Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • Dan_99

    My diet and depression/anxiety - anyone else ?

    As many of you know I have had a pretty rough go of it this year, depression and anxiety have been pretty hard on me phsyically. I'm exploring any possible links between my diet and the depression, and I do think there's a link for me.  I've had a physical to check me out that way, but I have not been tested for vitamin deficiency....but eventaully I may.I just wanted to share my latest...
  • scooterdh

    What do I do

    I knew when I woke up that I was gonna have a bad day in terms of depression and anxiety. I don't know what to do, I want to hurt myself and see myself bleed. All I'm thinking about is all the dumb decisions I made. My ex keeps popping into my head and destroying my sanity. I had to quit my job, I haven't applied for school, my ex won't talk to me... make it stop
  • ColemanCochran

    Who is online?

    Cause I need someone to talk too
  • Kathy1234


    Golly i dont seem to say anything right. PPl dont accept the things that i say are how i feel. I feel as though im pushed away by everyone. I want to go to bed and sleep and never to get awakened.
  • musicgirl1991


    Idk I was doing really well and starting to feel a bit more up beat. Now I had a really bad day and I have insane urges to hurt myself again. I just wish I was normal again or at least more stable :( 
  • jake123

    Bad mood.

    Having a rough day.
  • aspiringballerina

    Losing my progress

    I was doing so well. So. Well. But I feel like I'm falling and losing all the progress I've made. And it sucks. I had to go home for medical reasons which is 2,000 miles away from where I live. I'm supposed to be able to go back next week and hopefully that helps. All my friends are there and I miss all of them. They are my support system. I need them. Anyway just needed to vent about it. I just...
  • Shelli2278

    Feeling down......wanting to find hope

    i recently opened up to my fiancé of 6 years about wanting a second child with him....terribly.  Not only is my age working against me (38), but I have had a few abnormal test results, and was told my my doctor I'm good to go right now, but to do it soon.  I have opted to take preventative measures and have surgery in the future to be on the safe side....but I wanted to try last...
  • Wendy123

    looking for advice

    hi.  i've posted her before about various things. tonight i have a question for you and would like your opinion.  it's a faminly thing. my sister wants to come over to visit my mom occasionally.  i have been caring for mom and she's been living with me for a couple of months since she had a stroke.  my sister and i don't get along and i find her very manipulative and mean.  my mother knows i...
  • bees2000

    God Is Love

    No matter what happens today or doesn't happen, turn your attention to God.  He is always there.  He is the ultimate healer.  He can do anything.  He turned water into wine.  He made a blind man see.  He loved us so much, that he gave his son to die on the cross for us. No one in this world may not love us, but God does.  Do not listen to bad thoughts.  Bad thoughts are not good.  Only...
  • wild_and_free

    Constant Up and Down

    Everyday is so different and confusing. One day I cut because the thoughts are so bad and the next day I'm completely fine. A couple days ago I wanted to commit suicide and Sunday I was ok. Today I'm feeling low again :(Does anyone else go through this constant up and down? It's sometimes so overwhelming and I don't know how to handle it. Next time I see the doc I want to switch my medication.
  • Dan_99

    Caught in no-man's land with my depression

    I feel like my post I'm caught in a strange place.....floating in between depression and feeling normal.....which normally I would classify as a good thing but I dont really feel that way.  I feel like I'm in that state when your coming home from the dentist and your laughing gas is half worn off.My life is really lonely right now.....and I think that's what's hard...nobody...
  • Alex82

    Im done.

    If all these so called mental health programs will do nothing to help me find a therapist when now its ecalated to the point where im dissociated with my own identity, the system is screwed up. You know tried working this site, tried finding decent help but if so many people want to be so ego xentric in their support libes to begin with, whats the point?And we wonder why suicide rates are high or...
  • musiclover0915

    please read this

    PLEASE READ THIS, MAYBE IT WILL HELPDear Future Self,            It’s you, but I am pretty sure you already know that. I’m not going ask you when we get boobs, because we already have those, and I’m not going to ask you if I ever get that guy I’m currently pining over, because I know I probably won’t. I don’t want to know the surprises in life, or the awful things that are...
  • brinw

    How long???

    I have been back on my med's for a week. I was only off of them for about 3 weeks after I tapered off of them. My dosage use to be 40mg, but I am on 20mg now. I have anxiety and don't want to go anywhere. I waiting for it to kick back it. I do have med's for the anxiety. I thought after menopause this would all be over. I try to take each day at a time, but every morning I wake up its there....