Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Support Group

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder that is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, and constipation. Typically no abnormalities appear during standard medical testing, and so irritable bowel syndrome is identified by the symptoms. Although irritable bowel syndrome can cause serious discomfort, the intestines are not harmed.

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  • enigmaticloner

    Perhaps IBS

    Every now and then (it's happened on at least 3 different occasions so far that I can recall) I'll suddenly feel nauseated after eating something and will lose my appetite for days at a time. The first time it happened it was when I was eating out somewhere. I felt pretty nauseous just at attempting to eat, and I also lost my appetite quite often. I started to feel very weak from the lack of...
  • akoupleofkays

    IBS my story

    Hi, I have been suffering with IBS, anxiety and other accompanied symptoms for the past 3.5 years. Out of frustration from hearing doctors say it's mostly in my head and that there is no specific cure, I decided that i need to find a way to take this on because there has to be a way out. Being stuck at home is the exact opposite of what i want to do...So to keep my dream alive a started a channel...
  • Hey all! I'm 20 years old, and I have been having stomach issues for 4 years now. I currently have no diet restrictions or allergies and I exercise regularly. The one GI doc I went to just brushed it off as IBS. Here's the thing: the ONLY symptoms I have are abdominal distension and that I'm always always full. I have no pain/cramps/spasms, I poop once or twice a day (so there's probably not an...
  • ruthgrps

    New symptom diarheoa

    What do people do when they should go somewhere (i.e. hospital appointment) for disabled daughter, and yet they have diaroheoa and cant go, how do people stop it?Anyone have any thoughts?
  • Diverticulosis and IBS....I have a real problem of pooping my pants way too often and mostly diarhhea causing this...Today was a bad day...I was picking up student for driving lesson and I had touch of Diarhhea that I just barely got in my underwear....but when I finished the student and headed immediately to the same bathroom near his house I could not make it as I got out of car I lost...
  • clarice

    needing advice

    Hi I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis which they reckon i have had for years but because I have a lot of other problems I just put the pain down to my back getting worse and therefore did nothing about it , so now they are saying my whole bowel is stuffed and they want to remove it and give me a colonoscopy bag to which i said noway, the surgeon said there is not one part of my bowel that...
  • ruthgrps

    Advice needed - constapation

    I have had IBS for many years, when it first started all I had chronic pain in my tummy and spasm, now I have problems with constapation, I am allergic to some of the powders they give you, has anyone any natural ideas as to how to make my bowels move!
  • Sly

    Severe pain after sleeping

    I have completely unpredictable alternating IBS. Does anyone else have severe pain on awakening, even if it's just a nap? I wake up every morning in mind boggling pain, I have a burning and high pressure pain that persists until my bowels are completely empty. Unfortunately, I am only able to do that a couple times a week. When I have incomplete BM's in the morning, I continue to cramp and in...
  • NoMoreJoyInLife

    Severe iBS

    No one understands how debilitating irritable bowel syndrome can be. My husband doesn't understand why I can't just be strong and suck it up. This disease, along with my ulcerative proctitis, and the medications I took for them have me in a state of severe depression and pain I can't overcome.
  • I have suffered with IBS since my late teen years. It became increasingly worse throughout the years. I think I internalized a lot during the course of my 24 year marriage. I had a bout with panic atracks and anxiety and depression at age 17 and I got help and was on an antidepressant for a short time. Then I got married and went another 25 years without having another episode. I've been...
  • AgentSmith

    Extreme IBS

    I was wondering if anyone experiences these extreme symptoms? I've only had IBS for the past couple years (my grandma has always had it). It doesn't happen very often, maybe once a month. It usually starts shortly after eating, within an hour. A couple times, including just now, I've had it this severe where I almost called an ambulance thinking I was dying.I feel fine and then suddenly my...
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  • lasers common is it

    this is getting on my nerves a littlei go to the loo a fair bit..but in the day have like a leak happeningyes and not good for the i better off using a thin padare the likes...i am thinking this is very common with ibswell i hope it is or i am not normal...and any good hints to help stop it...thanks
  • AnotherYou

    Anyone alive?

    Just wonder how active this forum is. My IBS has taken a new turn. A 'SIBO' turn maybe.
  • sadandunsettled


    I have suffered from lack of bowel movement for over 20 years. I just have no desire to go even though I am eating o.k. No amount of vegetables or fruits help me to open my bowels.I have had two colonoscopy's in the last ten years and been told I have a healthy colon but being diagnosed with chronic constipation.It is not hereditary as my family are regular and they know all of their trigger...