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Chat about how well your latest diet is -- or is not -- working. This group is a great place to find support and accountability as well as share success stories and valuable lessons with the community. From where to start to weekly weigh-ins, get help from others to reach your dieting and weight maintenance goals.

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  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In 3 ♥ June 25-July 1 ♥ Exercise!

    The things we do during the day burn calories and sometimes are a workout but it helps to have an exercise habit/routine.  That way, taking care of ourselves doesn't just fall through the cracks.  The extra few minutes of exercise during the day can make a difference in our energy level and be a real confidence booster.Exercise: 7 benefits of regular physical activityYou know exercise is good...
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♥June 18-24 ♥Transform Temptations

    Transform TemptationsNever fear, whenever a diet or healthy lifestyle is under way, there is bound to be someone or something there to tempt us with something too good to resist.  We’ve seen it again and again and it’s nothing we can’t handle.  All we have to do when we see something that looks too good to resist is to embrace the notion.  That’s right.  Embrace the idea that we...
  • dyinginside35

    Tired of a 35 year reflection

    Im 35 yrs old and im to my breaking point. I hit it last night when i was asked out on a date with an attractive guy, he liked my pictures and wanted to meet up with me, then once he saw me he was like nope. I battle with depression and low self esteem. He was big at one point but now looks good, really good. For so long all i have seen is this whale thats disgusting to the opposite...
  • Montgomery55


    I had weight oss surgery 2 years ago and have not gotten much weight off. I have a very had time staying away from junk food--chips, chocolate, bread, soft drinks, etc. I don't know how to stop. Any suggestions?
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♥ June 11-17 ♥ Stay Motivated

    Staying motivated for fitness can sometimes be a struggle but keeping active is crucial to maintaining long-term health for your heart and body. From tips about setting reasonable expectations, to advice about breaking up the monotony, we will help you achieve you’re the long-term fitness that your heart will thank you for.Identifying Your Fitness GoalsSetting goals for yourself is a great way...
  • tcamptin

    Food addiction

    Has anyone had issues with food addiction and have you been able to overcome it? I could seriously use some helpful tips. I can go all day eating healthy but by the end of the day I find myself craving things to the point where I will go to the store or go to a fast food place just to get it and I can't control it. It's like I'm another person.
  • itsraining

    A bad weekend.

    I had a really bad eating weekend this weekend and gained a few pounds. I'm pretty upset with myself. I had McDonalds (made me feel sick), a ton of s'mores while camping (that was 100% expected), and a lot more beer than I planned for.Luckily I only gained 3 pounds, but I am never going to break through this 170 plateau if I keep cheating so much on the weekends! I do great during the week with...
  • Trooper10

    20 Pounds

    Why does it seem so difficult to lose that last 20 pounds? I am average height and weight, but would like to get down to about 135.0 pounds (high school weight) The goal is attainable, but one has to put forth a lot of effort.  Getting motivated is the problem. Sticking to a exercise schedule is a problem for me. I do good for two weeks, and then, fall off the ban wagon. I will remain...
  • Goldielocks5

    Haven't lost weight.....

    Couple weeks ago I started working out and eating better.  I've been tracking my calories and I'm about 1800 - 2000 calories a day based on what my fitness pal suggests, I actually always am under 300-500 calories.  I've been working out about 1.5 hours for 5 days a week.  My protein is about 120-130 grams a day, net carbs 80-100, and fat about 75 (good fats).  I've followed these macros...
  • lorrieonline

    Weekly Weigh-In ♥ June 4-10 ♥ Steady as She Goes

    wikiHow to Develop a Realistic Nutrition and Exercise PlanIt can be difficult to find a nutrition and exercise plan that feels realistic and achievable. You may feel overwhelmed with your career or with school and struggle to find time to exercise and eat healthy. With a little effort, you can develop a nutritional plan and an exercise plan that fit your lifestyle and your health goals. You...
  • itsraining

    Unattractive food names.

    I had cookies last night. Ugh I know. But as I was eating them I thought 'these are gross, they taste like compressed flour patties, and they're not even sweet'.So now cookies will be known as compressed flour patties, a much less attractive name. Maybe it will make me want them less haha. I thought it could be fun to come up with more names like this for unhealthy foods. Anyone have any others??
  • carolinaelizabeta8

    I eat more when I'm sad

    I could use some advice on what others do to prevent emotional eating!  I'm going through I tough time right now and turn to food and sugary drinks to cope... Please help with your advice!  Anyone else do this?  
  • typewriter


    I recently lost my husband to cancer.  We were together for 33 years.  Now for the first time I live alone.  The weekends are the worst for  me.  All I do is eat junk food.   I cooked every night for me and my hunsband. I don't really cook anything for myself aymore. When i go food shopping, I go for the chips, cookies etc. I Know I have to stop but I can't. Its awful. 
  • KBeard24

    Opportunistic Eater

    Hi All - Does anyone have advice for avoiding or turning down unhealthy foods offered at public events, family gatherings, office breakrooms, etc.? For example, every Friday, my office has a free breakfast available to the staff and it's usually unhealthy (e.g. doughnuts, bagels, bear claws, etc.). Every week, I tell myself I'm going to avoid it, but I always eat from it. Is there any advice on...
  • dream.skinnybitch

    Lose weight !!Urgent

    I'm trying to lose 60 pounds in 2 maybe 3 months , I'm very serious about , maybe a buddy would make it easier so we could share with our picture impressions results and support each other . I have a plan I have a strong goal hope there are other like me . Comment I can give you my number we could chat)