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This community is for those who are in a gay marriage, and the unique challenges that may be had in a same-sex relationship. Find support and talk to others in a same-sex marriage, and get advice from the experiences of other members.

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  • mcphearre30

    An idiot in need of advice...

    Hi... apologies for the long post but I am in need of advice. Ive been with my fiancé for six years the first two amazing and happy full of laughter, love and sex. The third year we hit some financial problems and I was funding the house alone working 70+ hours a week. During this time we drifted apart slightly she said I was never home she was lonely and she was bored I felt unappreciated...
  • Iamsolost

    So lost

    I am 44 years old and my wife of 7 years said she doesn't want to be with me any more. We have been threw a lot . And had some very ruff times . We had a house fire 3 years ago and lost ever thing. Slept in. Cars and a camper till we could afford to buy a new home. Now after a year in the new house . She told me she doesn't want me no more. I have. Friends and family trying to help me get threw...
  • stillstanding

    Been awhile so I need pointers

    If we haven't been with a woman since the 80's so please share with me exactly how the hell do women have sex now? I never used protection back in the days so I feel brand new at this.  (actually back then it was girls, now its women) OOO:::)))
  • stillstanding

    Older woman/Younger woman Crush

    On December 2nd 2016 I accidentally got a crush on a femme, not the type I'm normally attracted to but my issue is this....she is younger and omg she is HOT!!!!  I'm 45, I've had children (this affects your breasts), my boobs are pretty much non-existent and the nipples don't get erect unless I'm in the shower (I haven't had sex yet again with women so IDK what will happen when I do)How in the...
  • thenewharvey

    I can't make my girlfriend orgasm

    She doesn't have a problem with making herself orgasm and she said that she's never had such a bad problem with past women doing it for her either. She says I'm doing all the right things, but she just can't. Our emotional connection has kept us strong for a year, but the sexual struggle is getting more and more frustrating for both of us. Is she lying to me about my technique? Is this common?...
  • becca19

    What to do?

    I have been with my partner for just under a year now, we have our up and down but I love her. She was my friend for a year before we got toget and we got along great. She's the first girl I have ever been in love with. When we got toget the sex was good, not great but I wasn't complaining. She is nearly 28 and I'm 19. I thought this wasn't a big deal at first. It I'm becoming weary that this may...
  • Lovely_84

    No passion no heat.. Problem?

    Hi.So I'm not sure what to do. I've been in a serious relationship with my fiance for 6 year's this April. I always thought sex or my first time was going to be slow tender and passionate. I'm not complaining it wasn't.However now we hardly.. do it.. And I thought maybe it was just me that there was no linger or slowlness to the sex like I've wanted. We'd always just dove right in a kinda wam bam...
  • MackenzieandKate

    Finding out something a while after it happened

    Hey everyone,So I had my fiancée over this past weekend for the New Years. I went to pick her up on Friday morning. Friday went pretty good; everything was fine. Before we fell asleep, we messed around and it was amazing. She made me feel really happy and wanted. Then Saturday morning came around and she started throwing up at 5:30am. She continued to throw up for two hours before telling me...
  • nophace

    Venting, what do you think?

    me gf and I have been dating for almost two years. In the beginning of our relationship I was attached to my ex so whenever we broke up I would go see him (as a rebound). I'm unconditionally in love with this woman, but whenever we have an argument she throws it in my face. She left me for awhile and I begged for her to come back and she did and I made sure to play my part and respect her by any...
  • fridanyc

    Am I selfish?

    I am a hispanic woman who comes a very tight knit family. Prior to my relationship I would speak to my mother on the phone for over an hour each day and visit her 2 to 3 times a week. After being outted to my parents my relationship with them took a dractic turn. I speak to my mother once day for about 5 minutes and only visit her friday's after work. Although, I no longer feels as close or...
  • fridanyc

    Angry, Confused & feeling not good enough

    My girlfriend recently returned from a trip visiting her father. The trip was emotionally draining for her since her father was never there for her growing up and continiously lies, to top it off she found out he is doing drugs. She returned late sunday evening and I asked her if we could have dinner together monday after work since we both missed each other so much. She stated she was tired but...
  • Gigi83

    My sexless marriage

    Hello Group members im new here with a huge problem. My wife and I have been married 8 months and been together since feb 2012. Our love life was so exciting and fresh until year 2. Afterwards we dwindled down to sex only one time a week and now im lucky if we have sex once every 6 weeks or so. I have talked 2 my wife but it only leads to an argument. I don't have money for counseling. What do I...
  • Hello everyone, I hope that amidst this wacky political climate that you are well and communicating with one another in a good way! I have been with my wife 28 years (as of the end of Feb) and we have seen a lot! We've had our ups and downs and arguments for sure! Through it all, we've used the tools we teach and train others to succeed and would love to help you find your way too! We are...
  • ImaginaryExitsence

    First kiss?

    I'm in seventh grade and my girlfriend and I have been together for a few months. I've been having these weird and sudden, strong ugres to kiss her. Nothing much, but just a peck on the cheek. The school casual-you-shouldnt-have-a-date dance is coming up and we're going together. Afterwards, we're spending the night at her place for our first sleepover together. I'm certain I'll get those urges...
  • RainbowStar

    I just feel so lonely

    i posted a few weeks ago about my wife leaving. We hadn't even been married 6 months when she left although we had been together for 7years and lived together for 6. She is/was my absolute everything. Everything I did was for her (not that she saw that clearly).. we got together on Xmas day originally and I'm finding the run up to Christmas an absolute killer. She moved back to her mums a week...