Smoking Addiction & Recovery Support Group

The CDC claims that nicotine is a "very addictive drug" that can be "as addictive as heroin or cocaine." Nicotine is typically eliminated from the body within 2 to 3 days, however, physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms may last for much longer depending on the individual. If you are trying to kick the habit, this community is dedicated to giving smokers the support they need.

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  • Pinkee1986

    By Gods grace cold turkey quit

    i smoked for 38 YEARS... ended up smoking 50 cigs a day... I tried numerous attempts to quit on MY OWN... I tried gum... patches... smoked after chewing the gum... spit it out and lit a cig... wore nicotine patch at work after took off lit cig... sat in meeting intro to nicotine anonymous and listen to panels of speakers...took up exercise...dancing... just ended up doing BOTH... using nicotine...
  • CoastalT

    Be Strong

    If you have tried to quit and you were unsuccessful.  Don't give up, try again!  It takes some longer than others.  Keep trying as many times as you need to.  Onetime you will find the thing that makes it worth it.   Maybe it's your health, a friend or your child, it could be a spouse or parent.  There is something that makes it worth it to you to quit.  Everyone is different!  Keep...
  • gracenme

    Quit and keep breathing

    6M 2WLife saved$6,874Money saved25,940UnsmokedI quit 4/17/2014 a pk a day for 40 some years. Have severe emphyseme from smoking, cant breathe and have trouble catching my breath doing anything even just walking. Quitting can save your life.
  • Rcbj90


    I've tried to quit smoking many a time, but I have not had any luck no matter what I have tried.Friday I got a prescription for Chantix and I'm supposed to start it today (Aug. 14) and still smoke for a week and next Monday is supposed to be my "quit" day (Aug. 21 {my birthday & the day of the full solar eclipse}). Had anyone tried this?Has it worked for you?
  • Georgiet

    first day

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this group and to this site in general. I decided to join because I'm really struggling to quit smoking and deal with the withdrawal symptoms, even though a lot of it is mental as well. I have smoked since I was 18 - I'm 27 now and I suffer from anxiety, ocd and derealisation/depersonalisation so I'm worried quitting will make these symptoms worse? but at the same time,...
  • unwantedgirl19

    one week

    i have made it seven long days without a smoke. part of me wants to just break down and have one but i know i cant. ive never made it this long and its got to stick this time because im pregnant but im feeling stressed about alot of things and the gas station near my apartment is having a sale and it is so hard not going over there and getting a pack. 
  • imKarenM

    I'm Back.

    I quit before, but I gave in to stress and reached for the familiar comfort. This time has to be for good.A parking lot gate fell on my head, so the ER ordered a CT scan. I was very lucky -- no bleeding. The scan did show some hardening of arteries has started. The doctor reassured me that it is not uncommon, but it might be a good idea to do something about it.I know quitting...
  • Gecko3943


    I am 21. Smoked for years. Finally, my girlfriend quit smoking a while before I tried to quit. I had tried to quit a. Few times. This time I stayed away from it until I had a really rough day and I slipped up had two cigarettes. First time in about 4 months. Then I threw out the pack after destroying it. I am quits again and I am very happy about it. There are some things, such as tobacco smoke,...
  • Pinkee1986

    july 20-2017

    i aint using nicotine today over any person place thing or am dealing with disappointment...moving...overeating...feeling feelings...and living life on lifes i am free in my Higher Power who is God for me...God loves me unconditionally. i am so very very grateful for Gods grace that keeps me NICOTINE FREE in His breathe at a time and then i have...
  • Gammy

    Needing support group

    I keep telling myself I'm really trying to quit this time. I've been on chantix for eight days now but I keep smoking. I don't know if it's craving the nicotine or just habit. I need suggestions on ways to break the habit/routine of smoking at certain times because I am a very routine oriented person.
  • Goldielocks5

    Hypnosis to quit

    I've tried everything to quit and I failed.  The gum, patch, lozenges, chantix, wellbutrin, cold turkey, cutting back to quit.  All failed.  I quit once before using the vaporizer, but man that felt it tore up my lungs.  Not doing that again.  But of course I started cigs again.  I heard of hypnosis for quitting.  Any try this or hear how it is?
  • Beginning

    Day 1

    I decided to take on the quest of not smoking and go tea-total...
  • DoraBelle

    Successful Quitters

    I've been trying myself to stop smoking for good... Just a quick question for those who successfully stop smoking...What's really the difficult part of quitting smoking?In your experience, what will work and didn't work?
  • Tobiethepinetree

    Is smoking really bad for me

    Maybe smoking is ok I mean it's keeping me from cutting and hey what's wrong with drinking heh keeps me happy so hey do I need to quit god why can't I quite I want to but I know what it would lead me to Id cut more 
  • gracenme

    12/4 pledge

    962 days and still have my quit. I pledge I will not smoke