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  • GeminiAmy

    Having MS?

    Hello and good morning the lady that I worked with last week said her sister died from MS I can understand if you're sitting around and not doing anything about it that you may be able to die from it but your opinion please can you die from having MS? This has been on my brain since she told me my husband said no but I've been reading and people say yes what is your opinion please
  • GeminiAmy


    Today I'm going to see the new Outlets shows I've been getting my blood work every month for him and it still getting too high I think he's going to want to switch me I don't want to do shots anymore let's hope for the best
  • kiakim


    Does anyone have this because they are on copaxone and can you describe what your skin looks like because of it? Just curious if the changes I am seeing with my body are from the shots I have been taking for 5 years. Thanks!
  • MSPoet

    Anyone else on Extavia?

    Hi,I was diagnosed with MS in 2009, and I'm now on Extavia (switched most recently from Avonex and Copaxone before that). I haven't had another MRI yet to check if there are any new placques, but I can tell you--I HATE having to do shots this often. It's better than every day, but its a hell of a lot worse than once a week...I have a large red, raised area on my thigh from 3 days ago, and giving...
  • RiS

    Stem cell

    Has anyone heard about a stem cell treatment for MS?
  • Randar

    Frustrated husband

    My wife was diagnosed with MS 28 yrs. ago. We've been married for 31 yrs this Sept. We/she have been extremely blessed due to the fact that she has only had 3 exacerbations since her diagnosis! About 4 yrs ago she had a severe relapse caused by a allergic reaction to an antibiotic. The result was nearly complete paralysis. She spent a month in the hospital then another 2 weeks in physical rehab....
  • marilyn4342

    Ever heard of this?

    I have SPMS and have not had any exacerbations in a good long while. My latest MRI shows that between the last MRI and the one before, I had 10 new and Active Lesions. The Neuro I spoke with said he had not heard of people with SPMS experiencing new lesions but it is not unheard of! Anyone ever heard this before??
  • Hello I am new around here. I was around about a year ago but forgot my password and email. It's been a long odessy, and I don't expect answers here I just frustrated and need to vet. In 2010 I had a sudden episode of nerve problems. It started with feeling like electric shocks going down the spine, followed by weakness, numbness, blurry vision, and muscle spasms. It last for a month or so. I had...
  • curlykraut


    No one has responded to my question, why? J
  • deleted_user


    I can't stop going to the bathroom!! I can't sleep for going. I can't eat for going. And to top thing off now I have lost that feeling you kno the feeling you get letting your body kno you have to go potty, that sensation. IT'S GONE!!! So now my body is holding my urine. An the only way I kno I have to go is Wen my back an stomach starts hurting. So I went to the doctor yesterday an I have an...
  • Hi I am not new to daily strength I usually post on the fibromyalgia board. I've been to my doctor about increasing symptoms today. I've had fibromyalgia for 8 years but it seems like things have gotten worse lately. One of my symptoms that is most bothersome is the weakness in my legs. I see people post about leg stiffness, butt I am having leg weakness. Can anyone tell me if they have this as...
  • RiS


    I just had my 6 month checkup with my neuro and one of the things I mentioned to her was that even though I take 10mg of Baclofen 3 x's a day my left bad leg (not too bad) still has spasms. She said she will increased my dose from 10mg. to 20mg. but leaving my refill in 10 mg. tabllets and just take two 3 times a day. Well, took 2 three times a day the first day and it was bad! My leg still had...
  • Response to immune protein determines pathology of multiple sclerosisNew research may help reveal why different parts of the brain can come under attack in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). According to a new study in mice with an MS-like disease, the brain's response to a protein produced by invading T cells dictates whether it's the spinal cord or cerebellum that comes under fire. The...
  • sexysub56


    Is anyone taking it, and if so, how well does it work?