Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • Shorty220

    Looking for advice...

    Okay I've been dealing with depression for quite a while now. And the past couple months I've had nightmares about self-harming and everything and keep on getting these gruesome images in my head each time. But I've had major urges to cut and last friday was the first night i couldn't control these urges anymore and began to cut. And since then it's happened more than once.. Tonight I cut once...
  • gossipgirlxoxo

    Fake Friends

    Last Night, my group of friends were drinking and being a lgihtweight I was gone first. I can remember everything that happened and I wish I didn't because I cried about it all day today.We were having a good time making memories and my one friend, who was more drunk than I was, decided that it would be a great time to start calling me out on everything I've ever done wrong. She was calling me...
  • Diane-M

    winter allergies

    Anybody else affected? This is the first time I have had what they are saying are winter allergies. I am at the clinic for the third time with itchy swollen eyes. My eyes are even sore. Tried three kinds of drops, nasal spray. Even antibiotics.
  • musicgirl1991

    Frustrated I'm just getting worse:(

    so today started off as a meh kind of day.i thought I was going to be able to make it through .now it has gotten really bad . I cut my arm open and it was bleeding and my mom randomly asked to check my arm so she saw :( then she started screaming at me that I need residential treatment . I don't even know what that is :( she made me cover them all up with band aids but now all I want to do is...
  • AnnaRT

    Auntie Anna

    I'm going to be aunt  why i'm so unhappy it's so hard to say but this is the truth my sister is having her first baby at 18 . I'm so sad because i think the people will judge her 
  • Willow215


    I've been reading the posts and know that SO many are struggling so badly. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to reply to y'all. I'm in a very bad place right now. As most know, much mom (aka: best friend) died 3 yrs ago  (12/27/13). I was her sole caregiver x 5 years. When she passed a wicked stepsister came into the house and threw me and my dog out. She was horrible to me and threatened to harm...
  • LaurieAlice


    I told my brother’s ex (the mother of his children) some stuff I felt she needed to know regarding child support and custody.  Knowing my brother’s temper, I made her swear to keep it between us.  Well, Friday when he and I were going to the store, they were having an argument on the phone.  I went into the store without him because I didn’t want to hear it anymore.Later, she texted me...
  • soulsearcher83

    My friend betrayed me

    A friend of mine had agreed to let me and my dog stay with her and her family for a month to try things out as roommates. I dropped off the mattress on Thursday in advance. She kept saying that her husband wasn't sure he wanted to take on a roommate again. I said okay that's fine if he doesn't want to I'll figure something else out . But she kept insisting that it would work and it was expected...
  • LillyGabriel

    Disrespecting others only shows...

    2 much we need to work on ourselves.I live next to a family consisting of a mother and her grown children. They're a nice family but their living situation isn't what any of them want. They live together because they have to share in the bills because no one earns enough to live on their own. I often hear them when they're arguing. It seems one of the daughters is dating a married man and...
  • Katgirl1011

    Sick, and trying to hold myself together..

    So my sister got sick close to a week ago. And of course, i caught it.I'm not too bad yet but getting worse fast.. my mom thinks its the flu.. but i just got in big trouble for asking to get a bottle of medicine.. because im wasting money and its bad timing and im gonna be trying from TN to OK tomorrow.. My sister has gotten meds, my dad went and bought whatever she wanted last night that might...
  • whit22

    Hard Day

    Yall I've been thinking about killing myself all day. I painted for a bit, wrote in my journal, but that thought keeps coming back. It would be so easy. No more pain. Suffering. Or bullshit. I feel so trapped.
  • Busybee21

    The struggle is real

    I'm really sorry for my absence. There's been sooo much happening and I'm just not ready to discuss that stuff... but there is something I wanted to discussThe boyfriend (as of last night I'm not sure what we are) anyway... being with someone who doesn't believe in anxiety and depression .... is the hardest thing in the world... he tries... he tries so damn hard to make me strong to help me just...
  • scooterdh

    Another Relapse...

    I've been taking my break up very badly. It happened in October... and I haven't been right since November. Probably because she broke up with me over the stupidest and least justified reason with little explanation and proceeded to hook up with people and tell me about it. We are both college students. And today I've had another relapse. I feel awful. I want to drop out of school and I just...
  • enfieldguy

    Don't want to do anything

    have always had depression but lately I have zero desire to fight it or do anything I used to like. I'm still functioning at my high stress job but all I want to do is sleep the night away the second 6pm comes around. 
  • whit22


    Today's been interesting. I started off productive, then I got creative, and now I've just been thinking about all that pains me.I can't stop remembering my rape tonight. It's got me awakened and angry. Im also afraid I'll have this empty, dark hole inside that I don't know how to fill. I can be happy for a bit, but sadness and pain seem to always find their way back. Im so tired of these ups...