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An individual suffering from a food addiction disorder frequently experiences episodes of uncontrolled eating, or binging, during which they may feel frenzied or out of control. They will eat much more quickly than is normal, and continue to eat even past the point of being uncomfortably full. Binging in this way is generally followed by a period of intense guilt feelings and depression.

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  • DanielleCastings

    Food Addiction TV Series

    Hi there,My name is Danielle and I am a Casting Assistant for a television production company based in Manhattan. We are currently developing a new show that will seek to help young adults between the ages of 18-22 who are struggling with food addiction. This docu-reality concept will use an intervention program to open up a dialogue and bring awareness to this topic while propeling young...
  • Pinkee1986

    New day

    Today is new put on the full armor of God for ME. Please just trying to be HELPFUL so take what HELPS and let go of the rest thank you. God willing exercising to thank God for new day and healthy in Jesus name amen. Going walking to mall and back 70 today yahoooo after I spend time FIRST in prayer. Please I will TRY to relax eat when HUNGRY. Oh yes to drink water.... yahooooo. New DAY progress...
  • Pinkee1986

    I am progressing ONE pound at a time

    i am finally getting progress at CHOOSING healthy food choices and exercising daily. I am dealing with my emotions TODAY. I feel each emotion and I remember to breathe. I am getting more comfortable being HUMAN. I am more relaxed and getting very good at just sitting quiet. I do understand comfortable in my OWN skin today. Gosh it is nice NOT to be so wound UP ready to attack anything anyone for...
  • Pinkee1986

    Emotional eater

    hi NEW to group I am a emotional eating with binging to NOT EAT lose weight and then BINGE TO CELEBRATE WEIGHT LOSS, I need support to vent my emotions NOT TRY TO EAT them. I desire to grow up deal with and admit my emotions be responsible for my emotions and NOT let them lead me around anymore and for ME I am talking about ME only I pray I  Jesus name amen 
  • Hello,  fellow members. I am new here and finally facing the extent of my food add. I need help since I found out from a neuro-opthamologist (only just heard of this type doctor)  that my optic nerve suffered a mini stroke. He said this was undoubtedly brought on by high blood sugar from my diabetes which is due to my overeating carbs. I could use some support or feedback.  Suggestions...
  • lynda0

    Love Myself but Still Over Eat

    Maybe it's the antidepressants...but I feel good emotionally - strong, happy, content. Why then, do I eat too much? I love food. Background: I used to have shame about being overweight and I hated myself. Now, I love food and myself except for one tiny problem: being obese is finally affecting my health. I joined this group so that I have some place to vent/discuss/pray with others as I reach for...
  • manamoru

    Emotional eating

    i am new to the group. I have struggled with food my whole life. When I eat I don't fell satiated. I feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit. Then comes the self hatred and guilt. It's the first time I am writing this down. 
  • jjefner81

    New to this ...

    Hi guys!  I'm new to this site - sort of.  I have been a "member" for a few months, but have yet to really dig in and participate or even read others' posts.  The thing is - I hate everything about my addiction to food, yet I still do nothing about it.  I don't want to excersize and I want to eat what I want, when I want to eat it.  It frustrates me that I have to loose weight.  I know I...
  • Robin-Mc


    Hi everyone,I'm surprised there isn't more action going on in this site.  I thought I'd encounter thousands of other people with food addictions.  I'll admit I felt kind of nervous about putting my thoughts about my sugar addiction in writing.  I can go all day long eating normally, then evening rolls around and all I want is sugar, in any form I can get it.  I've talked to other people about...
  • Robin-Mc

    It's a sugar thing for me

    Why me?  With all my other stupid addictions it shouldn't surprise me that I can't seem to get enough of it!  Sugar!  I suppose it's the feel good, chemical reaction it has on my brain.  I don't put it in my morning coffee, I use to when I was younger but managed to adapt without it.  Those were the days I cared about my weight.i've never been a soda drinker.  I don't like real sweet...
  • Hi, I'm Steph from New Zealand. I'm 29 years old and in nursing school. I have no control over what I eat and how much I eat. Everytime I try to quit or start a new diet I'll keep to it for a couple of weeks and then just give up when I start to miss my favourite junk food. I woke up this morning thinking today is the day, I'll control my portion size and just eat healthy. I bought pizza, fries...
  • If you are bored, you can decide on a lot of countless actions to try to brighten up your mood. You can take a stroll, view tv or perhaps carry out anything at all similar. Yet the fact remains that you're going to lose interest by practicing these tasks very rapidly because they do not present you with a wide range of selection. In case you need a resolution to get yourself enthusiastic for a...
  • maktj

    I don't understand why?

    I am new to this group and this is my very first post, so please be patient with me. I have struggled with weight seems my entirely life. I am now at my heaviest weight ever. I have tried dieting and exercise. I do great for a while and even managed to lose 30 pounds but eventually something happens and I quit doing both. This then leads to me gaining all of it back and more. My regular doctor...
  • vness5

    The truth was in the pizza

    hello everyone. I am new to this site, new to this addiction. Not new to being overweight. I am not new to eating, the idea of food as Comfort, the theology that eating is a way to control something and bring happiness momentarily but in the long run is just adding to the problem. I never, however, thought I was an addict. That was for junkies and people running around having sex and spending...
  • MyLIttleRuin

    Former Athlete Turned Food Addict/Binge Eater

    Hello to anyone who's reading!I've come to this forum because I realized I have an issue. I wanted to be around people that may have the same struggles I have and maybe find some usuful information and support along the way. So let me tell you about myself!For the past 2 and a half years I have gained one hundred pounds. I went from a very fit athlete to someone who has trouble with the simplest...