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Chat about how well your latest diet is -- or is not -- working. This group is a great place to find support and accountability as well as share success stories and valuable lessons with the community. From where to start to weekly weigh-ins, get help from others to reach your dieting and weight maintenance goals.

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  • marissa

    Tired of being fat

    Hello all,I'm am 20 years old, and a good portion of my family is either over weight or diabetic. My great grandmother went blind because of diabetes weighing at 250 pounds, which is currently my weight. I have started to realized that my perfect eye sight is starting to get weird. I am afraid that I could go blind to and develop diabetes, I need support so badly right now. I recently have...
  • All Aboard!!Embarking Now:      December 4thDestination:              “Isle of Fun Activities”  Let’s take a spin on this island to regain our mode of healthy exercise..  Depending on your current ability and interest, there are options for you.             Stretching:  It’s the best way to warm up the muscles and spine to prevent injury.  There are a host...
  • LiliannB

    Saying Farewell ....for now

    Am posting my last post till my stressfull home life calms much is going on, taking care of my mom and our home while my sister recover from a collasped lung surgery. I am doing my best , am quitting smoking and reduce this weight off of that need to see my medical doctor and stress from that too when she nags me about weight loss surgery... ugh!!So...I am not sure when i will...
  • LiliannB

    Checking in

    Hello all.. For some strange reasons i can not post on Lorrie's weekly thread, I guess the pics added might be the issue..I  do not have or use a cell phone...but on my laptop. can not send or reply on the weekly weigh ins...sorry.Things on the home front is calm now....This weekend am getting started on my fitness efforts..just walking. I am tracking fitness minutes for this month on seeing how...
  • The “Love (Yourself) Boat” is ready to set sail! I’ll be your host, “Lorrieonline.”When:                       There’s no time like the present!Destination:         The Land ‘O Healthy Living ~ Right Into 2017!Activity I:  Practice Listening to Ourselves (take care of self first)We’ve heard that story before but how many times do we just wake up and...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    LIfestyle changes, ... again

    So I now that losing weight is mostly about lifestyle changes; adopting a lifestyle that allows me to lose weight.  So far:Last week I gave up the sugar shaker and used a bowl with a small spoon so I can be aware of just how much sugar I'm using in my ice tea.This week I gave up soda.  Even when eating out.  Back to tea!Next week I will either focus on those two goals, or I will try to...
  • LiliannB

    Nov/Dec 2016 Daily Weigh Ins

    This thread for those weigh in daily, each moring...studies says the daily weigh ins helps on weight loss...So share on here if you want... I need to do this to help me .HW...460Friday... 463Saturday..466Sweets hinders my efforts and must be stop pronto!! I will focus more on fitness rather than dieting..I will cut my snacking times and meals..just eat 2 healthy meals...NO SNACKING!!!!!!See ya...
  • LiliannB


    Hello all to my weekly weigh in buddies.. can not post on the weekly thread. do not know why. so will update here whenever I can.I gained 3 Lbs... not bad...had to tasted my cooking yesterday. had 2 small cheesecakes...i had a wonderful thanksgiving!!!. my cooking was a hit!! so i did not mind about the gain. Today I started a new own, mostly eating fruits now and less meat for...
  • It can be helpful to see ideas from others to help decide what we're actually going to do to get through Thanksgiving or any big family meal successfully.  This weeks article has some of those ideas. As always, these FOUR S's of Weighing Yourself are key:►Same TIME of day, on the►Same DAY each week, wearing the►Same CLOTHING, and using the►Same SCALE Measure yourself - Sometimes your...
  • Hey everyone, I'm new to this site.So when I was in 8th grade I was 200 lbs, then I lost 10 pounds in ninth grade. I'm almost 16 and I've been trying so hard since September to lose weight and now I'm at 180 pounds (I'm 5'4"). My problem is I do good with my diet and workouts then I go several days skipping my workouts and binging on snacks and junk. Right now I'm doing okay but last night I...
  • achelf78


    Has anyone had the gastric sleeve surgery done?  I'm hoping to by the end of the year.  I am very nervous about this.  Any good or bad experiences?  Please share.
  • Joe100

    Get rid of the weight -- Have more sex

    Get rid of the weight -- Have more sexIs this a correct assumption? Because I'm really hoping it is. 
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♥ Nov 13-19

    So I'm thinking we need a mindset to successfully handle all the holidays upon us.  We get so "busy" with planning, visiting and sharing wonderful meals, it's easy to get off track.  WeightWatchers motto was to have a small spoon (tablespoon, not serving spoon) of all the sides and if there's one especially irrestible one, have two spoons.  Doing some exercises before we get going seems the...
  • Joe100

    Food to Keep

    Tell me foods I should have at my house that I don't need to feel guilty eating. I'm trying so hard.
  • Ineed_hugs


    Ahhhh! it's so overwhelming at times.  I'm trying hard not to concentrate on that word, diet ,  I am making a lyfestyle change, better food orep, better food choices.  It's not getting the hang of things that's so frustrating.  I'm not keeping my scale, I don't want the numbers, changing or not changing, to mess with my mind and my plan.  As I get stronger in my workouts and I feel the body...