Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • QueenZ

    Lost Without My Mommy

    So much has been going on for the past year or so in my life. Wednesday (10/25) will make 6 years since I lost the most important person in my life. My mommy was my everything! I recently started a new job and I couldn't call her to share my great news with her *sighs* I think about her all day everyday...I feel so empty inside! I miss hearing her voice, her hugs, her love, I just miss everything...
  • needhelp12

    11 year old brother is stronger than me

    So I've been trying to force myself to make a change and turn my life around but I realised that it's impossible in my current state. I look subhuman, I never realised how weak I was before. The top 2 pics below are of my little brother and the bottom 2 are of me.I've neglected exercise my whole life and never really thought about it until my brother choked me out in a play fight by wrapping his...
  • musicgirl1991

    I need help

    Just feel like doom and gloom all the time.things are going ok in life yet I’m still miserable .i really want to hurt myself again .and I have a therapist appointment tomorrow but I don’t think my parents will let me go .i just want to die .because no matter how hard I try to get better I still feel suicidle and I still want to hurt myself .what do I do? Life needs to get better some how :(
  • dyinginside35

    Made up fantasy words

    Every since vegas happened,  the shooting , my anxiety has came back. That same weekend, i foumd out my dad was in jail in vegas, i was diagnosed with ocd back in 2000 and it brought back all my troublesome thoughts. I was doing good,  working out, working on me etc. For some reason,  i cant invest in me. Maybe cuz i feel like ill never be happy or find love. Im scared ill never be a wife or...
  • kait57

    moving on ...?

    I have found ways to cope with my depression. I have started improving my self esteem. I love this feeling. I went to a few concerts over the weekend and found myself more confident - enough to get a picture with someone I was looking forward to seeing perform, and also possibly meeting, who one of the guitarists of a popular band. I like this guitarist and honestly find him really attractive. I...
  • Numblank

    How do i stay alive without fucking up?

    I cant do shit right. Im 1 of lifes waste of oxygen. I get myself in somewhat dangerous situations. I live day to day. My family suffer. I do think im better off gone. My emotions, thoughts, responsibilty, negativity overwhelm me to much to cope. My mind has made my body my choices are bad. Im reliant on pot. Scared to quit. What do i do? Im scared the damage is already done and...
  • Amy221

    My husband's depression is tearing us apart

    I have been married to my husband for only 1 1/2 years. One night I got a text from him while I was at work saying he can't do this anymore and needs to leave. It's been 3 weeks and things have only gotten worse. He's gotten rid of all our wedding photos, is living with his parents, and plans on leaving his job. I'm at the point where I'm so alone, scared, and confused. I'm worried he will never...
  • malicce


    Hi, I keep eating all the time and my health is getting worse each day. Ifeel down and I can’t stop myself from eating all the time, I need help, I’m already unattractive and unhealthy, I can’t stop myself but its making me feel really bad.
  • Restful

    Very down tonight

    The only thing I really contribute to my family is a roof over their heads and food. I’m not an enjoyable person to be with. I’m not charismatic or funny or intellectually stimulating, nor am I interesting to talk to. There’s not much that people can benefit from by knowing me. If I vanished from this Earth tonight, everyone would go on and in time forget about me. 
  • sufferinsuccotash

    Freaking out

    I’m very lonely and upset. Feeling suicidal as usual. I lost my wife and children to this disease. May never see them again. Don’t think I have much in my favor for survival. I been in and out of the hospital about twenty times this year. And am told I’m getting worse. Looking to see if any other folks have similar issues as mine. JUST TRYING TO MAKE ANOTHER NIGHT 
  • Help_me_Jesus

    Will things get better?

    Today is better than yesterday. I haven't had endless bouts of crying and mental anguish. However I still have questions. Like, when will I get to where I need to be? Why are my circumstances the way they are? What did I do wrong? I still feel extremely alone, and separated from God. I am trying to pray, read the bible, and listening to Christian music. All of these things use to make me happy,...
  • Allikat514


    I don't want to keep going like this. I'll never be happy, skinny, or perfect like I want to. I've been unhappy for so long and I'm so tired of it. Im tired if feeling depressed and it never going away no matter what. I don't want to go back to the hospital but I don't want to stay here. 
  • malicce

    A little help?

    Hi there, uhm.. I feel really lonely, I'm not a good friend or person to be around, my friends only put up with me because we've been friends for long, but I'm not the same and they don't feel comfortable with me, so I'd rather not approach others anymore. I'd like maybe someone to talk to or some suggestions on how to occupy myself? I'm taking a time off from college so I really need something...
  • Help_me_Jesus


    Does anyone know if that chat feature works? If so how do I do it?
  • Markus_Loves_Her

    Hey, I'm Markus.

    I Hope Everyone Is Doin' Better Than I Am!