Lesbian Relationship Challenges Support Group

This community is for those who are in a gay marriage, and the unique challenges that may be had in a same-sex relationship. Find support and talk to others in a same-sex marriage, and get advice from the experiences of other members.

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  • sunnydays77

    Could this be the end?

    i've been in a relationship for 8 years now and married for 2. Our relationship has turned more into a roommate type of relationship. We stopped being intimate and going on 8 months now. My wife takes vacations to see her fam every year but never has money or desire to take a vacation together as a couple. Just about everything in our household is separate as well. Does this mean the relationship...
  • cscorpioh91


    My gf of a year now, the love of my life, tells me she wants to transition into a man. I am here for her and want her happy, but then I get moments where IDK if I can do this. I'm so overwhelmed.
  • catullus

    Lesbian pains ... I feel invalid

    So I'm gay. I have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend, we're almost at our 3 year anniversary. But although I think I'm pretty confident in my sexuality, I still feel like I'm not accepted by society- even though I live in a pretty accepting country. I want to fit in like everyone else. And it's hard. But most people will tell me that I'm being too sensitive. Although my girlfiend understands...
  • yosbabe

    No sex Marriage

    I saw a similar post on here. That made me feel slightly better as if I was not alone. We have been married for three years now. Prior to our wedding and early on in the relationship I was very honest from the beginning as far as having a high drive. We had no issues with compatibility for 3 years, then Three months after the wedding my spouse lost her mother unexpectedly to unexpected and quick...
  • thakonson

    Open relationship

    I posted on here earlier about my wife being conflicted about wanting something more. She loves me but she says shes straight so she wants a guy. So im wondering since im at a loss here. Do i suggest an open relationship? Do i throw out an idea of an occasional free pass? Its not what i want but i also dont want to loose the love of my life... do i stay and fight ? Do i walk ? 
  • sweetpea222

    is my reason to shallow

    when i met my partner just over 5 years ago she made no secret she didnt do housework ,when she told me most of her relationships had broken up because of this i said to her that was shallow of her ex's and not a reason to break up with someone. but wow am i eating my words now. i didnt know the extent of this not doing housework was. she dont do a thing to help. cooks the occasional meal washed...
  • Gigi83

    My sexless marriage

    Hello Group members im new here with a huge problem. My wife and I have been married 8 months and been together since feb 2012. Our love life was so exciting and fresh until year 2. Afterwards we dwindled down to sex only one time a week and now im lucky if we have sex once every 6 weeks or so. I have talked 2 my wife but it only leads to an argument. I don't have money for counseling. What do I...
  • HarleyQ

    I need advice

    My girlfriend is totally crazy, but I'm head over heels in love with her. We've been together for almost a year now and we've had so many struggles it's hard to count, but it seems they all start with her freaking out over something small. When she's mad she gets emotionally and mentally abusive and it's hard to take, but I know it comes from how messsed up her past relationships and family are....
  • sweetpea222

    am i wrong for wanting loyalty and to be put first

    ive been with my partner 6 years. in all that 6 years she has never put me first,she always put her sisters,mum,aunts etc before me . last year it got really bad ,i was in a really bad place mentally ,her sister rang wanting something and she was off and just said she was staying over that night . then her mum asked her to take some family members on a fly drive holiday as they couldnt drive...
  • thakonson

    Needing some advice

    Hi all, New to all of this but needing some serious advice... My wife and I have been together on and off for 10 years married for 2. It has been a messy 10 years. But we are finally together. She says shes not gay and doesnt want to tell people about our marrage she just wants what we have and leave it at that. ok I can deal with that. But now she is saying she wants to sleep with a man beacuse...
  • shelli

    Anniversary 17!

    My beautiful smart N talented wife and I are celebrating 17 years together today. We've had ups n downs, but more ups obviously. Whats the secret? For us it's communication and lots of loving. Just wanted to share
  • SNR1926

    My not-so secret relationship

    Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years. We were classmates at first but when we had the chance to be seatmates we've got closer til eventually she made me say the magic words. Ever since, i've been aware of her current relationship with her boyfriend of 5 years, but still i agreed of our set up. Everything went easy because they have a long distance relationship and i really felt...
  • complex860

    Feeling lost

     I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend out for almost  five months. She has two beautiful daughters that I have grown really attached to.She is very damaged  but is working to make a better life for herself.  I knew going into the relationship that she wasn't the most affectionate person but it seems like one minute she's interested in me and the next minute it feels like it doesn't...
  • nokin

    Just confused

    I've been with my girlfriend for over 2 years and recently moved in with her. I    basically dropped everything to start a life with her.  I find that I am constantly on edge around her. She's moody, judgmental and I can never seem to live up to her standards. I work full time and come home and help in the house, outside of the house  and help with her child. I am constantly doing things for...
  • alligatorcurator

    Worried about a new relationship

    My girlfriend and I have been together since December of 2016, though we'd been great friends for over a year before. Things had been good but recently she has been spending more time with a mutual (bisexual female) friend and less with me. At times my girlfriend will even tell me she's busy with school work (we're both in college), but later I'll see on social media that she had gone out with...