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Chat about how well your latest diet is -- or is not -- working. This group is a great place to find support and accountability as well as share success stories and valuable lessons with the community. From where to start to weekly weigh-ins, get help from others to reach your dieting and weight maintenance goals.

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  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♣ Mar 26-Apr 1 ♣ The Basics

    Food, Sleep, Exercise: Why You Seriously Need All 3 to Be SuccessfulHealthy people are more productive, creative and mentally sharp.Face it. We don't always take care of ourselves as well as we should. It’s hard, because life gets in the way—doubly so if we have a busy and productive work life. And when faced with the choice between hard work and convenience, guess which one wins out most of...
  • monarch

    The Struggle

    I've been struggling with my weight and the effects of my yo yo weight loss for over 20 years. I'm 30 and I can remember my mom on me about my weight as early as 9-10 years old. Need motivation and accountability. Hoping to get it here
  • joshuae83

    Puttting in the work

    Been making better choices this past week food wise.  Didnt eat out and more meal prepping.  Still a work in progress but making smarter choices.  Will be better once I stop giving in to the snacks at work.  Working night shift has its downfalls.  People will often bring in snacks and they are rarely healthy.  I try to avoid them but its hard and I am tempted by sweets.  I have instead...
  • newgirl55

    Another Monday

    It's Monday again, alway the first and last day of my diet.  It is almost bedtime so I have made it through day 1. I am 56, 5 ft 4 in and weigh 241 pounds. I have gained over 100 pounds in 4 years.  Stress, medicine, bad eating.  I really want to lose this weight and look forward to some inspiration on this site.
  • Lupin1

    Film Recommendation

    I saw a film on Amazon the other day called 'That Sugar Film'. It was amazing. Basically they proved that it's not just about calories..processed sugar is the enemy. This guy went from no sugar to 40tps a day but only in health food like juices, muesli, yoghurt, etc. He put on a stone and a half in 2 months on the same calories and exercise, and was heading towards diabetes. He looked 10 years...
  • YvetteK

    I'm coming back

    I was here last year...early last year I think. I got really off track, and gained additional weight. But I'm done with it. I'm sticking with it with (a lot) of weight to lose. But this time I have better tools to work with that is helping me get and keep the weight off. See you on weigh in day!
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♣ Mar 19-25 ♣ "Simple Tweaks"

    The Simple Tweaks Your Diet Needs For Slow, Steady, And Lasting Weight LossThis article was written by Allison Young and provided by our partners at Prevention."Small steps are the key to changing your eating habits," says Lippert. "If you do something that's extreme, it's tough to feel motivated to keep doing it." And there's plenty of research to back it up, with studies showing that those who...
  • Sunny_Nicole

    Need a weight loss buddy!

    hello, :)i am 30, my husband and I have four children. I've gained a ton of weight in the last ten years. I went from 145 to 265. I am five foot ten. Basically, I look 6 months pregnant.My blood pressure is still good, thank God. But, I feel terrible, everything hurts, acid reflux is terrible, I feel like a swollen sponge all day. My belly gets nauseated and hurts when I have to bend and when I...
  • LivingWater

    Anybody doing Atkins or Low Carb?

    Since the beginning of 2015 I have lost 52 - 54 lbs. but am having a very stubborn plateau. I want to lose at least 30 more lbs. Have decided to give low-carb dieting a try. Is anyone doing Atkins or a similar low-carb plan? If so, please message me. I am NOT going to start with the "boot camp" 20 gram jump-start. Just eating protein and a few green veggies is too drastic and can also trigger...
  • joshuae83

    New here and getting back into healthy living

    After months of being lazy and not working out I am getting back into it.  I am struggling with my diet right now and getting back into my meal prepping.  After putting on some weight I am just tired of not being the old me that was fit and happier about my life. I work night shift so my eating is kinda hard to keep consistent. If I can just get myself going again it will be great just lacking...
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♣ Mar 12-18 ♣ Habits Tried & True

    All of a sudden, a few extra pounds have crept on, not once, but twice or more.  How could this happen?!?  My healthy habits have been forsaken.  It was so effortless, just creeping up so nonchalantly, and soon the regular weigh-in seemed to skip days.  What?!?!   The healthy habits kept sliding to the back seat.  [Flash forward to this weekend . . .]  It’s come to grips time!   What...
  • CountryBelle13

    I need some support.

    hello! I am 24 years old and right around 225 pounds and I am only five foot two inches tall. I gained a lot of weight during/after I lost my mother to cancer. Finally getting back on track but I have almost no support and no idea where to start. Anyone need a friend? I would love to hear what works and doesn't work for other people as well as support them in their weight loss journey. Thanks...
  • Blue_Skies


    Health is something that is very important to me. Although I try my hardest to eat healthy, low sugar foods, I find myself failing more times than not. The main reason is that I lack motivation. I would love some imput on how i can help improve my motivation and stay on track for my healthy diet. Thanks!
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♣ March 6-12 ♣ Mindset

    Can’t find motivation to exercise? Change your mindset!Camille Charbonneau, MHKOwner and Lead Mental Performance Consultant at Peak Perform"Beware the person selling Suffering as Dedication, Exhaustion as Virtue and Obsession as Health." –Brad Pilon, Author of Eat Stop EatIf you’re having difficulty finding motivation to exercise and/or diet, looking for the best possible workout plan may...
  • NYyankeedeb

    New Day

    After 2 hitial hernia surgerie and 2 major hernia repairs surgery and now 100 lbs heavier I have a long weigh to go....Just found out because of all the surgeries I am a high risk and no one can or will touch me.  The funny part is my sugars, cholestorol, blood pressure and every thing else is perfect.  I ask my primary Dr. for help and we discussed Contrave...the new weight loss...