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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • Leo

    Monday Miseries Check-in

    Good morning! It's rainy off and on her all week. Fibro weather! With my PMS (water retention) it's like ... Screw my upcoming bloodwork, hand me hot chocolate, giv eme tissues and let me just be imperfect! For one thing, PMS and stress mess up bloodwork anyway. For another, y'all know I'm Miz Health Conscious and if I had issues, I'll care, but honestly... Oh, and they want me to do the...
  • gamkf


    What do you do when you tell people you are suicidal (and truly mean it) and no one does anything? I have told husband, family, some friends and some Drs. and nothing or they change the subject. I can only think of one thing. I tried.
  • BlueSky

    Friend's upsetting comments

    Apparantly this friend thinks our pain is the same and if she can do it then so should I.I threw a surprise birthday BBQ for my husband last night. It took a week and a half of conspiring with a few of his buddies and their wives. I had to find someone to take my husband hiking for a few hours while we set up and it almost fell apart. The "distractor's" sister mystiously fell into a coma so I had...
  • Jonsparky

    Cold gel packs on the back

    Interesting article, anyone try this?
  • mamie1890

    ?? if this is the best place to post...

    HiI am unsure if this is the best group for this vent:  OK, I have lived with fibro for decades.  I have worked really hard (and you all know how it is to stretch yourself beyond your limits.   Well I have accomplished some things that I never thought would be possible including finishing grad school, getting a professional license, having a child, and putting that "child", who is now an adult...
  • PJamela

    Feeling guilty

    Since Thursday, I have taken a break from working on my dissertation. I have not been able to bear even looking at it. I'm not sure why, it won't write itself! I feel guilty for not working on it, but I guess I needed some "me" time. My husband was on a fishing adventure with friends from Thursday until noon today.Saturday was one of my grandson's 10th birthday party. I drove my daughter and her...
  • PJamela

    another fibro day

    From what I read, many people with fibro get better over time. It seems, however, that most of us have boughts of good and bad days. My neck has been stiff and sore for awhile. I've used SalonPas lidocaine patches and that helps a little. I stretch it from side to side and up and down to help relieve the stiffness. I have a pillow that I love (it's soft). Any other treatments that work for you?On...
  • kkrucker


    Does anyone ever feel that their fibro is a misdiagnosis? My medicinal Dr thinks I need a second opinion..I ask because I've had one cousin misdiagnosed with it for 3 years before realizing it was psoriatic arthritis and my other cousin just fonally found her answer was arthritis in her spine. Just a Saturday night thought! 
  • Leo

    I'm wiped out Weekend Check-in

    Good morning/day/afternoon/etc.!Wipoed out. Weather changed, Hubby went on a "juice cleanse" (oh God help me) and all I want to do is sleep, but of course... He's on a "cleanse". For 72 hours, only "juices" from his magic juice machine (juice bar grade and type). I have PMS, I'm worried about Mom, my stupid fibro flared b/c the waeather shifted so much overnight, and my medical anxiety is...
  • Jonsparky

    Found a new Rheumy

    I made a appt with a new Rheumy, but can't see her until July. This will give me a chance to try the medications for a couple of months. My old Rheumy has quit on me, she will fill my meds until I start with the new doctor. I got a refferal from a facebook support group, so hopefully this Rheumy will be a keeper, I am running out of doctors in the area. I got a email from Arch health asking for...
  • kkrucker

    New to a group

    hi all. Im 28 years old and was diagnosed with fibro just under a year ago and until now, haven't really wanted to talk about it more than I already have to with doctors, work, family, etc. but now.. I need somewhere to turn and people who understand. My case has gotten severe to the state of me needing to use a walking cane every day. Does anyone else rely on a cane? If so, do you work full...
  • deleted_user

    painful lumps deep under skin

    I have painful enlongated hard lumps all over under my skin if you rub hard and deep you feel them and they feel like a new bruise would feel like, at first I thought it might be varicois veins, which I have some , but these lumps are all over on my upper legs, arms and here and there on main body. some times they ache and burn other times I don't notice them till I rub lotion or soap on my...
  • milily14

    Skin definitely allergic reaction

    Some of you may recall the skin problems I have been having .  2 weeks ago PCP said it was fibro and wanted to put me on meds I have no business being on because of my med sensitivities and allergies.  I am glad I didn't listen - I just knew it wasn't fibro.Last week I saw my GI Dr and told her what was going on and she ordered an IGE and CRP both really high indicating allergy and...
  • Leo

    TGI Finally! YAY! Friday! CHeck-in

    Good morning! Short one today, as my computer is acting glitchy. Soon as Geek Squad is available, it needs a che k-up. It's less than a year old, so hopefully not hardware, but software may be an issue... Had an automatic Windows 10 update the other day, it's been flippy ever since. Gah.Anyway, enjoy your Friday! I'm off to take the laptop to the people who know how to *stop* this stuff. I can...
  • Leo

    Thursday Check-in

    Good morning. I have nothing pithy or therapeutic today. I'm in PTSD mode, anxiety-wise. We're coming up on the first anniversary of my mom disappearing, getting in the fender bender 200 miles away, finding the brain tumor... And the dates? Conicide exactly with Miz Medical Anxiety's bloodwork and GP app't! Argh! Medical anxiety is so horrible, anyway, why not pile on? Sure, c'mon! Feel like a...