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If you or a loved one is struggling with presciption drug abuse, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through a similar fight. You don't have to struggle with addiction alone. Ask a question, give advice, share your story, and get hope for recovery here.

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  • abrokenmom

    Thinking of talking to MD to stop pain meds but...

    Four years ago I was sent to a Pain Clinic with the goal of getting pain under control to start working again. I am 63 now.  I was prescribed 20 mg OxyContin a.m., 10 mg at bedtime, with 4 mg hydromorphone up to 4 times a day as needed. I have never had the desire to take more, nor have I ever taken more. My pain has never been completely under control either and I'm still on a heating pad most...
  • Hthrmh87


    Im addicted to opiates bad!!! I spend stupid amounts of money just so i dont get sick. And right now im going thru a very rough time and i have no support whatsoever. So i automatically turn to pills to make me feel happy. What do i do to overcome this addiction especially during bad times
  • howdidienduphere1

    Withdrawal from tramadol? Am I an addict now?

     I stopped talking tramadol. I followed my prescription. I didn't think I was addicted but I'm going through withdrawals. I trusted my Dr. yet I still ended up here?? I'm in hell. 
  • deleted_user


    I am on the suboxone program and it seems to work great. I have noticed though, that i keep hearing about how people are on it and not really known anyone who has tapered off and has complete sobriety. If there are people please let me know, how did it go and how long? I know everyone is different. It would be nice not to be depended on anything. Its not an option i guess right now, don't...
  • onyxdragon5977

    Opioid addict...

    I feel like I am tearing my family apart. I have been prescribed oxycodone and morphine for over 2 years now and I just started abusing it. I realized that my body has such a high tolerance for it, I can take 5-6 oxy or 3-4 morphine and barely feel it. I know that it can kill me, but I ran short last month, and I felt the withdrawals. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a problem, but one of my...
  • minpinluvr

    I abuse my Ritalin.

        I abuse my Ritalin, but I'm not addicted.  I get my Ritalin filled every month.  I use the Ritalin for about a week, till it's gone.  Then I have to go without for like three weeks till I can get it filled again.  In those three weeks, there's no withdrawal or cravings.  It reminds me of when I did coke, I'd get an eight ball on the weekends & was fine in between.  I can't go off the...
  • aprilmillett88

    my addiction to drugs

    i am addicted to klonopin and i worry if ill ever run out of it or have to get off it for some reason. i also take resperdal and prozac. im still always usually depressed and have temper tantrums... is there a med like maybe adderall that could help with this mixture to be more helpful to me during my day? i also cant sleep anymore from these drugs and i sweat terrible and i have no idea which...
  • shannon1989

    CBD oil?

    im trying to wean myself off xanax and Ativan I was prescribed for my panic attacks. Has anyone tried to use CBD oil to ease withdrawal symptoms? I'd like to hear some experiences good or bad. 
  • RoseLans

    On Suboxone for 5 years

    Hi everyone, I am new here so please be gentle with me. My feelings get hurt very easily. I made it through life into my 40's before getting addicted to any drug. in my 40's I took a percocet for the first time ever and it was all over after that, I got addicted. I was taking them for bad teeth issues, abcess tooth. Anyway, I soon found myself buying them off the street. I am VERY ashamed of...
  • sassygray5

    How to Help My Brother

    Hello all. I have a twin brother, we're both in our mid twenties. He has struggled with drug abuse for many years. You name it he's done it. My family and I also believe he has some type of mental disorder. Doctors have speculated st schizophrenia in the past. He has episodes occasionally with talking nonsense, hearing voices, and violent behavior.He doesn't take his prescription meds correctly...
  • AntsInMyEyesJohnson

    So i'll never not be an addict...

    Why not use?
  • HipHappy

    Opiates WD and mental illness stage?

    Every time I try to come off opiates, codeine and morphine, I do ok through the phsyical stages, ie cramps, constipation, the diarrhea. But at about the diarrhea stage I start having massive depression, insomnia, negative self talk, anxiety etc. Its so bad I feel like Im worthless and dont want to live, not meaning I want to hurt myself, more I just want out of how Im feeling if that makes...
  • WickedKitty

    How do i know?

    How do i know if im really an addict or not. I can never differentiate. I just started taking pills and while i dont like that im doing it. i like how it makes me feel. what i take numbs me. Physically and Emotionally. something ive been needing for a long time.. 
  • dsf95

    Sleep aid addiction

    started having nightmares last Year; kind of delayed onset PTSD from being kicked in the vagina from behind by an ex- dance instructor in August '15(he's a guy and a black belt) this was unprovoked, for mildly inappropriate dancing months earlier. Never touched him! What set off the nightmares? I saw Deadpool and watching all the humiliating groin kicks happening only to men (the movie must have...
  • shannon1989

    How to taper off benzos? (Xanax)

    I have struggled with panic attacks and anxiety for several heads now and 2 years ago was prescribed.5mg Xanax daily (in addition to an antidepressant). I would take one each night and 1 1/2 if I was having a panic attack (rarely lately). I have made great progress so last week I decided to taper myself off Xanax. I am terrified of the possible withdrawal symptoms. I know it's a small dosage but...