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This community is for those who are in a gay marriage, and the unique challenges that may be had in a same-sex relationship. Find support and talk to others in a same-sex marriage, and get advice from the experiences of other members.

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  • So of course I know about the 'Lesbian bed death' rumour but surely it can't be this bad? Ive been with my partner nearly 4 years now and I feel like giving it up. The intimacy is just lacking in every way, I'm lucky if I get a good night kiss or shall I say peck. I feel like I'm constantly trying and getting rejected. It's affecting my confidence and self esteem massively. I have gone down the...
  • Boogaloo

    Infidelity...stay or go....

    My wife of 4 years had an affair with my best friends husband while I was deployed. She told me she loved him. It didnt work. My best friend still loved her husband and its over. It has caused a bad wroking environment and i have lost trust. I love her.. she just moved out and says she wants to move back in after a few months...I dont accept this. She wanted to no contact to live her truth and...
  • HollieB

    What to do

    Ok so my current on again off again relationship is really goin nuts right now ....  we live together im the (stud,butch ag....etc) and shes the fem well we've only been datin for 7 months anywho she gets upset whenever my female friends call, text, snapchat me or i go and hangout with them.....now ive known all my friends longer than ive known her and ive tried to include her but she always...
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  • Hi guys, I feel pretty shallow for even putting this out here. I have been with this wonderful woman for the past 1 year, we have had our ups and downs. From the beginning of the relationship to the present I was never attracted to my partner physically and I feel damn shallow for saying this. However I do love her very very much, she has many other qualities that I am attracted to.As I am not...
  • stacyjosy

    How i got my husband back

    My husband was cheating on me with my friend and i almost lost him till i was able to contact Robinson buckler for help, He was a great helper, he saved my marriage from the shame and the embarr[@]ssment, He restored my marriage just as he promised, my husband does not cheat on me anymore, who wants to save his/her relationship should contact (robinson.buckler @ yahoo. com)…
  • fallreins

    did I do the right thing?

    three days ago i split with my girlfriend of almost 2 years.she has a drinking problem which she won't admit to - she drinks at least 3-4 rums or beers a day, and triple that come the weekend - and she started to do things like cancel on our plans to go and drink, or leave me hanging around for her until she finished her drinking. she works at a pub so this doesn't help the situation. she...
  • needing-help

    Need help fixing my marriage

    So me and my wife have been together for 10 years. Married for almost a year we have a 4 year old son. The problem is that we are in a sexless marriage. She hates affection and being touched so we only do peck kisses when we leave to work and we get home from work. Occasionally she will flirt with me and playing around with me and I start thinking it might lead to something but I always get...
  • sweetpea222

    question to you all with partners.

    ok i guess we have all at one time or another been in a relationship where there is one particular member of your partners family you can not stand for whatever reason or probably more than one member you can not stand. so how have you handled it? smiled sweetly just to go with the flow.avoided that family member whenever possible?which risks rows with partner.after a few explanations as to why i...
  • BlueEyedGirl2494

    Wonder(ing) Woman

    My partner of two years brought up the other day the fact that she has never experienced sex with a man before. I jokingly gave her a "gold star" but the joke fell flat. She seems distracted by the fact that she hasn't had this experience. I told her the only thing that I could think of, which was that I support her in anything and everything because I love her. If she feels the need to have this...
  • hopesmiles

    feeling confused

    i feel trapped. i am in a relationship for 1 and 1/2 year with a man. i feel like i am living with a friend. i am not attracted to him and we havent had sex in 10 months. he says he doesnt want sex. i am 36 hes 41. i divorced and every relationship was terrible. i have always found lesbian women attractive and i have always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. my marriage was...
  • daydreamer51

    Problem making friendships

    Does anyone else here have problems making connections with other people and making lasting and deep friendships? Before I came out of the closet and had a very close group of friends. We were so close we were like family. When I came out many turned their back on me. Others just slowly disappeared from my life as I shifted my focus away from hanging out and making stupid choices. I began...
  • Lamename78

    Wife had affair with man?!

    I will try to make this is brief as possible. I have been with the same woman for 18 years. The first 10 years were great, then things began to change and ultimately our relationship felt more like best friends than lovers. About 2 years I was introduced to someone through a mutual friend. We quickly became friends and over time it developed into an emotional affair. My wife saw some chat...
  • itzzsarah

    Love is ..

    I've been in a relationship now 2.5 years. When I met her, I had just been cheated on. I was with my ex five years. I know I should have given myself time to heal find out who I was, go back to school, and do everything I should've done when I was young. But I met her and her companionship was what I needed more than anything. A couple months later we moved in everything was great.. The problem...
  • Huneedewboo

    What to do...what to do???

    I am a lesbian in a 2 year relationship with a woman I love...we are very different...but opposites do attract...I consider myself very intuitive...however I also am a natural over-thinker and a very creative thinker...in the beginning of our relationship my girlfriend was still communicating with an ex...I found out because. .I felt something in my gut that told me she was doing something...I...