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Gastritis is a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It means that white blood cells move into the wall of the stomach as a response to some type of injury. Gastritis has many underlying causes, from infection with the bacterium H. pylori, bile reflux, or excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods or drugs like aspirin.

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  • vzed76

    Continious stomach pain and Acid is scaring me!!

    I am a very difficuly situation. I have had stomach pain, acid reflux,nausea and burping for over a year now. I have been back and forth to the doctors and they finally think I have Gastritis. I have now moved to Sweden and as I am not in their system yet I cannot have any further investigations at this point. I am waking up in pain and I live on pain killers. I find my stomach hurts when I'm...
  • papelle

    Ready to give up

    Hate to be melodramatic but it's all just too much, the gastritis, gerd, ic, peri-menopause and other gynological ailments...I have a good family but really, I am alone in this (no partner).  I no longer care about trying to get better.  Nothing I have done or any Dr. has perscribed has ever helped.  I will sometimes get a little bit better for a week or so and start to hope that I can have a...
  • tmm

    MILK!!!!!!! Stomach irritant

    nearly 2 years with pain/ discomfort now.  Lots of medication but could only ever get 95% better.    Decided to give Milk a rest, not cheese or butter just milk including in tea.  2 days later, continuing to eat sensibly, and no pain/discomfort. Doctor agreed it was an irritant (wish he had told me earlier).  Once healed I should be able to go back to it.Give it a try give up milk for a...
  • anne1

    Boobear - how are you?

    Hi Boobear.I pm'd you but haven't heard back. Wondering how you are feeling. Asli
  • juiajoy83

    Can acid reflux cause Gastritis?

    I only ask because I had symptoms a few days of acid reflux before I had any stomach pain. Just wondering :)
  • jason987

    Loss of appetite, burping, tight abdomen

    Do any of you deal with gastritis that is basically just burping and loss of appetite?  My symptoms started after a drinking binge.  I don't normally drink.  I was at a festival, lots of people around, food stalls, questionable sterilization, and I got the runs for several days.  No big deal, I thought, and my movements normalized themselves (more or less) within a few weeks.  But a few days...
  • hmc93

    intense pain for 3 days

    Hi, i am new here. I am 23 years old and have been suffering with Gastritis for a couple of years now, but never took it too seriously. For the past 3 days I have been unable to eat anything, cant drink anything, just find it unbareable to function. The burning is intense and i can feel the acid in my mouth, and I constantly feel like I need to vomit. I have a doctors appointment later on today,...
  • anne1

    Gastritis symptoms have gotten worse - BURNING

    Hi all,I hope you are doing well. I have a question for those who have experineced worsened burning. At the beginning of this, my main issue was nausea. Yes, I had burping, indigestion, some pain especially on the left side, under the ribs and very mild middle of the stomach pain, but only very slight burning the first few days - the burning all went away after a couple of days. I was on 60 mg of...
  • sehleenuh

    Does it ever heal?

    Hello, everyone!So I've been dealing with gastritis since June of 2016. I don't really know 100% if NSAID's caused it but I assume that it did. On October of 2015 I had my wisdom teeth extracted and I was prescribed Norco's. I took one Norco with some mashed potatos and an hour later I was puking my brians out. Since my body didn't respond well to Norco's I thought that Advil would be...
  • jwolf32

    Gastritis & Weight Loss 20 YO please help

    im 20 years old and have been diagnosed for approximately 6 months, I've been experiencing symptoms for about a year. I don't worry to much with the pain, my problem is the weight loss. To date I have lost 69 pounds. I weighed a very healthy and largely muscular 205 pounds since I was 16 or so, due to weightlifting. Since my symptoms have began I've lost 69 pounds. I look healthy, I'm not skin...
  • bittens

    It's been a struggle almost this whole year

    At first, it started with a loss of appetite (which may actually be related to my depression/anxiety), which led me to cut down on eating. Eventually, loss of appetite turned to nausea/gagging and pain in my stomach when I ate. One day, I thought I had the flu. Then I threw up. For a couple days, I was sick, but then I felt better and returned to my regular eating habits. Then, I had a weird...
  • thatonebuhl

    When will it end

    hello, after 2 months of nausea(still drinking alcohol even though I think that caused it) and one month abstinent I had an endoscopy discovering that I have mild gastritis, I am two weeks into ppis feeling sort of better maybe, I really started feeling better after I stopped drinking, In no way shape or form Intend to go back to my old ways of chugging bottles, but it'd be nice to go and party...
  • After feeling unwell for a few weeks & after a few visits to him my GP (UK) sent me to Hospital same day to get checked out. (Symptoms: stomach pain/ache, bloating, mild heartburn, constipation, tiredness, lack of appetite). Had bloods, urine test, physical examination & was diagnosed with Gastritis after having precautionary stomach/chest x-rays & discussing my symptoms. All very new to me &...
  • terri002

    gluten/lactose intolerance

    Has anyone been told by their GP to cut out gluten and lactose? I have read an article that one or the other should be avoided
  • soretum

    malabsorption tests

    I got the results of my malabsorption breath tests and I'm ok with fructose but there is evidence of lactose malabsorption. Given my reaction to the lactose test last week I was expecting that. I won't to to what I extent until I see the GI doctor next Wednesday. Fingers crossed it will be temporary and I won't lose my yummy yoghurt for too long, if at all.I have the dietician at the end of the...