
  • clsdff01

    Someone to talk to

    Hi, I'm new here. I am looking for someone to talk to who has been through an experience similar to mine. My therapist recommended to me that it would be good to find someone who can relate. I am looking for someone who I can confide in, and who can confide in me. These things take time, and comfortability and trust is key on both ends. So, here goes a short summary:I did not live with my father...
  • Pag.mars

    How do you deal with anger?

    im overwhelmed with it. It feels like it's eating me alive. And whenever it doesn't come out as extreme internal anger, then it's extreme internal pain. and I just need to find a way to release it, I gotta let this go.
  • whales86

    Religious leader and abuser ?

    Anyone out there hv an abuser that was also a pastor or church leader ?my father was my abuser and he was a pastor.  He really messed up my religion.  I'm wondering how others got through the religious abuse 
  • hopefulmama94


    I found out less than a week ago my ex -husband raped, & molested our daughter two years ago. She is now 9. She is a wonderful, smart, calm compassionate little girl. We have spent the week in multiple counciling sessions each, forensic interviews, and police visits. She hasn't seen her father in over a year. He's not around, & hasnt been. Yesterday she flipped out. She was super upset we went in...
  • Beca

    How To Tell My Family

      I have been molested 3 times by 3 different guys all before the age of 10. The one I remember most was my cousin. I am 3 years younger than him and he always bullied me. One day he wanted to play "House" I remember it being so weird but I was so happy as a little girl that he was being nice to me. He said that he would be the dad and I would be the mom. And since I was the mom needed to...
  • gertrude403

    is this normal?

    My childhood was messed up. As a result, I don't know what's normal, what's appropriate and what is not. I know that some of the things that happened were sexual abuse. But I'm still wondering... My mother once pressured me to take a bath with my father. I was about 8. I remember that I did not want to do it. But I did. Also, when I was 6, 7, 8, I don't know how old I was really, when I took a...