Fibromyalgia Support Group

You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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3 Online
  • Leo

    TGIFitall Friday checkin

    Soooo... Good morning from my junky ipad, since my laptop is trapped in Windows Update for.... yeah, till Sunday? Ugh. nyway, minor annoyance, but is it me, or do they all happen the day you have early appointments? I am trying to hold my ground about keeping a hair appointment in a couple weeks, even though it interferes with taking mom to her doc for her checkup, at her halfway through...
  • ashfaulc93

    How to deal

    I'm 23 and been struggling with fibromyalgia for years I'm trying to find ways to be able to keep up my house work through all the pain the pain keeps me from doing a lot
  • sue.wilson1129


    Hello.. This is the first support group I've ever joined but I'm running out of hope seems like I'm told the pain is all in my head more and more. I feel like my body is in a fight with itself. I'm really hoping to connect with people who can relate and understand what I'm going through is real. My pain management dr has diagnosed me.. Within the last year. Thanks for reading and I hope I...
  • Susieq


    Both my husband and I have fibromyalgia. We both take Lyrica. It works for me but it makes him drowsy during the day and he is a teacher. He is in pain all day. Can anyone tell me a medication that has diminished the pain during the day and does not make you drowsy. Thank you so much.
  • I just called to see if there was any cancellations. There wasn't, but there was an opening for September 6 at another location closer to my house. Thank goodness. I am so glad I don't have to wait until October 10.
  • Rubyo

    Feeling awful

    I have hashimoto with fibromyalgia and a couple other diseases. My thyroid is in bad shape right now because of my PCP. See a thyroid specialist on the 6th. Not a part of body feels normal right now. I've been eating gluten free but my leaky gut syndrome is going crazy. I'm not giving up but man Im sick of this stuff.
  • Squirrel13

    Tooth pain-Fibro??

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know if tooth pain is Fibro?? It feels like sensitivity and pain like you get with sinus infection. I use prescription sensitivity toothpaste and have been doing well in that department. No congestion. Just wondering if it is another one of the symptoms of Fibro? THANKS and please take good care of yourselves.
  • Leo

    Therapy Thursday Check-in

    Good morning, so so sorry I am runnin gthis late! OMG! Hubby did not wake me on schedule, which is good (sleep) but bad (med schedule).... Aiee!OK, today's therapy is going to be:No.Say it aloud all together. "No.""Honey, I need you to...""No""Mom, I want...""No."C'mon.... practice with me... "No."You can say, "No, not right now." Try "No, not today." Or "No, I'm not up to it." Other people say...
  • lgb1072

    Different Day, Same Crap

    I am trying to thing it's a good morning, trying to be positive, but I feel like I got hit by a mac truck. The pain....numbness, tingling. Ugh. My feet. The feeling there changes by the second. It's either extreme pain from the plantar faciitis or the numbess and tingling from the neuropathy. At least I don't have a headache today. I still take a bunch of supplements as recommended by my pain...
  • Leo

    What now Wednesday Check-in

    Good morning! (Or afternoon, evening, etc.) I slept little, but it wasn't fibro. It was Hubby's wristwatch. He accidentally set it to go off every hour on the hour and has yet to figure out how to undo it. I'll note he's had the same watch for 25 years. I gave it to him. I know. Aiee!So what do I do now? No book chapter in a textbook for me. Mom doesn't trust me, and is pis*ing away every good...
  • Rubyo

    Head & ears

    Does anyone suffer from extreme head pressure and ringing of the ears all the time? I'm so tired of it makes it so hard to get sleep and I wake up with it all night long
  • LimeandtheCoconut

    New member

    Hi all , I'm new to the group , just wondering how many people here are suffering from other illnesses and what types?
  • lgb1072

    Trying to get Moving

    Good morning,I am having a hard time getting moving this morning. I want to sleep. It seems as though the concerta isn't working. Maybe I am taking my night meds too late (Lyrica and Topiramate)?? I really need to clean my house but am going to figure out how to do it without taking a muscle relaxer for pain just to stay awake. I want my house clean for when my dad comes to visit. He has been...
  • lgb1072

    New to Group

    Hello all. I used to be very active. Tennis, bowling league, hunting, fishing, bicycling, baseball, truck pulls, demolition derbies, raised my own food for many years, Beachbody Coach (still am because I am hoping to become active in it again one day). Just a couple years ago, I was doing workout programs like P90X and Body Beast. I looked and felt great. I was very healthy and not on any...
  • tooyoung13

    desperate mom

    Hi, I am a mom of a 12 yr old son that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. He has been having symptoms for the last year, but only once a month for 3 or 4 days, the rest of the time he is a normal active pre teen. I am very familiar with fibromyalgia, both of his grandmas have it, and my sister. It took my a long time to realize that's what he had. A lot of what I've read said it mostly affects...