Abstinence & Celibacy Support Group

The pressures of sex from peers, the media and culture can be overwhelming, but you are in total control of your body and celibacy is a choice that many are making. Find sanctuary with people who are choosing to abstain without fear of judgment.

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  • Sasharae30

    Day one

    I've being in a relationship for 8 years and it has come to wanting better results and i am willing to do something different. My purpose is to think more clearly, focus on better and mindful things to and respect myself more by creating and sticking to my boundaries.
  • Manu80

    New here

    I am 37 and a single mother of 3 children.I am very afraid to get pregnant again.I live abstinent since October 2016.
  • PinkRose2


    new member. Wish to attempt celibacy after several failed relationships and sexual encounters that have gone nowhere. Im highly addicted to sex therefore this is going to be hard so I thought a support group might make it a bit easier 
  • I was having sex for the longest with men who i knew only wanted me for sex, but since i was longing for their attention they gave me and affection they showed me during sex i kept giving in. And now im deciding that enough is enough. I went a month without sex and then gave in from just a simpe text message so now im starting over and more convinced this time its been 4 days. So just pray for me...
  • tonisora

    sex addict turned celibate

    I have had... a lot of sex for the past 10 years. Over 75 partners and not many limits involved.I recently became sober but I don't know if that is the reason I have lost my libido.I am still passionate and lovey and cuddly but I don't want to touch genetalia or have mine fondled. I don't not like it, I am just a bit indifferent to it. I have a primary partner who I live with and is struggling...
  • melissa2487

    Newly Engaged

    Hey Guys.I'm 30 years old and newly engaged! My fiancee and I are getting married in 2 years (November 2019) and I am scared to have sex for the first time. My boyfriend is 39 and he, as well, has been waiting until marriage. I am just scared. Any newly married couples have any advice?Thanks! 
  • survivor301

    looking for love

    I don't know what to say in this forum. It is easiest to say that I want a partner who is special. I don't want to be treated like a sex object nor have a woman who is content on being treated as such. That takes all the enjoyment out of sex for me. I want somebody that can make me laugh and I make her laugh. I want an inspirational woman. Attempting to be those things is obviously like being a...
  • PerpetualPeoplePleaser

    How many attempts?

     I lost my virginity when I was 18. I didn't have sex for another year because of the guilt I had. Then, at 19, I started having sex again. This was a period when I was promiscuous and unapologetic. I was always protecting my body (condoms etc.). But I can't say I was protecting my heart. I started to internalize these feelings of obligation to the opposite sex. Even when I didn't want to, I...
  • RodriMari9

    New and Scared

    I have been struggling with the fact that i sometimes use sex to cope with my feelings and be a distraction from my life when I dont like where it is headed. I realized after a couple of months that i need to regain control of my life and need to block sex out and practice celibacy and am now very scared. How did any of you cope in the beginning and what are something you can or can not do? 
  • Taustin2

    I relapsed by getting oral andnow I feel bad.

    hi guys it was 6 long months yesterday really being able to focous on me. But in between those times its been frequent mastubation now I know the reason for my relapse was because I was still masturbating inceasing my curiousity of wanting to engage in something to relieve that stress. Before doing it I thought it would be the answer to everthing. I thought things wouldbe better because it wasnt...
  • StillCounting45

    18 Plus Months

    Good morning or hello.Straight to the point. I've been completely abstinent now for 18 plus months. I'm in my 19th month. I never thought it was possible for anyone like me to be without sex, not even masturbating, for so long.But. It is possible.I was addicted to masturbation, fantasizing and porn. Btw, I've been abstinent from porn for 12 going on 13 months now, and do resist the desire, with...
  • Withapurpose

    Life dedicated to my daughter

    I decided to go on Celibacy because of my daughter. She was abducted by her mother and since then I struggle to see her. In order to see her I moved to the country she was abducted to since legally I found no answer in my own country. I feel very lonely and sometimes I felt that loneliness could be very damaging by allowing the wrong people in my life. Fortunately that awareness come sooner than...
  • zebrafinch

    I've decided against relationships

    Hi everyone. I've decided to become celibate simply because I feel that romantic relationships are too painful and cause too much stress. I haven't been sexual with anyone in more than a year, and don't intend to be so in the future. I don't really face that much temptation in my day to day life; I feel sort of as if that part of my brain has simply been shut off, though I'm not asexual. I'd...
  • Monica123

    I feel sick......

    I was just browsing through my social media account and came to find my ex under a different name. It makes me sick to my stomach that I was affiliated with him for six years. I've made sure that he doesn't contact me again by blocking him, but why does he keep popping up? I don't want to give him anymore of my energy anymore. I just want to move on and not revert back to my old ways. 
  • andrea77


    hi. New member. I am interested in being celibate for a while, because of another failed long term relationship. Really sad right now but I think this might be a really positive solution for a while.