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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • AngelaJo


    I was in the ER 5 or 6 times now last 3 to 4 were all ina  row for being suicidal. I keep getting told no beds then saturday was told its because i have a central line. WEll since friday thanks to one dr i am able to eat and drink he added compazine to my zofran and and i have a bladder infection blah. I dont sleep im awake up to 8 days at a time before i sleep UP to 3 hours then up days on end...
  • Maynard30

    Just diagnosed, any advice?

    I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am having trouble accepting this disease. I have always been the type to push through any challenge and I have a hard time saying no or asking for help. I have been doing yoga every morning and have started working with a rheumatologist but am finding myself in extreme pain by the end of every day. What can I do to help? Any advice is greatly...
  • Leo

    We Mean Business! Monday check-in

    Good morning. I see Mom's bankruptcy lawyer (or find a new one) today. So I youtubed those RObert Vaughn lawyer ads to remind myself I.Mean. Business! Then I cracked up laughing, because I just can't get past the Magnificent Seven film, and seeing him as a gunslinger. So awesome in the scene and sorry the whole clip ain't him, but hey, awesome movie. ...
  • bear_club

    Tired of extremes

    I have Fibromyalgia and CFS and a host of other health problems, with 4 chronic illnesses and a "bad" heart (undiagnosed yet).  I also might be starting to develop symptoms of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, but I just have to play the waiting game and see (Raynaud's getting worse, funky connective tissue issues, funky kidney issues, so don't know if just Fibro or MCTD).  I am homeless, and...
  • changing

    How will it happen?

    Tonight I was talking with my son and cousin and explaining (once again) about rheumatoid arthritis. Idk why it's so hard for people to understand that it's an auto immune disease and so not really about the arthritis. And that is one symptom of many. I don't even begin to explain the fibro because I feel like my cousin will not even understand( or believe) it.  But since I have all these other...
  • idajoy

    Out to sea

    Hi friends. Today is day one of our cruise. I won't be able to read posts or post myself, starting at 1pm today until Friday evening. I wish I could take you all with me. My pain from not sleeping in a recliner has been difficult. This morning I am so stiff. My neck is causing me fits as well. So it goes. I will miss you all, and I look forward to reading all of the check-ins when I get back....
  • Sprawling

    MTHFR Mutations

    How many of you got tested for these mutations which are believed to cause evry disease known to man? At least that is what some people believe.Read some more at:  or just do a Google search.
  • NancyInAtlanta

    Fibromyalgia Book Suggestions

    Good Evening-I'm wondering if I could get a few suggestions on informative books that you could recommend.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and feel like I've read the entire internet on the subject but would like to have a book I can mark up and refer to frequently.  Someone recently suggested Fibromyalgia For Dummies but I see it was written at least 12 years ago.  Would...
  • Time2livelife


    For over a week  and half now ive had the crawling sensations on my head and face. it started in just my ear. was told my ear looked dull inside and given ear drops i think just to shut me its all over my face, hair and kneck..only at night though. i looked it up there is a name for it. something like could be pressure on something or something.dont really get it. Anyone dealt with this?...
  • I thought that this was a good article.  I like the website which is where I found this.  Her stuff is pretty darn good.  Since we have so many newbies, I'm sharing: 10 Truths You’ll Need When You’re Newly Sick   When sickness began closing in on me, I felt guilty and conflicted about a lot of things, maybe even most things. It was like I was drowning and unsure of...
  • I think I just lucked out and found a free copy of "Fibromyalgia for Dummies" 2nd edition for FREE:It's the full book in .PDF format                      
  • Leo

    Whoops Weekend Check-in

    Good day! Very late for me (yikes) but I finally had the ultimate Crash Sleep. You know,t he kind where a cat can jump on a full bladder and you're like, "Mmm, later," and sleep on. In my case, no cat on a full bladder, but my spouse did eventually get me out of bed by asking if I took my morning meds, which I hadn't. Whoops! Hate getting too far off-schedule with the routine.Today I am really...
  • Meraz

    Screaming for help but no one hears...

    So it's December which means for me, more flares thanks to the cold and finals week for me meaning more stress which equals more flares. My sister and my brother-in-law are here to visit for 6 days but my sister doesn’t even seem like she wants to spend time with me. I had a flare two days ago and she didn't even come in to my room to see if I was fine or even just for comfort. She said she...
  • Time2livelife


    Atm i feel like i live at the doctors place of work. i go and its always a new symptom showing its head. im worried she will start thinking im attention seeking, hyrercondreact or just mental or all 3. plus i do have a long history of mental health issues so may just come across as mentally ill. Its honestly pretty embarassing to me. i seem to be taken seriously atm but if i get more and more...
  • WNB125


    I'm sorry i don't get on here as much i've been doing pretty well handling things and learning and my meds help a lot. But this is just a rant so i can get everything out. I'm posting it online instead of writing it down privately because it makes it feel like someone is listening to how i feel and how i think. I feel like riping my hair out right now because im so enraged and irritated. I try...