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A voluntary caregiver is a spouse, relative, friend or neighbor of a disabled person or child who assists with activities of daily living and assists those unable to fully take care of themselves. The challenges of a caregiver are unique and sometimes it's hard to find people to talk to who know what you're going through. Join the conversation and find others who understand.

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  • KimFredricksonPF

    Appreciation to Caregivers!

    Hello Everyone,I am new to this group. I have been gving care to my husband who had a hip rplacement. His need for help won't be for long, but it helped me have a new appreciation for all you caregivers do for your loved ones. I have pulmonary fibrosis and my husband helps me a lot except for when he just had surgery. I wrote a post today for pulmonaryfibrosisnews thanking caregivers. This one is...
  • figuredout

    Dementia Caregiver With No Family Member To Trust

    Hello! I am a young adult taking care of my mother who has mid-stage dementia. Latest challenges are that she has no sensation of having eaten so she keeps reeating and she has a sense of entitltement about my time and attention. I could talk for days about how hard it has been to watch her decline and how sad it is to watch her struggle with basic things daily. She is 61, and I see her peers...
  • RebeccaJo

    Looking for Guidance

    Hi everyone. I'm new to support groups but I think it's definitely time for me to join one. Fair warning, this will probably be a long first post... I apologize. I'm in a unique situation where I am the primary caregiver for my 82 year old maternal grandparents. I've been trying to find books for caregiver for grandparents but there don't seem to be any. Here's a little background for you...My...
  • PaleOxymoron

    I just joined.

    I just made this account.  I'm a single mother and a caregiver of two adults as well as my child.
  • Kerriene


    i have been coping on my own trying to care for my dying Mother who I do love dearly but feel I am close to breaking point.  No one in my family really understands what I am going through and I just need some coping mechanisms as I can't stop crying alone and putting on a brace face for everyone around me. I can't speak to my friends as they do not want to listen to my depressing story and I...
  • justacaregiver

    Does anyone remember...........

    Does anyone remember the old T.V. sets? Remember that uncle that laways had to adjust the fine tuning button? He would keep on "adjusting" the picture until there was nothing but fuzz? I guess that no matter where you go, there you are.
  • MelB

    Does anyone ever post on here?

    Where is everyone?
  • 2earlyriser

    anxiety about her return

    My wife will be home in less than two weeks. Good news. I am prepared to take care of her again. Along with the extra chores I worry that I may lose myself in her care again. I am not saying I do not want to care for love for her is that I will step in when she cannot do something. She's learned a great deal about strengthen her muscles so she can walk a short distance and stand to...
  • KiddoGal

    What the heck happened to this site

    Seems like I am either stupid or they have completely blown the re-design of the site.  Anyone agree?
  • thefellowsdaughter

    After Dads Death

    I moved from CA to TX 8 yrs ago to help with my aging parents and with my personality, just took the load of all the work... 3 months ago my Dad passed away after 62 years of marriage to my Mom. Mom has to use a walker a barely gets around. She is devastated, losing all hope at this point and wont eat unless someone is there to cook and take the food to her and eat with her.  I have 2 siblings...
  • blueviolet725


    husband has edema at his ankles and feet. we have a doctor's appointment in two weeks. he says it is from flying...but he has been back 3 days.1. I guess I have to start checking him as well as mom2. time for more meds for hubby? blood pressure was up a couple of days ago too...but he is still on meds for his sinus infection.CRAP! everything has side effects
  • 2earlyriser

    June 30th

    June 3oth is the tentative date for my wife to come home. I have a few things at the house to take care of beforehand.
  • 2earlyriser

    she's doing great

    My wife is doing wonderfully. I talked to the PT and he said that she can come home in 1-2 weeks. He wants to work on a few things with her. I finished the wheelchair ramp. I brought my wife out to see what I would need to adjust with the ramp or inside the house. The ramp worked great. I need to move a few things inside the house, but that is minor. I had to transfer her to the sitting...
  • xxmadxx way

    I have to help my mom stand from sitting position, from bathroom couch, bed car etc. As she's gotten sicker, she doesn't push as much with her legs anymore, my stomach qand lower abdomen her starting to ache constantly.Last night I tried to help her up from the couch she didn't make it to standing, I pulled hard, and got pains in my female parts, I just sit down in the floor and cried.We go to...
  • 2earlyriser

    home safe

    I made it safely home. While I was gone my wife grew stronger. She walked farther than she has in a long time four days in a row this week. I finally got ahold of the city to come and inspect the work on the ramp. It was approved and now I can finish it today. I talked to both of my wife's PT's, they are very pleased with her progress, saying that she is doing remarkably well. I caught a cold...