Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • LittleSadie

    Thursday Check-in

    How's everybody doing today?
  • lumnayforever

    how do i escape from it....

    I really feel like I'm getting in this deep hole and i have no motivation whatsoever to get out of it. The more I think about it the deeper i dive in and its a really scaring feeling I want to get out of myself but cant figure out how to..... There's so much to describe but little words to explain it...
  • fluffypuppy

    i cant take it anymore

    im at that point.. i just want to end it all. again i was betrayed by someone. who told me things like how they would never leave me and other things. i am tried of being left like this. im tired of it im tired. whenever im hurting they dont care about my feelings. they leave me. they left. they left me for others again. im tired of it. how many times just how many. im just done. i can't. it...
  • bingewatcher221


    Hello, I's new to this siteI am thinking about going to a on campus theraptist at my college about some feelings and stuff I've been going through latley. This would be my first therapy session, any addvice?
  • Spike2013

    How much more...

    I'm really tired, I'm in a lot of pain physically, emotionally and spiritually, days getting longer, time feeling shorter.. I just don't know how much more I can take. Medical conditions keep me from walking sometimes, keeps me indoors and it's only because it's embarrassing and hard for normal people I come across to even cope with knowing that I'm hurt.. I'm trying to get out of a dark part of...
  • we have eggs any way you want them and loads of toast and waffles as well as flap jacks and bacon bring on the bacon! I stacked up the pork sausage onto my plate along with fresh veggies...I love those...I cut up cantelope and honey dew for all....we have cereals as well as oat meal and for my friend LMT I made cheese grits for come pull up a chair and put the feed bag on for...
  • nature24


    I am new to this sort of thing. Not sure where to even begin: I'm exhausted. Struggling to be present. Pulling myself out of the comfort of bed.Pushing myself into society. Knowing there is much to be thankful for, looking to acknowledge the blessings.Thankful for a beautiful sunrise.
  • liv_080

    heading home

    hey guys so i told a counselor at school that i cant make it through the day at school and my moms pulling my out of school and im heading to a crisis center hopefully to get tips on how to feel better.Thanks for all the kind comments on all my posts, it really helps.
  • loralp

    One of the lowest day of my life

    Hi all. So I'm doing a little better today, but only a little.A bit if background; I'm a 52 year old mother of 2 amazing daughters. Their ages are 27 and 25. My oldest lives in Seattle, about two hours away from me, my youngest lives in the Phoenix area. 14yrs ago, my father, whom I worshipped, died suddenly, a couple months later,  I was in a car accident that left me disabled. I do ok most...
  • Broken_bridges

    Trying to find peace

    Im 44 y/.  Parent of 1 bio daughter who hasnt spoken to me in 2 years.  I lost my father to cancer this past August.  And im in a job I cant stand onlybecause I need health insurance even more because i need major surgury soon as Im finding out.Most days for me are working or staying in at home.  We moved to a big city where i feel as im suffocating and cant breathe.I cant relate to people...
  • wyn22

    was a good day at first, but...

    feeling very antsy and agitated and stupid, even though by all rights today wasn't a bad day, i did both things i wanted to do and things i needed to do, even if one or two needed things got pushed to 'to do' for tomorrow, but now i just feel sick and hollow. probably going on facebook to wish an old friend happy birthday and not signing out immediately after didn't help, looking at posts of...
  • hopefulsky2016

    First post

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this website. And I guess I came on here because I wish to seek a support system. I have suffored through depression years ago. I called it my great sadness. I got better well so I said to myself. I feel that I am going back to the same place I was years ago. I am about to finish collage, however I feel stressed out with the situation. I feel that this sadness stems from...
  • liv_080

    morning check in,

    Hey guys i didnt hurt myself last night, i messaged a texting hotline and they helped me out for the night.This morning isnt going the best though, woke up with my mom yelling at me for no reason, calling me names.I hope i can make it through the school day okay.
  • I have realized that I get very negative when something bad happens to me, which doesn't have to be very bad, and I also go to the past and it is very difficult for me to get out of the situation and help myself. I start repeating negative thoughts again and again or whatever hurt me and it is quite difficult for me to get out of that.  Does somebody know what can I do to get out of the...
  • anyone else try to make friends only to get pushed aside.. ?It happens a lot. to the point where I really just think I'm meant to be alone. I feel like I've been cursed or something.if I do make friends. I'm forgotten about for someone else. They just leave without saying a word. I soon find out that I've been left behind for others. while I sit back and wonder what I did so wrong?I help people...