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Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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7 Online
  • sunny25

    I need extreme help!!

    please help me. my boyfriend is abusive. he has been making me cry and I please with him to stop. I told him I feel like killing myself but he doesn't care. I don't know what to do. I can't tell my parents about him because they would be angry that I am still associating with him and I can't tell my friends. please I need help so badly. I drank a lot last night and I fee so alone. I want to go to...
  • JWT488

    about suicide post

    no no no bridge I disagree harslly. Therewill come a time in her future where she will be face to face with death. And then an only then will she will get it.Ihave tryed many many times but truth is i comes down to heaven or hell. If you think this world is bad. How would you like to spend forever in a pain that is so can not be discribed. Then as He did for me God will intersept and show you...
  • UnBroken

    Grieving my children

    I hurt so bad and it's been so long since I felt happy I don't know if I'could ever be happy ever again.It's been 4 years since I was unexpectedly taken from my 3 children and loss custody of them in my divorce.And the pain I feel even now is just as bad if not worse than it was back then.Most times I'm able to get through my days by sleeping or surfing the internet but there are other days much...
  • JWT488

    And if

    And if yadont know what im talking about test me ask me anything. My 10 years younger brother shot himself in the heart point blank about 18 months ago and had about half the sphic stuff wrong wiyth him than I do. And if ya wanna blame it on religion I suject you simple look out your window or turn on the tv and doublcheck with your Bible and just use your common since thats all it takes these...
  • bridgie101

    suicide blogs

    Hi, I'd like to respectfully request that everyone who does a 'I want to kill myself how shall i do it' type thread be given a 1 month ban to think about what they've done. this isn't a pro-ana type website where all the deranged people come to talk about ways to self-harm and get away with it. This site isn't here for creeps to get their kicks.
  • yetive

    Can't handle it anymore!

    Can someone please tell me how to end my life in a peaceful manner. It sounds like I'm joking but I'm dead serious. Ive come to terms with the fact that I'm emotionally unstable and it's been this way since I was 15, I'm 42 now. I've had enough. No lectures please just help me die in a peaceful manner since there's no emotional peace in my life
  • it happens everytime I have the weekend off, I get bored, then the negative thoughts start, it not that I dont have anything to do, I just end up sitting at my computer all day playing games, then i get down on myself for not doing anything constuctive. I'm in that vicious circle, I havent slept for over 24 hours, I should be in bed, I'll get there soon. I just get lonely. oh well, theres...
  • Home watching movies and I just made myself an amazingly comforting dinner of ramen (wait!) with organic corn off the cob and kimchii. The secret is to throw out the seasoning packets of doom and add fresh miso, powdered garlic, rice vinegar and a wee bit of butter. Tiny bit. It was so wonderful. So comforting. I saw a nutritionist a few months ago, worried about how little/how sporadic I was...
  • lola

    Having a bad day...

    After having a good couple weeks I feel like I hit rock bottom today. I needed to get out of the house and I went to to the casino and lost absolutely everything in my account. I have no excuse because I knew what I was doing was wrong but I didn't care. I just kept withdrawing and blowing it faster and faster. I didn't think I was gonna hit a jackpot or anything either. One of the best...
  • brilliantcoco

    Isolating yourself

    Home. Just got back from closing my shop. I intentionally bypassed an invitation from my husband to go to a friend's (very casual) wedding tonight so I could stay home. Now my sons and my husband are there and I just started watching a show. Eating pie and ice cream. About to load my bong...I find smoking pot very relaxing. Going to the wedding sounds like the worst thing ever. I've just been in...
  • uagyrl


    I realized I haven't been on in a few days. Not that anyone knew. Anyway, I went to a rehab facility for 5 weeks and just got out a few weeks ago. I've been doing great and it was so worth it! However, the last few days I've been having suicidal thoughts again. I want to break this cycle but I can't help feeling worthless and that everyone would be better without me. When I went to the facility,...
  • deleted_user

    pregnant and sad

    Im 28 yrs old and almost 30 weeks pregnant. This week I can't stop crying. I feel so alone and worried about having a baby with no daddy. The baby's dad was my best friend. He moved to go to university 2 weeks before Ifound out about the baby. We never fought before this and we never really "together" only because we both knew he was moving far away very soon. I have 10 weeks left of this...
  • neostarman


    So I'm doing better today than my last post. I'm tired but I'm good/good-ish. I'm trying to just live everyday. It's just hard being alone. I think work helps simce it:- A.) Gets my physically active and- B.) I have people here I like/love.I gotta go back to work but I thought I'd check in with all. Keep fighting the devil know as depression!----------Update!---------It's been ok still here at my...
  • Debbalina

    New to group

    I have lurked on DS for sometime but never got around to writing anything until recently. I'm a 50 year old female that was diagnosed as bipolar in my 20s but now struggle more with depression. I'm currently in the throws of a fairly severe depression. I recently stopped working due to symptoms and that loss is proving overwhelming. I also lost my dog and cat within a month of eachother and I...
  • Sisiwowtwo


    Before you go and type "i hate my life i want to end this" STOP!I was thinking the same thing a month ago!What if death is a never-ending life???I also want to give an end to this because i am sick of it!I am sick of the people i see every day BUT i wont kill myself...Not yet at least ,now i have to be strong and you do too!Think , there has to be something you enjoy doing!I personally am an...