Diets & Weight Maintenance Support Group

Chat about how well your latest diet is -- or is not -- working. This group is a great place to find support and accountability as well as share success stories and valuable lessons with the community. From where to start to weekly weigh-ins, get help from others to reach your dieting and weight maintenance goals.

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4 Online
  • Each week we explore helpful articles and tips. This Week's Article (below) is on Nutrition. As always, these FOUR S's of Weighing Yourself are key:►Same TIME of day, on the►Same DAY each week, wearing the►Same CLOTHING, and using the►Same SCALE Measure yourself - Sometimes your scale wont budge but your waistline will. Here's this week's article:Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Everyday...
  • LiliannB

    Fasting Anyone??

    Sunday greetings to all...Ok...Am fed up on low carb,etc..I want to loose weight, but do not like tracking. Want something hearing about fasting. And it's a easy,simple way of eating. I had breakfast....and will fast noon - 6 am....that's 19 hours fasting. I know I can do this!! Anyone else doing this method? If so,please share.I will be on here each morning....Enjoy your day!!...
  • but i am stuck in the same weight for the past few months. my husband is a diabetic, non insulin dependent but is controlled through a couple of meds and diet. we eat multi grain bread, no white anything... it's brown, yellow, jasmine , or quinoa rice. we portion control. we exercise.... at my job i'm walking over 3, 000 steps daily and yet i'm still at the same weight. I just recently...
  • HarleyQuinn226

    New To Chat

    Good morning everyone hope all is well if anyone like to chat im open to listening.
  • BigRay379

    First time need advice

    Hello everyone this is my first time writting i had gastric bypass on july 14 2016 i was doing great for 2 weeks i was getting protein in and walking then i had a bad leak an almost died on july 29th so i had emergency surgery and now im 3 weeks out after my second surgery but my problem is i can seem to hold or want to drink anything anymore everything i drink or puree just taste so bad to the...
  • tryinghard

    clarity on my plan

    I'm trying to lose weight, obviously. It's why we're all here right? I've been trying to lose the last bit if stubborn weight I have left. I used to be 270. Lost 55 pounds by eating healthily and hitting the gym daily. However I've come to a wall. It seems I cannot shake this stubborn belly fat and chest fat. My eating habits are as follows.No carbs. Very low carbs. I cut out pasta, breads...
  • Staying Motivated with healthy lifestyle goals and weight loss can be challenging. This week's article talks about social support being very beneficial! Remember, posting our numbers is not crucial. If preferred, just post by how much you're up or down. As always, these FOUR S's of Weighing Yourself are key:►Same TIME of day, on the►Same DAY each week, wearing the►Same CLOTHING, and using...
  • deekat

    Stuck in a rut

    I'm looking for some adivce for losing weight. I've been working out and watching what I eat for about 4 months now and have barely lost any weight. I feel stuck - no matter how hard I work out or how little/healthy I eat, there's little to no movement towards my weight loss goal. Anyone in this group have advice on how to approach this? It's just so discouraging I feel like its not possible to...
  • CiaV10798

    It doesn't work

    I am new to this whole support group thing. My weight is something very personal to me so it's hard to share. I had a baby two years ago and can't seem to get back to even close to my pre pregnancy weight. I've tried so many things but when I don't see progress I give up. My husband is not good at supporting me . I need someone to keep me going.
  • LuvMyTitans

    Paleo diet

    Hi y'all.Just wondering if anyone here has tried the Paleo diet and if so, how did you like it? I started it 2 days ago. So far, it's boring, but I haven't incorporated any recipes yet. Just eating meat/veggies/fruits.Hugs everyone!LMT
  • Hi All - I'm new to the group and I've managed to lose 28 pounds since Feb. I still have 40 pounds to go (+ the 5 pounds I've gained back recently). I guess you could say that I've been motivated and killing it for a while, but somewhere in the last month or so, I just lost that motivation. I'm starting over today and looking for support from this group. Can't wait to read your posts going...
  • Community LeaderThePepperMan

    I'm back. Again

    I know they are all excuses, but I lost motivation, fell in love with eating again, got sick, had surgery, and became somewhat depressed about life.Yea, excuses.Now I am waiting for my doctor to clear me for exercise. I had shoulder surgery (torn rotator cuff), and am now about 1 month post-op. I need to be careful because my left arm is not capable of supporting me in the event of a fall or...
  • Hey I'm new to this site. I am a private person but this online support group is awesome! It nice to know that there is support!
  • dburton


    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. I have been struggling with my weight for a very long time. I need all the support I can get.
  • Wallflower36


    Hello Everyone,I have never joined a support group, but interested to learn more about the community. I am a 36-year-old mom who has struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. From the time when I was a teenager (who was not fat but thought I was) to now approaching middle age with 30+ pounds to lose. Having trouble staying on track. Any advice is welcome. :)