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Gastritis is a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It means that white blood cells move into the wall of the stomach as a response to some type of injury. Gastritis has many underlying causes, from infection with the bacterium H. pylori, bile reflux, or excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods or drugs like aspirin.

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  • SJH

    Did you have to change PPI's?

    I have been on Protonix for 1 month now. The first month it worked just great and I forgot all about having gastritis. On day 15 the gastritis reared up again. I was under a lot of stress and that could definitley play a role however I'm just wondering if the Protonix is the right medicine for me. I'm taking 40mg every morning and my dr. just added Pepcid (20 mg) every night. Any thoughts? Also,...
  • Nicj

    Gastritis what a nightmare

    Hi. I have had gastritis for the last 2 months and for anyone reading this that has got it,  what a nightmare we are going through. Does anyone else have a tight awful feeling that hurts when you stretch and goes under your left ribs ? I also have an acute burning pain that is located above my belly button that comes and goes and radiates through to my back. Also I have suffered from sweats...
  • Exal

    Confused and scared

    Hi everyone. I've never joined a support group before. I'm hoping this will help calm my anxieties.About a year ago I experienced my first symptoms. I used to be a heavy drinker (3 - 4 nights out of the week, 6 - 10 beer)I also used to smoke marijuanna daily, from when I got home to when I went to work the next day... Bad diet (lots of processed foods) and I've suffered from mild to medium...
  • virgoheart

    update on finding nausea relief

    HEy everyone just an update I have found since I started drinking pure aloe Vera water and coconut water I have been feeling much more at ease and have been able to sleep through the night . I also want to add that I have a pretty bland diet , I eat the same safe foods , don't eat after 7 pm, and I always time my bodies digestion especially since I had my emptying test now I know how long it...
  • Corah

    I have had enough & given up on all medications

    Hi All,Long story short, I had been living with Gastritis & H/Pylori for 4 years undiagnosed, Ohh yes I have had lots of Doctors visits, tests, scans, MRIs, blood tests, Gastrologist, gastroscopys. Had the testing for H/Pylori but came back negitive and had been told I have inflamation of the stomach and IBS. Was given acid reducing medication & I think I have every brand in my cupboard (just...
  • boobear

    just had endocopy

    I had my endocopy yesterday and just to say although dreading it (even with the sedation) it wasn't as bad as I thought. So anyone dreading one shouldn't worry. The Dr said it was mild gastritis, and that's after being on PPI's for a month, it was a lot worse before as I have been dealing with it for 6 miserable months!. He did say that if I don't keep taking the PPI for a good few months more it...
  • SJH

    At my wits end with this gastritis

    Hi, I've been on Protonix since 4/21. The first 2 weeks everything calmed down and I forgot all about having gastritis. I was eating very carefully though and avoided all the bad stuff. On day 15 the symptoms came back for a few days (burning belly, pain, lots of gas), those symptoms abated but now anywhere from 1-2 hours after I eat I feel so "off", almost like I'm sick, not nauseated, just not...
  • vin

    Functional dyspepsia

    Hello everyone, I am having stomach pain from last 6 months now, off and on days. Tried all sorts of diets, nothing worked as I expected. Had all test like CT scan, blood test, Hida scan, endoscopy all came negative with only mild gastritis symptomsMy doctor says that I am suffering with functional dyspepsia. There are two type fuctuonal and organic. Organic includes infection, cancer or...
  • boobear

    Indigestion with ppi's

    Does anyone find they get bad indigestion with the PPI medication? I'm taking 20mg-40mg omeprazole (depending on severity) each day, but seem to be getting a lot of bad indigestion after food. Would anyone know if this is due to the medication reducing the stomach acid and affecting digestion? I've had a look online but not that much reliable information. Thanks everyone
  • aladd2010


    One of the biggest struggles with gastritis is what we can eat! I thought sharing foods might help some of us feel more comfortable trying new things! Here are some foods I eat:BananaRaspberriesBlueberriesWatermelonHoneydew melonCantaloupeApples - redFigsLemonChickenSalmonMahi mahiAvocadoRomaine lettuceCarrotsBroccoliPotatoMushroomsCauliflowerSpinachSpaghetti...
  • gwinny

    Why is this happening?

    About two months ago I started noticing that I was getting painful gas after eating but I wasn't too bothered by it because it would go away a little while after finishing my meal. A month and a half ago I ate some Chinese food and felt very sick. I felt okay the next day but not great. About a week later I felt even worse after having coffee and a muffin and I had to get up and leave class...
  • fmezza

    H pylori

    tested positive for pylori antigens beg in biopsy gi doc has no sound reason for how I fought it off w out treatment ..... back in November gradual gi issue became daily by January mid febuary developed severe gerd virtually overnight endoscopy revealed moderate gastritis in biopsy not even visible during endoscopy and then they tell me I am Ibs w no basis for it .... my bowel habits have not...
  • SJH

    Allegra Allergy Medicine affecting my gastritis

    So with allergy season being what it is, my allergies are out of control. My allergist changed me to Allegra. My gastritis symptoms were under control with only 2 more weeks left on my Protonix when I started suffering a relapse. I stopped the Allegra and the gastritis subsided. Has anyone else encountered medications that affect the gastritis?
  • SJH

    Gastritis after Gall bladder surgery

    Hi, I was diagnosed with gastritis a few days ago. I had my gall bladder out late March and was doing fine for about a week then all h*ll broke loose. Apparently when the surgeon was doing the surgery he noticed that my gall bladder had attached itself to my stomach, this is why I now have the gastritis due to the inflammation.  My symptoms of gastiris are: fatigue/exhauastion about 30 minutes...
  • charliegundam

    update to my gastritis

    last march to april have been suffering with to much pain on my stomach.. they diagnosed it with acute gastrtis..lab test done: stool and cbcmedication: antacid and omeprazole metoopromide for nausea on april 2nd week i was again referred to another doctor.. medication:rabeprazole antacidit didnt work and i was recommended to have ultrasound and endoscopy i didnt do this because im waiting...