Depression Support Group

Depression is a real and debilitating condition that is often misunderstood by family and friends. Its meaning can range from a prolonged period of sadness to an actual mental illness with specific symptoms. Find and share experiences with others who are going through the same struggles.

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  • jocelyn01


    This sounds so extremely stupud, but it's been getting to me a lot. Two of my friends recently told me they were basically done with me because I have cancer. Neither of them are talking to me. They've started harassing me. And aother friend of mine stopped talking to me because one of her friends basically forced her to. She blocked my number and now I have no way of reaching her. Yeah, I have...
  • Alexis09


    Its almost 1am and I can't do this anymore. I'm alone now and everything hurts. I feel like no one would miss me if I'm dead. 
  • soulsearcher83

    It was a success!

    It is exactly one month that I had a spinal fusion in my lumbar spine. They fused one level because I had a birth defect there. It weakened over time and finally fractured. You don't know you have it until you are in pain and later in life.Unfortunately, it was hard to see in imaging and it HAD fracture to see it. After surgery, the doc said it was a success and that the instability in my spine...
  • hannahv

    losing hope

    i can't eat, i can't sleep anymore. i feel abandoned by everyone who cares about me, and i'm seriously losing hope for everything. the guy i really, really liked and wanted a relationship fucking blocked me off of all social media and doesn't want to talk to me for a month because i opened up to him about feeling suicidal recently. i don't know what to do anymore 
  • Sometimes...

    No follow through.

    I've alienated myself from a lot of former friends, so I really value the few that I have left. So when one friend invited me out 2 weekends ago I said yes. So the day of I actually did my hair and put on something nice (which is a change from my pajamas) and I waited and waited until the whole day past without a word from them. And the thing is that I know I could have said something but I'm...
  • rachel_

    for sayyy

    okay, lets say i have a friend, and shes struggling with depression, and she has a boy friend that hits her and is making it worse, he yells and screams and such, what should she do??????kinda need help now
  • Strugglingtosurvive123

    I need some help

    Im hopeless, thats it. Thats all I am. I got the pills ready for my suicide. I just want to feel the pills down my throat. I really just want to die. I am so alone. Like I really don't know anymore. My friends or family don't care. No one cares at all. Its an everyday battle going back and forth with myself. Should I die today or should I die tomorrow ? If I don't die today then I am just wasting...
  • animechan227

    I need some help

    I have not been diagnosed with depression but I have been diagnosed with a few things that have fucked up my life and I feel so alone... My boyfriend has threatened to break up with me because of how sad I have been getting and I don't know what to do and I can't trust therapists...
  • Tshoe


    I'm new to this but I have the feeling that I am a disappointment to everyone around me especially the most important people in my life. I want to please everyone but no matter what it seems I'm just not good enough.
  • Angelwood13

    I feel like all my troubles are all in my head

    Doing really well at my job. I got promoted to full time a couple months ago and now i'm a team lead and everyone at work is mad. They feel like everything is being handed to me or i asked our supervisor for all of this or something. i see and feel people talking about me and i just want to go fucking savage and become a big bitch. on the other hand i feel like im making it all up like i'm...
  • andreal1973

    Not sure what to do

    I"ve been dating my boyfriend for almost two years.  I have some major health issues including Type 1 diabetes, (I have and insulin pump for this)  I have asthma, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, to name a few.  I have been battling a sinus infection, and thrush lately. last week my blood sugar was very high when my boyfriend checked on it at lunch.  Since I'm on an insulin pump if...
  • rachel_

    you don't have to care..

    i wanna say im sorry, im sorry for fucking everything up, and breathing.. im sorry, i know i mess stuff up.. i know nobody wants me around.. UGHHHHHHHHHH i hate my self.. i just don't know what to do.sometimes i feel id be better off dead
  • lostone10

    Ending it

    My days keep getting worse. I'm getting help, but right now I just feel like ending it
  • Sitoman23

    I just don't know what to do

    I'm a 14 year old boy who used to be popular but suddenly had every last friend distance themselves from me, I just broke up with my girlfriend and my dad committed suicide. All of my old hobbies I used to love don't interest me anymore. I have no supportive adults to consult with and, since all my "friends" (including my childhood besties and other besties) basically don't like me anymore I have...
  • JTJ365

    A friend

    I've hit an all time low and I just want someone to talk to. Idk how this works but I thought I'd see what comes of this site