Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Support Group

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder that is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, and constipation. Typically no abnormalities appear during standard medical testing, and so irritable bowel syndrome is identified by the symptoms. Although irritable bowel syndrome can cause serious discomfort, the intestines are not harmed.

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  • ruthgrps

    New Here

    I've had IBS for some years now, but at the moment I am struggling with constapation, the amount going in doesnt balance with what is coming out. Thats my main symptom at the moment, I take a doctor prescribed laxitive which is in the form of a drink, and is horrible to drink, my other symptoms include stomache spasms, which are very painful. I've read extensively about the subject, and I have...
  • TheLAWvirus

    Any Advice?

    I've been struggling with IBS for over a year while still being in high school. At first it was awful but eventually after people at school knew and I worked out a diet it was ok apart from a bit of pain in the mornings and having to leave class and school every few days because of pain. However I've recently finished school and it's now the holidays.I have no stress no pressure and I've been...
  • akoupleofkays

    IBS my story

    Hi, I have been suffering with IBS, anxiety and other accompanied symptoms for the past 3.5 years. Out of frustration from hearing doctors say it's mostly in my head and that there is no specific cure, I decided that i need to find a way to take this on because there has to be a way out.I"m 30 years old and being an aspiring filmmaker i worked as an assistant director for quite some time. Being...
  • Hey, do any of you guys get symptoms with your IBS that aren't listed anywhere? When I get a really bad attack of diarrhea, it's often accompanied by severe nasal-type allergy symptoms, like phlegm, scratchy throat, and sinus pressure. Plus, I often have increased urination during my IBS attacks. My attacks are preceded, usually about 12 hours before, by what I think of as my "warning...
  • AnotherYou

    Anyone alive?

    Just wonder how active this forum is. My IBS has taken a new turn. A 'SIBO' turn maybe.
  • I have lost all your info... you were in sioux city ... drop me a line . Roz
  • salvatop


    I have been experiencing constipation over the last couple of weeks. It is very difficult for me to have a bowel movement. I do have one every day, but it requires a lot of effort. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and am taking Paxil and Lexapro, along with Neurontin for the anxiety. I started taking Colace last Saturday to try and relieve the constipation. Has anyone out there had...
  • littlemart

    IBS - C

    Funny thing about this constipation.... I can be rolling along pretty well for 4 or 5 days in a row. Then, if I miss just one day without a bowel movement I am miserable. All it takes is that one day. I feel awful and have gas pain in my chest until I get that Miralax in me and get going again.Can anyone explain this??
  • lasers


    not sure if its commonanyone get an itch or more so stinging around the anusit seems strong..but most times will only last for minutesis this just a part of ibs..what would be the best thing to use to help stop it...thanks
  • The cause of my IBS is Intestinal malrotation presenting in adult life. Does anyone else have this? I need to find an experienced surgeon. I had surgery 7 years ago at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • thank you for adding me. I have had digestive issues for over two years. Constipation, bad taste in mouth, headache, inflamed eyes, rectal pain, etc. recently it has been very bad. The bad taste in mouth is the worst! I've had an endoscopy as well as taken medicine for GERD but nothing helps. Laxatives don't help. I have tried everything. I exercise everyday... I eat well, take probiotics,...
  • Lenoire

    How I Managed My IBs

    I have had IBS since my teens, and I believe it has caused a number of health problems for me over the decades. I've taken pharmaceuticals, antacids, teas, probiotics, herbal supplements, etc., but nothing would make it go away completely.Three years ago I started to research food, and how if affects the gastro intestinal tract. I discovered a number of things, but mostly that many of my problems...
  • flowerA


    Hi All,I just do not seem to be able to get a pain reliever. I have tried a few, must be worry.How do you get pain relief?
  • razorbacks

    mirlax doesnt work

    anybody else have a problem with it not working...... it also makes my legs hurt and feel heavy. my dr doesnt beleive me....
  • jasp435


    Has anyone ever taken this drug? I have been going through a terrible spell that has last a month and a half. I had a great deal of pain that was in the upper left side and went around to the back. It sometimes feels like something is boring through. I was also nauseated and had dry heaves every morning for over a month. In addition, my heart rate went to 130 and stayed there and they gave me...