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  • lorrieonline

    The Wahls Protocol

    My symptoms have been flaring up on me this week so I've picked up my book again on "The Wahls Protocol."  I had slacked off on taking my supplements as I normally take them and have been eating more things in the dairy category again.  This week has been a wake up call for me.  Is there anybody who would care to share again how they are doing with this protocol?  I'd love to hear how this...
  • I want to remind everyone that when vit D levels are deficient your body cannot fight off an attack. I've had only two exacerbations and one silent one since RRMS diagnosis in 1996. All were when my vit D levels were deficient and when I ate lots of gluten. I even was in a wheelchair for 3 months the end of 96. For some reason my Neurologist was less concerned with vit d and diet than getting me...
  • raghav

    Need help

    I am suffering from extreme, fatigue and pain It started 6 month back with low fever I have ana positive (1:100) with vitamin d and b12 deficiency for which i am taking supplements I have gone through other test like ra, tsh, crp which all came normal as i have no visible inflammation or rashes Doctor reject for RA, lupus Only diagnosis i have given fibromylagia but i doubt sometimes it can be ms...
  • brianap

    steroid withdrawals

    I had 5 days of iv steroids last month. In 25 years, this was the first time. I feel worse than I did before the steroids. My balance and walking have gotten so much worse. I had four enhancing lesions on last MRI and neuro suggest steroids to avoid a crash before I start my next therapy. Anyone else gotten much worse after steroids?
  • Darkprince


    Hello all. New here but Ive had MS for Ten Years. I am mostly bedridden and when up I Use a Wheelchair for long distances and my Walker or Cane on a Good Day. I have Vision, Cognition, and Memory Issues as well as more Pain than the Doctors Know what to do with.I Wanted to Ask if anyone else here is on Tysabri? I have been on it for 8 Months now and it has Helped me go from not Walking at all to...
  • melaniealexis

    If you've tried everything...

    I'm sure some of you have seen my post about my fatigue, but it is for so much more than just MS and fatigue... It can help fibromyalgia, RA, crohns, adhd, it literally heals from the inside out for just general health and if you've tried everything, try Juice Plus. It is whole food, gluten free, non-GMO, and it has changed my life. My fatigue is tolerable, I sleep so much better, my thyroid...
  • curlykraut

    Muscle weakness question

    Hi I am not new to daily strength I usually post on the fibromyalgia board. I've been to my doctor about increasing symptoms today. I've had fibromyalgia for 8 years but it seems like things have gotten worse lately. One of my symptoms that is most bothersome is the weakness in my legs. I see people post about leg stiffness, butt I am having leg weakness. Can anyone tell me if they have this as...
  • GoWesternMI76

    Mood Swings and MS

    Hi all,I just joined and need advice. My husband has MS and his moods are up and down, to the point that he doesn't know "how he sounds." He can be in a terrible mood and 5 minutes later say he never remembers sounding grouchy. He doesn't know that he sounds cold and unloving. Any advice, please?Thank you in advance :)
  • carolinagirl123

    Ears hurt

    I've noticed my ears hurt  off and on, sometimes it's a full feeling like you get when you go to the mountains and need to pop your ears. Anybody else have this?
  • lorrieonline

    Ozone Therapy

    One of my books has got me hyped on Ozone Therapy. I'm convinced this is something to start. In researching it, I've found something to check out. Several websites mention that anyone with a low platelet count should proceed with caution on their ozone therapy. I have low platelets. Now I wonder how low is low. How much care is needed - just watch for symptoms? I guess I need to check with...
  • Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days. I had tried averything for my fatigue and nothing worked until I started looking at nutrition. I have gone almost entirely organic and my cousin introduced me to Juice Plus+. If you haven't heard of it, PLEASE look it up! It is whole food, you get daily amounts of fruits, vegetables and berries into your system and it's all vegan, low glycemic, and...
  • Xeria

    a must have!

    3 cannot recommend this highly enough!  it does all the work for you and builds up your muscles, giving you (back?) strength in your legs. a gd send!
  • lchoppel

    Old Friend Returns

    hello!  I have been away from DS for several years now. I don't know why I lost interest but I did. The site monger met a need I had I guess. I use to be most active in this group, even was the first group leader  community leader whatever they called them for the MS group. This site helped me so much   I am now retired and I was thinking I might have the I ever now to participate in this...
  • a sort of sinking while you are trying to walk?  It as if my legs no longer will hold me up.  Granted, I don't really walk normslly.  Need a wrrlchsw outsde of my apartment and ysually aalker in it.
  • deleted_user

    Web Desingers?

    I have an idea for a project where people sign up and fill out an elaborate questionnaire about what they are doing to treat their MS, including lifestyle and alteration therapies, asking people to keep blogs and fill out a monthly questionnaire about what supplements they having been using, ect, and keeping us updated about how their condition is doing.Does anybody want to help me out with this...