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Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of depression and loneliness that parents/other guardian relatives feel when one or more of their children leave home. Empty nest syndrome has become more prevalent in modern times, as the extended family is becoming less common than in past generations, and the elderly are left living by themselves.

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  • Shaynesmom

    Looking for support

    My 23 year old son just left home today with friends who flew up from FL to help him move there from here, VT.  He has lived with us full-time since high school and I can't stop crying.  I feel so isolated despite having a wonderful husband (his step-dad) and great friends.  My stomach is  in knots and my mind is racing.  How do you cope with this?  We are very close and have had a great...
  • tldean65

    Single parent, only child

    I have raised my 22 year old daughter alone since she was an infant.  She graduated from college this May and somehow I managed her college years just fine. I guess I always knew that there would be holidays, summers, breaks, etc.  We certainly had our ups and downs during those four years but always managed to work them out.  Today she is moving into her apartment for grad school and I have...
  • su4stu

    Daughter and grandchildren moving out

    My daughter had my granddaughter at only 15 and they have lived with my husband and I for the past 8 years.  I love being a mum and absolutely adore my granddaughter, we have a very close bond and spend a huge amount of time together.  My daughter is getting married soon and is moving 20 miles away to be nearer her future husbands work as he doesn't drive, I know it's not far but the thought of...
  • AnnieK1962

    Philadelphia suburbs

    Hi,Does anyone live in the Philadelphia suburbs? I'd love to get an in person group started. Thanks
  • lonely2017

    Empty nest is making me miserable

    My youngest of three son's has graduated from high school and will be moving out to go to college in the fall. I have been deeply depressed each time one of my kids moves out but since this is the last one it is the worst. I feel miserable. I am sick at my stomach and I want to cry all of the time. I have always enjoyed being a mom. It is my favorite thing in life. I can't stand not seeing my...
  • Goodness....I should have joined sooner!   My daughter just graduated but will be taking a gap year before college.   I know the inevitable is coming and its scares me greatly....what will become of me now that my best friend will be leaving.  Yes, she will be in the LA area, but its that empty room and now being able to talk daily, share dinner, have hugs, always telling her how much I love...
  • "The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief. Not everyone goes through all of them or in a prescribed order. Our hope is that with these stages comes the...
  • My 19 year old daughter moved to Florida 5/28 to live with her boyfriend and his family. I can't even deal with seeing her room, things she loves in the pantry, clothes she left behind! I am begging my son to quickly move into her room so I can hopefully diassociate this with her. She is everywhere and in everything. I know I should be content knowing I raised her so well she is able to move so...
  • mattyda

    Sad throughout the day

    My last child has graduated and will be leaving soon.  I am at a lost with trying to figure out whats next for me. I was not prepared for these feelings and this is not how I envisioned this moment.
  • lonely2017

    Reading your post gives me strenght

    I am new to this site. Reading all of your post has made me feel so much better. Just to know that I feel the same way that other moms do about their children leaving home gives me great comfort. I am not alone. I am normal for having these feelings. I guess it is true what they say, "misery loves company". This site has been therapy for me. I hope it will keep me form lossing my mind and having...
  • highwood

    Son leaving wednesday...

    we are in canada and he accepted a copilot positionway up north.   IN front of him I am supportive but inside I am anxious, scared, worried,etc.  He got the word on Friday and it is happening fast.  I have had sleep issues, lack of appetite, etc since then.  My stomach is in a knot.   How can I change my negative thinking to positive?
  • deleted_user

    Empty Nest

    My daughter moved away for college and I'm grieving. I can't believe how bad I feel. I actually feel like I can't go on. She was my whole world and I'm so sick of hearing "get a hobby." No one ever talks about how bad this "empty nest is. By far worse feeling in the whole world for me so far. I feel like i;m dying and she is perfectly happy with living away from home. Will I ever be happy again??...
  • kizzi

    Worried about having an empty nest?

    I want to help you.My book will be published this summer. It’s about the Empty Nest Syndrome and the silent pain this can cause, creating sadness, anxiety, loneliness and depression and how you can leave all this behind to find your truth, your other reason to be living at this time, on this planet, beyond motherhood.I am currently looking for case studies to work with before I submit my final...
  • CopingNow

    What's working for any of you

    I have been on this particular group for a year or more.  I have found that sometimes when I come to this group I read other posts and even post I start to feel better.  Then I don't come on for awhile.  So I feel like I am not really great at supporting others.I feel like I need to figure things out.  I have been back in my rut where things are just fine Monday-Friday when I am working but...
  • highwood

    This site is weird....

    and useless...what is the point of posting on here when hardly anyone responds to anyone??   Someone posted the other day I responded relatively quickly and nothing.