Abstinence & Celibacy Support Group

The pressures of sex from peers, the media and culture can be overwhelming, but you are in total control of your body and celibacy is a choice that many are making. Find sanctuary with people who are choosing to abstain without fear of judgment.

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  • conflictedgirlfriend

    Conflicting Viewpoints

    Hi all,I've been looking for online resources, but can't seem to find anything that's not heavily biased one way or another. I am a girl who is very comfortable in her sexuality dating an abstinent guy. I love him very much and we have managed to work around our sexuality differences by establishing clear boundaries and the like, but as the relationship grows more long-term, I wonder how we can...
  • Reposte256

    I'm Single And Want to Die

    I'm 18, and I've never had a girlfriend. While that isn't particularely odd, it upsets me. I want nothing more than to find a meaningful relationship with a wonderful woman and to love and cherish her for the rest of my life. Thing is, I've got nothing going for me, and many things going against me. Nobody has ever been interested in me. I don't even know what it's like to have someone feel that...
  • suet

    Celibacy Resurgance

    http://www.whimn.com.au/love/intimacy/the-rise-of-bornagain-virgins/news-story/b2998c8e3f6f8451de73ca7940f8ea90This link is about mostly women who have decided that celibacy is a more honorable way of life for your own mental health.I thought it might be helpful for those of us living with this issue.
  • Withapurpose

    Life dedicated to my daughter

    I decided to go on Celibacy because of my daughter. She was abducted by her mother and since then I struggle to see her. In order to see her I moved to the country she was abducted to since legally I found no answer in my own country. I feel very lonely and sometimes I felt that loneliness could be very damaging by allowing the wrong people in my life. Fortunately that awareness come sooner than...
  • 5577


    have been celibate for over 1 year    looking forward to the reward  
  • KhiaraW

    Just joined!!

    Hi you guys, I've been really struggling with this. I wanted to stop having sex because I just feel like it isn't good for me mentally. I just feel like it's holding me back from being the best I can be. The problem is I've only been able to go a month with out it. A little background so you guys can fully understand I was molested and raped throughout my childhood but I really don't want that to...
  • niaa.niaa

    New To This !

    Hi, I'm Xenia. I'm 21 years old and today is Day One of my celibacy. This is new and hard for me. Because I made the decision to give up sex for change in my life. I want a job that is going to have me busy but paid. I want my next relationship to be with someone that wants to build with me and there is some things I want to do in my life before getting in a relationship. I was Celibate before...
  • Mines2690


  • puppymommy

    new to it

    never thought once in my life about abstinence and here i am. i am doing it to build strength but also to deepen my spiritual connection with God/Jesus. i've met people who took year oaths of silence for similar aspirations. after a couple long term disasterous relationships and meaningless ones after i have nothing to lose. i guess i fear my temptation will give or a good person i meet wont...
  • Loner

    I believe I am done being depressed

    The reason I am posting this type of topic is for encouragement. I was depressed about my past for a long time... ask me I will tell you why in detail. For this reason I began a cycle of drinking and drugs... they say those alter your mind and make you more depressed and yes to a certain extent they are right. Only when I use do I feel more depressed than before, and sometimes angry. Though they...
  • Loner

    29 and wondering

    OKAY I NEED A FUCKIN REAL ANSWER ABOUT THIS I am 29 yes born in 87 and never had a girlfriend in my entire life but the offer had appeared more than once!!!! I want it at times so bad but on the other hand... I don't want to have it with someone who was the potential to leave me or have a STD. what should i do i really want to experience this but i am not very good at socializing as it is, mostly...
  • pmddtaylor

    Is anyone on here celibate after several affairs?

    I've been celibate 12 years, then I had two insanely toxic affairs with mentally ill men back to back after the 12 year period of celibacy. The first one I found out too late was an unregistered sex offender. He had looks as awesome as Brad Pitt and some other very handsome actors. The second one was similar, but he turned out to be violent. I had to remove him from my home.I didn't get hit by...
  • deleted_user

    marriage and sex

    Me and my fiancee are Christian and we are waiting until we get married which is happening this coming summer. I have to admit that I am very nervous about losing my virginity. I am scared to not know what to expect. Is this something normal, are you ( if your still a virgin ) scared and nervous about that special moment when you lose your virginity or am I overreacting. Stacy
  • miciasnuder

    Boyfriends reasoning for being Celibate

    Hi, I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for 8 months. we knew each other for 5 years and were best friends before I decided to give him a chance. Any how he respects my choice to wait however he doesn't agree with it. He thinks that if two people really love each other that should be enough. Sometimes the no sex thing frustrates him and he has to go take a walk or take a break from being...
  • cincere70

    Need advice on a romantic interest

    I have dated this girl for a month now. We have gone on two dates. The first date we went to a bar and at the end we held hands and kissed on the lips. She would not let me get away with anything more than that. Since then she rarely picks up the phone when I call or text her. I hate people like this but I do like her. Our dates have been expensive (~$150 per date) and I do not know her all that...