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Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception of reality and by significant social dysfunction. Untreated schizophrenia is typically characterized by demonstrating disorganized thinking and experiencing delusions or auditory hallucinations.

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  • Kathy1234


    I havent been here in a long time. I have been seeing a black form in my bedroom door every night. And i keep seeing ppl but when i get up to them they dsappear. Ive also been seeing spiders. What is hapening? Am i loosing it again or what?
  • Livia

    I Think

    So I don't really know if I do have schizophrenia, but my mum says I do. I see things that aren't there, well I mean according to my siblings I'm the only one that can see the objects or people. Also, I hear things but when I respond people look at me like I'm crazy. Do I have schizophrenia? 
  • LoganGray

    I have schizophrenia...

    For anyone that has schizophrenia you know that not alot of people want to be around you if you know you have it... im extreamly lonely and i need someone who understands for support...
  • Love23101

    I'm Back!

    It's been a while since I've been on DailyStrength... I was here when it had it's old interface...If you dont know me, I'm a 22 year old woman with paranoid schizophrenia... I'm currently taking Clozaril, and it's working very good. How is everyone doing? Any new med changes? 
  • ChildOfFate

    I'm new and I'm not sure what to do

    Hey peoples. I'm new here and I don't have schizophrenia but rather psychosis. Is it alright if I'm still here then? Um I'm under the age of 18 so meds can be kind of tricky and at the moment I'm on 7.5 mg of Abilify. I really don't know what else to say so if you have any questions just ask.
  • Lyla159

    Hello. Im new and need help.

    I have a lot of prefessional diagnosis under my belt....but im starting to wonder If I have schitzophrenia as well (please ignore my spelling).  I  have always considered it a possibility, my grandfather was diagnosed, and I know it can be genetic. But lately my...syptoms I guess you could say have gotton worse and Im not sure if I should bring it up with therapist or brush it off as one of my...
  • rainbowseacove

    My mother is paranoid, is she schizophrenic?

    hi everyone Im new and concerned about my mother who is 67. She has always been an extremely anxious person, often neurotic but has long periods of being relatively normal and has lead a pretty normal life.About three years ago her mother passed away and my mother has been declining mentally since then. Her anxiety is worse and over the past twelve months has irrational ideas that people are...
  • Kathy1234


    Hi, Layla. If your worried you have to find out though. I shouldnt but i look the symptoms up online and find out quite a bit. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago, I didnt really understand it and they never explained either. But you never knoew what almighty typing can find out for you.
  • sunnybrunette

    Crazy Voices

    I don't feel paranoid schizophrenic.  Am not paranoid nor delusional.  I hear voices and have third eye vision.  But the voices disturb me at times, so can make my day lousy.But, it's not me who is crazy, it's the voices!
  • Janey123

    Trouble remembering

    I experience problems remebering verbal information.What can I do to improve this or is this something permanent for a schizophrenic.
  • Kathy1234


    Golly, I take one step foreward and two back. It sucks bad. I only hear voices calling to me and i see a man dressed in black in my doorway everyn night. I wonder what that means?
  • Kathy1234


    i would like to know if anyone ever comes here? Im legally blind and i have schitzoaffective. Is there anyone who can relate to me?
  • Space_chaos

    diagnosed with schizophrenia

    So some horrible stuff have happened last month which led to my parents taking me to the phsychiatrist. After a long discussion she said I am diagnosed with schizophrenia although i don't hear voices in my head nor do i hallcinate . I mean ofcourse i speak to myself in my head and stuff but not to an extent where they can be heard in some way but i do have many other symptoms like disconnected...
  • Kathy1234

    oh man,

    i have a combination of schitzophrenia and bipolar. Im also legally blind to boot. Im not controlled right now. Im up and down like a yo yo. Do youse have any suggestions at what i can do to feel better? Im willing to try just about anything.
  • Kathy1234


    Hi, Im kathy and im new here. Im trying to find some friends that have this too. I was diagnosed 40 years ago as being Schitzo affective. There arent too many ppl who want you around if they find that out, I was controlled on my meds but now im not and im very lonely.