Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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7 Online
  • Charlotte7598

    Giving Up

    I give up.I just hate my life with a passion. I'm in constant emotional pain and I can't find relief. I can't handle it anymore, I feel like I'm falling to pieces. I can't do it anymore... I just can't...I can't breathe. I can't eat. I can hardly sleep. Everything's hitting me at once like a punch in the gut. All of my demons are haunting me in this moment and I just can't escape. I'm on a steep...
  • I'm just trying to1. Get in the shower. But now I'm sitting here drinking a 2nd cup of coffee and on DS.My kale was looking old so I tossed it and too lazy to get in the shower and get dressed to go buy more Kale to make a smoothie so I ate for breakfast today french bread dipped in olive oil and spices and a coke while watching a Netflix movie at 9am instead of following my daily movitation to...
  • romehadey1123


    i was in a mental hospital in October 2014. I met this girl named Maggie. Maggie was wonderful; she did a lot of the same things I have done, like taking sleeping pills and she also did the weird stuff I did. She was beautiful and she helped me (and others I have befriended) more than the doctors at the hospital could ever do. Maggie left a couple days before I got to leave. After she left I...
  • It's been so long since I've been here. Life does like to set me up, it became a vice coming here... Writing "diaries" wasn't exactly helping and being on suicide watch limits your acess to writing material... DEFCON is high around me I guess...I had sex with a neighbour who was overly nice to me, ended up hurting her... I don't feel guilty, she was warned in advance I was not right. Fuck her....
  • min63


    i want to say somthing so many of you want to end your life , its in itself deppressing , you see i have frinds that live in great phyciall pain and are dying , they want to live not die , i have been depressed for long time off and on , but not wanting to kill myself .i thougth about how easy it would be to end it all how do you know if you get there you wont be depressed , but what...
  • clarissa

    please get out

    i just really want this to end. thsi depression is taking a big part of my life... i just can't like this anymore. there are days were i want to find help but today is not one of those. i will just give up, i think that if i died things will get better...
  • psyko

    Discrimination against us

    Hey, I haven't been on here in a LONG time and I actually like the new set up. I want to share my story about losing my job due to discrimination towards my mental illness Just wondering if anyone could relateLong story short I tried to explain to them that I was suffering from depression and experimenting with some new meds, and didn't find the right combo yet. You guys probably know that it...
  • A poem I wrote will be published in the June 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt magazine. It will also be published on their website next week! Whoohoo!!
  • Drn12491

    Depression sucks.

    Depression sucks one day you're walking along and bam... you get a feeling... but you shake it off. "I'm good".... you keep walking... bam a glimpse of the shadow... you shake it off.. keep walking and going about life bam! Now it's on your back.. you manage to only allow it to hit you when you want it to since it keeps coming back... so you choose your room at night under covers to hide your...
  • Sorry...but I am now having a bad day... Everything about life sucks...and I just want to be done with it! Really I do!!!But I don't have the fucking courage to do anything...and I am to tired to do the easy work on my bike / truck... I am fucking so over this thing called life!!!
  • Each moment is so hard for me right now. I can't get my brain back on track with antidepressants and therapy. I've tried for 7 1/2 months. I'm tired of fighting to feel alive. All I want to do is sleep. I feel so alone as if no one understands me.
  • on June 27th this year. I took 23 very strong sleeping pills, I got so sleepy and unaware of my surrounding. I was so dizzy and lightheaded. Once I would lie down and no be able to get up. My life was fading. I closed my eyes and instantly went to sleep. Everything was grey around me, and a mirror (this was no dream, it felt different) appeared I looked into it. I was in a black bra and...
  • was on ds a few years ago i cannot remember how long i am not familiar with new format what icon do you hit to respond to someones post and ps thanks for all your caring on one of my posts
  • I had a bad flareup in my back yesterday and today and I'm back in bed again. I went to emergicare and my surgeon's office to adjust the device they implanted in my back.I was supposed to start volunteering at a dog rescue today and cried because I couldn't, being once again held back by this f$##### back. I'm angry, frustrated, and losing patience.I hope to be better in a week or so so I can...
  • neostarman


    Tonight I almost committed suicide bc a girl basically said I was creepy pervert and it hurt so much. It hurt so mich because I have been "that guy." You know the one. The weirdo nobody talks to cause they think he's a perv or something. Yeah, hello! I'm that guy you've judged, along with what feels like half the world. To be rejected not only by people I was attracted to but by people in...