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The loss of a pet or animal to which one has become emotionally bonded can be an intense loss, comparable with the death of a loved one. Whilst there is strong evidence that animals can feel such loss for other animals, this community focuses on human feelings, when an animal is lost, dies or otherwise is departed.

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  • Hi all, I am new to all this so please bear with me! I guess I should start from the beginning really. We got our first family pet in 2010, Dad came home from work one evening and said his work mates partner was having to get rehome her cavalier as her new flat landlord didn't allow pets, so Dad said when would we like to go and view him. We set the date and it came round pretty fast! We all...
  • Jbellegirl

    Am I in denial?

    It's been one week and 3 days since I put my dog Gidget to sleep. Without going into her back story, let's just say that I cried multiple times that - before I drove her to the vet's office, once at the vet's office at least twice, once in the car before driving home, and once after seeing her dog walker cry. But since that day I don't think I've cried for her, and it feels wrong. I loved Gidget...
  • lizaradley

    3 months

    It's been exactly 3 months since I lost my beautiful boy Freddy. I wonder if I'll ever stop crying about him. I'm not going to have children so he was my baby. He was the creature I channeled all my love into and I have so much love to share. I started filling out an adoption form for a new cat tonight but I just ended up in tears. I know it will help to have someone to love again. I know no one...
  • if you think im crazy, just ignore this. but ive felt Rocky's presence today several times. i even called his name. when my last dog Rudy died, i felt his presence so many times that i made a log of them. i still have it at my dad's house. like - im feel a dog jumping against my bed. i felt it. & it felt just like what Rudy did. this freaked me out in a good way - i got Rocky 3 weeks after...
  • March52

    My Best Friend is Gone

    My Coco is gone. He bought so much joy into my life. My heart is so very very sad. I will love him forever. My friend and companion.
  • I put her down Monday morning because she was too far gone and was in pain and I didn't want to be selfish and just keep her for me. I keep crying, this is really hard.
  • I am glad I was able to get in with new user name but want my old one back....
  • aussiechick

    how to tell a child

    Hi everyone..just need some advice please..I had to have my old girl put to sleep in November last year and I have a almost 3 year old asking where she is..I am telling her she is at the vet because she is very sick but I know I can't keep telling her that..thanks everyone
  • Dogs Carmen is in front, Doc in distance. They were pointing a bird I put out in launching trap for hunting training. The bird isn't hurt it is tossed up into air w remote control and it flys back to pigeon coupe. Carmen died April 1, 2009, Doc died Jan. 5, 2014 if memory serves me correctly. Current photo is my avitar, but it is in my photos too if the avitar got changed when you read this!
  • BabyDoll,i lost you 5 months ago today. you were my everything. i dont know how ive lived without you.i loved you so much Rocky, my beautiful boy.i will always love you. Mommy
  • feeshee

    My Boy is gone

    Have you ever had a cat that just wants to be near you all the time? So loving and affectionate. Sweet-natured and gentle. He just came into my life one day and never left. He wanted out a couple of nights ago. When I called him before going to bed he didn't come. Feeling uneasy, I went to bed. He didn't come the next morning for breakfast. I knew something was wrong. I called for him...
  • I lost my Bella Jean a week ago due to a tragic accident. Can't stop crying and feeling it's my fault I wasn't there to help her. I wake up everyday and she is the first thing I think of, and cry. I miss her sweet face greeting me and making me feel loved.
  • My cat Mona was hit by a car pretty much right outside our driveway on Saturday night. We discovered her body early on Sunday morning when I was taking my partner to work. We both saw her at the same time, cried "no!" and jumped out the car and ran over to her. There was this old man stopped right by her, looking at her with the saddest look on his face. My husband and I were just crying, I was...
  • I got home and she mentioned the Doctor Domino who I had to put down in 2014 on Jan 5th after huge snow storm left him unable to go outside and he kept going out....the reason she mentioned him was because I added a section of high fencing along their property line fence after my new rescued Tucker jumped the lower fence on first day here....she would like me to take down the higher fence because...
  • annettearizona

    cute things

    I thought perhaps naming some cute things are present or past furry friends have done might be I think our doggy would be a great pickpocket...she can pick up something while out for her walk and I don't even see her do it until I notice her holding her mouth funny or I hear crunching