Lesbian Relationship Challenges Support Group

This community is for those who are in a gay marriage, and the unique challenges that may be had in a same-sex relationship. Find support and talk to others in a same-sex marriage, and get advice from the experiences of other members.

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  • TDlove13

    Loving lesbian life

    okay so I love being LESBIAN!!!! But I'm in a relationship with this amazing girl who HAS come out. One of my VERY close friends knows but nobody else. I'm sooooo afraid everyone will judge me, but I don't want to be living in a terrible lie for the rest of my life! I really love this girl, but I need some advice? Help anyone???
  • Crystal21

    How do I cope

    My relationship of 13 years (6 years married) is coming to an abrupt halt. My wife has cheated on me with her ex in the past but we moved forward. I forgave her and I thought she was old news. I found out she was talking to ex again and I confronted her. She left for a few days. While she was gone, my best friend passed way. She did not call till the next morning to even see how I was doing. I...
  • indigo11

    Sexless long term marriage

    Hello all,my wife and I have been together about 7 years and are about to celebrate our 5 year wedding  anniversary.  We are basically in a sexless marriage. I know  throughout the years it has affected the both of us. I have hypothyroidism which has affected my drive in the past and I feel responsible for the damages regarding our marital sex life .  My wife went a long time feeling...
  • BeautifulDesasater

    Finding myself in a stupid situation.

    Hello!I am new one here and actually finding myself in a stupid situation.I do not even know how to write about it.And if this is the right place.I have been togeather with my girlfriend for 10 years now. Our relationship for some reasons are usually on and off. Like periodically we are lovers, periodically- best friends.Because she is usually worrying about what others think, trying to hide her...
  • Lostandafraid

    Needing some support.

    Hello,I was told about this site because I really feel lost, overwhelmed and lonely...sad, all the emotions.My story...on April 2017, my mom whom I have been caring for was placed in Vita's Hospice care. In May my wife of 2yrs but we lived together for 11years walked out of my life!My mom just died Sept 30th 2017...I am devastated!! I feel as my World has crumbled....no desire to live. No desire...
  • Lostgirl88

    Devasted, Betrayed and Lost

    My partner of 16 years has been cheating on me with an ex-boyfriend for possibly over a year now.  I am just finding out after her strange actions and excuses and disappearances.  I was able to get into her phone and read her phone texts and checked the phone bill.  She doesn't know I know.  I don't know what to think, feel, or do.  I'm numb, hurt, devasted and I still have to be here as I...
  • deleted_user

    She's Not In Love With Me Anymore

    Hi everyone,My name is Jess, and I'm new to this website and loved reading the support others have given, so please bare with me as I hope not to ramble on. I need help. My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and 5 months since 2009. I am 24 and she is 26. We moved in with each other after about a year of being in a relationship. My mother actually offered in 2010 for her to move in...
  • Trichster724

    In love with best friend

    So I've been super close with my best friend for about 5 years now and we do everything together. We're so close and open and comfortable with each other and she told me about a year ago that she had feelings for me but I didn't want to ruin our friendship so I told her no when she asked to try dating but lately I think I've started to develop feelings for her and not sure whether I should risk...
  • Lilly23


    I've never been in love. Even though I'm not currently looking for someone, I hope that before I die I will have a loving, caring, supportive partner... life partner... in my life that I can share my life with and share every day with, to love and hold me and respect me and make me feel all the love and care that I never got in my life. In my heart I really want that so much. I crave that but...
  • Lilly23


    I know this forum is more for relationships but I live where there's not much support for this community and would like to have a friend  to chat with who understands this lifestyle.
  • mrsSotelo

    First year of marriage

    hello everyone I’m new to the group. I just recently got married back February.its been 7 months since we got married, I love my wife with all my heart. When we first started dating we were very sexually active with one another and since being married it had decreased a lot I’m not sure if it’s the stress of work or health problems.i know the issue is with me cause I work 6 days a work at...
  • Ineedagf

    Finding a gf

    I am finding a gf i am 18 and i live in Naperville IL
  • kimpossible20

    Sexless relationship

    Hi all! I’m really stuck in my 7-year relationship and I don’t know who to talk about it.We are healthy women, 30 years old. I used to date with men but no sex, just kissing and cuddling. Her ex was highschool gf and she told me they also didn’t do anything rather than a kiss. So it can be considered that we’re first love of each other. I still remember we were very spontaneous and...
  • deleted_user

    WHY!!!!Ex still in my heart

    I dont know where to start. Im really really confused about what Im feeling and thinking right now. My ex and I have been split for 3 years now, we havent spoken or seen each other at all.We were togethrer for a year, I was on here back then asking for advice with that realtionship (mserg101) and everyone that commented on my post would comment on how "toxic" and "unhealthy" the relationship was....
  • deleted_user

    I want my ex back

    So, My ex left me for a guy who wanted to be with me first, when I turned him down he turned to her. He is a country cowboy and she is a princess, he has 3 kids and she hates kids. We meet this guy about 9months ago and now shes living with him in his country apartment. After a week of living with him she started to share a checking account with him, then she traded in her volvo for a ford...