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Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception of reality and by significant social dysfunction. Untreated schizophrenia is typically characterized by demonstrating disorganized thinking and experiencing delusions or auditory hallucinations.

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  • Cchenley13

    Command voices

    I need some help. My voices used to be nice. Could even say friends. Recently they changed to command voices. How can I deal with this? How do you cope with it?
  • Kathy1234


    I havent been here in a long time. I have been seeing a black form in my bedroom door every night. And i keep seeing ppl but when i get up to them they dsappear. Ive also been seeing spiders. What is hapening? Am i loosing it again or what?
  • TheWickedAngel

    Third Person Voice/Psychosis Spectrum

    Hi.  Does anyone have thoughts in third person, such as a voice in your mind, that is your own voice but addresses you as "you shouldn't have done that," (for example)?  I don't know if these third person thoughts are normal.  It is not an audio halluciantion, though, I know that. My therapist said that there is a spectrum-"normal", borderline (not the personality disorder) and psychosis.  I...
  • Magenta65

    What is real?

    I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder. I have something where I have vivid recall of what seems like memories that actually happened,  but when I ask the people in my life who were there during the time period when  I think one of these "memories" have happened, it turns out that in reality it never actually occurred at all. For lack of a better name, I will call them false memories. Some of...
  • TheWickedAngel

    New to Group

    Hi!  I am new to this group.  I actually have bipolar disorder with psychosis, but there is not a group for psychosis.  I was diagnosed 13 years ago, when I had a full-blown psychotic eposide.  Currently, I am struggling, but when I have halluclincations I am able to recognize them and cope with it.  Although, this is happening very often for me currently.  I have also been dissasocating a...
  • ChershireCatSmile

    A YouTube Video

    I saw a youtube video last night that is still bothering me.  Some guy tagged it in schizophrenia.  He was trying to hypnotise people into killing people.  I reported it but some people already view it.  Their is only a small group here but if by any chance you have seen it, that man has no control over you.  Hypnosis only works when you really want it to.  If you want to be hypnotised to...
  • kuroineko

    told its the devil

    I suffer from psychosis (schizophrenia on paper, but haven't been told by professionals). I first had my episode of psychosis three years ago, since then I've had relapses. Since my experience with it, I've never really told my parents about it, knowing my parents would use religion into it. I recently told my mother about my voices. Not telling her details. She then started to say the devil is...
  • Drugstep

    Hey, im looking for a diagnostic firstly

    Sooo, i have been hearing voices since i was small, they seem to have increased in numbers as i grow up. Until i was like 9 it was one, when then it was 3 when i turned 14-15 they were too many to count. I asked for help from an online firend who also says he hears voices , i was through a rough time and still am, but he advised me to count them, since my voices dont agree on anything it was...
  • kandihallowz

    Lost my mind

    hello I am reaching out to try to connect to people that can understand what I am going through. My loved ones mean well but none of them can talk with me about my problems. I am not sure if I belong here or any where. I see shadow creatures, hear their voices and feel their touch. I am still getting diagnosed and getting my meds in order. So I'm sorry I don't have big medical words to use. I'm...
  • bornin95

    Children (now adult) of paranoid schizophrenic ?

    Hi, I'm 21 years old and I'm a single child. My mom is a paranoid schizophrenic, was diagnosed when I was 3 years old. I have felt sad, bad and upset throughout my childhood because we always had problems with everyone (neighbors, relatives, friends) and the usuals you would expect in such a household. The sad thing is I never had anyone to share stuff with, no siblings and I couldn't talk about...
  • deleted_user

    Service Dogs???

    I've been getting worse and worse and I worry that I'm going to get to the point where I can't leave my house because I might accidently walk into traffic or that someone could break in and I wouldn't know because I would think it was just another hallucination. Or that I won't hear the phone because I often hear the phone ringing but then it shows no one called. I've also been getting more and...
  • alikmg


    Any strategies to quite or get control over the voices. I'm having having the toughest time. 
  • bingbongandchickadees

    First post

    Hello. I got diagnosed with schizophrenia a year and a half ago. I have been taking a combination of 5 medications over time over the past year and a half. All of which made me so tired it was hard to be a mother. Drank about 10 cups of coffee a day. I have to tell you that I am also taking the steps to have another child after 2 years of thinking about it. because of this I have been slowly...
  • Tortured.Chaos

    I am my own worst enemy

    Im a paranoid schizophrenic I've taken meds but they stop working after a bit so I stop.The voices don't want me to go back to the doctors and I'm very stressed I live in Texas and the storm just made me way way more stressed than I think I can handle..I don't know what to do I just I can't even process my thoughts to finish this
  • Purported


    I've seen figures and hearing voices since I was eight. But now, they have intensified. Is it normal for them to be fine for a few hours and not to be heard. Then seeing/hearing a trigger sets them off? That's what's been going on with me and I think makes me feel very lost. I'm afraid to tell others because I also have a huge fear of people leaving. Overall I'm just scared...