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You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • Leo

    Weekend Worrier check-in

    Good morning! My fibro headache died a terrible horrible death around midnight. Yay!I did read everyone's from yesterday, promise! Just couldn't respond and now it's like that post-fibro-headache "hangover". Actually, no, it's that we're going to see rain and maybe t-storms. Has the inner barometer all outta whack.So what's the worry? Spit it out here, share it, and then it won't feel so heavy!My...
  • Jonsparky

    Diagnosed with FMS again...

    Hi everyone!I was on here years ago, I have be diagnosed with FMS 3 or 4 times, only to be changed to either Lupus, or some other ailment, don't know what I have... A lot of muscle pain, brain fog, chronic fatigue, etc... I am also dx'd with PsA,  Raynaud's, and polyneuropathy, along with spinal stenosis, DDD, and my spine starting to fuse together, besides that I am doing fine.
  • sonyacon

    Dealing with anxiety/pain - fidgeting

    Hello all, I recently learned about something called a Fidget Cube, and it got me interested. I once followed a ten week course in Mindfulness, and it's something I remain very positive about. One of the things I experienced there is how focus on small, tactile things can be quite a strong distraction from pain. In Mindfulness it was mostly looking inward, being still to experience what muscle in...
  • Hi. I'm new to the group. Recently diagnosed with chronic epstein barr, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Just wanting to learn more about this from others going thru the same. It's nice to finally know the reason why I feel so awful all the time, that there is a reason, that's it's not just me. This is some really bad stuff! I'm on 1200mg acyclovir right now. I am exhausted, headache, eyes...
  • Longlost

    Just my luck...

    Oh fibro, how I hate you! Along with everything else that's wrong medically...I've been feeling well let's say "manageable"  the past few days and well I thought maybe this time I can try and go out. Since yesterday was my birthday and my bestie had a mini trip planned, but nooo everything just went to hell.. I was really looking forward to getting out and away. Im so tired of being tired. I...
  • Leo

    TGIFriday ick...

    Today, I just want to share a pretty picture. Because this is cool, and makes me think of some peaceful creature undulating through space...
  • AngelaJo

    Support needed please

    I dont know if you guys have noticed on the check ins, but my depression is coming back fast and hard. I have let my shrinks office know but i cant be seen until next wednesday. I have to get thru on my own till then but i know i have you guys here. I am not cutting i am picking up the phone before i do that, i am so stressed dealing with everything right now. Things went down hill when my friend...
  • mel313

    New.....sort of

    Hi to all, I have not ever introduced myself but have been a member for awhile. My name is Missy. I have this horrible follow through with groups. I feel alone most of the time and need to start changing that. It has been a very painful week and rain is moving in tonight. I hate that we are all in this journey together. (((((Hugs))))) to all.
  • Leo

    Chronic Fatigue/ME breakthrough?

    A friend sent me this. It's a bit long but interesting and hopefully shows that no, we with CFS are *not* nuts. I've no idea if DS has a CFS/ME board or if it's active, so posted here.
  • Cocoa1

    Biomat or Fischer Wallace Stimulator anyone?

    Hi to all.  I am considering purchasing a biomat or getting a fischer wallace stimulator to help with my sleep issues.  I have pretty good control over my fibro pain and stiffness, but have extreme difficulty getting deep sleep due to alpha eeg sleep anomaly.  I was wondering if anyone has tried any of these devices.  The biomat was recommended by my integrative medical doctor.  I found one...
  • Leo

    Thursday therapy check-in

    Good morning:-) Well, alst week we did The Safe Room exercise, so this week, we're going to do the... absolutely nothing. I got nada. Sorry. This crazy weather up-down temperatures has everything ending in -itis irked with me. (I've had arthritis in my left knee since I was about 15 due to untreated broken kneecap.) So heck with it. Today, we don't feel obliged to push. It's okay to say "Yeah,...
  • Time2livelife

    Shakes and numb

    im starting to worry i have ms and not fibro. I was feeding my neice yesterday and as i moved the spoon from her bowl to her mouth my hand was uncontollably shaking.then last night i woke up and the left side my back and hip were numb and right in alot of pain. I thought made id just laid funny but it didnt go away for a long while. I know theres something nerve wise going on fos the crawling...
  • MsRee

    Back pain

    Hello everyone so I've been having really bad sharp pains shooting through the top part of my back. I'm not sure what to do anymore besides using the heating pad to help ease the pain.  The Dr has given me some type of muscle injection on several occasions it had helped but hell I'll have to make an appt and pay for a Dr visit. This pain is very irritating. Does anyone else have these pains? 
  • AngelaJo

    Baby Zederick Finally Arrived!!!!!

    Hes is handsome as can be and 7lbs 3 1/2 ounces and 20 inches long!!!! IM a proud auntie!
  • Leo

    2/22 Wednesday Check-in

    Hello, good morning, and good night:-) No, seriously, I have no idea what end is up. Turns out this pre-menopause mood swing thing? Even tho' I take meds for PTSD that supposedly work on the hormone moods.... Yeah, no. Chocolate. Lots and lots of it. ANd stay away. And come here. And go to hell. ANd hug me. And that was just in a couple hours. My mom's wasn't this bad, so presumably this is a...