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This community is designed as an open forum where the parents and guardians of children with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) can give and receive support, as well as discuss ideas, techniques, concerns, surprises, and challenges they may face with their children.

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  • Jersey_of_Oz

    Understanding ADHD

    When I was studying to be a reading specialist, I was lucky enough to be shown this video it is old, and it is a bit hoaky. It is also a little outdated in some ways with laguage, but the activities they do and the understanding that they produce is still completely applicable. Please watch this for some additional understanding as to how ADHD may...
  • egle1


    hello,my name is egle.i have 6 years old son.he is going to school already.we dont have yet correct diagnose but looks like adhd.always active, cant concentrate, cant all the time fallw directions. sometimes i need come to stay at school even to look his behave. inpulsive, sometimes first he does after thinks.not always wants to fallow directions,likes to play at the class with other things.
  • butterflii410


    I have an almost 12 year old daughter with ADHD and some aspects of SPD. We are having problems with making sure she is clean after a BM. She seems to be in too much of a hurry and they aren't just little messes either. She also does not clean up and change on her own unless I happen to smell it. This has happened 3 times this week alone. I have talked to her about being clean and healthy and...
  • CarlieP.


    Hi everyone, I am a student in my final year at university and am currently doing my dissertation on the well-being of parents/carers/siblings of those with children diagnosed with ADHD. I am doing this as i have a huge interest in this area, and am interested in the effects and support that those closest get/require. I would be hugley grateful if any of you could spare just 5-10mins filling out...
  • Gatorgirl88

    I need help!!

    Hi everyone!! I am new to the online support group and I hoping someone can help me out. I have a 5 year old who has ADHD, she is such a sweet little girl buwe are struggling to deal with her ADHD. She is always angry it seems like here lately. She refuses to listen and follow directions. If I ask her to do anything, big or small, she snaps. She goes from 0 to 10 anger wise at the drop of a hat....
  • Kmho2016


    I am new here but not new to adhd. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed adhd when she was 5 we have always struggled with med combinations. She is currently on Concerta, Lamictal, mirtazipne, clonadine. We recently uped the dose of the Concerta and dropped hydroxizine. But her behavior and outburst have become worse. My daughter is failing school and the system is dragging it's feet when it...
  • mboyd2002

    So sad

    Hello.  I'm new here.  I looked online for a support group after getting another call from my son's school principal today.  I'm sorry if any of this isn't as clear as it can be.  I just don't know what to do, or where to go.  My son has been diagnosed with ADHD.  However, that was after having a hard time trying to find a counseling service in the first place.  It's hard to find one under...
  • Mum75

    New here

    Hi-i just discovered this forum. I am a mother to a ten year old boy with ASD, ODD, and ADD. After struggling to avoid meds for several years, we finally gave in and tried some in the last 8 months. Four different ones have all had negative reactions, the worst being fluoxetine, which caused intense suicidal behaviour and extreme anxiety. It turns out the dose was too high for him. We had to...
  • marab88

    Meltdowns after meds wear off

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have an 8-year old daughter, who was diagnosed ADHD over the summer. She's been on Focalin 10mg since August and it has done wonders for her during the day. Lately, however, when we pick her up after school (she's in aftercare til about 5:30pm M-F), her meds seem to suddenly wear off and she is literally bouncing off the walls/furniture. She can't stop doing...
  • wornoutsinglemom

    Five year old son with several diagnoses

    I don't know what to do, I don't know where to start. it's just been so hard for a while now and i have no support system to mention of except for Dyfs, and Bergen's Promise, and the supports that they put into place, outside of that I don't have one friend that I can really talk to that can help in anyway. i don't have any friends at all. My five year old son is a true god sent. He is my miracle...

    Help please!!!

    Ok let's start with its not my child. It's my boyfriend's child. I am so lost partly bc I have no clue how to discipline him. I know that I can't discipline him like I do my girls. I also know that I don't want him thinking it's ok to hit my two girls. I also can't put him in time out for the full 6 minutes. his father tries to help but I don't think it's effective for his son to talk over him...
  • Beccy

    Please some one advise

    Hi i am new on here. My name is Beccy and i have a daughter who is 5 yrs old.I am sure she has adhd and odd but getting people like doctors ect to listen is proving to be a huge task.I am finding it very hard to cope with my daughters outbursts ect. She has rages every day, shes put a hole in my kitchen door, broken my tv she throws chairs, remote controls or anything hard she can get hold of at...
  • Fallenangel1984

    "No one likes me".

    My son has the kindest, most loving heart, if only people could see past his "silly" and "annoying" traits. Yes, he is young for his age but why should that matter? We all complain that we wish we could keep our kids, kids for as long as possible! If people can't see him for what's really inside, they don't deserve to know that side of him anyway! It hurts me so much when he comes home from...
  • ala06290410

    Help any advice please

    I’m needing a little advice. My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD combined type with severe impulsivity ODD and mood disorder at 4 years old. He had to get evaluated at such a young age because his case was so severe they were prepared to refuse him at preschool if he did not get doctor evaluation. After his initial intake with psych doctor and discussing all options we started on Dexedrine....
  • faykay

    Foster care

    I don't seem to be able to find a place for help, so I'm asking for help or guidance here. I am a grandparent whose grandchildren have recently been placed in foster care. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult this is for me. I am unable to take the children in myself because of circumstances that I will not go into at this time.One of the grandkids has been diagnosed with ADHD in addition to...