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Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of depression and loneliness that parents/other guardian relatives feel when one or more of their children leave home. Empty nest syndrome has become more prevalent in modern times, as the extended family is becoming less common than in past generations, and the elderly are left living by themselves.

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  • cdw10

    Last one gone....

    Hello ... I'm reaching out to anyone that can help as I am desperately sad :-( ... my youngest (18) has just left and she was just awful. Angry, hurtful and nasty :-) Its my own fault for giving her far too much and sacrificing far too much. However I cant turn the clock back ... its too late :-( I dont have friends and family (immigrated) , dont have a job as have been studying (finish my degree...
  • Deb822

    Empty nest

    Hi all,  I am so sad. My last daughter moved out a couple of months ago. I have been a total invested mom all of their lives. Now they don't need me. We don't talk everyday and i am so lonely and lost. I don't know what to do. I don't have many friends because i have always been doing things with my daughters. I have 3 daughters. My son passed away when he was 6 years old to cancer. He was my...
  • prince3121

    At a loss

    I have been a single mum for 29 years (apart from bad marriage in the middle) and had a wonderful close relationship with my daughter and we are best friends who always have done everything together. She is still living with me and only just starting to date but I am finding it hard to adjust. Suddenly I am feeling so alone and lost & I guess mentally trying to prepare for empty nest syndrome....
  • Bagelsandcreamcheese

    Daughter of an empty nester

    Greetings to all of you. Congratulations to all of you who have raised children into adulthood. It is not an easy journey,  and I admire every one of you.I am posting to ask for advice about my single, empty nester mother. I have been out her house for almost 10 years and she is still lonely and despondent. I have 3 children that require so much of my attention that I barely care for myself. My...
  • Mimi23

    Next month I will be an empty nester-high anxiety!

    I'm really glad to find this site. I'm a single mom. My oldest is getting married in a week, already lives in another state. Then my youngest will be leaving in a month to live out where his brother lives, in another state. I'm so sad knowing he's leaving. Granted I would never stop him from living his dream, but I feel like I'm losing a huge part of me. It doesn't help that a year ago I was in a...
  • Godwillsmileagain

    Seeking Succorance

    I has been over 2 years now since my only child moved out and eventually got married. She lived with me for almost 28 years and we had a very close mother and daughter relationship. Her biological Dad passed away when she was 7 y/o and God created in our hearts to be each other's strength. Although I married my 2nd husband after 10 yrs. yet my daughter and I remained ever so close through...
  • RaquelS

    Empty nest for 3 1/2 years now

    Hi I have 4 adult children. Two of them are identical twin daughters, who have come home to me a few times after they first left. Anyway, my twins are the youngest but are now 28. They are still very immature for their ages. They mistreat me verbally and usually never come around unless they need money or a babysitter (although, I love having my grandchildren)My point is, I am tired of the way...
  • cami1960

    Having a rough time

    Became an empty-nester in August. Sent my last daughter of 3 to college. I am extremely depressed and sad. I feel I have no purpose in life anylonger. I have been a single Mom for 17 years. Really need some help getting through this.
  • SeekingGodthroughitall

    Needing to Feel Needed

    Sufferers of empty nest syndrome, according to Susan Whitbourne's blog on Huffpost, "feel that they've outlived their usefulness and sense of purpose."  That certainly describes my feelings, and perhaps many others here.  I am new to this group and would like a friend to release my hurt to, and will listen to any of you who respond, with compassion, understanding, and non-judgemental...
  • Bailey478

    Feeling all alone..

    Single parent, 2 sons (27 & 25) oldest in Minnesota, youngest in Kansas (married, in military). Yesterday the moving van came and picked up all my youngest belongings to ship to his new home. Oldest has been gone for 3yrs, youngest since April this year. No real heavy sadness or depression until yesterday. Seeing all his stuff packed up and being taken away was like a shot to the chest. I sat in...
  • lori726

    New to this group and want some helpful advice

    I am a 54 year old women. My daughter is moving out of thr house very soon and I feel so depressed that I cant eat or sleep. I will miss her company and our day to day interactions. I will miss our family life tht I have known for the last 25 years. My husband is not very depressed at all and really doesnt understand my sudden grief. My father and my dog have recently died and now my daughter is...
  • mybabygirl

    I feel so alone need advice

    In Feburary my daughter moved out . We were very close shopping,lunch,getting nails done. My mother was in the hospital dying with cancer. I was very close to her. She past away in March . Two weeks later i broke my foot and was unable to walk on it, and because of my wrist crutches werent an option. I was given a scooter however using it tore the tendens in that knee. So i was on the couch for...
  • teraymemo

    Sad Sad Sad

    Hi  I am Tearymemo.. I will soon be 55 and as of yesterday I am living ALONE!!!!!!...   I have two beautiful daughters that both have moved out. They have been trying to perparing me for this since they started school..  I had my mom living with me until she passed. a year later my sister that I have worked for for the last 10 years died. We did every thing together. Our kids were like sister...
  • NuttyMom

    Last woman standing

    My son is off at college. My ex has moved to another state; he took one of our dogs with him. The other pets have since passed away, including my last old dog who died this past Sunday. I am the only living thing left in this house. Even the 5 cactus plants we had for years have died. I have never felt so alone before. I had people over to visit to try to fill the house with life, but I just...
  • Tia777

    Soon to be empty nester

    Hello everyone, I am grateful to have found this group. I am a single mom of 10 children and soon to be an empty-nester. My youngest, daughter is leaving for college in August. I am so used to having children at home. Go figure! :) This will be the first time that I've lived alone as I had my first at 16. In addition, I am relocating to Ga on my own. I have a few friends but no family. Over the...