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  • Dnice229


    I don't really know how to start this off so I'm just saying Hey I guess. I was diagnosed with MS 4-5 days ago and I'm 16 years old in the middle of midterms to say I'm a bit upretty would be fair right. It started a couple of month ago end September with optic neuritis. The hardest part of that was me not being able to roll my eyes at people without getting a pain shot to my eye. I was referred...
  • Uduplr

    MS accompanied with TN

    Hello all. I just found and so I'm new to the groups of MS and TN. I was diagnosed with MS in 1988 and suffered my first TN episode in 2008 . TN, for the last 8 years has been mildly surface felt in my forehead above and behind my right eye. It returned 8 days ago with a, make up for lost "tasings", vengeance. 18-26 "tasings" of excruciating pain for 45 second to 1.5 minutes each over a 24 hour...
  • NataliaDeV

    Pain Clinic issues

    So I starting going to a pain clinic but I hate it! I'm just wondering if anyone is having a similar problem. They treat me like a drug addict. I get sick to my stomach whenever I have an appointmen because I'm so nervous. The meds they give me aren't strong enough, and everytime I say something I get a lecture and either a slight increase or they change the RX for something that's weaker. Then I...
  • ezone

    Biotin - do you take it and does it help

    My neurologist suggested that I start taking 300 mg. of biotin.  He says that there is research that says that it can help.  Haven't started taking it yet but am wondering if it helps anyone here.  Will probably order some over the holidays and start taking it in the new year.So many people I knew have left this site.  A lot of my hug history says "deleted user".  I have lost over half my...
  • djbritt


    I started this treatment, Aubagio, about a week ago. I take a pill everyday instead of a weekly injection. So far I have not had any side effects. If you are looking for a new MS treatment, you might want to consider this one.
  • Turner

    How soon should you go over to motorised transport

    I have had PPMS for 10 years and have had increasing difficulty in walking. To combat this, and to 'try and get myself a life' I have used small electric scooters to get around. For a couple of years I used one indoors too. This spring I was lucky enough to attend a rehabilitation clinic for 4 weeks with patients with many illnesses. None of them used a scooter. My room was a long way away from...
  • lorrieonline

    How are the holidays working for you?

    I found myself exhausted every day.  Do we all go through the same thing of forgetting to pace ourselves as much as we need?  Geesh! I'm so exhausted, feels like I could sleep for a week. ☺  It's like the "wall walking" takes on a whole new dimension.  It goes to "counter top-arm to elbow walking," doesn't it?  The planning seems to be more difficult than it sounds starting out. I was...
  • MSPoet

    Hearing Loss...can you relate?

    I can't hear much of anything using my left ear--since Thanksgiving Day.  I think it's MS-related (I was diagnosed in 2009), but I had read that hearing loss is a rare happening with MS.  I can't see my neuro til February, and the PRP I saw last Monday was at a loss as to why the hearing loss happened.  She gave me ear drops just in case there was an infection, but that visit left me feeling...
  • dukelady38

    Exercise programs

    Our local hospital put in a fitness center nearby that has an 8 week physical fitness program for people with autoimmune disorders, MS, etc - they have other programs for like cancer and diabetes also, but it's also just like a really nice gym you can join even if you have no medical conditions. My question is, has anyone done any specific fitness programs like this they've found to be helpful?...
  • missmyhero

    Vit D and Gluten Free and Doing Great

    I want to remind everyone that when vit D levels are deficient your body cannot fight off an attack. I've had only two exacerbations and one silent one since RRMS diagnosis in 1996. All were when my vit D levels were deficient and when I ate lots of gluten. I even was in a wheelchair for 3 months the end of 96. For some reason my Neurologist was less concerned with vit d and diet than getting me...
  • sexysub56

    An article in the MS magazine. Momentum

    As everyone knows, there is not a lot for those of us who have Secondary Progressive MS.   BUT A EUROPEAN CONFRENCE IS SAYING THAT MYELIN REPAIR COULD BE POSSIBLE!   YAY!
  • deleted_user

    Cerebellum Ataxia!

    Does anyone have this & what are your experiences with it?I'm getting allot of tremors, resting, intention...all of the above & when I try to do something specific, like stir cat food, I get myoclonic jerks really bad. I'm shaking & jerking while I walk as well.As most of you know, I had a really long MS seizure (2.5hrs.) last week & it's been spiking my seizures & cognitive confusion. It almost...
  • lorrieonline

    How does everyone feel about Solumedrol?

    I'm wondering if it's worth it to have the stuff after having so much trouble trying to get it set up.  The MRI of 11/8 indicated there is a new active lesion in the spinal cord and it's concerning enough but I'm still waiting to get the in-home treatment set up.  It's just so frustrating.  I've read that it's worthwhile to continue pursuing this but it makes me wonder if it really is. ...
  • lchoppel

    Old Friend Returns

    hello!  I have been away from DS for several years now. I don't know why I lost interest but I did. The site monger met a need I had I guess. I use to be most active in this group, even was the first group leader  community leader whatever they called them for the MS group. This site helped me so much   I am now retired and I was thinking I might have the I ever now to participate in this...
  • deleted_user

    Vocal cord dysfunction

    I was just diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction by my ENT . Basically, when you take a breath in your vocal cords close up so you cannot take a full breath in. It is being "suggested" that it is from my brain lesions and they are still "monitoring" me. My neurological condition has been deteriorating slowly for the past 3.5 years now. It just seems that NOW I cannot breathe. I don't know what...