Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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9 Online
  • My boyfriend break up with me tonight. I mentioned before, we were long-distance. Completing six months together this week. As I wasn't feeling well, almost everytime we were able to talk I was complaining about everything cause my life is just a mess now and I feel like shit, useless, worthless. My bf tried to help, but he was being cold with me and I wasn't feeling important to him, and I told...
  • greyhounds92

    new to group

    Hello all Im new to the group Im a 42 yr old from pennsylvania.... I have generalized depression due to getting hit with a bunch of health issues at an early age (as an adult) starting in 2001... Since then 8 yrs ago I had to retire early & go on disability because of the health issues and it really sucks..... Plus obviously my life never did turn out the way i had wanted it to but whose has??...
  • clarissa

    last one

    today i went to the school counselor, i told her that i didnt like my psychiatrist and told her how i was feeling and that i really need help. she was so nice and she told me that we are going to be seing once a week, i found it okay... also she told me that she was going to send my with a friend therapsit so i can have a better treatment. i really find this so good, i can beleived things can...
  • rexory15

    I've had it.

    I just don't care anymore. Especially about what happens to me. I feel lost alone and lonely. Everything is a mess and it's all because of me. I'm such a bad person. I hate myself. I don't deserve to be happy or to have anyone in my life. I'm going on a not eating binge. I don't care what happens to me. And I'm thinking of starting to cut again.
  • Hurting

    Online help

    this is completely new to me, and it might not even be a real concept, but are there counselor or therapists that people can speak with after hours or online? I have insurance
  • We did it. Today we spread my parent's ashes at sea. My wife and children were there as well as 2 of my brothers in law, and my late sister's daughter. (Her son is going to school back east, and was not able to make the trip).It was hard, but we got through the day. I feel rather like a load has been lifted. I no longer have their ashes in a box in my house, that is good. We threw the boxes...
  • I just joined this group. Currently in bed since noon, at my dads house on the opposite coast that I live on, with my two young sons. I'm supposed to be out here for ten fun days, after my father graciously took my kids so I could focus on my new business and failing marriage--but it's instead been a dismal fit of depression and anxiety. I've cried every day that I'm here. I don't think I'm on...
  • clarissa

    a step ahead?

    today I realize I need to go to therapy so I went with a psychiatrist. as always I was scared and thinking what I should tell her; but too I was anxious because I knew I was going in the correct path. as all in my life, something got wrong. 1. my mom was super late so I entered with my grandma,I hated.2. since the moment I entered the room i didn´t felt so confortable. meaning i wouldn't...
  • Black_Ink

    About my life

    So today I decided to explain my whole life to the world.My mother had MS and a drinking disorder also smoked and my dad use to drink and smoke(he quit long ago). When my mother would drink she would be violent but she wasn't always drunk it was on and off. When she was though my dad and her would fight and yell at eachother. The scariest times that happen when she was drinking is she once...
  • neostarman

    Why I wanna die. Help

    Hello.My name is Matthew and this is my story about who I truly am, how I became suicidal and why I feel I am so broken.I was born in the USA in June of 1993 to two loving and amzing parents but emotionally abusive as well. To be blunt, I think my parents stayed together or even married for the right reason, from what I've heard from both of them. I believe that my father had married my mother bc...
  • Black_Ink


    I just joined. The reason is I'm looking for others to talk to that feel that same way when people I usually talk to arn't available.
  • I have struggled through the past two years with annoying people. And by annoying i mean those who push themselves to you , saying really wrong things , trying to help you without even trying to understand you. And end up asking you if you feel better. But you don't.And since the Depression support group is a big one , and we wanna make the most of it to help people and be helped , I suggest that...
  • Hurting

    I refuse to quit

    I am afraid i am at the end of a 18 year long marriage/relationship as my husband has left for good reasons on both parts, infidelity, lying, deliberately causing pain to each other. I am not ready to let him leave so easily as we have so much toghether as a family. Not to mention amazing memories, kids the life we have built, but I feel like i am loosing my mind because he keeps insisting that...
  • justweakanduseless


    Hello everyone today i feel useless and worthless and a failure i am also stupid and possible retarted probably i am because i can't do nothing right i love u all you guys are smart beautiful and derserved to be loved
  • Sorry...but I am now having a bad day... Everything about life sucks...and I just want to be done with it! Really I do!!!But I don't have the fucking courage to do anything...and I am to tired to do the easy work on my bike / truck... I am fucking so over this thing called life!!!