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Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected and alienated from other people. The lonely person may find it difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often experience a subjective sense of inner emptiness or hollowness, with feelings of separation or isolation from the world... Why Do People Get Lonely? People can experience loneliness for many reasons, and many life events are associated with it. The lack of friendship relations during childhood and adolescence, or the...

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  • Razor91

    Didn't think I was lonely

    So, over the last few months I've been thinking to myself that I'm liking being on my own, and I think right now I'm lonely for a certain type of relationship rather then loneliness in general. In my mind, I'm currently thinking of ways replace the person I'm missing with a new relationship of the same kind. But the thing is I can't seem to find the type of relationship I'm looking for, I'm...
  • HelloI am glad to found this forum,,and want to introduce myself to make net friendship only...no meeting,travel or romance. I used to have email net buddies in the past for weight loss,texting as well. Back then, believe net friendships truly...even had a male friendships for 10 years..but with my mental health and taken care of my family..they all moved on..even my man friend that I thought he...
  • MendingAgain

    Please add me

    so if your lonely and need someone to talk to please add me as a friend, I come on mostly during the morning into the afternoon, and at night, depends on if I am doing anything.  Tues nights, I go to Coda.  Wednesday nights I go to school, but all the other nights I am home. I like to talk about all sorts of stuff but mainly about human heart, what makes us tick, why we do the things we do,...
  • Debbalina

    When did loneliness start for you?

    I'm reading a book called "Lonely" (of all things) and its a memoir of a woman who suffers from chronic loneliness. She talks about being lonely in her childhood and the problems its caused. For me, I was never lonely until I hit my late 40s. I use to be the type of person that had lots of friends, boyfriends, social life, etc., and enjoyed solitude for what it was. But then by my 40s when I...
  • It almost seems pointless. Most people my age want to settle down and stop living, if they've not already. They're not interested in making a proper connection with a fellow human being, probably because they already have their friends for life. At best, if I made a friend now, I'd be that person they'd call up to go for a drink if they were massively desperate. But I'd be the acquaintance, the...
  • insertawittyusername

    It's killing me slowly.

    I've never had that one true friend. 27 years and I've not managed it once. At best I've had acquaintences, those who hang out with you purely you know one or two people in the same group, basically everything but a true connection.As a person, I'm not demanding and fussy. Okay, that's a lie, I am a little bit (aren't we all?), but I don't ask for a great deal in the grand scheme of things. If...
  • kuroineko

    Trying to make new friends

    I have about four friends, who were once close have now become aquintances. I rarely see them now. This has made me lonely. Due to this I've wanted to make new friends, but it's proving hard. I've used Meetup.com a website and an app. It's just so hard. It doesn't help that I'm socially awkward. I just want to make at least one friend who I can at least talk to and feel comfortable about it. I...
  • fallingleaves


    I was thinking about lonliness tonight and after answering a different thread,I was wondering what some of the causes are for me.I realized that part of the reson i'm lonely is because I stay away from people( for the most part).Kind of a protective thing.And I think it goes deeper than that.i think its because as a child I had the belief that i was unlikable,maybe even defective somehow.I truley...
  • Sahm312

    An Ant

    Sometimes I feel about as unnoticed as one ant in the grand scheme of the world. Sure i put on clothes and take on some visible identity. Sure i can write useless unimpavtful words on a forum like this or one less useful like facebook. Are there any other differences? I have two kids. They matter to me. If i was gone my parents would be devastated and so would my kids... but i don't matter to...
  • mssyncnfsd

    Completely alone

    I am new here. I have anxiety and probably have created some of my own loneliness. It make it very hard to meet people and I very socially disconnected. I have lived in a relationship the last 4 years now and he doesn't seem to really care so that makes it hurt even a little worse.I am hoping to meet some positive people here I am desperately needing that. 
  • missmypeeps


    Happiness is the warm sun filtering through fall leaves.Love is not having to ask for the hug or the smile.Kindness is allowing another to be genuine.Happiness, love and kindness can make one moment in time cherished and forever etched in our mind.Loneliness is a blanket of despair and icy invisibility, amplified when another sits next to you.  Lonely doesn't expressly mean alone.     
  • BaebyCat


    I've learned a hard lesson. Nothing is permanent. All things pass. Feelings, people, jobs, money. Everything we own.  I wonder why I feel how I feel about these things. I find it all so pointless, it will end & won't matter. I think about all the people I've lost in my life. Everything they had, did, felt & were, is gone. What was the point? I'm looking to find my passion in life. To live again...
  • Inner-Chaos


    It feels like I'm alone in the world. I know I'm not, and I know most people feel the same way, but it doesn't make me feel less lonely. Most of the time, all I want is someone to talk to, just...talk. About anything and everything. Hear someones voice so that the silence doesn't become too unbearable... Why does that seem like the most impossible thing in the world right now?
  • MendingAgain

    I've noticed that....

    when you reach out and tell people you're lonely and hurting, nobody really cares.  No wonder a lot of people commit suicide, being lonely really feels awful.  I hate it. I try to tell people that I need friends, that I want friends, but no one seems to want to talk to me about anything, even I have gone to psychiatrists and said that i have thoughts of suicide but they don't do anything...
  • MendingAgain

    Hey Lonely's How are we today?

    Me, lonely, but taking it one day at a time.