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Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected and alienated from other people. The lonely person may find it difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often experience a subjective sense of inner emptiness or hollowness, with feelings of separation or isolation from the world... Why Do People Get Lonely? People can experience loneliness for many reasons, and many life events are associated with it. The lack of friendship relations during childhood and adolescence, or the...

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  • Dan_99

    Today's my 45th birthday

    Everyone, starting today off crying.......yeah!Well today's a big one for me.......just wanted someone to know its my birthday.I dont have much to show for 45 year.......I dont mean to be a downer, I just didnt want to go completely unnoticed.Dan
  • Bella47

    Answer to Chronic Lonliness?

    I have no friends, my family doesn't even like me.  Now as I am getting older with no social interaction I am just becoming akward feeling around others. I have been divorced for 14 years. Each day I get up and go to work and come home and sit alone with my little dog. I keep wondering if this is it? If so, why am I just going thru the motions? I hardly ever had friends growing up.  When I got...
  • nella


    It has dawned on me that I don't really have friends, especially with how often I burn bridges. Most of the time it gets really lonely and I have no one to talk to, no one to call over, no one to text "hey, let's get coffee" or something. And it makes me really sad and angry with myself for not trying hard, for not being that kind of person who deserves love, friendship or companionship. I would...
  • ohboy12

    On my own...

    Hi everyone,I  don't think I have anything unique to say.   I was divorced 3 1/2 years ago after being married for 14 years.   I can't say I've completely gotten over being on my own after that but I'm in a better place than I was back then.   About a year after being divorced I got myself into a not so great relationship, which was on again off again for a couple of years. I'm finally at a...
  • abcd88

    I feel so lost

    I feel so lost on just about every aspect of my life. I'm currently in a four year relationship and it's been extremely rocky these past couple of months. We argue like any couple, but he likes to leave our house and ignore me for 3 days- a week. We argue about really dumb things that turn into blow out fights. Dating the same person I met my sophomore year has been really amazing to watch how...
  • Lonleyone24


    Today Is a different day, Today I woke up with a headace and a weird feeling in my stomach. I feel liek things aren't going the way I planned. I feel as though I need to change something in my life, but I don't know what. The voices in my head are telling me that I have to let go of the few friends I have, and leave my mother. I don't know what to do. One half of me is sayign that I should do it,...
  • ellbell

    I Wish I Had Friends

    hey it's my first time posting here I'm not quite sure if I'm even doing this right. but lately I've been feeling overwhelmingly lonely. all my "friends" have left me. I don't even know why. I'm a really nice person like I'm trying my hardest to reach out to people and get close but I'm just shut out every time. and that's caused me to build up some barriers too, especially between me and the...
  • mickyboy


    2016 bad year came we came back from holiday to goa, had lovely time 3 days later phone call from mk hospital telling us or eldest was admitted, so whent to see her, she was a heroine addict and had not long got over breast cancer with our help, we took her back to look after her, and see her 2 children, so far so good 6 months later up and whent back to her former life, we looked but nothing,...
  • hayden1

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, my name is Hayden, I am 17 and I just want you to know that if you need to talk or vent, I am right here to help! I know it sometimes feels like nobody cares and loves you but there is someone out there who does including me! You are special in your own way and you are loved! We all go through struggles and trials but we can overcome them, stay strong because I believe you can do hard things!...
  • Isabel2310

    Anyone out there..?

    Is there anyone who would like to chat and develop a friendship?
  • JFL0915

    So very true...

  • digitalbluegirl


    I feel so alone....Finally opened my eyes up to my husband's alchol abuse issue.  I have been struggling with this one so long.  We wold have the same ridiclous fighs, only to have the same ridiculous outcomes.  Then I noticed a pattern, he would be offended by my attitude, go drink a beer, come back and be a dick.  Nothing to pinpoint, nothing you could acutally narrow it down.  It was like...
  • fitbunny

    Lonely, and always thirsty for hubs

    I'm new to this site.. just in desperate need of support and advice :/My husband and I will have been married 1 year next month, but we dated for 6 years(high school sweethearts). During our engagement we decided to abstain from sex till the wedding night (it was about 3 1/2 months no sex). But once married it's like his drive for sex had disappeared. Our entire dating days we were like rabbits,...
  • nella

    Lost in Familiar Places

    I'm very grateful to the people who have responded to my earlier posts and trust me when I say that I tried to reply to ALL of them but I just could not find it in my heart to finish my words or press send. It's not that I've been ignoring the kindness that have been given to me here. I really appreciate them, even the hugs. So I thought to myself why I could not respond. Last night I...
  • Parakeeties

    Im new and Im lonely.

    Sometimes I feel like we are here on the planet to learn and I am supposed to learn loneliness. I was made fun of as a child all through school. Rarely making friends and people constantly choosing to end their friendships with me for various reasons. I literally have no friends. No one to hang out with. I entice people by paying for their meals just for company but never works long term. Being...