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  • Which are you? I'm just wondering if all people with MS are introverts.Its a funny strange thing in personality community education even course I have taken, I always test as the highest introvert in the group.Which is strange because I am often the most outspoken one in the group. I would have thought the most introverted one would jhave been the quietest person, not so.The way it was explained...
  • curlykraut


    No one has responded to my question, why? J
  • Anne8

    New site design--ugh!

    I guess I should try to be more positive about it, but it seems less user-friendly. . .have you checked it out yet?
  • sexysub56


    Is anyone taking it, and if so, how well does it work?
  • faithorn1

    essential oils

    Have any of you experimented with essential oils? If you have or still do what oils have you found to have some benefits? I am willing to try anything. Thank you
  • Hi I am not new to daily strength I usually post on the fibromyalgia board. I've been to my doctor about increasing symptoms today. I've had fibromyalgia for 8 years but it seems like things have gotten worse lately. One of my symptoms that is most bothersome is the weakness in my legs. I see people post about leg stiffness, butt I am having leg weakness. Can anyone tell me if they have this as...
  • I am currently on EOD Copaxone, and am thinking of starting LDN in hopes that I may be able to stop the injections if LDN is successful. My neuro says it has considerable side effects and is useless, which I am not finding on the internet, but he will prescribe it to me anyway. A pharmicist from a reputable company says otherwise, and stated that it has helped some MSers with heat sensitivity ( I...
  • Just read the article that was posted about the dairy/MS link. I gave up wheat/gluten and got significantly better. Giving up dairy, for me, would be hard! Anybody here given it up and really gotten better? If so, what substitutes do you use? I do use coconut milk, but what about cheeses?
  • djbritt

    New Site

    I have sent several complaints to Daily Strength. They are still in the process of getting all the kinks out. I had to redo my passwords several times in order to get in this site. I do not have my pictures. They said they are in the process of switching our pictures over. I know change is awful for us MS patients at least it is for me. Do not give up on this site. I loved the old site and did...
  • RiS

    Happy 4th!

    I'm trying to hopefully post this! I wish everyone a safe one!P.S. HATE THIS CHANGE!
  • Xeria

    I hate the new site

    TOTALLY unuser friendly, difficult to see/read the posts, they've ruined what once was a very good thing. Why do people always have to fix what ain't broken!?!
  • RiS

    Can't get motivated #2

    Now to add to my stuff is dealing with this new site. Now I'm really stressed!
  • I tried to delete a post and it wouldn't take. It gives me an option of "delete" or "update". I highlighted the post and hit delete. But it won't delete. Is there some kind of trick or is it just the design of this new website? Thanks for any help.
  • RiS

    Can't get motivated

    I'm been very depressed and hating my body a lot lately. I have progressive MS and no matter what I do it does not help so have this terrible attitude of 'why bother!' I exercises but then my limbs are still stiiff. I put my AC on thinking the coolness will help, which it makes me feel better but my limbs are still stiff and my knees hurt.. I WANT TO JUST GIVE UP.
  • GeminiAmy

    Having MS?

    Hello and good morning the lady that I worked with last week said her sister died from MS I can understand if you're sitting around and not doing anything about it that you may be able to die from it but your opinion please can you die from having MS? This has been on my brain since she told me my husband said no but I've been reading and people say yes what is your opinion please