Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • linny5227

    Just trying to get through the day.

    I have had bouts of depression my whole life, but this year has been tough. I was in a low place probably the last couple of months because of financial stress and my struggle with weight loss. It really brought me down. Then, about a month ago, my fiance and significant other of 7 years told me he no longer loved me and wanted to break up. I was devastated and fell deeper into my depression. I...
  • Ally9190


    My sexual assault anniversary is tomorrow and the flashbacks are all coming back and it is hard to tell my boyfriend or family members who know about it that I am having issues right now.... it will be two years tomorrow... any advice or thoughts anyone?
  • purplecat

    hopeless romantic - never finding love

    Hey everyone - New to this group.  A little about me:  I'm retired military, very pretty, well establised in my career, grounded with a great personality/always smiling (always crying in private).  I'm reaching out b/c I just can't cope anymore.  I'm tired of being rejected in relationships for whatever reasons, which most of the time I'm left wondering "why".  I struggle with asking myself...
  • YZO1R

    I'm New Here

    I was referred by Crisis Text Line. I'm not sure if this site will be much help to me or if anyone cares at all what I have to say. I'm battling depression & anxiety alone. I know people tell me this all the time that I'm not alone. Yes I know I'm not alone in suffering mental illness but I'm alone in the fact I have no support system. No family no friends.I tried to join Depression and Anxiety...
  • Tinfoil_Tiara78

    Just venting...

    I totally allowed my manipulative mother to get under my skin today and I feel so angry at myself. I've known her my entire life, I know it's better to let her spew nonsense and not respond, but today I just boiled over, told her exactly what I thought of her. And of course no matter what I say, her venom is ten times more powerful. She twists my words, throws things back in my face, makes me...
  • Lease

    Anxiety and depression overlapping, no one to talk

    This is always fun when they overlap.I have no one to talk to, so I'm writing here, maybe someone can relate.Kinda going through losing someone that I thought was a friend and had my back, and I guess only to find out that is untrue.Maybe I caused this, maybe it was my mental illness that ruined things again, maybe I didn't, maybe they were never really with me to begin with.I was upset at first,...
  • As a "public instructor" I greet you. -Matthew 13:52. My name is Glen.Please call for a resolution to your problems or just someone to tell your problems to.Regards,Glen(504) 655-2539
  • Rockyhasanxiety

    Excitement Turns to Anxiety

    Ugh! I had 2 weeks of relative calm and good feelings and then comes the anxiety again.  I can feel it creeping up when I wake in the morning and while in the shower.  I can usually tell if my day is going to be a good one when I step out of the shower in the morning.  Right now it feels situational but I know that there is an underlying biological propensity that makes me more...
  • Sylvia16

    Any advice?

    I was doing better but now I feel I'm right back where I started. Alone. Upset. Unable to get help. Before I was at least seeing a counselor and had a good friend and had just started a relationship. Then I graduated, so no more free counseling, and I'm out of touch with my friend and my boyfriend lives 12 hours away from me. He's sweet and we care about each other, but he's really bad at dealing...
  • MikeOnTheMic

    Incompatible With Present Paradigm

    Does anyone else here suffer from the realization of the fallacy of our present paradigm? I don't want to even bother with details unless there is someone else that understands what I'm talking about. I'm trying to give myself a reason to continue living that isn't based purely on emotional demands. I see no future for my species, so what's the point?
  • JStar7227


    I'm alone in my world I hide my deepest pains I smile outside but once my door shuts I lose control and the tears flow heavily I feel like nobody cares anymore nobody wants me around nobody loves me I feel like an outsider everywhere I go  I'm only 18 and I've gone towards suicide once now I just drink to stop my suffering but on the nights I don't drink I cry myself to sleep I don't eat...
  • dyinginside35

    Self hate

    How do you get over self hate and learn to love yourself when you feel unattractive a loser etc ?
  • Fly304

    Medication, sleep, suicide

    Ive had sleep problems for years. Im not sure but they may have gotten worse when i decided to cut way down on meds. I was being overmedicated for along time. Anyway, been with a new med prescriber for a few months, she originally put me on low dose of seroquel just to help me sleep, only temporararily.....which helped a little some nights but not others. She continued to put me on atavan to help...
  • Mod

    new member

    hiii everyonei recently diagnosed with a depression  . my doc gave me a cipralex 10g two weeks ago but i didnt start it yet as i have some concerns about drugs and side affects i dont know if its True or false . if anyone had experience with it i will be grateful to share . love .you can share with private message if not feel comfortable in public .
  • KyleB1995


    I might find the resource I need for a free dental implant I'm so happy!!!!