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  • lorrieonline

    Ozone Therapy

    One of my books has got me hyped on Ozone Therapy. I'm convinced this is something to start. In researching it, I've found something to check out. Several websites mention that anyone with a low platelet count should proceed with caution on their ozone therapy. I have low platelets. Now I wonder how low is low. How much care is needed - just watch for symptoms? I guess I need to check with...
  • Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days. I had tried averything for my fatigue and nothing worked until I started looking at nutrition. I have gone almost entirely organic and my cousin introduced me to Juice Plus+. If you haven't heard of it, PLEASE look it up! It is whole food, you get daily amounts of fruits, vegetables and berries into your system and it's all vegan, low glycemic, and...
  • Xeria

    a must have!

    3 cannot recommend this highly enough! it does all the work for you and builds up your muscles, giving you (back?) strength in your legs. a gd send!
  • lchoppel

    Old Friend Returns

    hello! I have been away from DS for several years now. I don't know why I lost interest but I did. The site monger met a need I had I guess. I use to be most active in this group, even was the first group leader community leader whatever they called them for the MS group. This site helped me so much I am now retired and I was thinking I might have the I ever now to participate in this forum...
  • carolinagirl123

    Ears hurt

    I've noticed my ears hurt off and on, sometimes it's a full feeling like you get when you go to the mountains and need to pop your ears. Anybody else have this?
  • a sort of sinking while you are trying to walk? It as if my legs no longer will hold me up. Granted, I don't really walk normslly. Need a wrrlchsw outsde of my apartment and ysually aalker in it.
  • deleted_user

    Web Desingers?

    I have an idea for a project where people sign up and fill out an elaborate questionnaire about what they are doing to treat their MS, including lifestyle and alteration therapies, asking people to keep blogs and fill out a monthly questionnaire about what supplements they having been using, ect, and keeping us updated about how their condition is doing.Does anybody want to help me out with this...
  • Randar

    Frustrated husband

    My wife was diagnosed with MS 28 yrs. ago. We've been married for 31 yrs this Sept. We/she have been extremely blessed due to the fact that she has only had 3 exacerbations since her diagnosis! About 4 yrs ago she had a severe relapse caused by a allergic reaction to an antibiotic. The result was nearly complete paralysis. She spent a month in the hospital then another 2 weeks in physical rehab....
  • djbritt

    Aubagio- New treatment

    My doctor wants me to stop Avonex and start Aubagio. Aubagio is a pill that I will have to take everyday. I do not know much about this treatment. Has anyone here have any experience with Aubagio?
  • pinmoe93

    Daughter of a mom with MS

    Mom has had MS for over 35 years. She had it before I was born. I remember I time when she could stand on her own with the support of a table or counter top. As her MS progresses, and with the relapses, she is no unable to stand. She had a bad bought last summer where she went into septic shock and had two cardiac arrests. It was traumatizing to go through. When someone you love goes through...
  • Anne8

    Loss of flexibility in my left foot

    Has anyone lost flexibility in a joint (wrist, ankle, foot) which you have gotten back after rehab? A year ago I joined a gym & couldn't find time to continue with the yoga at home. I have periodically tried to do it occasionally, but my foot (the one with drop foot) really hurts when I try to squat down & do the floor exercises. I fear it may have partially ossified (term I heard in reference to...
  • RiS

    Stem cell

    Has anyone heard about a stem cell treatment for MS?
  • GeminiAmy

    Having MS?

    Hello and good morning the lady that I worked with last week said her sister died from MS I can understand if you're sitting around and not doing anything about it that you may be able to die from it but your opinion please can you die from having MS? This has been on my brain since she told me my husband said no but I've been reading and people say yes what is your opinion please
  • Hello, I am a 38 year old woman who has been struggling with fatigue and odd physical sensations- like burning and heat in my left thigh, and numbness and weakness in my right arm and leg. I also sometimes get a weird, uncomfortable ticking sensation in my mid-stomach.I am awaiting an MRI, but have heard that a MS diagnosis can sometimes take years. My bloodwork all looks great-i am very healthy...
  • jennilee68


    Does anyone else have problems walking up stairs? I find that my legs are so weak when I am trying to go up. Sometimes I think I won't màke it. It helpswhen my husband. Pushes me. Lol. Otherwise. I feel I might have to crawl.