Pet Bereavement Support Group

The loss of a pet or animal to which one has become emotionally bonded can be an intense loss, comparable with the death of a loved one. Whilst there is strong evidence that animals can feel such loss for other animals, this community focuses on human feelings, when an animal is lost, dies or otherwise is departed.

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  • BCMuttMom

    Can't do it

    i can't do it. I can't have kids so he was the closest thing I'll ever have to a child.  I had no idea it would hurt this bad. It would have been his 14th birthday today. Society may say I'm pathetic but I don't care. I would give ANYTHING to have him back. 
  • CocosMommy7515

    So depressed!

    Found out yesterday that my sweet doggy Coco passed away on Thursday night. My heart is so empty and I feel at a loss for words. Coco and I had a relationship that was unexplainable. She inspired my love for dogs. Whenever I was going through anything, Coco was always there to cuddle with me and that alone made me feel like things were going to be alright. When my father no longer wanted to keep...
  • Savanah17

    The Guilt and Grief are unbearable

    My sweet baby Sam drown in our pool on early Monday morning.  He and our other dachshund were kept outside on our patio because they were older and no longer controlled their bowel movements in the house.  Since my husband and I worked, we kept them outside most of the time especially at night when it was cooler.  We always made sure they were warm and fed and had plenty of water.  To be...
  • cidekmat

    Time to heal?

    I had to put my old 18 year old dog down in September and I'm really struggling with my emotions. I am angry and distant from my family I never leave the house and the only reason I get up is because of my toddler.  I have 2 other dogs and 2 cats but they just feel like "pets" to me. There is a little back story.  I have only ever loved two pets this much her and my old cat.  I had my old cat...
  • BCMuttMom

    So sad

    I'm sad. Just so sad. Still. My husband is pretty much back to normal but I still want to do nothing. Just thinking about him makes me cry. I cry at the drop of a hat.  Every single day still. I feel like he thinks I should be ok or at least better than I am. I have no interest in anything but I'm working on faking it. Who's closer to normal. Me or him?  It will be 4 weeks on Monday. I know I'm...
  • BCMuttMom

    I cry

    i cry every day, every single day, more than once. I wear the charm with his paw print almost 24-7. I still can't believe he's gone. And I can't get over the idea that we did it to soon no matter what anyone else says. I'm at my wits end, I'd like to curl up and do nothing all day. He was my baby boy. We nursed him back to health and now after almost 14 years he's just gone. Why would people do...
  • cheksican

    My sweet Charlie

    on Christmas Eve, I took my beautiful blue eyed husky mix for a car ride. Innocently enough, I went without a leash because I could find hers. Once we got home, she went potty and then bolted. I immediately started after here and realized she was moving too fast for me to keep up, I ran back around to get my car and heard brakes squeal. I knew... I knew it was her. I got in my car and whipped...
  • reerose

    a little tribute to Rocky

    my sweeters,i tried to keep it together today, your 1 year anniversary.  i tried not to feel.  i tried not to think.  but Mommy cried for you.  i miss you my tiny son.  i will always love you.  someday we'll see each other again.  (but you better not bite me in Heaven!)  i love you so much, my everything.  ill see you on the other side. . . .wait for me dollbaby.  
  • Stillsearching4me

    Struggling intensely....

    I just had to put my 18.5 yr old sweet Yorkie, Pepper, down last Friday and I can hardly bear the loss. I suffer from PTSD and his loss is more traumatic than anything else I had experienced. I feel lost and my heart continues to break every day. I have never been able to grieve even the loss of my father or brother. .no tears, nothing but I have been unable to push down the emotions where Pepper...
  • Jbellegirl

    Am I in denial?

    It's been one week and 3 days since I put my dog Gidget to sleep. Without going into her back story, let's just say that I cried multiple times that - before I drove her to the vet's office, once at the vet's office at least twice, once in the car before driving home, and once after seeing her dog walker cry. But since that day I don't think I've cried for her, and it feels wrong. I loved Gidget...
  • Minimight

    My shadow is gone

     Recently my baby passed away she was 15 she had been with me since she was six weeks old she was never sick she seem to be happy her entire life nobody could ever believe how she was and so I held onto this belief that she would be with me forever she was the only constant I ever had in my life the only friend that never abandoned me her love was true and pure not conditional she was my best...
  • shelli

    We just lost our youngest pet first

    We had 2 dogs and 2 cats ages 11-13. We took the 11 yr old to vet last week thinking nothing major. Well within 60 minutes we learned he had congestive heart failure. Then had to make the best desicision for him and the worst descision for us. The day before Elections of 2016. The 2 dogs seem ok about this, but the older cat misses his lil brother. I've read up on pet grieving and we will do our...
  • enfieldguy

    Pre grief

    does anyone or did anyone else experience this as they watched their dogs get older and deteriorate? 
  • deleted_user

    Here We Go Again....Possible 2nd Pet Bereavement

    We lost our dog Angel unexpectedly back in November. Now it looks like our cat Tiger might be in his final days. He is 13 years old and has had lymphoma for the past year and half. (We've been doing the chemo meds at home.)The vets say that out of all the feline lymphoma patients they've had, our cat has survived the longest. For the past few days he's stopped eating and has dropped a lot of...
  • reerose

    i just wanna say

    i never gotten over the passing of my 2 dogs.  i never will.i wrote a message to explain this, but DS deleted it before i could finish.  WTF??????????????????i wanna be with my babies, Rudy (the love of my life; & Rocky who was not real nice to me, but id do ANYTHING for him).f--- this life. all ive ever had in the past 10 years is tiny sweet paws i loved- no family, no friends, totallt...