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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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2 Online
  • I recently re-joined and really am unhappy with the new format . Seems confusing , lacking and cold . Does anyone need or miss a Chronic Pain group ? Am I just missing seeing one on the site ? I have severe fibro . but honestly right now as far as pain goes , it is the least of my problems . I am suffering from the aftermath of fracturing my spine this past Nov . It left me with illnesses I didnt...
  • Brandy


    Has anyone ever abused it?
  • Kangarabbit

    Fibro and Working

    I'm not very good at asking for support, so please bear with me. My name is Vicki and I'm 26. I currently have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia with the potential for an additional diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue when I see the specialist at the end of August. I have various other medical conditons, most are which are likely linked to the Fibro, but at the moment it is the fatigue that I'm struggling...
  • Leo

    We RULE! Wednesday Check-in

    Good morning! An e-mail friend (never met in person) sent me the cutest sweetest birthday message, so my day started with a big grin I share with you. *GRIN*Yep, I made Mom yell this date (and about this time) forty-mumble years ago. She used to always wake me up or call me at the exact time, every year, until th elast few. This year, she forgot entirely it was my birhtday, but that's a brain...
  • My sugars over 350 and climbing please pray, i will update wehen able. With Dad on way to ER
  • serenaanalytics

    have a good day

    have a good day
  • Leo

    Tropical Tuesday Check-in

    Good morning/day/evening. Well, another day, another sweltering sauna with heat indices in the "dangerous fever" range.I smacked my bad elbwo by accident. And had a huge meltdown and blowout with Hubby. I was freaking out b/c I lost this security code I hneed for Mom's medical stuff, and I'm tearin gthe briefcase and files apart, crying, b/c, well, stress cauht up to me. I finally found it and...
  • Hello all You have already made me feel comfortable enough to let it all out there without being judged so I am going to ask for some advice on something really personal. I hope you all dont mind. After seeing my psychiatrist and therapist yesterday I left discouraged and confused. My other half is stuggling to understand and I feel alone. Here is what is happening:A little background info...
  • AngelaJo

    Bad Lung Catscan

    Okay, my regular doctors office called this morning i have YET to hear from my neurologist. Well they found a mass on my lungs on the lung cat scan i am being referred to a Pulmonary specialist to be tested for lung cancer and even if not cancer to shirnk it most likley with chemo. This is why i have a harder time breathing and coughing so bad all the time. I am so stressed and scared please say...
  • Leo

    Mayhem Monday Check-in

    Good morning. I see I have teeny tiny type when I type in a big box, but big type in a teen-tiny box. Thank you DS.Murphy's Law struck already. I clicked on "my support groups" and got a blank page. Again. Really?Then I spilled my morning hot cocoa. Not on me, but hey, that's chocolate gone to waste!And my to-do list got longer (yes, that was possible, and I didn't think it was, silly puma).And...
  • I guess I'm going whine, pout, feel sorry for myself, or something, in this thread. My Aunt is visiting my brother and wife right now, and she took a bunch of pictures at my brother's farm. He has a new semi, fancy new machine shed, new tractor. And their gorgeous remodeled home were all posted on Facebook. My aunt and uncle are very materialistic as he worked for NASA training astronauts, and is...
  • Leo

    Weekend Weirdness Check-in

    Good morning! I love how we have HUGE fonts except in the box as we type. *headdesk* I can't magnify the page, btw, on iPad. Gah. Anyway, slept awful. The social worker called and grilled me and screened *me*, and I just floudnered and babbled and felt so stuid and useless and criticized. Some of that is from my end, I know. Some is just her job to do that. The rest? Why is it odd for me to be...
  • deleted_user


    Does anyone else get incredibly ITCHY during a flare up??? I feel like I am going mad sometimes..
  • christiner

    One week

    It's been one week since my diagnosis. Three days in the changing of medication. It's been a little rough. I'm already getting upset stomachs from three Cymbalta, the restless leg medication is not helping at all and I'm naseaus all day. Ick. Thursday night my boyfriend and I got in a fight about God knows what but I'm sure my irrationality didn't help. The next day we woke up and got it...
  • Leo

    TGIFriday Fry-Baby Check-in

    Good morning. Well, we're in the Fry-Baby (or baby-sized deep fryer for those who are blissfully ignorant of my hubby's passion for deep-fried veggies). Sizzle, and pop. No rain, no clouds, just bake the pizza on the roof of the car weather. Asphalt parking lot temps around 150*F by day's end. (Asphalt is a byproduct of petroleum, and is a huge heat sponge, and re-radiator of heat. I've stood on...