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One or more of our adult children walked out of our lives and never looked back.

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  • Gutted

    Holidays Hitting Me Hard This Year

    It seems that everywhere I go, I'm reminded of my estranged daughter. Yesterday, my husband and I had dinner out. Seeing the mothers with small children in their arms, all dressed up for the holidays really triggered me. Holidays were always such a special time for me and my daughter. I would make sure she had a nice festive outfit, we'd shop together, volunteer at the Pilot Club's gift wrapping...
  • Gutted

    I’m broken & don’t think I’ll ever be whole again.

    I woke up one morning a few months ago a happy and well-adjusted person. I scrolled through my FB feed, catching up on what was going on with the people in my life. That’s when I happened upon something a little shocking.My adult daughter was having a dialogue with several of her friends. One of her friends apparently never got along well with her parents, said they always put her down and...
  • Idblake13

    I miss my kid

    My daughter cut me off of her life 6 months ago becuase of her boyfriend. I don't deserve this and I don't know how to get past it.  I feel empty.  She was my everything and I don't know what else to do.  I have tried to speak to her a million times but she blocked me out of everything.   I am so depressed and sad all the time.  I feel like I can't go on anymore, it hurts so much.  I want...
  • Momof1now

    The perfect daughtee

    i raised the perfect daughter so everyone said. Kindergarten at 4, senior in high school by grad by 19. Never gave me a minute of trouble. I gave her everything cars, trips to Europe paid for her education . No student loans for this kid, she did everything right so she deserved it. Not bad for a single mom! After devoting 20 years of my life to my children. I decided it was time for...
  • lenalenochka

    Heart broken

    My son was always a perfect child in any possible way. Loving , intelligent, hard working and family oriented few to mention. For a great education. Was introduced to a girl, started dating . Six months of dating informed us that he is getting married. We were asking him multiple times during this 6 months that we want to met girl. Finally day come and we met her. She looked like a good person ,...
  • BelievingMom2011

    Have Faith

    I shared my story in an earlier post. My son has been away from our family since June 2011 (2 days after Father's Day.  How ironic!!)  Sadly my husband, daughter and I went through all of the same emotions that all of you are going through.  The anger, the disbelief that he could do this to us, the betrayal, the hurtful words and actions, the many, many tears, the constant questioning of...
  • Badmom

    What did I do?

    Even though I do not know what I did to cause you pain, to cause you such grief that you will no longer speak to me, I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I have told you that I am sorry. I mean it. My heart is a piece of shreded pulp, ripped out of my chest and stomped upon by your feet. Feet I used to wash and kiss and blow raspberries on to see you giggle. My life is blessed, and I hide in God's...
  • Bruce1971

    Am I paranoid?

    So within the past 12 years I have reconnected with my daughter. Long short when I got divorced I seen the writing on the wall, It was going to be messy and I refused to let my child be a pawn, so I let her new husband adopt and prayed that one day she might find me. Well she did! So in 2002 she found me, she called and I was ecstatic! (Her mother punished her for calling me...btw) however the...
  • stems310

    New "MOM"

    It's been 9 years since my son has spoken to me. He was 12 when his father and I divorced. It was a very difficult divorce. He was brainwashed by his father to believe I was a horrible person. Mother's Day is difficult. It has been for many years. The last 2 years his dad has a new woman in his life and today as I was cyber stalking I saw pictures of them and his beautiful terms of endearment for...
  • lost-mom07

    Not sure how to cope

    Like most of you, I have a child that has cut me out of her life. Not just me, she has cut all of her family. She and I were always very close and I was very involved with her and all of her activities all her school and college years. She is 24 years old. We were even there when her husband proposed to her. She will be married  2 years in July. I was not allowed to be any part of planning her...
  • susanrcp

    My Children Just don't know me...

    There is a long story leading up to this one. But, long story short, I have three children. Last year I lost my youngest to Suicide. He was 30 years old. He and I had been in an on and off again relationship. Before he passed it had been about 3 weeks since I had last spoken to him. Prior to this he had been having problems with his marriage. I would often spend time with his 3 children, my...
  • Maggiexo

    All that work for what?

    I had my daughter at 18.  I worked my butt off while I was pregant to buy the things she needed.  Her father didn't even try to find a job.  I did not put his name on the birth certificate.  He never exercized his paternal rights, he didn't care.  I did, however, let him see her from time to time so she could know him.  I did not want her to resent me.  I raised her on my own, bought a...
  • AmeliaRose

    Firstborn turned on me

    i am the mother of 6 boys. My firstborn and I were very close. But something snapped in college and on Christmas Day 2010 he snapped. I have never seen such abuse come from a son to the point I had to calmly ask him to pack his bags. I told him he was welcome back when he could treat me with respect. He apologized the next day and left to meet up with a girlfriend he clearly couldn't see was a...
  • Cal2Caro

    Angry adult children

    Today is my birthday and I am feeling emotionally drained. My 2 oldest didn't even have the decency to text, send a card or call. I have been at odds with my oldest daughter since I left my ex 5 years ago. I took up with a old boyfriend, moved 3,000 miles to live near my oldest son and grandkids. My bf and son didn't get along, so bf left twice. Ever since then my relationship with my son has...
  • BelievingMom2011

    It will get better

    Hello - Our son was a great kid.  He never gave us any trouble.  We were very close, especially he and his Dad.  He went to college, graduated, got a great job and then he met a girl at his job.  That's when everything changed and he became someone that we (my husband, daughter and I) didn't know.  We were at odds about stupid things.  He wrote my husband and I a hateful letter . . . not...