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Meniere's disease is a balance disorder of the inner ear. The symptoms of Meniere's are variable; not all sufferers experience the same symptoms. However, "classic Meniere's" is considered to comprise the following four symptoms: Periodic episodes of rotary vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, and a sensation of fullness or pressure in one or both ears.

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  • madmax

    Hydroxyzine for menieres relief

    When I was first diagnosed with menieres (after most of the standard running around with tests trying to figure out what was wrong) it was during a trip to House Clinic in LA where a specialist there told me they believe that allergies can play a big role. I went to an allergist and he gave me Hydroxyzine, 25mg up to 3 per day. I noticed that I was able to push down my symptoms of dizziness and...
  • deleted_user

    Microwick with dexamethasone

    Hi Everyone~Today I had a little procedure. My Dr inserted a micro-wick into my ear. It will stay there for a month. Three times a day I will put the dexamethasone into my ear after a month the tube is removed. Dr Silverstein is hoping to relieve some of my Meniers symptoms with this. It's worth a try I've lost most of my hearing have fullness and tinnitus all the time and of course I have the...
  • Olliedog


    Just wonder! Is a low dose daily aspirin making a tinnitus worst?
  • danaleaym

    Terrified symptoms returning after labyrinthectomy

    I'm kinda freaking out today. I'll try and make my story short. Diagnosed with MD in 2003. In 2014/2015 things were pretty rough. I felt like crap most days. I was lucky enough that I could still work and go about a semi normal life but it was rough and I wasn't really myself or enjoying life. I had semi often vertigo attacks ranging from a few a month to sometimes going a couple months without....
  • georgiapeachy

    Follow-up Post-labyrinthectomy surgery

    I am just over the 2 month mark post-laby surgery and doing well. My VRT therapist remains pleased with my progress regarding balance and vision improvements. I am also pleased with my progress, especially around the house. I am able to add increasingly more housekeeping chores to my day-to-day routine. I do sit down and rest often throughout the day, but am able to get moving again without...
  • Brisket

    Labyrinthectomy advice please

     Hello I am obviously new to the group however have been battling this Meniere’s disease for 4 years seems like for a long time all I could get the doctors to do is give me Steroid shots in my ear drum. Now as vertigo has become almost daily they are going to do a Labyrinthectomy on my right ear and also at the same time install the snap for Baha implant they tell me I will not get the hearing...
  • Fairystar

    New to group

    Hi, I'm new to this group...basically I think I have MD...I've always had ear problems since my teens..earache, fullness in  ear..pressure popping etc..but two years ago I started having vertigo too, my first attack lasted 3 months of daily nausea and spinning, feeling like I was literally being pulled over, it was awful..the dr said it was inner ear infectio and gave me anti emetic meds and...
  • Gegachxis

    Trying a support group for the 1st time

    My MD story goes back five years ago when I suddenly had a veritigo attack. For the next three and a half years I suffered occasional attacks while trying to figure out what on earth was going on with me. Doctors were no help and I got dozens of opinions and suggestions. Finally I happened across an article on MD in my personal research and started implementing the Hydrop's diet. About 9 months...
  • kribbin


    hi to all. I'm a newly diagnosed 23 year old. We suspect I've had Meniere's since I was 16, but in the last two years it's gotten progressively worse. I currently have a cold that seems to be triggering the attacks. Any advice and coping skills you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My family isn't very supportive and seems to think I'm making it up, so it's a struggle. 
  • I purchased a new Meniett Device from Medtronic in May of 2013 for $3500.00, and used it actively for about a year. I have the receipt, and paperwork. Since that time, thankfully, my Meniere's Disease has been inactive, and I had the ear tube necessary to use the device removed. I am willing to sell the device for $1500.00. I know that it is in excellent condition, and includes the case,...
  • Kirill

    John Regimen timelines?

    Hi everyone. I've been suffered from MD for last year and a half. And diagnosed finally about half a year ago.The worstest thing for me is Vertigo attacks. It's not that bad as it was at the beginning (wasn't able to stand on my lags for a few hours) since I'm taking pills from my doc but it's really annoying and make me thick every 2-3 days. As the only position I can walk is slowly and with my...
  • RedRock07


    not sure, bud me doc thinks I have MD, the vertigo is terrible, always off balance. I've had 7 back surgeries over the years, now this. I had been contemplating suicide, it seems to me the best answer. Heck with my chronic pain I was considering it before MD. 
  • Heroic

    Coping help?

    Hello, I'm new to this support group and to be honest I wish I never joined; it made it feel like a fatal disorder, which it isn't. I'm in my early teens (13-16) and I have recently got over my albeit long depression, but considering that I heard that this disorder existed from a good friend who also had it, being curious I decided to search it up. The world started to fall apart as I read each...
  • deleted_user

    my symptoms

    when having an MD attack1.tinnitus 2. extreme dizziness ( i could not walk hardly but to lie down)my heart pulse beat so fast i thought im having an heart attackbut i have no problem with my heart ( i had done with 2D echo and the result is normal and my heart is working well and no problem at all)3.there are times my head automatically spins from left to right4.i had also gaze nystagmus (...
  • elaughery

    New Here

    Hi there,I was offically diagnosed with MD in July 2015. Previous to that I had a ventilation tube placed in the affected ear because of a malfunctioning eustachun tube, which I have had in for three years.In 2015 I had a couple of episodes where i had fullness and roaring in the ear followed in a day or two by severe dizzyness lasting several hours. Then I was okay for a while then I just woke...