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Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception of reality and by significant social dysfunction. Untreated schizophrenia is typically characterized by demonstrating disorganized thinking and experiencing delusions or auditory hallucinations.

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  • marior

    really hurting right now

    I am diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia.Right now I am homeless on the street. It is very bad. I am fighting trying to work and make more money so that I can have a place to sleep. i really need to start doing better for myself so that I do not go crazy completely. people have been stealing my stuff, they stole my back pack with all of my papers in it and clothes.I really need some support. ...
  • BRITLUVER20021


    My doctor changed my perscription from seroquil to abilify. The voices are loud and talking more to me. I also have hullincations which scare the crap outta me.
  • Shyislands

    No more voices

    I'm not schizophrenic but I hear voices caused by depression, telling me things such as I'm not worth it, not good enough,I cause bad things to happen to other people. Lately I have not been depressed so I don't hear voices. It's invalidating to not hear voices over depressed. I haven't heard voices in about a week and the last time I heard them it was just for a few minutes. I'm on Thorazine,...
  • lostmarbles

    new name

    former braincandy now lostmarbles.I can barely type this as my mind is whirling. I am going inpatient tomorrow. I need rest from the world and am not fighting it.
  • ellynskye

    meds causing dysphagia

    Help?its been going on for maybe 2 years now....but swallowing is really gettin hard at points. Cant get off meds and cant switch docs to get off meds. Thy wont let me do that since ive gotten out of psych ward. Seriously bad.Sum1 help pls?
  • she yells at me if she sees me looking at pictures of the guy i like on my computer. it is cuz i used to sometimes talk to him (in my head) or something?he's always been a benevolent voice though.why is she doing this?i try to keep my private life private. but my mom keeps being mean to me over me just doing stuff i can i live like this?she's so controlling.
  • sunnybrunette

    5 months off meds

    And my joints are not stiff (am belly dancing and practicing pilates), have lost four pounds, I feel passionate and like moving back to the city, and I no longer want to be an occupational therapist-am rethinking grad school.However, todayI heard my imaginary acquaintancesin the background encouraging me to go forward with my plans to interview a humanistic/existentialist psychologist. I was...
  • I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia...i'm on medication and no longer hurt myself, just so we have got that covered. i used to hear mean normal people voices but when that stopped after the medication, i stopped hurting myself. the only thing that confuses me is, now i still hallucinate one person...and it's someone i like....scarecrow from batman...he tells me he likes me, and then he...
  • mjones0608


    The voices in my head keep telling me i'm worthless and boring. Whenever I tell my parents about the voices they just tell me it's the devil trying to influence me. They tell me to tell him to go away. I do believe in God and Jesus, but I don't really think it's the devil in my head. I don't know what to think. But I do pray about the voices and fears/delusions, but sometimes I feel as if I am...
  • BRITLUVER20021

    Hearing voices

    I hate hearing voices, they are getting more and more frequent even though my dr upped my medicine. Its always a male voice and it always says either hello, or hi. That is it.
  • I recently learned my health insurance, which is Medicare through SSDI, is forcing me to lower my antipsychotic, Saphris, from three tablets nightly to two tablets nightly because that is all they will pay for.I can't afford to pay the extra to stay on my normal dose. It would be in the hundreds.I decided I would rather stay on the Saphris even at a lower dose then switch to a different...
  • kuroineko

    told its the devil

    I suffer from psychosis (schizophrenia on paper, but haven't been told by professionals). I first had my episode of psychosis three years ago, since then I've had relapses. Since my experience with it, I've never really told my parents about it, knowing my parents would use religion into it. I recently told my mother about my voices. Not telling her details. She then started to say the devil is...
  • Friends! This is a really important topic we need to open. As it turns out, some of our common medicines actually kill nerves and brain cells. Some are more harmful than others. Some medications help nerve/brain cell functioning while simultaneously harming nerve/brain cell functioning. Other medications only harm cellular lifespans, and as far as I know, possibly some other medications are...
  • Hi fellow Schizoids,On Twitter I recently came across this article that made more sense for me in explaining my Schizoaffective Disorder than anything I have ever read including the DSM-IV: articles explains the hearing voices phenomenon that so...
  • moonstar20

    Someone to talk to!!

    Hi my names Michaela and I'm trying to find someone (1 or more people) that would be willing to skype once or twice a week maybe more as like a mini support group because I have tried the in person support groups and theres to many people and I cant handle it and I run out. So if anyones interested please message or comment. Depneding on how it gose I might be willing to meet up after a little...