Senior Dating & Sexuality Support Group

This community is intended for senior to discuss senior dating and sexuality, and the specific issues that arise for seniors, such as starting over as a widow or widower.

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  • Ghostdancer

    Dusty Group

    Yikes idk about a group that the last activity was May of 2016 and we are now in late October 2017? Because I would like to find someone to just sit and watch a movie with or have a cup or two of coffee with. No whirlwind courtship just connecting to another adult to socialize with. 
  • SweetPetite

    Ladies-I need your opinion please

    What do you think about a man who is 50 years old and never been married? I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, thoughts, or experiences with men who are "older" and never been married. Does it send up any red flags?
  • YawningWonder

    When you only want a companion?

    I would be interested in finding a male companion, but not a mate for marriage or to live with. I think what I would like doesn't fit in any online groups , so I'm probably out of luck on that account. I'm not religious, so meeting at church or something like that is also out. So, I guess I'm pretty much out of luck unless a miracle happens lol. I'm happy & I have loving adult kids, so it's more...
  • CorvetteCJ

    How to meet a genuine man

    Hi Everyone I have been widowed for almost 5 years. I would like to meet a man who has his act together. I have tried online dating sites (many) and have not had any luck. Most men don't even respond to me when I send an interest. I think I am attractive enough but why is this so hard? Any advice would be welcome :)
  • janni1234

    Are any online dating sites safe for seniors?

    I'm not sure I actually want to "date." It has been six months since I lost my husband and I am lonely. I am also no "spring chicken" and should probably forget about this. But it would be nice to meet someone local to go out for coffee with, etc. I signed on with Christian Mingle and Senior People Meet, but many of those I've met have seemed a bit sketchy. A couple asked for my private...
  • laney77

    If not on line then what??

    I see so many people who detest online dating, for many reasons, heck I'm one of them. So if you aren't doing online what are you doing to meet single seniors in your area?
  • fluffkin

    Impotence after radiation for prostrate surgery

    I don't know how to begin except to ask the question, "what about oral sex is most satisfying to a guy?" I know it will sound strange to say this, but because my partner is not at all verbal I have found myself wishing that I could stop being a gal for just one day so I would know what is most pleasurable for guys.I've read everything I can get my hands on about impotence resulting from...
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  • msbk

    Senior Dating Sites

    When it comes to senior dating, maybe online dating service will be helful for senior/over 50 singles who are looking for a relationsihp, dream lover or your soulmate. These online dating websites/apps offer a platform to meet the special person. 
  • KathLove


    I have been widowed for three years.  I started dating a year ago.  Not really a date -- just getting together for coffee or tea.But the widower and widow dating sites not only cost money but there are very few in the Northern Virginia area.I started a Facebook Page for Northern VA Widowers and Widow (free) socials.I am not interested in getting married, but would love to have a friend to hang...
  • Ghostdancer

    General Musing

    Wonders if he shows up as a friend in need on his friends list of friends or if I'm just a general friend at all times?
  • Geno502

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello Group, My name is Eugene but you can call me Geno. I just joined the group last night I'm seeking support as well as be a support on this journey into senior hood. I welcome any and all dialogue and feedback Peace!!!!
  • WarriorGal

    New Here

    I am 71 y-o female. I am very comfortable with online dating. I have been divorced since 1989. Had a 10 year relaionship and have been online dating on and off for 10+ years. I am very selective and also think I have not been ready for more than a firendshio and casual dating.....but now I think I am ready for more.I still do not want marriage or even living togegther, but I am THINKING about...
  • JWT488


    Hi everyone. I havent dated for about 15 years now. I have a wall and a half but I would like someone to do things with. Maybe even marrige dunno. I have married once and I loved it but undoubtlly she did not. I want a strong character that loves trips outdoors movies and basically anything and everything i havnt done yet that im still able to do. I still believe in love heck if your trully in...
  • rosebud

    Senior Apartment Complex Challenge

    I live in a senior apartment complex and there are some who are narcissistic and want ro be dominant.  I USE the gray rock method to deal with them- be boring.  Anyone have any experience with this?