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Heroin is a highly addictive drug with severe withdrawal symptoms that can start as soon as hours after use of the drug stops. Withdrawal symptoms include extreme sweating and achiness, nausea, vomiting, cramping which causes "kicking," chills, and more. If you are struggling with a heroin addiction, there is help. Join the group and get support.

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  • Ive been an opiod abuser for two years now and i detoxed last tuesday with the "help" of some suboxene. I weaned myself off it by that Saturday. Since then i have not been feeling myself. My arms and legs hurt and my anxiety and depression is full force. I have two kids that need me and I can't snap out of this. Will this ever go away. Theres no way in hell im giving in and relapsing. 
  • machoorozconpollo

    Sick of this s**t

    I am. I really am. I'm tired of living day to day, hour to hour. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I have no family or friends. I've been trying to prepare myself for that moment when I try and let go. I've been trying to get my mind right so I can start , but then Somthing happens. And an argument with my boyfriend happens. Then I'm stuck in a rut feeling pathetic. Hating myself more and...
  • strongalone

    Day 7

    Today is day seven for being clean off the drug. Everyone but my mom and dad abonded me and i dont have anyone to talk to about everything I have been going through mentally and physically. Im just looking for someone who actually understands. 
  • 907kindofstupid

    Day 7 as well.

    I will do this. I may be in the wrong group, coming off of 5 straight years of suboxone (treatment). Just to be completely clear Do Not go cold turkey with that high of a dosage. I'm stupid for doing it this way. I'm not whining just throughly impressed with the symptoms.   
  • Southco02

    Strength Needed

    My first discussion.  I have two adult children who are heroin addicts.  Actually, I believe my dau. is addicted to adderall and other amphetamines now as she has a prescription and is on probation.  My son lived with me many times and could never stay clean.  Our (his step dad and I) boundry was that he couldn't use while living here.  He actually scared me a couple of times with his...
  • Aiden


    Is anyone on here?
  • valp


    I am new to this group. My daughter is 26 and a heroin addict..She just started methadone yesterday. I have such mixed emotions about it.
  • sexysub56

    I Have A Question

    I have never used herion and ave no intenion of doing so, so my question is why you took that first shot when you were not addicted?  I know that everyone knows that heroin is incredibly addictive and dangerous so why start down road? 
  • throughthickandthin

    need advice

    Heymy boyfriend is currently in jail because of heroin. It has destroyed his life. He wants to be clean but I know that it's easier said then done. He needs help and by the sounds of it he's getting the help he needs in jail however jail is way different then being out in the real world with temptation and stressers.Once my boyfriend is released what should he do? How can I help him stay clean?...
  • airj61592

    New to site

    Hey just introducing myself my name is Jordan.  My recovery date is 11/21/15.  There is always hope
  • deleted_user


    I know this isn't an easy question to answer but I'm wondering how much herion is too much for a person who just started doing it? And how much is in a $10 bag (east coast) And what happens when it's taken with benzos?
  • amy4723

    Mom struggling with son recovering heroin addict

    My son was strong enough to quit heroin 120 days ago.  He goes to a methadone clinic daily.  I of course allowed him to move back in with me (he's 24) ecstatic that he finally wanted to quit after 5 years of addiction.  I'm struggling because I don't feel he is taking the right steps to become a member of society.  In a way I feel like I'm not being strong enough in my expectations while...
  • booney

    Please Help

    I'm 25 and have been an addict since I was about 20.  More recently, my addiction has become something that I can't even think of controlling.  I would love to go to an inpatient rehab, but I have a profession that I would lose completely if I were to come out and tell everyone what is going on.  My work, to my knowledge (which of course could be completely inaccurate) does not know of my...
  • Jewelz4

    Letting Go

    Winter storm raging outside, my son keeps telling me that he has no where to go.   God give me the strength to say "no" when he comes knocking.   This is bigger than me, I am powerless.   I give it to you God,  it is your plan.  Amen
  • wastedyouth

    Need Support

    I am battling a returned addiction to heroin after almost 15 years of sobriety, and have been so far unsuccessful in quitting after 2 years of use. I have a supply of suboxone and keep telling myself that "I'll quit this weekend"- I use my last amount on Friday and then wake up Saturday morning and somehow find myself either scrounging what remnants I can find around my apartment, or scrambling...