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  • hott24girl

    Burning feet

    Hello all,I am experiencing burning in the toes and feet on one or both sides which can run up my legs during the day. My DR suggested it could be neuropathy and is sending me for a nerve condition test. Does anyone else feel the burning, stinging and numbness in the feet/toes daily? Any thoughts on relief for this condition? Some days are worse than others and I am unable to find anything for...
  • jewl12

    non prescription treatments for neuropathy

    I have not been diagnosed with neuropathy but I'm afraid that I have it. I am not diabetic. But I know there are other reasons to have it. I have mentioned it to my doctor but he always just sort of ignores me and says "Neuropathy is a nerve problem" Duh!! I know that. I have read a lot about it and my Mother had it. She was diabetic. I was wondering . Do any of you take anything non...
  • deleted_user

    Going into a wheelchair due to neuropathy

    Hi Everyone,You might have read my other reply to a post, but I have neuropathy throughout my entire body, including the brain, and autonomic region. The pain is so horrible that I can only walk about 50 feet on soft carpet and 20 feet on a hard surface. Standing hurts too. I cannot use a walker anymore or a cane as my hands hurt too much. Is there anyone out there who is in the same...
  • lv8807

    Constant pain please help

    hi all, I had an injury to my back in January this year and have suffered from nerve pain ever since. They say I do have a bulging disc but that it doesn't seem to press on my nerves too much. I get pain/tingling/numbness in my legs and lower back and pressure pains. I also have a lot of problems with burning feet all the time which is a bit problem. I struggle with doing a lot of things. I have...
  • illBill

    New to group.

    Hello. I am seeking people suffering like me in hopes of finding ways to cope better and to not feel so alone. I have been batteling several neuro issues for 10 years. And more problems keep coming. It's hard to understand what the hell my body is doing and why my health keeps changing. I also keep feeling like there is something else wrong and they just havent found it yet. It's been a true...
  • Pingu1991

    Please help

    I got diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in January of this year. And the symptoms are just awful. My foot is either dead or it feels like I'm walking on hot pokers. I constantly get a feeling of bugs crawling on my legs. And the pain in my knee and calf in unbearable. I'm on tramadol and gabapentin for the pain and when it's bad the medication doesn't seem to work I'm using a mixture of deep...
  • Francess67

    Peripheral Neuropathy

    I am afraid some days I am loosing more feeling i my feet faster than my hands. My feet tingle more than my hands and my feet have been FREEZING COLD all month up till today and today at bedtime they decided to go on FIRE..I do not understand why? I am really afraid one day I am going to loose my feet...I trying to decide on what to do...It too late and too cold to go out side now to do...
  • billyjm1

    has any one just lost there strengh, in there legs

    that is what that has happen to me here lately.
  • DarkSON

    Antibiotic-nerve damage"you must see this&quo

  • DarkSON

    Arm pain when lying down

    I have been diagnosed with a idiopathic neuropathy. I recently switched from methadone to butrans patch. I am now weening off the patch. Anyway the patch has been a nightmare, thats why I am getting off of it. My question is this. When I lay in bed to go to sleep I get this horrible feeking in my arms(somewhat of a phantom pain, no exact location. Just my arms ache really bad. Usually I have to...
  • mat4242

    Testing for toxins in our system?

    Learned that I and others are being exposed to 6 or more sugar cane herbicide sprays for years. So far 6 of these were found inside our homes, and lots of us do not have AC so impossible to avoid them...'(. Does anyone know how to get tested for these nerve toxin? Left a VM for my reply so far.
  • 1sassywriter

    Pudendal Neuropathy/nueralgia

    Hi, I have had pudendal nerve pain from nerve damage for 5 years. I have been to many doctors. I have had several procedures. I am on several medications. I continue to do Physical Therapy.I use a tens unit, hot/cold, pillows to keep me positioned comfortably, an over the bed table like in hospitals so I can lie down and be on my computer.I am on long term disability which I paid into when I was...
  • deleted_user

    Could coffee help with nerve pain?

    I have been dealing with neuropathy for about a year and a half now. I am diabetic and they thought that its coming from that. I take gabapentin for the pain and it helps a ton but the past 3 weeks its been intolorable.......I also take vit B and alpha lipo acid.Yesterday at about 6 pm my 15 year old made some coffee. I very rarly drink it and if I do its usually decaff and never ever that late...
  • Urlacher

    Support from family

    It's so hard dealing with pain especially when you don't get any support from the person who your supposed to be closest to. So hard when your trying to deal with pain and that person treats you worse than the pain. Having hard time understanding why. unless you are having a good Day you are treated like crap and they make you feel worthless.
  • mat4242

    Former medic, still reading: Constrictures, or Amy

    Very glad to find this group. More experts needed, but my best source in Honolulu retired years ago. Still searching and hoping. Mahalo