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This community is designed as an open forum where the parents and guardians of children with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) can give and receive support, as well as discuss ideas, techniques, concerns, surprises, and challenges they may face with their children.

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  • brookewilliams02

    Stealing Our son already knows t

    Anyone else deal with your ADHD child impulsively stealing? From little non valuable toys to a good chunk of money our 10yr old has a big problem with taking things. We have talked to him over and over, grounded him. Taken his toys away. We don't know what else to do? I have a friend that is a police officer that is coming over Monday after work in uniform in his cruiser to talk with our son...
  • brookewilliams02

    Any advice?

    So I went to my sons parent teacher conference last night. His teachers and I are at a loss. He is such a smart kid. Higher than average Lexile reading level, does well in math. But even on medicine he can’t stay focused in class without constant redirection. He’s in the 4th grade and they don’t have the time to do that. He takes forever even with the intervention teacher sitting with him...
  • diamondoldham

    I am not an adult with an ADHD child but plz help

    I am currently a junior in college and have been suffering from undiagnosed ADHD since the 1st grade. I was having the same problem as i am currently having. I have excessive amounts of energy that just vibrates throughout me. I start projects all the time and can never find the motivation to finish them. I can't for the life of me focus on anything I'm not interested in. Most of the time it's...
  • Zizith

    Things that can help

    Hello parents with ADHD children.Here is some ideas that might help ADHD children.Music, listening to music may help as it's something to do without moving background noise to listen to.A soft rock or toy they can mess with while they sit to help with there fidgeting needs.Try drinking caffeine in tea or coffee as sometimes that can calm people with ADHD down. And the impulsivity not much you...
  • brookewilliams02

    ADHD, ODD and OCD

    Anyone else have a child with all three ADHD, ODD and OCD? I'm about to loose my mind. My 10yr old son is driving me nuts with his OCD. His ODD has slightly gotten better with age. But oh my an ADHD kid with OCD is torture for a parent. Especially a parent who also has ADHD. Homework is complete torture for both of us. He takes FOREVER and the paper is bent or the table is to bumpy I mean hat...
  • 3billen

    Neurofeedback Therapy: anyone tried it???

    Hi.  Has anyone tried Neurofeedback therapy or considering it?  I heard it may help with a lot of disorders such as ADHD, ODD, ASD, ANXIETY, to name a few.  It's said to be a holistic approach in treating mental disorders.  I'm getting tired of the traditional treatments.  It sounds promising...
  • sunriseonedisto

    Anyone's child taking Concerta?

    My 6 year-old son was diagnosed today with ADHD, and I just joined this group. We have suspected ADHD for some time, and are relieved to have an official diagnosis. Now, the struggle begins of deciding on medication. Our doctor, who is an ADHD specialist, has prescribed Concerta. Anyone else have experience? I know it's effectiveness varies by child, but I'm wondering if prescribed vs....
  • Arry

    ADHD and Sexting

    My 13yr old son has ADHD and ODD - up until a few months ago he was managing himself really well - school work had settle, academically he is very bright, tantrums and outbursts have subsided and he seemed to be doing great.  Last week he was given a warning at school for sending an inappropriate picture of himself to a girl - he says for a dare - we always check his phone regulary, he is happy...
  • brookewilliams02

    Out of control

    Does anyone else feel like they have lost all control as a parent. My son that has ADHD and ODD has been driving me crazy. The worse he behaves the more out of control my whole house is. He sets the tone for how all three of my kids act. My kids do not listen to me no matter the consequences. I can't take it anymore. Any advice is appreciated 
  • Jersey_of_Oz

    ADHD like symptoms....

    ADHD like symptoms are present in a variety of diagnosis.... These include things like PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Learning Diasbilities, Developmental or intelectual varients, touretts syndrome, Gifted intelegence, neglect, abuse, stress, sleep apnea, ..... and the list goes on. I guess I am just struggling with why my son experiences ADHD like symptoms. I have seen many times Children...
  • siobhan

    12 year old refusing to take medication

    Hi all,I'm hoping someone can offer advice on my dilemma or if any one else has also experienced the same your thoughts would be appreciated.My 12 year old son has began hiding his medication under his tongue when asked to take it in the morning before school. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7, 2 years after a diagnosis of Autism.My son has been taking Equsuam XL for 5 years now,...
  • tiredmom37

    Med suggestions!!!

    my daughter has been diagnosed w severe ADHD and ODD for the past year. We have tried non-stimulant meds which just made her sleep, then about 4 months ago put her on stimulant Adderall. This has worked tremendously however we are now seeing moodiness that was not there before. Per her dr instructions we are stopping the stimulant for a few days to see if the moodiness is still there. Honestly,...
  • preteenadhd

    My 11 yr old son has ADHD, anxiety, ODD.....

    We have been getting treatment for him since he was 4! It seems we have tried everything,but still a daily struggle.for a change I've decided to post for him...He has decided to try something that might help him as well as other kids.He started his own blog a week ago to reach out to other kids like him.I wonder if it will be a new therapy of his own accord that helps him and maybe others too!if...
  • tbbrandyn

    Having a problem with my oldest.

    I have been having some problems with my oldest child who is 12. He was 5 when the doctor said that he has ADHD and he is the 4th generation in my family to have it. He has been on meds since then. Things with him have been hard at times and the last few months have the been the roughest to say the least. He has been going to ABA therapy, about to start OT for his handwriting, he is homeschooled,...
  • marab88

    Meltdowns after meds wear off

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have an 8-year old daughter, who was diagnosed ADHD over the summer. She's been on Focalin 10mg since August and it has done wonders for her during the day. Lately, however, when we pick her up after school (she's in aftercare til about 5:30pm M-F), her meds seem to suddenly wear off and she is literally bouncing off the walls/furniture. She can't stop doing...