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  • djbritt

    Miss everyone!

    Since this change, I have noticed that the regular ones are not showing up. I do not know if they are better, busy, worse, or just do not like this new design. I have not written as often in my journal like I used to but I pop in and read and maybe write an entry. So where is everyone? Are you doing okay?
  • deleted_user

    MRI question

    Hi everyone, My Dr. wants to send me for an MRI to rule out MS. I've been having burning pain and parasthesia, and muscle twitching. My question is, he ordered the MRI without contrast. Is this the right kind of MRI to look for MS? It seems like it should be done with contrast?
  • Lowery76

    New braces for both knees.

    I got fited for two prescription knee braces from Don Joy. The rep measured me and ask why I need the braces. I told him I have bad knees and Multiple Sclerosis and then he looked at me said whats the point of putting braces on a person that is deteriorating. I got up and walked out of the room and he hasn't been in contact with the lady that setup the meeting for the braces. Then she gets two...
  • Meeno


    I have diagnosed with ms in Dec 2016.Dr said that it is 5 or 6 year old and became very aggressive now.I'm having very bad tremors specially in my head ..its very embarrassing.currently I'm on primidone 150mg but no satisfactory result.can anyone please help me
  • lorrieonline

    Exercise More Helpful than "MS Treatments?"

    Sometimes I need a pick-me-up on the "exercise front."  As we all can testify, it's sort of a "damned if you do" and "damned if you don't" situation.  When we over-do-it, we get knocked out for a day (or more) and if we don't do it, we are just knocked out in general.  So, a routine is best, working up as we go.  That's my story and when working out, a stamina develops so long as we keep up...
  • Bernadine

    nu look of ds

    i'm confused with the nu look of ds. having difficulty.


    Website link I found this on: Who Prescribe LDNThe following doctors have given permission to list their information. Call to find out if they do phone consults, if you are having trouble finding a prescriber. John M. Sullivan, MD Phone: 717-697-5050 Fax: 717-591-0920 1001 S. Market St Suite B Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Dr. Ayre prescribes Low Dose...
  • MoMeNtS


    hi everyone, am new to the Blog and on AVONEX for some time and still get like side effects (flu symptoms) anyone else on this treatment with some tips :) so far NO anew lesions with treatment :)
  • Xeria

    Cost of LDN

    Hi allFor those taking LDN, can I ask how much you pay for it?  For example 3mg x90?
  • deleted_user

    The vitamin Lecithin

    Hi all! My father is really big into vitamins and supplements and has been bringing me stuff to try since I was diagnosed. I kind of blew him off at first but I've started taking Lecithin and I think it makes a HUGE difference in how I feel everyday. I didn't take it for a day or so and I could definitely tell!! I will keep taking it - that's for sure!Just thought I'd share that. If you want...
  • MSAngie76

    Has anyone had HSCT for MS?

    Hi, I have looked into HSCT for MS. Many on Facebook have had positive results. I went to Chicago for an evaluation to get accepted. I was denied with no reason given. So now I am trying to get it in Mexico. I am 41 with 3 kids. I have the responsibility of my 91 year old grandma with alzheimers. I am in pain constantly.  Using a cane right now in excruciating pain. My oldest boys 19 &21...are...
  • djbritt


    I have came across a website with questions and answers on dealing with MS. I have found it to be helpful. I thought I would share it with everyone.
  • dxat59


    What's going on?  After doing well for so long, now I'm suddenly being bombarded by the hug MonSter!  A week ago, I fell asleep in a chair watching TV.  I suddenly woke up, unable to move.  It felt like my heart was trying to break out of my chest through the breast bone!  Yep, after several years, the hug was back.  Then, last night, I woke up again with a less intense version.  I take 2...
  • CourtneyMSWarrior2007

    Rebif Supplies

    Where can I go on a website or calling to get Rebif supplies? I live in Pennsylvania.
  • mlr0853

    side use of medication ms fatigue