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This community is designed as an open forum where the parents and guardians of children with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) can give and receive support, as well as discuss ideas, techniques, concerns, surprises, and challenges they may face with their children.

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  • Kmho2016


    I am new here but not new to adhd. My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed adhd when she was 5 we have always struggled with med combinations. She is currently on Concerta, Lamictal, mirtazipne, clonadine. We recently uped the dose of the Concerta and dropped hydroxizine. But her behavior and outburst have become worse. My daughter is failing school and the system is dragging it's feet when it...
  • wornoutsinglemom

    Five year old son with several diagnoses

    I don't know what to do, I don't know where to start. it's just been so hard for a while now and i have no support system to mention of except for Dyfs, and Bergen's Promise, and the supports that they put into place, outside of that I don't have one friend that I can really talk to that can help in anyway. i don't have any friends at all. My five year old son is a true god sent. He is my miracle...
  • butterflii410


    I have an almost 12 year old daughter with ADHD and some aspects of SPD. We are having problems with making sure she is clean after a BM. She seems to be in too much of a hurry and they aren't just little messes either. She also does not clean up and change on her own unless I happen to smell it. This has happened 3 times this week alone. I have talked to her about being clean and healthy and...

    Help please!!!

    Ok let's start with its not my child. It's my boyfriend's child. I am so lost partly bc I have no clue how to discipline him. I know that I can't discipline him like I do my girls. I also know that I don't want him thinking it's ok to hit my two girls. I also can't put him in time out for the full 6 minutes. his father tries to help but I don't think it's effective for his son to talk over him...
  • Beccy

    Please some one advise

    Hi i am new on here. My name is Beccy and i have a daughter who is 5 yrs old.I am sure she has adhd and odd but getting people like doctors ect to listen is proving to be a huge task.I am finding it very hard to cope with my daughters outbursts ect. She has rages every day, shes put a hole in my kitchen door, broken my tv she throws chairs, remote controls or anything hard she can get hold of at...
  • Fallenangel1984

    "No one likes me".

    My son has the kindest, most loving heart, if only people could see past his "silly" and "annoying" traits. Yes, he is young for his age but why should that matter? We all complain that we wish we could keep our kids, kids for as long as possible! If people can't see him for what's really inside, they don't deserve to know that side of him anyway! It hurts me so much when he comes home from...
  • ala06290410

    Help any advice please

    I’m needing a little advice. My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD combined type with severe impulsivity ODD and mood disorder at 4 years old. He had to get evaluated at such a young age because his case was so severe they were prepared to refuse him at preschool if he did not get doctor evaluation. After his initial intake with psych doctor and discussing all options we started on Dexedrine....
  • faykay

    Foster care

    I don't seem to be able to find a place for help, so I'm asking for help or guidance here. I am a grandparent whose grandchildren have recently been placed in foster care. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult this is for me. I am unable to take the children in myself because of circumstances that I will not go into at this time.One of the grandkids has been diagnosed with ADHD in addition to...
  • spunkylala

    New here & new to ADHD

    Hello I am a mother of a bright, outgoing, sweet 6 year old daughter who was diagnosed just yesterday with ADHD. I am hoping some parents out there can give me some tips or websites on parenting a child with ADHD. How to handle melt downs, how to help her with with sleeping, how to help her behavior. Basically any suggestions, tips would be appreciated. Thank you 
  • rockym

    It does get better...but with a lot of effort

    My son was diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD and ODD when he was 11. It was a pretty rough time for him and our family. We went through a lot of therapy, parenting classes, support groups and changing schools over the years following. He is now 18 and will be graduating from a private catholic high school in May. It was not easy, but it was possible. There were a lot of sleepless...
  • momtochristopher

    My 8yr old with ADHD

    Hi Everyone! My name is Crystal. I am new here and could use a little advice. My son was diagnosed with ADHD some time last year and is currently has an IEP and 504 plan at school. The medication he is on was causing him to sleep a lot so I took him off (bad idea...I see now). Well...I received a call from his teacher on yesterday stating that his behavior has been a bit much for the past month...
  • Hello, I have a 5.5 year old who just went through the entire IEP/psycho-educational testing at school. He is an AWESOME kid who I have known is "different" for about 3 years. According to the IEP team he has a very likely probability of autism according to me and the teachers answers. and he has clinically significant concerns in areas of hyperactivity (he has already been diagnosed by...
  • rebecca19831

    lost a fur baby

    One of my fur babies (dog) has been sick for awhile. We almost lost her during surgery to get her teeth cleaned. we choose not to put her through that again. friday she was having coughing fits due to her lungs and heart filled with fluid and she collapsed twice while my little man was at school. my mom and I made the decision to bring her to the vet to be put down due to her being very very...
  • er67rds

    4 year old with potential ADHD

    Hi, i am a young single working mother of a 4 year old little boy. i work evenings so i can be there to help him as much as possible in the day. He can be an absolute dream but he can also be very challenging. Since before the age of 1 ADHD was suggested as at 6 months old he started to headbang, which he continued to do for a number of years. As he got older, the daily struggles are aggression,...
  • heatherspradlintillm

    Hit a wall

    I am at a loss as to discipline for my son. He is defiant and his attitude is explosive. I know I react more to his outbursts than I respond to them. I am working on that. He is the oldest of three and he is not setting the best example for the younger ones and that adds more stress on mama. He seems to be more disrespectful to me over any other family members, which is causing discord between...