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Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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6 Online
  • If i ever did therapy , i strongly believe that my therapist , after a while , will have to admit to me that life isn't for everyone.
  • I had a bad flareup in my back yesterday and today and I'm back in bed again. I went to emergicare and my surgeon's office to adjust the device they implanted in my back.I was supposed to start volunteering at a dog rescue today and cried because I couldn't, being once again held back by this f$##### back. I'm angry, frustrated, and losing patience.I hope to be better in a week or so so I can...
  • Each moment is so hard for me right now. I can't get my brain back on track with antidepressants and therapy. I've tried for 7 1/2 months. I'm tired of fighting to feel alive. All I want to do is sleep. I feel so alone as if no one understands me.
  • lola

    Having a bad day...

    After having a good couple weeks I feel like I hit rock bottom today. I needed to get out of the house and I went to to the casino and lost absolutely everything in my account. I have no excuse because I knew what I was doing was wrong but I didn't care. I just kept withdrawing and blowing it faster and faster. I didn't think I was gonna hit a jackpot or anything either. One of the best...
  • neostarman


    Tonight I almost committed suicide bc a girl basically said I was creepy pervert and it hurt so much. It hurt so mich because I have been "that guy." You know the one. The weirdo nobody talks to cause they think he's a perv or something. Yeah, hello! I'm that guy you've judged, along with what feels like half the world. To be rejected not only by people I was attracted to but by people in...
  • I need advice how to get out of my depresseion, stop putting myself everytime I see a beautiful/hot woman I don't feel like I can have and the addiction to want to be someone to be complete.I am on medications and seeing a therapist, so.... yeah....READYSETGO!!!
  • this has been the hardest year of my life. I have a 15 month old son who I see only 2 days a week because my ex left me due to my post partum depression. I have been in and out of inpatient all year, no medicine works for me. I have lost my son my job my car my apartment and the love of my life. I feel completely alone I do have one supportive person my dad but we rarely talk. I lost my health...
  • Lately I have been feeling better overall. I've been taking my medicine, making myself be active, walking away from negative events that will dampen my mood, making more time for myself, and generally just doing my best to fight depression. And I really feel like I'm doing a good job with the progress I've made. But I have a boyfriend now who doesn't really understand depression. He will comfort...
  • I know it may sound silly, but I care very deeply about this subject. My Auntie died before I was born in a snow-machine accident and ever since my family has been absolutely traumatized. I got to a point last school year that I believed the only way to be happy was to die and be with her, becasuse I thought she was the only one who loved me... I went through a lot of shit last year, boyfriends,...
  • uagyrl


    I realized I haven't been on in a few days. Not that anyone knew. Anyway, I went to a rehab facility for 5 weeks and just got out a few weeks ago. I've been doing great and it was so worth it! However, the last few days I've been having suicidal thoughts again. I want to break this cycle but I can't help feeling worthless and that everyone would be better without me. When I went to the facility,...
  • sunny25

    I need extreme help!!

    please help me. my boyfriend is abusive. he has been making me cry and I please with him to stop. I told him I feel like killing myself but he doesn't care. I don't know what to do. I can't tell my parents about him because they would be angry that I am still associating with him and I can't tell my friends. please I need help so badly. I drank a lot last night and I fee so alone. I want to go to...
  • Pocahontas

    I'm so tired

    My depression is starting to hit me again and it feels like it got worse. School started and it feels like I'm going to be a failure all my life, I wish I was smart enough. I don't have anybody to talk to anymore. I can't tell my friends because most of them never answer me. I feel so alone. I don't want to feel this way anymore.
  • clarissa

    last one

    today i went to the school counselor, i told her that i didnt like my psychiatrist and told her how i was feeling and that i really need help. she was so nice and she told me that we are going to be seing once a week, i found it okay... also she told me that she was going to send my with a friend therapsit so i can have a better treatment. i really find this so good, i can beleived things can...
  • lonelyheart1207

    I hate this life

    I am a decent person of 23/years...But i dont have job..the love of my life betray3d me fr someone else..i have lost interest in living..i just want to sleep and never wake up..never
  • lonelyheart1207

    I hate this life

    I am a decent person of 23/years..but i have lost the love of my life..i have been betrayed by frnds love..and yeah i dont have job too..i dont have interet in living anymore..all i want is to sleep and never wake up again