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Meniere's disease is a balance disorder of the inner ear. The symptoms of Meniere's are variable; not all sufferers experience the same symptoms. However, "classic Meniere's" is considered to comprise the following four symptoms: Periodic episodes of rotary vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, and a sensation of fullness or pressure in one or both ears.

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  • 123Anna123

    Recovery time from steroid injection?

    I do not have Meniere's but I had sudden hearing loss, which is in the process of recovering now. I had a series of three emergency steroid injections, three days in a row, the last one which was exactly three weeks ago. I have a weird sensation still in the ear drum or behind it. Like there is some chunk of something there though, or like there is water I want to shake out, not really...
  • douglasspyles

    Looking for others to engage with about Meniere's

    I am a middle aged guy who has been fighting this ugly snake for about 3 years now with the vertigo, ear fullness, ear ringing, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue and hearing loss in my left ear. Looking for some great conversations with other sufferers. Just been placed on a water pill, a little nervous about side effects.
  • dbduca

    Dr. Wehling from Germany

    Has anyone been in touch with Dr. Wehling from Germany who injected Dana White with proteins taken from his blood?I contacted him immediately but am waiting to see how Dana White does. Dana mentioned he was cured after his shunt surgery, then recanted after months... I am willing to wait one year to see if, in fact Dana has been cured. I wondered where the injections were made - in his ear?? ...
  • judi0013

    Brain injury

    After reading everyone’s post regarding shaking of the brain.I came down with Meniere’s diease just after I had suffered brain injury. Was in hospital    and the doctors kept asking me if I had any brain injury.  I was so sick, I couldn’t think.   After I returned home, sicker than a dog.  Sure enough I could trace my steps back to when I came down with the diease.  My second attack...
  • deleted_user

    Brain shaking?

    Has anyone ever felt like their brain was shaking in their head? Very strange sensation. Is this related to the Meniere's? I am so stinking confused!!!!!
  • Judy3131

    Raise Meniere's Awareness Petition

    Bono we really need your help..We are speaking on behalf of the millions of people, worldwide, who suffer lifetimes filled with constant vertigo from a little known and very misunderstood disease known as Menieres disease.Menieres disease steals lives, leaving those left unable to function as they once did. Many are reduced to bystanders to their own existence, unable to work, drive, and attend...
  • Lyneseb

    Upper Cervical chiropractic

    After a really rough year, I found a great article on upper cervical treatment and roughly 8 weeks ago embarked on that journey. The tests showed my upper spine was severely misaligned. After about three weeks, I woke up feeling almost entirely normal and remained that way until last week. I hadn't had a spell since halloween. Last week, my ear stuffed up and the tinnitus started. This week I've...
  • RobertMcNeil

    If you have M.D. you should read this

    Hello M.D. sufferers.  I've published several journal entries on a supplement I found almost 6 years ago that has kept me 100% vertigo attack free as long as keep taking it.When I found the supplement I was having 2 hour long vertigo attacks 5 days a week and usually 2 of those days I had 2 attacks. My attacks were severe violent and debilitating. The nausea was awful ... I would literally go...
  • RobertMcNeil

    Trying my best to help but wtf

    I have 4 journal entries that when I update to publish just don't. It's not like i have anything important to contribute ... apparently I just wanted to share how I accidentally found a supplement that reduces my vertigo attacks due to M.D. to zero and after 6 years thought it might be something M.D. vertigo sufferers might actually be interested in knowing. But if I can't publish ... you can't...
  • Kirill

    John Regimen timelines?

    Hi everyone. I've been suffered from MD for last year and a half. And diagnosed finally about half a year ago.The worstest thing for me is Vertigo attacks. It's not that bad as it was at the beginning (wasn't able to stand on my lags for a few hours) since I'm taking pills from my doc but it's really annoying and make me thick every 2-3 days. As the only position I can walk is slowly and with my...
  • Judy3131

    Regenokine Therapy

    Has anyone else had Regenokine Therapy for their Menieres Disease and if so how are you doing?
  • Jennymae

    Used Meniett Device for sale - Excellent condition

    I purchased a new Meniett Device from Medtronic in May of 2013 for $3500.00, and used it actively for about a year. I have the receipt, and paperwork. Since that time, thankfully, my Meniere's Disease has been inactive, and I had the ear tube necessary to use the device removed. I am willing to sell the device for $1500.00. I know that it is in excellent condition, and includes the case,...
  • deleted_user

    Is loose crystals cause Meniere's?

    I have alot of nurses and Chiro. in my family and they keep telling me the fluid imbalance is cause by the crystals coming loose. Has anyone else heard this?
  • madmax

    Hydroxyzine for menieres relief

    When I was first diagnosed with menieres (after most of the standard running around with tests trying to figure out what was wrong) it was during a trip to House Clinic in LA where a specialist there told me they believe that allergies can play a big role. I went to an allergist and he gave me Hydroxyzine, 25mg up to 3 per day. I noticed that I was able to push down my symptoms of dizziness and...
  • deleted_user

    Microwick with dexamethasone

    Hi Everyone~Today I had a little procedure. My Dr inserted a micro-wick into my ear. It will stay there for a month. Three times a day I will put the dexamethasone into my ear after a month the tube is removed. Dr Silverstein is hoping to relieve some of my Meniers symptoms with this. It's worth a try I've lost most of my hearing have fullness and tinnitus all the time and of course I have the...