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A voluntary caregiver is a spouse, relative, friend or neighbor of a disabled person or child who assists with activities of daily living and assists those unable to fully take care of themselves. The challenges of a caregiver are unique and sometimes it's hard to find people to talk to who know what you're going through. Join the conversation and find others who understand.

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  • Sarahw123

    Caregiver of a diabetic

    my mom turned 60 last week. On Jan 1, 2017, I spotted a huge wound on her foot, that she hadn't noticed.3.5 months later, and I'm still a mess. Mom spent 2 months in a skilled nursing facility, which was its own sort of crap drama. She is now staying with my aunt, for this part of her recovery. I'm only there 7a-1p Mon-Thurs, but I have to stay at her house overnight at least 3 nights each week,...
  • Phoebesfriend


    I've been here at DS since my husbands first stroke over 6 years ago. He's had 2 more and now he's paralyzed from the neck down.At first I thought I would let him be placed in a long term bed in a nursing home when he's released from rehab. But now I know in my heart I can't let that happen. He's only 68 and I refuse to let him feel I've abandoned him.I'm going to bring him home and rent a...
  • katandjoey1981

    unexpected mommy coping mechanism

    unexpected mommyit took me awhile to get to this point . I battled depression.  I was confused, lost , even angry . it was all because of my husband i cant even call him that anymore without laughing to myself.  because I didn't see him as my husband anymore not after diapering him 24/7 due to bedwetting and daytime accidents. of which he had the nerve to argue with me saying he didn't need...
  • babybb24

    New here

    I am a caregiver to my husband, he has cerebral palsy, he really could get around really good when we got together but over he years , I guess aging has worsened for him. He can't walk at all now. He acts like he don't even care anymore if he does anything to help himself. Life's hard just working everyday, worrying about him falling while I'm working. He's on blood thinner for clots.  So when I...
  • ruthgrps

    How would you feel if ................

    I've been a carer for 21 years for my daughter who has had a heart transplant, has numerous other medical problems, such as epilepsy, asmtha eczema, high bp, other heart things.  She had her heart transplant in 2008 she was 12, just recently she said to me that if she had known what she is like now, and had had the authority she would have said no to the heart transplant.  This means that she...
  • angel0761

    Feeling like a Slave

    I have been a caregiver for my husband, going on six years and at times, I do feel like a slave. I'm on call 24 hours. There seems like endless task to do. It seems like I can never get everything done. I need a vacation, even if its just 2 or 3 days. I love my husband but its not easy sometimes. I guess I should count my blessings because things could be worse.
  • tiredcaregiver

    A ? for those who also have children

    We have children that have all moved out of the house. If I need to go somewhere and need a break I have to call one of them. I feel like we are a burden to them. They will come and most of the time do not complain about helping. My question is, is it fair to keep expecting them to help since they all have so much going on. I am not able to afford to hire someone to stay with my husband and just...
  • tiredcaregiver

    I'm back...

    Hello,Looks like not much activity on this board. I am checking in to see how people are doing. I am a caregiver for my husband. He requires 24/7 care since 2009. It's been a struggle but what I am struglling with is now I am also an empty nester. The past 6 months have been the most difficult. Not sure how much longer I can keep taking care of my husband by myself. How do you all handle the...
  • Phoebesfriend

    ^ years and Counting

    I realize DS is less then what it used to be.But I am willing to give it a try. On Feb 1st I will have been a caregiver for 6 years. To say it has been trying is an understatment. I never knew how much I would need to put me behind and him first. It has been very difficult. Anyone else know how to keep going after so long ?Thanks.
  • Kerriene


    i have been coping on my own trying to care for my dying Mother who I do love dearly but feel I am close to breaking point.  No one in my family really understands what I am going through and I just need some coping mechanisms as I can't stop crying alone and putting on a brace face for everyone around me. I can't speak to my friends as they do not want to listen to my depressing story and I...
  • jaf28

    A new member . . .

    I'm needing to just post some random challenges Im dealing with. I take care of my 94 year old mother - she just moved to skilled nursing home, and my 80 year old husband at home. I'm 70. I've been taking care of mom for 25 years. Longer than it took her to raise me. My husbands health has deteriorated a lot in the last 5 years. At times it has been overwhelming. Right now I'm knee deep in...
  • RebeccaJo

    Looking for Guidance

    Hi everyone. I'm new to support groups but I think it's definitely time for me to join one. Fair warning, this will probably be a long first post... I apologize. I'm in a unique situation where I am the primary caregiver for my 82 year old maternal grandparents. I've been trying to find books for caregiver for grandparents but there don't seem to be any. Here's a little background for you...My...
  • KimFredricksonPF

    Appreciation to Caregivers!

    Hello Everyone,I am new to this group. I have been gving care to my husband who had a hip rplacement. His need for help won't be for long, but it helped me have a new appreciation for all you caregivers do for your loved ones. I have pulmonary fibrosis and my husband helps me a lot except for when he just had surgery. I wrote a post today for pulmonaryfibrosisnews thanking caregivers. This one is...
  • figuredout

    Dementia Caregiver With No Family Member To Trust

    Hello! I am a young adult taking care of my mother who has mid-stage dementia. Latest challenges are that she has no sensation of having eaten so she keeps reeating and she has a sense of entitltement about my time and attention. I could talk for days about how hard it has been to watch her decline and how sad it is to watch her struggle with basic things daily. She is 61, and I see her peers...
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I just made this account.  I'm a single mother and a caregiver of two adults as well as my child.