Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Support Group

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder that is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, and constipation. Typically no abnormalities appear during standard medical testing, and so irritable bowel syndrome is identified by the symptoms. Although irritable bowel syndrome can cause serious discomfort, the intestines are not harmed.

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  • cherrytreats

    IBS getting worse

    I was given a blanket diagnosis several years ago but no tests where done and I was told to go read a book about fodmops. I read the book and impleiemnted the changes. My food options where restricted and things became manageable. But every now and then things got worse and more food types caused problems. I tried probiotics and for years they helped. I switched to a different brand but not only...
  • Debbi

    desperate for a diagnosis

    I am new as well and I have had stomach issues all my life. I have had several surgeries including an anterior resection for a intusseception. That is a rare thing apparently, just my luck I would get it. The Dr said my intestines were folding up like a telescope folds up. They did surgery and were able to reattach them, otherwise I was told I would have to have a colostomy bag. I am scared to...
  • Fay123

    ibs with constipation pain

    Hello!  I am new to this Support Group.  I have had ibs with constipation for years and lately I have been in a lot of pain.  My doctor is changing my medication to Librax.  Has anyone out there tried this and if so did it work for you?
  • muffindog


    Hi everyone,I am new to this board and this is my first post. A quick history, I have had stomach problems for years and have finally seen a gastroentranologist who has diagnosed me with IBS. My symptoms are mainly extreme and painful bloating and consipation but also include muscle pain, very low energy and joint pain. I also get 3 reoccuring sores but he didn't think they are related. I am...
  • ruthgrps

    Does anyone get this? -Help

    I have a bowel problem, as in I never get an urge to go and open my bowels, unless I take senna, I havent been taking senna for long it was prescribed by the doctor but I dont take it every evening.  My problem is I never have an urge to go and open my bowels EVER!  Wondered if anyone had some thoughts!
  • ceilidhdog

    trapped wind and burping

    hello I have just joined. I have had ibs  for around 9 years. Usually type d but lately mixed more towards type c. I have often suffered from trapped wind which nearly always comes up the way but lately it has been awful and really getting me down. Most nights I wake up in the early hours in pain, plenty wind comes out but it seems to just keep regenerating and I get very little sleep. I have...
  • Woe_Be_Gone

    Taking its toll on my quality of life. :(

    I have been a long time sufferer of IBS and Gastroperesis. It started when I was a teenager and has gotten worse over the decades. GI doctors say I am on the verge of hitting IBD status, though they never seem to have a solution as to prevention of this.I have had 18 inches of colon removed due to tissue damage caused by it twisting upon itself.I just found out I have developed a Rectocele...
  • SJH

    Newly diagnosed with IBS

    Hi, just diagnosed yesterday with IBS after having months of tests that all were negative. They tested me for everything imagineable. The IBS dx makes sense now looking back. I have had other stomach issues over the last few years and my Vagus nerve always played a part. The current nausea and overall not feeling well portion is kicking my butt. Dr. prescribed Lexapro to calm my anxiety and the...
  • shelleyk


    I am going for a colonoscopy soon and I am just wondering what the procedure is like (from prep to completion) as the last time I went it was 20 years ago and I have heard its different now (before prep was 3 days plus an enema before the procedure) Can anyone shed some light?
  • Pixie51

    20 years i was told it was IBS and they were wrong

     As it turned out I had a bad gallbladder that developed stones  that it almost burst . Two weeks before my surgery my daughter had hers out and had been told she had IBs  too . Now post Gallbladder surgery I'm haing diareha  anytime my stomach decides I ate something it doesn't agree with . I eat  chicken , turkey and fish , and no greasy fried foods so I'm having to get it used to new food...
  • shelleyk

    C Diff Fears

    Hi everyone. IS there anyone on here who has had C diff? Sorry my post is going to contain TMII have a history of IBS mostly Constipated type but I alternate depending on my stress levels (which cause loose stools)I have had to take a lot of antibiotics this year for H pylori, bladder infections and pharyngitis.  Three weeks ago I got bronchitis and had to take cortizone (no antibiotics!) and I...
  • ineedadvice

    Please help

    so I'm 17 with ibs since I was about 9. I have come to realize I have something called "constipated diarrhea" so basically I get both at different times but many times they are both happening together... most medications however, are for one or the other... so I don't know what to do. I have gone to the ER, gotten many tests taken, found my food sensitivities, you name it. I'll be going to...
  • LonelyPain88

    Looking for support

    I have been dealing with IBS for over 2 years now. I am 20 and I am in constant pain. I have tried everything and nothing seems to do any good. I basically just sit in bed all day in pain. I have tried tons of medications and the low fodmap diet. I am not seeing an end to my pain and hope that someone on here has an idea of what I am going through.  
  • glisteningmoon

    Bowel movements immediately after eating!

    As the title suggests, I have been having a bowel movement immediately after I eat a meal, or sometimes even just a snack. The stool is usually loose and lacking form, and made up of bits of undigested food (sorry to be graphic).Now, I am currently 23 years old and have had what I always believed to be mild IBS in the form of frequent flatuence and bloating since I was about 16, but what I'm...
  • beatle

    Post infectious it's c

    just want to know if anyone here has what I got. I've been dealing with it for 8 weeks now. Slow progress.