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Chat about how well your latest diet is -- or is not -- working. This group is a great place to find support and accountability as well as share success stories and valuable lessons with the community. From where to start to weekly weigh-ins, get help from others to reach your dieting and weight maintenance goals.

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  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♫ July 23-29 ♫ Avoiding GMO's

    Six Easy Ways to Avoid GMO'sAwareness about the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food supply is at an all-time high throughout America, thanks in large part to the Proposition 37 ballot initiative in California. But many people are now asking the question, "If GMOs aren't labeled, how can I know whether or not the foods I buy contain them?" To help you make the best...
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♫ July 16-22 ♫ Citric Acid

    She was breaking out in hives!A friend mentioned breaking out in hives.  What did you eat yesterday?  Just rice bread, rice cereal and cherry fruit spread.  Having gone over her bread and cereal choices previously, I inquired about and looked up the fruit spread.  It's the citric acid.  I learned something new and shared it with her.  It's actually a preservative most usually cultured...
  • YvetteK

    I'll be back in the Fall

    Anyone who is on this board knows how much I complain about my migraines. Well, Summer is just one big migraine trigger. I've barely been able to get out of bed since the end of May. It happens every Summer, then once Fall really hits, it gets so much better. So until then, there is just no point in me trying to weigh in and such.I hope everyone has a really, really nice summer. See you in a few...
  • GiveMeStrength2LetGo

    corn syrup solids/ plz post ur thoughts

    I cut out the dry powder creamer I used in coffee for 2 months now and I do feel a sight difference in my belly bloat. Interestingly, in the winter, when I had a sore throat I used standard store brand cough drops and always gained a few pounds. Just something I noticed.What foods have you noticed, besides sodas, cookies and baked goods, that have corn syrup in them?
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♫ July 9-15 ♫ De-Stress

    Sometimes, as we see on our last week's page, we have the ups, downs, binge eating, and let's not forget, all the stress of our day-to-day living.  Everyone has some life stress. Some sweep it under the rug, or just keep it all inside.  Having healthy outlets to de-stress can be just what we need though.  Ever feel so confined and limited in the diet routine, that you just have to break out...
  • ruthgrps

    Willpower - or lack of it!

    Why cant I seem to have enough willpower to get to my goal weight, I've started eating biscuits particularly in the afternoon thats my weak point, I feel fat, not that I am that overweight.  I just feel it.  I need to loose about 12 pounds we are off on a short break Wednesday, I know I will be fatter when I return.  I cant seem to get my act together anymore, never used to emotionally eat,...
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♫ July 2-8 ♫ Healthy 4th

    Wherever you may reside, may you always enjoy life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and good health! If you're celebrating with the USA, here's to a very safe and happy extended 4th of July weekend.How to Avoid Portion Size Pitfalls to Help Manage Your WeightWhen eating at many restaurants, it's hard to miss that portion sizes have gotten larger in the last few years. The trend has also spilled...
  • Joy32

    New to the group

    Hey everyone, I am new to the group, I currently are back at my higher weight. I previously started at 341 currently I am 302. I worked myself down to 277 and I felt great. I beat myself up all the time about gaining the weight back. I have moved to a new state and I don't have many friends or workout buddies.
  • CeeCee4

    That last 5 pounds!

    I have always been able to loose weight and maintain my weight. I had suffered an eating disorder for many years. I relapse once in a while with behaviors but I'm pretty good. I have realistic goals for weight setting. I want to be a certain weight and I'm currently 5 to 8 lbs away. The scale won't budge. My goal: 130lbs. Currently: 138lbs. I was able to cut to 125 lbs for competition  (ameatur...
  • tcamptin

    Food addiction

    Has anyone had issues with food addiction and have you been able to overcome it? I could seriously use some helpful tips. I can go all day eating healthy but by the end of the day I find myself craving things to the point where I will go to the store or go to a fast food place just to get it and I can't control it. It's like I'm another person.
  • Goldielocks5

    Haven't lost weight.....

    Couple weeks ago I started working out and eating better.  I've been tracking my calories and I'm about 1800 - 2000 calories a day based on what my fitness pal suggests, I actually always am under 300-500 calories.  I've been working out about 1.5 hours for 5 days a week.  My protein is about 120-130 grams a day, net carbs 80-100, and fat about 75 (good fats).  I've followed these macros...
  • Montgomery55


    I had weight oss surgery 2 years ago and have not gotten much weight off. I have a very had time staying away from junk food--chips, chocolate, bread, soft drinks, etc. I don't know how to stop. Any suggestions?
  • imskinnyinside


    I just wanted to say hello since I am new here.I wish everyone luck on working toward you goals.
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In 3 ♥ June 25-July 1 ♥ Exercise!

    The things we do during the day burn calories and sometimes are a workout but it helps to have an exercise habit/routine.  That way, taking care of ourselves doesn't just fall through the cracks.  The extra few minutes of exercise during the day can make a difference in our energy level and be a real confidence booster.Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activityYou know exercise is good...
  • chris138

    Day 5

    Well I am on day 5 of a diet. I signed up on a website called "My Fitness Pal". The website says I should be eating 1,900 calories a day to lose weight safely. I am a bit hungry and almost cheated today by going out for lunch. I did not though. I have been drinking lots of water. I am a tad anxious and irritable. But I did not cave. I weighed myself on the basement scale, it says I am 285lbs. I...