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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • Time2livelife


    So hey. Just thought id give a update. Im still suicidal but i dont think id act on it atm.i had a break down in  meeting at work and told my manager everything.she was supportive.Ive just slept 18 hours none up sooo stiff.thought it was time i got up and went for a walk.says i should do gentle exercise so i thought it was for the best despite being in so much sat on a bench for...
  • Leo

    Wacky Weekend! Check-in

    Good morning:-) It is freaking windy, chilly, autumn-like at last! YAY! And it only took till a month after calendar start of autumn, LOL. My uncle back home is prepping his snowblower, btw. Yeek.***OK, so a friend asked me this and I had to find out and now I have to share, b/c this is freaking *weird*.Canadian and European coins are struck in "medal" orientation.... If you flip lefft to right,...
  • drgnlvr

    Thank you

    Oh my gosh.... people on here are so awesome. I plan to respond to things soon, but tonight at this moment, been a lot of pain.... worse than physical. Thank you all so much. This place is my new escape zone because you all know, have been there done that...Sorry, one of those nights.Thanks again to my new family!
  • drgnlvr

    Male vs female fibro

    A person commented to me that there is another male on here. Afterwards I started realizing more that so far I have just seen stuff from females. I should have realized better when I saw the discussion about clothing.... Ya, I kinda backed out of that thread fairly quick, haha. My question is this: I realize statistically fibro is more predominantly found with females, but is it more rare in men...
  • 4boysmamma

    New to group

    Hi everyone.  I just joined this group and could use some help.  About 3 years ago after 6 years of worsening pain I was told that I had central sensitization, the umbrella for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I blew it off and said it couldn't possible be the problem.  However as of late I have been coming to grips with the diagnosis.  I try walking but I find holding the stroller makes...
  • nightowl


    the most frustrating thing with fibro is insomnia and fatigue, i can deal with pain ....i some times feel i cant sleep anymore, racing thoughts are killing me, they just dont stop ..........HELP me!
  • Leo

    Thankful TGIF Check-in

    Good morning. Wow, this is a weird morning here. The weather *wants* to change, but the front sort of stalled, and there's that odd FM-barometer iin my body trying to figure out which way to go (Flare, or NotFlare). Meanwhile, the neighbor's dog is barking e very time a leaf falls. Oh boy. This dog also howls when it hears sirens, and barks when it hears the PA system from the high school next...
  • Time2livelife

    Cant do this

    I see so much strength here from people who suffer horrible pain but deal with it so well.But i cant. I just cant. Ive broken down mentally cos oc extreme fatigue and pain today.ive questioned everything in my life today and come to the conclusion its really not worth me living and i want to quit it all. Sorry guys.thanks for all ur support in ghe short time ive been here.i have seen here u need...
  • Preciousbabygirl

    I Need Help

    I don't know if this  is a fibro flare or if it's if it's arthritits or if it's because of what those men did to me. From my wrists to my shoulders to my ankles ane killing me! I can hardly walk and getting up and down in almost impossible! I honestly don't inow what wronf :(
  • basketballmom23

    Red, hot ears and nose

    Periodically over the last couple of years I have gotten really red, hot ears and nose.  I really do not know what causes this. It comes without the rest of my body being hot. It happens numerous times a day now. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. It gets painful too.  Does anyone else suffer from this or have any idea what it may be.  
  • drgnlvr

    My introduction for being here

    I have lurked, commented to a couple people, now share why I am here.  I have battled with doctors for about 5 years. Most saying not my thing, go see this person. Then repeat cycle. After time am diagnosed with what my 60+ year old doctor said was worst FM he as ever seen, sleep apnea, heart issues, essential tremors, IBS that you all know comes with FM, chronic muscle tightness and or spasms,...
  • countingmyblessings


    I feel like Snoopy with his tongue hanging out - just blah! Too tired to do anything of enduring importance. Mind spinning with things I can't do anything about. Trying to focus to apply for Medical (medicaid/Covered Care California) AGAIN!!! I read this little line in the mound of paperwork that says if you have Medicare, you don't qualify for Covered California...To put it bluntly, but clean -...
  • Time2livelife

    All in the head?

    I asked my boyf if he believed fibro is a actually illness.because i knew he wouldnt.he said dunno. He just thinks its all just in my head.its annoying people have that view.even if it is in my head the pain is real.grr.
  • Leo

    Therapeutic Thursday Check-in

    Hello, good morning, and wow, Isurvived! I stupidly watched the presidential US debate live, and had nightmares about having to eat nut grubs while washing underwear by hand. Two things I've never done for real, soooo.... Don't ask me what that's about, but I woke up fairly certain the grubs were real and in my stomach. Not a great moment. Yeesh!So today's therapy is: No News is Good News. Turn...
  • drgnlvr


    I had to go from one device to another but finally got some profile stuff done on here. That way others can see I am a person not just a post. Specially considering I plan to continue here and share involvement. Besides, insomnia sucks!