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Gastritis is a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It means that white blood cells move into the wall of the stomach as a response to some type of injury. Gastritis has many underlying causes, from infection with the bacterium H. pylori, bile reflux, or excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods or drugs like aspirin.

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  • Since I have been dealing with gastritis for nearly four months, I thought maybe I can share some of the experiences which have helped me steer through this challenging condition. I am by no means healed yet; one wrong step and my stomach shuts the digestive enterprise for a few days. But on the positive side, I am pain-free, my appetite has increased greatly and can eat bigger meals than before....
  • Hey!! so, it´s my third week with gastritis. happy to say my gastritis has almost banished. my only symptom left is sore throat and i'm not really sure how to cure it. i know it's reflux but i don't really want to leave my medication right now for another one since i'm almost cured. so please if you also experienced sore throat how did you managed it? i have it almost all day specially...
  • bloatedpain


    I know you're not supposed to booze with gastritis but you gotta still go out sometimes with your friends. I don't plan on binging at all, just two or three for the whole night. What's the least disruptive booze I can drink? Red or white wine? Whiskey? Thanks.
  • Joined under a different username. Anyone else here from the old site?
  • erikok99

    Gastritis and Exercise

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site, and I've been encouraged by all the posts and support from folks dealing with gastritis. I had the burning in my stomach and tried to deal with it on my own for about a month before I went to the doctor. Had a CT and endoscopy done and was diagnosed with mild chronic gastritis. Doctor gave me a prescription for PPI, but I switched to Zantac based on the...
  • I'm having "food anxiety" over the variety of sweet potatoes out there and found that a few monthsago when I thougth the sweet pot I made was "bad", I think in fact it was a different variety.I had experienced acid from that potatoe for 2 days. So I decided the other day to try sweet potatoesagain. They had been one of my favorite foods before all of this happened with my stomach and...
  • I am looking for cheap flavorful recipes. As I have said I have already looked at google and i have already looked at a lot of recipe websites. with no real results. Everything still has a lot of triggers and when i take out all the triggers i am left with tasteless junk that is not worth spending what money i have on it. does anyone have any god recipes that do not have meat or fish in it?
  • Hi, I was diagnosed with gastritis three days ago. I've had it chronically for about three months now but I was diagnosed with it on Wednesday night by a specialist doctor. My parents are doctors themselves and they tried treating it earlier by putting me on Flagyl, Amoxil and Lansoprazole all at once for about ten days. This treatment did absolutely nothing for me. I would have seen the doctor...
  • cb122

    Gastritis and glutamine

    Glutamine is listed as one of the priority supplements when it comes to ulcers and leaky gut. But it seems to be making nine worse (convinced can taste blood). Has anyone else had this and are there any other substitutes?
  • Hi all,I got a case of gastritis around last Christmas from taking a stupid workout supplement, at first it gave me an ulcer which I took xantac for for about 4 days and I felt fine after words without it. I still would get some slight burning when I drank coffee but not much at all. After a month of no xantac and no tums I then started to take that workout supplement again for one day, the next...
  • fallingleaves

    ohhh stomach pain

    Hello all It started Friday night about an hour after i ate.The most horrible stomach pain.It was sharp and burning.I took my usual stomach meds(protonix) and also some extra tums i belive they were.I fell asleep on my back,which was such a mistake.i woke up 10 minutes later,and the pain had moved into my chest area.i was up in tears all night.i knew it was my stomach causing the pain because...
  • sharonunderwood


    I have fainting, nightmares and anxiety with gastritis
  • soretum

    The new DS website

    Has anyone checked it out? So far I'm alone in the gastritis support group and I don't like the new site at all.
  • Hi! I'm 25 years old I have been living with bile gastritis for 5 years now. I had the bottom third of my stomach removed (including my pyloric valve) due to cancer. I was misdiagnosed a year before and also had my gallbladder removed. Now, my stomach is irritated all of the time. With no place to be stored and no valve to keep the bile out of my stomach, I'm uncomfortable all the time, and have...
  • herrlehm4nn

    Finally cured!

    Hey!Some of you may remember me, i was here active about one year suffering very bad from Gastritis.I am now totally healed and would like to share something that helped me TREMENDOUSLY. It is medical marijuana. There's nothing better against the pain, acid control, stress and it's also very anti inflammatory. Cannabinoids are essential for healing in the body.Here are some...