Fibromyalgia Support Group

You're not alone in your pain. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can be difficult to diagnose and manage. If you're trying to cope with pain throughout your body, sleep problems, general fatigue, or other common fibromyalgia symptoms, you're in the right place. The community is here for you to talk about therapies and share your challenges.

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  • Yogagirl51

    Support is a good thing

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site. It is nice to find an exchange where ideas, stories and struggles around fibromyalgia can be shared without the usual eye-rolling or downright ignoring. Why is it nobody wants to listen when we are having a bad day? Or insult us with sharings of the latest miracle smoothie? I don't talk about how i feel for the most part because nobody who doesn't have this...
  • Storm13

    Chronic Pain for 3 Years

    I have dealt with chronic pain for over 3 years and haven't been diagnosed even though I struggle with horrible back, neck and leg pain on a daily basis.  I wonder if I may have fibromyalgia or maybe myalgic encenphalitis because I sufferfrom chronic fatigue and have to push myself to do the smallest activities that used to come so easy to me. Can anyone tell me how you found out/ were diagnosed...
  • Firewife2007


    Good Evening Everyone,For the past month I have been having a lot of issues.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in April and I thought it was bad then, it is just down right awful right now.  I have a constant headache, muscle spasms in my neck, facial pain on one side of my face and sometimes my arms just feel like they weigh a ton.  I had a CT scan a few weeks ago and they didn't see...
  • Leo

    MLKJr Monday Check-in

    Good morning! In the US, it's a federal (bank) holiday for the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights leader assassinated in 1968.Some US former-Confederate states still also celebrate this as Robert E Lee Day. Lee was a noted general in the US Civil War, who began in the US Army, led forces for the rebellion, and somehow didn't get his butt fried for being a traitor b/c hey, he's...
  • Abotsd


    Now, I've gotten one prescription covered for the New Year, and paid for, my insurance has decided I am taking too many opoids. The pharmacy won't refill my prescription. First time this has happened. Wrote to Doctor, sent emails, called 3 times. Still, not getting my pain meds without prior authorization. Just waiting. Helpless, at this time. Oxycodone. Been taking it for a decade and...
  • AngelaJo

    Idajoy this packer game!

    I am going nuts with it tied LOL Nailbiting game!
  • Leo

    Said what?! Weekend Check-in

    Good morning! It is wet and/or sleety and/or icy (elevation change, I'm rain, but if we go to the top of the hollow, it's sleet...) Anyway, let me tell y'all a story...Like I do otherwise, LOL.OK. Hubby has hired a personal trainer to help him "get stronger". (*headdesk*) Yes, we can afford this b/c his insurance covers that. I love his insurance. A pity I'm not on it.Well, the trainer did it....
  • gavelle12


    Hi all I am new to this group I just joined this morning and I am blown away by the amount of support groups on here. I have been suffering badly now with fibro since feb 2014 before that for years I had pain and different problems which was beginning to make me feel I was the biggest hypochondriac in the world, always ill, always different things going on until I was told it was fibro. I also...
  • courtneys578

    First Ever Sinus Infection

    Hi, everybody. I need some advice... I've been sick with a cold since the week before Christmas & found out today I now have a sinus infection. I think it has something to do with my anxiety & feeling like I'm drowning, but I CANNOT sleep if I am congested. It's been a rough four weeks, but I was starting to feel better until today when the worst congestion I've ever had hit... Now I'm worried...
  • mimiwv

    Recent Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

    Hi all,Earlier today I was diagnosed with fibromyagia - I had a bike accident last January and have had pain all over my body that has not gone away, and I finally found a rheumatology specialist that did not ignore my thought that it might be fibro. Its a hard diagnosis to get at 23, but I'm trying to stay positive and find ways to move forward. I currently do yin yoga, chiro work, massage...
  • dandelionchannel

    Anyone else? Energy roller coaster...

    So this keeps happening to me and it's frustrating.  I'll explain by the example of today.  Today was stressful, busy, and tiring.  By 4:30pm, I was ready to curl up in a ball and suffer the consequences of a hard day.  But, alas, I had to go to work for a few more hours at an evening job.  Luckily, the evening job is front desk at a slow gym and I can pretty much go stretch (aka lay down...
  • AngelaJo

    Very very sick, scared ill be admitted for it

    I am hoping and praying that its not pneumonia again but feels like it. Tomorrow is day 8 and im worse everyday and anything over 7 days is bacterial i been told. Even my hair hurts!!!! I cant swallow some of my meds. I am praying they can treat me out patient i see my doctor tomorrow at 230pm and i see my urologist at 1245pm. Will finally be on meds for my bladder pain. I am hot cold hot cold,...
  • Leo

    TGIFriday Check-in

    Good morning.I got nothin'. Mom wants to revoke POA and we see the lawyer today and she is going to say we coerced her into filing bankruptcy, but she's $70K in debt and only has, oh, a fourth of that amount in *gross* income every year in retirement, but hey! We're horrible people and she doesn't want to go to jail. Don't ask. The post-tumor paranoia means she cannot be reasoned with. I just...
  • weeblewobble

    Back home again

    im home again. I guess you can say everything just got to be to much. I don't remember very much I just woke up in the hospital. I remember being in the bath tub and I was messing around with the razor and my arm started to bleed than I remember trying to control the bleeding. It got so out of hand. It was like I wasn't there. Of course the hospital said it was because of my pain meds. WHAT.....
  • Leo

    Therapy Thursday Check-in

    Good morning/day/evening/whatever:-)Did I sleep? Eh. I'll take it. Did I feel pain? OMG, who set the invisible rats of he** to gnaw me?! FIgured out that my L4-5 is doing its fun "you overdid, so I'm going to give you neuropathic pain all night" thing. While most of my accident damage a few years ago was to L5, the L4 gets in on the action sometimes. All this, btw, b/c I followed doctor's orders...