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One or more of our adult children walked out of our lives and never looked back.

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  • tesstee2


    Anyone ever in this group?.....Where do i need to go to talk to someone about this issue? support!!
  • imissmyson

    just lost my son and feel like dying inside

    I'm new here.  My son just cut me out of his life a few days ago and i feel as though I can just die.  I have no joy anymore, and am crying all day every day.  He wont' talk to me or see me and he wont come home.  This is a very complicated story but his biological father is behind it all and is telling him lies and is about to meet him for the first time in 19 years and so my son told me to...
  • CyndyH

    New here, unfortunately. Need your advice...

    Without any real warning or event, my 31-year old son has "stepped away" from our family. Says he has been an angry, frustrated person for the past 2 years and "turns out, it all stems from my parent's divorce" which was 20 years ago. He has been in a long-term, living-together relationship with his girlfriend of 8 years. He has a newer career in welding (2 years) and I helped him to buy his...
  • Abbysdad

    Can a mother take a child??

    I don't know where to start. I'll leave this simple. Does anyone know if it is legal for a mother to take a child out of state and drop all contact between the father and child? A little back story, we weren't married when the child was born but married two years after. I did sign the birth certificate. She left one day with the child when the child was three and I have not heard a word from her...
  • Idblake13

    I miss my kid

    My daughter cut me off of her life 6 months ago becuase of her boyfriend. I don't deserve this and I don't know how to get past it.  I feel empty.  She was my everything and I don't know what else to do.  I have tried to speak to her a million times but she blocked me out of everything.   I am so depressed and sad all the time.  I feel like I can't go on anymore, it hurts so much.  I want...
  • bellahumble


    I can't "do" anything here.  I can't read the end of stories, I can't respond.  I'm all logged in.  Any clues?  Cheers, Bella
  • iflounder

    Eleven Years Out . . .

    My story is toooo long to give you the whole thing, but after I divorced my son's father (my son was 18) his anger was unbelievable.  He stopped all contact with me, anytime I DID find him and try to talk to him it was painfully ugly.   I became physically and mentally ill over this.    I know the pain you all are in, and I am so sorry.   No one should ever have to feel this.    He ignored...
  • seeingthebrightside

    Exhausting Day

    I took a PTO day off work today to meet with my therapist, Josh Coleman who specializes in parent adult child estrangement. When I arrived early 35 miles from my home, I stopped at a coffee shop to pass the time until my 11am appointment. As I sat in the waiting room, I had every intention of not crying. I had dressed, put on my makeup, I had it down. What I wanted to say, how we were going to...
  • urbanmusicgal

    My Children Have Rejected Me - Why?

    I raised my children as a single mom, and I was always there for them.  I had to divorce their father because he had taken up crawling into bed with our daughter, and refused to stop when I told him to. He was on his way to ruining her life, and setting her for a lifetime and trauma, and I had to stop him.  Because of the divorce, I knew and felt my children were at risk, and so I chose to put...
  • shelda


    Around 15 years ago my eldest daughter started to go out of her way to hurt me and to this day still lies about everything..she convinced her sister i was nuts...And from there it all started to spiral out of control..Eventually our youngest daughters decided to all move out together on the same day. To say its strained between us is an understatement. Their Father my husband was in a fairly bad...
  • lenalenochka


    Hello,My name is Elena. I am a mother of 2 children. My son is 25 and my daughter is 21.Having terrible problem with my son. He always was a perfect child. Got great education, he is Doctor of Pharmacy. Always caring , loving, sincere. He was my best a achievement , my pride , my best friend.A little over a year ago he met a girl. They were dating for over six months and we finally met her. We...
  • DeeOlson

    Abandoned and alone

    I have been in so much though the years of raising my children. I did everything that i could and it was never good enough once they became teens. i give and i give and now when i am dying of COPD they have abandoned me.  I still have not gotten my disability yet and live on 200 dollars a month. I try to get my children to help but my one sone has told me that a parent should never have to ask...
  • Workout

    Estranged Parent

    Would anyone out there no of a support group in the West Los Angeles/Santa Monica area for estranged parents.  I feel it would help being in a group discussion.
  • Koukla


    I am so heart broken.  I raised my 2 children & protected them.  I kept from them why their dad left them 3 times.  I remarried a wonderful caring Man that he still thinks  the world of my kids.  2 years ago, my son met a girl.  She was sweet at the time until she got a ring on her finger.  I was "Momma Mary" until she got the ring.  Then things went SOUTH!  A month before my sons...
  • Srobb

    What happened to this group?

    Forgive me as I was a long time reader of the posts from this group.  I haven't logged in for a few weeks and the site has changed!  Are the same people here?  I actually had to join to get in and I don't see familiar names.  Is there a trick to this that you can share?