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Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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12 Online
  • yetive

    Can't handle it anymore!

    Can someone please tell me how to end my life in a peaceful manner. It sounds like I'm joking but I'm dead serious. Ive come to terms with the fact that I'm emotionally unstable and it's been this way since I was 15, I'm 42 now. I've had enough. No lectures please just help me die in a peaceful manner since there's no emotional peace in my life
  • i've wrestled with depression all my life but for the past week I've been experiencing a level of depression that I've never experienced before. I am profoundly depressed. The can't get out of bed or do anything that needs doing kind of depressed. I don't even know how to express in words the kind of hopelessness and pain I am experiencing right now. I'm on depression medications and see a...
  • biaxD05

    How to start again

    Since my boyfriend broke with me two days ago I mostly haven't left my bed. I'm just eating something cause my mom forces me... I don't want to do anything, I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to leave my bed and I can't stop crying thinking that my friends don't care about me and all the relationships I had and all the relationships I will ever have are fated to end, people will always get...
  • bridgie101

    suicide blogs

    Hi, I'd like to respectfully request that everyone who does a 'I want to kill myself how shall i do it' type thread be given a 1 month ban to think about what they've done. this isn't a pro-ana type website where all the deranged people come to talk about ways to self-harm and get away with it. This site isn't here for creeps to get their kicks.
  • rainbowlegacym55

    took a step

    hello all . i am new here i took a huge step and started an ssri. i also have 4 days of not self medicating with alchohol i hope this helps me i am tired of being sick and tired thanks for listening going slow here hope t make a few friends
  • Hey I'm new but thot I'd tell u a lil about myself.. I'm 24. I have two kids by the same dead beat sperm donor and I have a laundry list of problems.. I have had depression for over 10 years.. I have been molested raped and manipulated into doing things I didn't want to do. My first molestation was when I was 3 years old. Unfortunately I remember most of what happened. Fast forward 5 yrs.. dirty...
  • emptysoul

    Taking time off work

    i have major depression and crtain triggers that make it worst. I finally decided to go back on meds. My question is : we are really short at work but I called my counslor and psychiatrist to see if they can take me off work for awhile since this trigger has my depression level at a 8. I found a private pych hospital but I don't want to go there yet but if worst comes to worst I will then my life...
  • neostarman


    I swear I'm losing it. From the lack of sleep to not exercising, I feel I have no reason to live anymore. I just feel like offing myseld sometime soon. I'm just such a pathetic mess. People keep telling me I'm strong, this-and-that, blah blah! But what's really going through their heads is how f***** up I am. No one cares to get to know me cause I'm freak. A clown! Well if they want a freak, I...
  • rebellious_souls


    Family: *Insults my weight*Family: *Insults my interests*Family: *insults my friends*Family: *Insults my music* Family: *judges me constantly*Family: Why aren't you spending time with us? You're very rude.
  • Hurting

    Online help

    this is completely new to me, and it might not even be a real concept, but are there counselor or therapists that people can speak with after hours or online? I have insurance
  • ruthgrps


    Does anyone know how you edit in the journal area? And how you change your mood Thanks
  • Black_Ink

    About my life

    So today I decided to explain my whole life to the world.My mother had MS and a drinking disorder also smoked and my dad use to drink and smoke(he quit long ago). When my mother would drink she would be violent but she wasn't always drunk it was on and off. When she was though my dad and her would fight and yell at eachother. The scariest times that happen when she was drinking is she once...
  • greyhounds92

    new to group

    Hello all Im new to the group Im a 42 yr old from pennsylvania.... I have generalized depression due to getting hit with a bunch of health issues at an early age (as an adult) starting in 2001... Since then 8 yrs ago I had to retire early & go on disability because of the health issues and it really sucks..... Plus obviously my life never did turn out the way i had wanted it to but whose has??...
  • sarmar16


    I got in a fit of slight rage today, for the dumbest reason. My friend wanted me to bring his paint to his house from mine, and he wouldn't stop asking so I got super irritable and pretty much lost my sh*t because I just didn't feel like going anywhere. I dropped them off and barely said a word to him, slammed some doors, and left crying. I'm so full of regret right now. I apologized to him but...
  • I was encouraged by the other thread about worst things to say, that I hoped we could get some good participation in this one as well. Those of us who struggle with depression, what are some things you would want to hear from a friend or loved one?For me it would be hearing things like "I know you're not feeling your best but I'm going to be here for you through this", "I know how hard it can be...