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Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • rylie1881

    for anyone that read my last post...

    i have a new plan on ow to tell my mom....i will go to the school G.C. and tell them that i need help telling my mom. And hope that they will see how much pain i am in and tell her for me...I know, it's the cowards way out. But it's the only way i can do it.
  • PopsicleSticks

    Nowhere To Turn

    I'm 13. And I know everyone is probably like "ha you think you have it hard you're just a kid going through a phase". But I'm not. I struggle with depression and my biggest enemy is self-harm and cutting. Besides the point, I tried telling my friend who had experienced almost the same thing, in her way of course. And well I kinda made her even sicker. And I feel so bad. So I kinda just stopped...
  • MikeOnTheMic

    The end

    Well my cell service expires tomorrow. Which means I'll have no contact at all. Completely broke and stranded out of state. Busked 9 hours straight yesterday and only made $10. Disability and circumstance prevents me from employment. Choices left are sleeping on the street, jail, mental institution... I'm actually weighing the option of ending it all. It's enough to suffer but alone is...
  • iwishiwasntanoutsider


    hi...I'm only 13 but I've been really depressed for a long long time... nobody understands me my parents always yell at me and say I'm different even though I'm being myself my dad didn't want me as a child and my mother died. I feel like there's no point in continuing anymore i feel like i can't do it i feel like an outsider
  • Loner

    Not depressed anymore

    I gave myi life to christ and I see the world as it is... it is as it always has been mean and cruel.... I am not though.... no longer am i depressed.... I see that I never read the bible untill now.... but always knew it always knew he was there.... family will turn against family.... they turned against me.... no one will listen to an honest mans cry.... no one will hear him weap in agony of...
  • dyinginside35

    35 years

    Nobody responded to my last post and that kinda hurts because I'm looking for help. For most of my life I've dealt with severe depression and self hate. I'm 35 years old now, for the most part I read self help books to try to help myself but don't know how to apply what I read. I was just reading last night that a person can start to believe tings if they tell themselves it enough and I'm afraid...
  • great.karma

    Alone and lonely

    I left my hometown over two years ago and moved to NM for a job.  I knew nobody here and now my family is 1600 miles away.  Since I work, I can't just go home anytime I want to.  In this process, I have become extremely lonely, even when I do things with new friends, I come home feeling depressed.  I have never lived alone before and this experience has been excruciating.
  • EmmaRose88

    How to be social in uncomfortable situations

    To make a long story short I had a few gatherings on my moms side. Due to family in fighting I haven't talked to this side since my grandma died. The girl graduating was my moms great niece so I do not know her too well. My moms nephew had two kids and went through a bitter divorce. The ex wife had one step daughter. My cousin is now remarried and there a slew of other adult kids with the new...
  • rylie1881


    I just started laugh/crying so much. I was re-watching Grey's Anatomy for the 7th time on Netflix. I was already crying when the episode where the man trys to comitt suicide, but only breaks his leg. It was so ironic, i bursted out laughing and i was thinking that if someone else were home they would think im crazy...LOL
  • beachshore


    My Zoloft was increased to 100 mg three days ago.  Does anyone know how long it will take before the anxiety and depression are less and I can function without worrying how horrible I feel with no pleasure and having anxiety?
  • dyinginside35

    Really depressed

    For most of my life i have suffered trauma. When my mom was pregnant with me my dad hit my mom. When i was two years old i witnessed my dad hit my mom. My dad was an alcoholic and was violent.  My mom and i would hide out whethee it be in cars or hotels. When not at home i was teased at school or bullied. I was the outcast people thought i was weird and looking back i was but i think i wanted...
  • Keira


    Good morning. So I've been feeling very lonely lately and it has gotten to a point where I feel like everyone's just leaving slowly out of my life. Maybe I've pushed them there I don't know. But the main problem is my relationship and friendships. I don't have much friends just one I talk to on a regular basis. I can't just be friends with anyone it's hard. I don't know if they'll leave, talk...
  • rylie1881


    I want to tell my Mom i need help because i want to kill myself...any thoughts, tips, or ideas?  Because i'm abot to do it...
  • catandaxololmom


    I'm not sure if this will be the correct way to post on here but I guess I really need someone to hear me out.I've struggled with depression for what I'm assuming is most of my life and it comes with paranoia, anxiety and bursts of anger. I was raised in an abusive household and dated an abuser for the majority of my teen years. My mother finally left my abusive father when I became an adult...
  • Rascimo

    My bird is plucking, or he was.

    I know you probably have had enough of my surgery, but just to let you know I will NEVER have a surgery that won't let me go home to my home.I have a green cheek conure ( cinnamon type) . My mom claims to be allergic to feathers. Because she had a allergic reaction to dads goose down feathered pillow. They use all kinds of chemicals to clean those feathers. She was  more then likely allergic to...