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  • charliexxavier


    Hello, I'm Cat. I feel strongly that I have MS and I would like to describe my experience to see if this seems familiar to those of you who have been diagnosed. I apologize for the length of this post... In April, I began to have difficulty swallowing. To this day, I still cannot swallow properly. It is as if my swallowing reflexes will not go off. When I push food toward my throat and it...
  • Anne8

    A warning I just came across: Do not take Lyrica!'

    I'll link the article here. . .
  • ms200931

    MS and sick if it

    A MS diagnosis at 31 was almost a relief since I always knew there was something wrong. The fatigue has been so difficult for me. I feel like there are more bad days than good days. Living in Florida is so bad for my symptoms, but moving is not a possibility with my husband’s job. I can’t work right now and I feel like my only identity is MS.
  • dennisonj93

    Young & Fresh Meat...

    Hello my name is Jocey or Josie and i am 24 years old with relapsing-remmiting multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS on May 7th of 2004 at the age of 11. My first symptom was my vision. My eye doctor saw my left eye moving up & down, he was the one who referred me to get the MRI scan & that was how I was diagnosed. A couple of years before then I saw double vision & I always had bad...
  • RiS


    Even though it didn't happen last night as tried to hold my head up more I am having trouble when I eat and feel like coughing. People start asking me if I'm okay. I don't know if I should spit it out! Am I getting worse? Is this another MS symptom that has been gifted to me!
  • JustTired2

    So Confused

    I have MS and Thyroid cancer and I have not been on meds for my MS for years but it is getting to the point that I may need to start. The problem is if I take the meds it could or will cause my cancer to get worse. My Moffitt doctor says that we will keep an eye on everything to make sure that the new meds are not hurting the cancer but.... This is not an easy decision to make. Has anyone every...
  • Wolf1

    Question about the future

    Hello All, my name is Wolf. I'm a 48 year old male and I was diagnosed in 2015 as having relapsing remitting MS. When I was diagnosed in 2015 my neurologist stated that I have had MS for many years but could not be anymore specific than that. What I have learned so far, is that MS affects everyone differently and it may or may not progress, and when it does progress the disease may progress...
  • dawizz95

    Recurring UTIs Help!

    Hello,I've had 4 UTIs this year.  Three of the times there was blood.  This last time, the nurse practioner I go to (no doctors available!) gave me an RX to have on hand if it came back (which it did) and I'm back on the antibiotic macrobid again.  In the past I was given sulfa and it seemed that was not doing the job.I do not suffer from incontinence or inability to urinate.  I had episodes...
  • deleted_user


    does it ever stop can't clean or shop and dizzy to clean lozepham calms it down but does anything stop it forever?
  • deleted_user

    DoTERRA Oils & Supplements

    I am considering using doterra oils and supplements but before I do I would love to hear from anyone who has used these...they are very costly so some input would def. be appreciated. I've heard essential oils are very good for becoming stable and healthy. That they pass through to the blood brain barrier and into the cells while other things cannot. Even a virus can't enter the cell it just...
  • djbritt

    Miss everyone!

    Since this change, I have noticed that the regular ones are not showing up. I do not know if they are better, busy, worse, or just do not like this new design. I have not written as often in my journal like I used to but I pop in and read and maybe write an entry. So where is everyone? Are you doing okay?
  • hmmmingbird

    Ocrevus infusion

    I'm supposed to start Ocrevus infusion next month. Anyone experience side effects, and do you think it works for you?  I've used Betaseron successfully for eight years but have trouble with compliance. Tecfidera didn't have any effect on me. I can't take Gilenya.
  • starartist17

    Possible MS

    I just saw my neurologist last week and I still have the diagnosis of "possible MS" since my MRI does not appear to have changed. I have one larger periventricular lesion and several smaller lesions that they discovered in November of last year. I have the symptoms of numbness and tingling, fatigue, heat sensitivity, muscle pain and cramping, and memory problems/cognitive issues. How long will...
  • dxat59


    Please, everyone in the path of this monster, be prepared, be safe!Gentle hugs,  Linda
  • deleted_user

    Numbness and a tight pull in my legs - HELP!!!

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I get numbness/tingling in my feet and legs sometimes. I know that is a common MS sx. But this time it is different. I have numbness in my left foot a bit, but my whole right foot is numb. And it feels like there is a tight band wrapped around my foot, almost like an ace bandage too tight. And in my calf and thigh on one side it is...