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Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected and alienated from other people. The lonely person may find it difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often experience a subjective sense of inner emptiness or hollowness, with feelings of separation or isolation from the world... Why Do People Get Lonely? People can experience loneliness for many reasons, and many life events are associated with it. The lack of friendship relations during childhood and adolescence, or the...

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  • Sjelevenn

    Happy Walk

    I took my little dog on a walk through the campus where I teach, and we were able to cheer up some new students who had left their dogs at home. My husband is a bit negative and antisocial, so when I told him about this walk, his first reaction was disappointment that I'm more approachable than he is. Not wanting to upset him further, I didn't tell him the rest of my story. This made me feel...
  • Jack2401


    Can some talk
  • livingly

    lonely with people I thought were my friends

    Hi normaly I sit with my friend and my friends friend at lunch. I sat with them today and I realized they were ignoring me. I could tell because they just kept looking at there phones and talking to each other. I could also see that they avoided making eye contact with me. The only time my friend talked to me was if I talked to her. This is hard for me because I have very few friends and I feel...
  • No1InYourHearts

    why do i feel this way?

    why do i feel so lonely all of a sudden? all i want to do is sleep just to escape the fact that my heart hurts. like i want to cry all the time for no reason. i get really bad anxiety. i stress eat a lot. and i feel like i can’t tell anyone cause they’ll think of me like less of a person. my girlfriend knows i suffer from depression and she helps but there isn’t really much you can do when...
  • gloriana9

    I am brand new

     I finally felt the need to reach out to people who feel the same way I do.  The ironic thing is that it took me several tries to join this group.  I thought I was going to be unable to join even a group for a lonely people!
  • traceinspace

    Just to introduce myself

    Hi everyone,As a newbie it distresses me to read how sad everyone is. That is not to say I don't empathise with loneliness as I do. I am an artist which can be quite an isolating  lifestyle. I also live in regional Australia which is also isolated but having the best of the beach and bush is nothing to complain about. I say we start to share personal interests and focus on more positive aspects...
  • davrta


    i need freinds 
  • djchurn

    Old and Alone

    Almost died in a freak bicycle accident this past fall. Sometimes wonder why I did not. Was knocked out for the first two days in the hospital. Now I am about to become 66 years old. Divorced for 22 years and no children. Never thoght I could be so lonely. I volunteer to have access to people, talking to patients in a local hospital. Try to use reading and listening to music to overcome my...
  • hurtingheart

    My heart hurts

    I am so sad and lonely. I am that one at work that is all smiles. That will do anything to help, cheer you up or make you smile. And yet, when I am low, when I am down, and I reach out - I am met with being shut out. They distance themselves from me. I can't lose another "friend". No one texts me at night. No one invites me to things. I have my kids, and I love them, but I need adult...
  • dyinginside35

    Lonely as can be

    When will i ever find him, my soulmate my best friend, my lover i want to cry. This hurts so freaking bad. I long for friends too. Im sooo lonely its killimg me
  • victor

    Even a long-distance friend is better than this

    I work alone, mainly at my writing, but I also study in order to write because what I write requires research and thinking. I seldom am comfortable at social gatherings unless it is related to writing, the craft or the content. I am mildly schizoid. I don't like small talk or juggling for position in the social pecking order. My mode of communication is through the printed word. I am a lonely...
  • Timster

    Dating Scene?

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share a bit about myself. My name's Tim, I suffer from depression and anxiety and have been for years. I've gotten better with them, and I feel like they're more manageable these days. Part of my depression does stem from loneliness, I'll freely admit that...and I mean that in terms of having a relationship.I've dated before...sort of. Well, maybe not really. I've...
  • AY829


    Hello everyone, it is the first time I write something in a support group or in any forum at all. But now I came to a point when I really need to talk to someone who understands me. I am now 27, all my life , except for the last two years I never had depressions, of course I had some bad days like everybody,but for those who know what is really to be depressed they will understand that is a...
  • AdAbsvrdvm


    I was never really one to socialise with anyone. It's always been highly difficult because of my autism and being bullied for it hasn't helped. I've since then been conflicted on what I want. I want a relationship, I want to know what it's like to feel needed. At the same time, I find it difficult to trust anyone, to let anyone get close. It's always ended badly for me when I have. 
  • Kairus

    Lonely and Depressed

    Really needing help at this moment.. my partner is struggling and needing space and I'm struggling and needing attention... so I'm giving her space but I'm alone and needing help through some depression. I didn't get to sleep last night. I've been up for about 34 hours. I just feel like I'm losing my mind and I'm all alone.