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A voluntary caregiver is a spouse, relative, friend or neighbor of a disabled person or child who assists with activities of daily living and assists those unable to fully take care of themselves. The challenges of a caregiver are unique and sometimes it's hard to find people to talk to who know what you're going through. Join the conversation and find others who understand.

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  • I NEED HELPI suffer from PTSD, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. I was diagnosed with it in 2009. I was going to a Therapist until 2015. I was taking medicine to deal with all this. I would also write in a Journal. What my question is Has Anyone EVER Healed from these Mental Illnesses ?? I want to see the Bright Line at the end of this Tunnel and Not Feel Disconnected Anymore. Thanks for All The...
  • melissa2487

    I don't know what to do...

    I do not know where to go from here. To make a really REALLY long story short... my mom recently got out of the hospital. She was there for 2 weeks due to pnuemonia and some other issues. She has 1 leg so while she was in the hospital and getting better, they didn't let her out of the bed or anything to keep her strengh. She says she lost all her strength and while I'm not 100% doubting her, I...
  • Sagacioussusan

    Burned up

    I have been taking care of my dad since May 2015. I’ve gone through CNA’s to the point I don’t use them any longer. Dad hasn’t been happy with any of them but one he tolerated,she was stealing from me. So now I give him his bath. He’s bedridden. It’s a hard job neither one of us are happy about. I feel horrible saying this but I put it off till I know I have to once a week. He needs...
  • lonelyonlychild

    I can't see the light

    In October 2014, after two years of back and no help from her doctor except injections and pain killers, I took my mother to see another doctor. Halloween she was using a cane for support. Thanksgivings and Christmas she was using a walker. New Years she was in a wheel chair. February 15, 2015, the day after Valentine's Day, she had first one then a second back surgery. Three weeks of rehab in...
  • RebeccaJo

    Looking for Guidance

    Hi everyone. I'm new to support groups but I think it's definitely time for me to join one. Fair warning, this will probably be a long first post... I apologize. I'm in a unique situation where I am the primary caregiver for my 82 year old maternal grandparents. I've been trying to find books for caregiver for grandparents but there don't seem to be any. Here's a little background for you...My...
  • melissa2487

    Social Sercuity Disability

    My dad just received notice that they are cancelling his disability since he reached retirement age and replacing it with retirement benefits which is fine. HOWEVER, Why is the retirement benefits over $200 lower? I am under the impression that whatever you get for disability, you will get for retirement. Our family has no money as is and we depend on the benefits for EVERYTHING. Help! 
  • Macdad

    New and Old

    i have been caring for both of my parents about 10 years now. I love them I really do but I am so tired. My life has no life. I know I am not the only one. I keep getting told it is going to get worst. I wonder a lot how can it.  My health has been affected by theirs. What to do?
  • tinydancer02


    I'm new to this website. I've been in need of help for depression and alcoholism and found this. I was very happy to see this group. I'm 26,married,and have two young kids. I also am responsible for taking care of my mother in law who has Alzheimer's. She moved in with us a year ago. It has been a very trying time. We are just getting our lives started. We had just bought a house and were going...
  • Wistful

    Parkinson's rigidity problems

    I am the caregiver for my father who has advanced  Parkinson's Disease. I'm looking for advice on how to help him when the muscles in his legs become rigid. Everything out there says the same thing, exercise. But that isn't an option because his body is simply to rigid for him to be able to move much. Just getting him from the wheelchair to the toilet is very difficult. I'm hoping somebody out...
  • Chopin321

    Thankful to find this group!

    Hello All! I'm so grateful to find a group of people who know what I'm going through. I had hoped to find a local caregivers support group, but they are few and far between. I left my husband a year ago and moved in with my parents full-time to care for them. My husband is selling our home and looking for a job here so he can join me, but it has been a slow move. It's difficult when you are in...
  • Phoebesfriend


    I've been here at DS since my husbands first stroke over 6 years ago. He's had 2 more and now he's paralyzed from the neck down.At first I thought I would let him be placed in a long term bed in a nursing home when he's released from rehab. But now I know in my heart I can't let that happen. He's only 68 and I refuse to let him feel I've abandoned him.I'm going to bring him home and rent a...
  • Sarahw123


    Does anyone have tips on how to motivate a person who is recovering from an illness or surgery, but who doesn't want to do things for themselves?
  • Sarahw123

    Caregiver of a diabetic

    my mom turned 60 last week. On Jan 1, 2017, I spotted a huge wound on her foot, that she hadn't noticed.3.5 months later, and I'm still a mess. Mom spent 2 months in a skilled nursing facility, which was its own sort of crap drama. She is now staying with my aunt, for this part of her recovery. I'm only there 7a-1p Mon-Thurs, but I have to stay at her house overnight at least 3 nights each week,...
  • babybb24

    New here

    I am a caregiver to my husband, he has cerebral palsy, he really could get around really good when we got together but over he years , I guess aging has worsened for him. He can't walk at all now. He acts like he don't even care anymore if he does anything to help himself. Life's hard just working everyday, worrying about him falling while I'm working. He's on blood thinner for clots.  So when I...
  • ruthgrps

    How would you feel if ................

    I've been a carer for 21 years for my daughter who has had a heart transplant, has numerous other medical problems, such as epilepsy, asmtha eczema, high bp, other heart things.  She had her heart transplant in 2008 she was 12, just recently she said to me that if she had known what she is like now, and had had the authority she would have said no to the heart transplant.  This means that she...