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This community is dedicated to those who have experienced the traumatizing event of a miscarriage or a stillbirth. Miscarriage remains one of the most common complication of pregnancy, but that doesn't make it easy to deal with. Join the group and find support in the company of others who know what you're going through.

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  • 4andnomore


    Any one here had 3 second trimester miscarriages? 
  • deleted_user

    Lab tests

    I am a medical laboratory technician and I saw that pigtails had some questions about her lab work. I can just tell you what I know and can get from our reference book. I am not meaning to give medical advise, but thought this might help.Prolactin:Clinical Significance Prolactin is a single-chain polypeptide hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary under the control of prolactin-releasing...
  • This is my first time here and it's long, so I'm sorry, just so much to get off my chest :( . It has been a long journey. I've never been normal when it came to female health. I've had 6 gynos over the years, painful, long lasting cycles. I was diagnosed with Celiac, Gastroparesis (paralyzed intestine), PCOS, and Endometriosis all around 4 yrs ago. I've had yr after yr of health issues from head...
  • kteasi

    How does life move on after a miscarriage?

    I'm 19, and my partner who was the father continued to say I should get an abortion and he thought what was right for me, he wouldn't let me leave so I can focus on the baby and how it's going to affect my life and the changes I would have to make, he instead legit left me and 4 days later I began the process of miscarrying. I was in the shower and began to see blood and then it continued, when I...
  • It has been 8 months and two weeks since the loss of my baby girl. Since then I have been let go from my job, forced to move into a smaller home since we could no longer afford our home, and have had 6 deaths in our families combined, my husband and I. Some people tell me to count my blessings, others to believe in god, and some to just push on and let go..... How could anyone say that to me. I...
  • Acrylix

    Where is the courage?

     My baby was  "out of place" . We did not wanted to terminate and so we took the long hard road to keep it.  My bump became a beacon of hope.  That was a year ago, we are still finding a way to mourn. I did not wanted to try again. He support my decision even when he will love to have kids.I don't think I can do this again.  Acrylix
  • I think about this miscarriage a lot and I wish I hadn't have even gotten pregnant but then again I wish I'd have had more time to process what was growing inside me to feel more for this embryo that never had a chance. I've come to terms with it but I know I'll never be able to say I understand why God didn't let this one live longer even if it was only inside my womb/uterus. See, I'd had an IUD...
  • sarahlove

    daily struggles after a miscarriage

    so tomorrow would have been my due date for my son. He was born in November and I wax only 16 weeks . The pain comes and goes if all the events, from going to re OB office to the hospital were I left my son Ben, I still sometimes wonder if they got it wrong and they just took him thinking he didn't have a heart beat. I'm in a rural part of the state I live in and sometimes I miss the city and...
  • deleted_user

    Scared! Lower Back Pain 3 Months After Miscarriage

    Hello Everyone, I suffered an incomplete miscarriage at 11 weeks followed by a D & E back in November of 2013. It's been 3 months since all of this and I still have a sensitive pelvic area (almost like my uterus feels heavy and sore) along with lower back pain that goes from slight to serious depending on the day. I've had an ultrasound to ensure that no tissue was left behind, rounds of...
  • Mcrain86

    When will it stop?

    We lost our 2nd child on Oct. 3rd 2016. D&c on the 5th. It's now middle of March. I was doing so good. Yes it was a rollercoaster in the beginning but out of no were.... I'm back down. Everyone around me is pregnant (coworkers,best friend, little sister, and more) I truly am happy for them but we are... no... Were all due around the same time. So here I am... house is a mess, car is gross, my...
  • hellowmellow

    Frustrated with the Docs

    Hi All, sadly I'm experiencing my first miscarriage after 2 years of TTC.  I can't explain the sadness but I've also found myself extremely upset with my medical care.  Has anyone else felt this way?I went to the ER on a Sat after having some spotting and they did a blood draw.  The results of the HCG came back so low for 7 weeks along that the doc was sure I was having a miscarriage and just...
  • jc2017

    Losing hope on my journey to become a mother...

    Hi, my name is Jenny. I'm feeling called to share my story in this community, hoping to connect with others who can empathize.I'm 35, my husband is 32, and we have been trying to have a baby for over 3 years now. We did blood tests pretty early on and I was told by Kaiser that I have diminished ovarian reserve and that my husband's sperm count was severely low. Based on those results we had...
  • deleted_user

    feeling a little down

    today I went on FB the worst thing out there in the social network! (sorry for those that enjoy it!) Anyhow, I saw a picture of my husband's cousin's wife who is apperaently pregnant. I remember seeing her at a family gathering 4 months ago thinking tomyself at least there is someone other than me here that doenst have kids, and now I am alone! I wish that I could be at that stage already! I had...
  • milo91

    Missed miscarriage and NO HELP from doctors!?

    Hello, I just found out that at 16 weeks my baby had no heartbeat. It was my first pregnancy and we had been planning/trying for a year. We are devastated. The doctor told me there is nothing they can do except make me deliver it, but I just cannot bring myself to go through with it. It doesn't look like it will happen naturally, the baby passed nearly 3 weeks ago and I haven't even spotted. I am...
  • Jlynn72


    This is my first post in something like this.. i didnt know who to turn to. All of my friend have children, or are pregnant..i will be 30 soon. I have been pregnant 4 times, and nothing to show for it, I feel. The last 2 were miscarriages.. and now I feel I am suffering for my choices in life. I feel like every time I turn around someone I know is having a baby. Do I not deserve that in my life?...