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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • Leo

    Weekend Weirdness Check-in

    Good morning! I love how we have HUGE fonts except in the box as we type. *headdesk* I can't magnify the page, btw, on iPad. Gah. Anyway, slept awful. The social worker called and grilled me and screened *me*, and I just floudnered and babbled and felt so stuid and useless and criticized. Some of that is from my end, I know. Some is just her job to do that. The rest? Why is it odd for me to be...
  • deleted_user


    Does anyone else get incredibly ITCHY during a flare up??? I feel like I am going mad sometimes..
  • christiner

    One week

    It's been one week since my diagnosis. Three days in the changing of medication. It's been a little rough. I'm already getting upset stomachs from three Cymbalta, the restless leg medication is not helping at all and I'm naseaus all day. Ick. Thursday night my boyfriend and I got in a fight about God knows what but I'm sure my irrationality didn't help. The next day we woke up and got it...
  • Leo

    TGIFriday Fry-Baby Check-in

    Good morning. Well, we're in the Fry-Baby (or baby-sized deep fryer for those who are blissfully ignorant of my hubby's passion for deep-fried veggies). Sizzle, and pop. No rain, no clouds, just bake the pizza on the roof of the car weather. Asphalt parking lot temps around 150*F by day's end. (Asphalt is a byproduct of petroleum, and is a huge heat sponge, and re-radiator of heat. I've stood on...
  • Community Leadersambod


    A couple of days ago, DS posted a list of fixes for this week. So far, what i am seeing is the members that are online are displayed first if you go to the member category. I am told there will be another fix where the friend's list will be alphabetical. 15 posts are now on each page.I did a test journal, set it to friends only, and it did not pop up in the news feed.complete hugs can now be...
  • Leo

    Thursday CHeck-in Take Two

    OK, I log in. Three times. With my *new* account, this one, and everything I try to post? I click to post, and it sneds me back to login and I lose it all. Again.... So.... Therapy today is YELL AT DS TO FIX THIS! I gotta go, Mom called at 620 AM to demand 9not ask) for a foot soak tub. WTF?! Love to all! Leo
  • Not going to type it out as long this time, i am so drained been gone all day, my CFS and Fibro and Back are all bad. My blood pressure and pulse and sugar are all way up. I saw my doctor, told her how her taking me off my bipolar med caused me to end up in the ER and cut this weekend, she promised to NEVER mess with my psych meds again. I told her she cant be telling me oh you have diabetes and...
  • Hello all You have already made me feel comfortable enough to let it all out there without being judged so I am going to ask for some advice on something really personal. I hope you all dont mind. After seeing my psychiatrist and therapist yesterday I left discouraged and confused. My other half is stuggling to understand and I feel alone. Here is what is happening:A little background info...
  • Good morning! Hey, where is eveyrone? C'mon, I know the new format is sucky. I hate having to expand the itty-bitty reply box, and the teeny-tiny typefae in the box when we've got Screaming HUMUNGOUS elsewhere. I do. But c'mon, don't give up on our Fibor-Mighty Family! We made a great bond, we can keep it, stupid DS format notwithstanding, okay? Just hang in there. We're all bombarding DS with...
  • Leo

    Toasty Tuesday Check-in

    Good morning. And good grief! Heat wave to worsen where I live. Temps around 100F this weekend, and heat indices already pushing triple digits. OMG. Those of you Down Under? Enjoy your winter, okay, b/c our summer in the US at least is *broiling*. I'm talking Yanks on the barbie (did I get the slang right?).Shout-out to our lurkers and new members. Feel free to jump in and join check-in. Read,...
  • Leo

    AOBTD Monday Check-in

    Good morning. AOBTD: Another One Bites The Dust. The third ASUS in fifteen months gave me The Black Screen of Death yesteerday. I blew up so bad. OUt of proportion possibly. I added up what it cost us to have these three cheapos, and told Hubby "This is our budget for *one* new laptop, okay? Let's go." I called my ucnle in IT and Systems Admin up at Big Poobah State University, got a list of...
  • Good morning! Today is "Nurse Skanky" and Hubby day.Nurse "Skanky" is the witch who says shi* to me on the phone like, "Honey, you should've called to remind me" (of mom's needs). Um, she's the effing NURSE. Not. My. Job. HERS. Hers. Well, turns out she's not the same skin color as me (OK?) and they can't fire her or she'll call the newspaper and the lawyers, and has said so. WTH?! So this...
  • kimberh

    Less User Friendly

    I am not one of those people who is averse to change. I typically embrace it fairly quickly. But this site redesign is just not for me. It feels bulky, requires too much scrolling, and requires more work to get a good sense of recent posts. I suppose I will have to get used to it, but for some reason it feels less like a friendly place. Also, this is the kind of post that I would have put...
  • christiner

    Short Term Disability

    Here is a first of I am sure many questions. Has anyone needed to take time off of work because of this? I elected to after receiving the diagnosis immediately. I know that I am in a bad physical and mental way and I did not want to continue in this manner. So Friday I am diagnosed, monday and I filling out STD papers. Any advice, struggles, successes anyone can share with me? Thanks
  • kimberh

    Amitriptyline and Weight

    I know this topic has come up before, but I just wanted to add my anecdotal results. After I started taking amitriptyline about a year ago, I noticed a significant weight gan -- about 20 lbs in a year. I wasn't sure that it was the amitriptyline at first because I am also taking an anti-convulsant. However, after having my dose reduced from 30mg/day to 10mg/day, I have noticed that I am just not...