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Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • I noticed my mood go from good earlier today to sudden doom and gloom.I mean I feel so lonely and all of a sudden nothing matters much.Lately,I have been eating poorly like sweets and snacks and it seems like my brain chemistry changes with high carbs.I need to monitor this more closely.
  • Bernie96

    Goodbye, for real this time.

    It's been nice talking to you guys, but I'm leaving the world today. I'll miss you.
  • megmarie87

    Hello im new here

    hello im new here been really depressed latley, feel lost and alone and dont know what to do. Tried to make my life better but no matter what i do it never seems to be enough i need advice on what to do. I want to feel like i matter and am cared about
  • My mom always tell that Why are crying again? You are in a bad path , the first step of madness is depression , , my father don't support me he is in silence when I need to talk with him and after that they asking me why are you different . Great souls suffer in silence
  • wyn22

    hello, i'm new here...

    and i'm stressed and anxious and depressed and all those fun things, and back in therapy after 10 years w/o that i REALLY should have been under care. i'm very bad at making myself actually say what is wrong with me/bothering me until it reaches the absolute tipping point, as i have difficulty confiding even in the friends i trust bc i don't want to worry/bother them, but i'm hoping being here...
  • Zoe

    Having a Difficult Time

    I worked with a psychiatrist for three years and we had worked out a medication regime that worked fairly well for me. He closed his private practice and transferred me to another psychiatrist in the same clinic. She has changed my entire medication regime. Just told me she wants to work with drugs she's familiar with. Since my depression and anxiety and mood swings are terrible. I'm suicidal....
  • BUT... I don't have the courage to DIE!For those of you who don't like negative posts...this is a negative so you might as well stop reading it NOW! Anyway...I lost the will to live a long, long time ago...but I don't have the courage to die...and honestly that is frustrating as fuck!I am so tired of just going through the motions of life...but I don't have the courage to end it all...and I don't...
  • LittleSadie

    Saturday Check-in

    Hey everybody. How's your day going?I am very tired today, slept late and still napping on and off. Just recovering from the week, I guess. Hope tomorrow I will have more energy and be more motivated to get some stuff done!
  • illusion

    trying to forget

    I am trying to forget an incidence that happened a while ago. It was caused by a so called friend, a friend who was so close and then betrayed me. I was there for her everytime she asked of me, helping her in her stress, in her struggle but she betrayed me and now all i can think is how can someone do something like this to another. I cannot concentrate on anything else. My life is suffering...
  • hopefulmama

    Hello,I'm new

    i hope everyone will forgive me,I am not here for myself but for my 12 year old daughter,who is extremely depressed.I have been reading posts here for weeks.I am out of options for her and I am trying everything I know how.She was sexually abused by her cousin for 3years,we found out about a year ago,she started cutting and had suicidal thoughts this past March,we put her in a 2week program in...
  • AnnaRT

    I can't handle this pain

    Why people when know my history leave me ? I'm tired of feel alone . Can someone help me!
  • AnnaRT

    I'm still breathing

    You tell me hold your head up cause when you fall, you gotta get up and move on , what they know about my life or my history , yes you know my name but you don't know nothing about me , You don't that I have a lot of invisible scars , I have to contain my tears because I don't like that people feel pity for me , I'm not strong like my friends believe , deep inside I'm so broken and lost . I'm so...
  • akacountrygirl


  • marrude

    Fisher Wallace Stimulator for depression

    Has anybody ever heard of or used the Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator for Depression? I ordered one that is coming today.
  • hauntedgirl25

    I'm over this....

    I have had depression on and off since I was 5,I am now 30 and things have steadily gotten worse. Three years ago I had a work place accident and I now have chronic pain. The pain was calming down but lately its gotten worse. I get extreme pelvic,flank,gallbladder and leg pain. My partner works away from home so hes home every 2 weeks for about 4 or 5 days sometimes longer or shorter. I work for...