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  • Audreyvh5

    Participants Needed!!!!!

    Hello,My name is Audrey Van Horn and I am currently a senior in the Health Sciences program at Dominican University of California in San Rafael, CA. I am required to carry out a research project in order to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in health sciences. I have chosen to compare depressive symptoms between those diagnosed with ALS, MS, and Parkinson’s Disease. I am in need of finding...
  • LT2013

    Can't shovel snow

    My neighbor yelled at me and my wife for not shoveling snow the other day at 9am.i can barely shovel if it's over 25 pounds I shake get dizzy and used to pass out. Also have pain. It interferes with me barely working this past year since I can't lift most things and just standing sometimes makes me dizzy and nauseous. What can I do call the cops and tell her to leave us alone? I can shovel if I...
  • dcinadr

    Burning Sensation

    About a week ago my leg started feeling as if it was going numb. But now it just feels like its on fire. And my foot feels like its on fire. Anything cold that touches my leg makes it feel even worse. Does anyone get this? What do you do about it?
  • strizzlow20

    Constant Oscillopsia/Reflex/Balance Issues

    Hello Everyone. I'm not going to write everything i have been through in this posting because I'm not sure if I should be in this forum but I would like to pick some people's brains. Since April I've had some neurological issues that cannot be explained. I have Myasthenia Gravis which obviously causes problems, but what I am experiencing isn't normal for that condition. I am having an issue with...
  • curlykraut

    Muscle weakness question

    Hi I am not new to daily strength I usually post on the fibromyalgia board. I've been to my doctor about increasing symptoms today. I've had fibromyalgia for 8 years but it seems like things have gotten worse lately. One of my symptoms that is most bothersome is the weakness in my legs. I see people post about leg stiffness, butt I am having leg weakness. Can anyone tell me if they have this as...
  • ezone

    Biotin - do you take it and does it help

    My neurologist suggested that I start taking 300 mg. of biotin.  He says that there is research that says that it can help.  Haven't started taking it yet but am wondering if it helps anyone here.  Will probably order some over the holidays and start taking it in the new year.So many people I knew have left this site.  A lot of my hug history says "deleted user".  I have lost over half my...
  • lorrieonline

    How does everyone feel about Solumedrol?

    I'm wondering if it's worth it to have the stuff after having so much trouble trying to get it set up.  The MRI of 11/8 indicated there is a new active lesion in the spinal cord and it's concerning enough but I'm still waiting to get the in-home treatment set up.  It's just so frustrating.  I've read that it's worthwhile to continue pursuing this but it makes me wonder if it really is. ...
  • deleted_user

    coughing and MS

    I was wondering if anyone with ms have a persistent cough and is this associated with ms. Thanks.
  • djbritt

    Liver Enzymes/Aubagio

    I am in my second month of Aubagio treatment. I have had two blood test to check my liver. Both times it is showing my liver enzymes are high. My MS specialist wants me to continue to take this for six months. Then, do another blood test to check liver enzymes. I do not know if this will cause harm to my liver. I am concerned about it.
  • dxat59

    Bothered by cold?

    It's a good thing I now live back in Florida because the cold really bothers me now.  All I have to do is eat something cold and my legs feel like they are on fire!  A cool breeze hits them and yep, on fire.  Otherwise, they're fine but if I eat something frozen, my legs feel like someone lit a torch to them.  Crazy!  Gentle, warm hugs,  Linda
  • Meeno

    Need help

    Hi everyone I've been diagnosed with ms few months ago. I've got my first infusion, can anyone suggest me a good ms specialist at Brigham and women hospital Boston? Also how do ms patients cope up with bladder problems.
  • Dnice229


    I don't really know how to start this off so I'm just saying Hey I guess. I was diagnosed with MS 4-5 days ago and I'm 16 years old in the middle of midterms to say I'm a bit upretty would be fair right. It started a couple of month ago end September with optic neuritis. The hardest part of that was me not being able to roll my eyes at people without getting a pain shot to my eye. I was referred...
  • deleted_user

    Optic Neuritits / Blepharitis --MS

    Well, I went to my eye Dr, yesterday, he sees no optis neuritis yet, thank God. But he took magnified pics of my eyes and I have a hideous case of Blepharitis, and he said it occurs in people with weakened immune systems. MS is a usual cause of Blepharitis. He sold me a bottle of (get this) "eye-lid" cleanser to get rid of the gunk that you can only see under a microscope, and I came home and...
  • deleted_user

    Cerebellum Ataxia!

    Does anyone have this & what are your experiences with it?I'm getting allot of tremors, resting, intention...all of the above & when I try to do something specific, like stir cat food, I get myoclonic jerks really bad. I'm shaking & jerking while I walk as well.As most of you know, I had a really long MS seizure (2.5hrs.) last week & it's been spiking my seizures & cognitive confusion. It almost...
  • Uduplr

    MS accompanied with TN

    Hello all. I just found and so I'm new to the groups of MS and TN. I was diagnosed with MS in 1988 and suffered my first TN episode in 2008 . TN, for the last 8 years has been mildly surface felt in my forehead above and behind my right eye. It returned 8 days ago with a, make up for lost "tasings", vengeance. 18-26 "tasings" of excruciating pain for 45 second to 1.5 minutes each over a 24 hour...