This group was created to talk about family situations where estrangement was chosen or others have chosen to estrange you. Many families are now estranged with individual members, not excluding; Sister-in-Laws, Brother-in-Laws, Parents, siblings, Uncles, Aunts, the other family and so on. Sharing the reasons for estrangement in order to help those who are new in estrangement, are hurting or are ok with the estrangement. Let's always keep respect for each other in the highest prior

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  • seekingbuddha

    accepting the loss of family

    Hi all! I know that many people love this time of year, but I am always filled with dread and sadness. I have 2 brothers that I have not seen in over 20 years. There is a pattern of excluding people in my family of origin, and I am the one who is excluded in my generation. I have nieces that I know about from Facebook. My one brother has been married for almost 30 years and has 2 young adult...
  • heathern898

    Not close at all

    So, I have never been close to my family. I always considered myself to be different than my siblings. I did things that my other siblings did not do ( bad things). I was rebellious and so on. I feel like I try with my family. I send cards for Christmas and bdays ect, and I feel like they do not care in the least. I get upset when I see this happening, I feel like we all should be closer than we...
  • I think we all have different reasons to have given up. For me it was my mother's narcissism. There is no stopping it and I was hurt badly by it. Admitting it in a non-judgmental environment helps, make me not feel like a bad daughter. It takes the blame from me and puts it where is belongs- mom.
  • deleted_user

    Are there Others out there?

    Have you estranged yourself from someone in your family? I have. I had to. My family continues to cause so much harm and unjust that some members I had to say goodbye to.I'm just wondering if anyone has done the same and you would like to share your story.I'll start this discussion and see how many others join who are tired of being told they are wrong for turning away.
  • wep

    Negative Words

    Last weekend was my nieces' birthday. Mom called my oldest brother (I hate when he talks with her). Mom wanted to send his daughter a card and a gift (she is about 9 years old). He told mom that his daughter has a lot of stuff and that she is not into fingernail polish like most girls, she is mostly interested into her movies but he never told her what movies my niece is interested into. The next...
  • Gia1994

    Adult Sibling Rivalry

    Searching for people who have been rejected by a brother or sister. Have had sibling rivalry as children and as adults now. Your Brother/Sister severed the bond with you. And how to deal with the feelings of abandonment, rejection and being ignored.
  • deleted_user

    Estranged? *may trigger*

    I just joined this group thinking it was a group for those who no longer have conatct with the abusive family, anyone who excused the abuse, turned a blind eye, was emotionally abusive............But as i read the replies i see a lot still do have conatct with your families so what does being estranged really mean?I guess my meaning is different than others.When i mean estranged from family is...
  • my brother is 30 im 33, i helped raise him until he was 12 and went to live with his dad...i have always thought of him as my child and we were very dependent on each other...we were raised in a physically and verbally abusive home...eventually we moved to live with our fathers, he was 12 i was 15...we would visit each other at least once and year and have amazing times together reminiscing of...
  • deleted_user

    talking about my estrangement too hard

    and it would take over 50 episodes of dr phil to scratch the surface.i was a victim of severe child abuse by my father & mother. siblings were sometimes a part of pleasing my parents with their interaction. a few siblings were not targeted. anyway im 59 yrs old now.i have a wonderful husband of 23 years now. i do not like to talk about the terrible things that happenend to me.but i still...
  • I never thought I'd be writing on a site like this but seeing my wife not sleep for 3 months, waking up with the thought of losing my son is just overwhelming. We've done all we can now and have to wait for his marriage for us to be insulted one final time. The feelings of loss are incalculable to both of us... We over indulged our children and now we are paying the price... Our daughter...
  • deleted_user

    New to this group.

    Hello Everyone!My name is Brie. I have an aunt who chose to estrange herself to the entire family due to some differences of not getting along with her siblings (aka my parents and my other aunt and uncles). I am trying to reach out to her and reconnect with her. Its been over 10 years and my grandmother is starting worry for her youngest daughter. I am very thankful to have found this group to...
  • Desolit

    Hi I'm new here

    I need help.After beibg estranged from entire family,only brother,neices,aunts,uncles,cousins, its very strange the peace you feel but also the guilt.I tried three times to tell the story and I'm crying so hard,I need to stop.Triggering this I just recieved a phone call from my neice,who also estranged me,I have not heard from her for 5 years.I am sorry when I am able to be more coherent I will...
  • Number one on the list is PEACE. No arguing. No criticizing. No lies. No gossiping or making up stories about your character. NO Jerry Springer B.S. I have cut out every single family member out of my life accept two cousins that I don't know that well. And that's probably why they are still in my life cause they are at a distance. Of course having no family is very lonely, especially on...
  • Maybe if I just declare what I really want openly to the world it might happen?They don't know the truth about my ex-husband and the marriage and they have been brainwashed all their lives.They also are very cruel and mean people now to me. If I send out positive wishes for them....positive prayers and kind thoughts....maybe they will finally understand?
  • innerdiscord

    Slow recovery

    It has been over a year since the birth family stormed out of my life. It was a tough year, although now it feels like I have a new lease on life and I can start to put things behind me.Sadly, I'm getting flashbacks and things are being triggered off. This moment I am feeling a deep sense of self hatred (By product affect from being around hateful people who would scapegoat me and always treat me...