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Gastritis is a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It means that white blood cells move into the wall of the stomach as a response to some type of injury. Gastritis has many underlying causes, from infection with the bacterium H. pylori, bile reflux, or excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods or drugs like aspirin.

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  • stitch

    new have questions

    I have been having pain in the upper left abdomin under the rib. It took quite a while between tests but I have been ultra sound, CT scan and Upper GI. nothing was found. I tried to follow a gerd diet / ulcer diet. They wanted to do a scope but could not get it done until several months later. It is scheduled for tomorrow and I am very scared to be knocked out.  Anyhow what has happened in the...
  • bev


    I was on Aleve for a year for fibro pain I now have gastritis from taking it. I have terrible gnawing burning stomach and chest pain, excessive gas, burping, stomach bloating. I honestly can't stand the pain. Is there any help? How long will this last?
  • Choose

    My gastritis story

    If this post should help just a single person suffering from this god awful illness it was worth writing it.  My story is about how powerful the mind/gut relationship truly is. Close to 15 months ago, I began to experience nausea and excessive belching.  This carried on for two weeks before I finally made an appointment with my primary.  Long story short, I tested positive for H-Pylori.  She...
  • mcburn

    Burning center of chest

    Dr says I deal with Esophagitis or Gasteritis brought on from years of acid in stomach.It used to come and go but have been dealing with consistent bout for months now.My main problem is a consistent burning in center of my chest.Anyone else deal with this and what has worked.Thanks in advance 
  • Spybee

    Gastritis for 7+ Months now, need some feedback

    Hey all,I found this group while researching gastritis on Google. I've read through some of the threads and I feel for everyone who is also going through this. It is nice to read through and know that I'm not alone, something about knowing that makes me feel better. I've had alcohol induced gastritis since May 2016( possibly longer, but this is when I was diagnosed). I kept having pain all over...
  • Spybee

    Nausea? Flare ups?

    Hey all,So I thought I was getting better. I felt better and all of a Sudden this week I've been worse. I have been sticking to NY diet, no acidic foods. No coffee, carbonated drinks or alcohol. I never really had nausea before, just pain. This morning I ate egg whites and strawberry yogurt and I had some ginger water. I usually don't do ginger, but I thought it would help the nausea. It seems...
  • ihavefaith7

    Gastritis doesn't cause dizziness

    Saw a new gastroenterologist today and asked if the dizziness/lightheaded feeling that I experience daily is from the gastritis. This is the second gastro. I've consulted and they just don't connect the dizziness with gastritis. What is going on!? What will alleviate this daily dizziness?
  • Nina1959


    I've discovered quite by accident that Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCl) really helps my chronic gastritis.I took some the last few nights to help me sleep and realized when I woke up in the middle of the night that I didn't have my usual gnawing burning pain. I was able to go back to sleep. Then in the morning when it would have worn off it started to hurt again, so I tried another dose.Would you...
  • Kozet11

    Will this ever go away???

    Hello all! I'm new to this group, hoping to find friends that can understand what I'm going through. It all started in June 2015, I couldnt eat anything without feeling extremely sick, I got down to 89lbs (from 115lbs) and literally tought I was dying. Finally in Sept they found my gallbladder was not functioning and I had it removed. I hoped that would solve all my problems... WRONG! I felt a...
  • lovinlife

    Keeping Acid Down Naturally

    it was mentioned in another post that if you don't go on the PPI you should keep your acid down naturally . My question would be how do you know for sure Acid is the problem and what would you do naturally to keep the Acid down naturally? I am scheduled to have the scope done Wednesday any suggestions or cautions would be deeply appreciated. Any questions I should be asking the GI Dr. Performing...
  • littlemart

    Zantac and dizziness?

    Been a long time guys.  I've been taking Zantac twice a day for a couple years now.  I've had some wicked bad dizziness lately.. close to fainting.  Got to thinking that the Zantac and my thryoid medicine are the only things I take every day.  Googled Zantac and dizziness and came up with a LOT of information about the relationship between the two things.So is anyone else having trouble with...
  • haiiro-ika

    Needing some help and advice regarding my stomach

    Hi, so, i was wondering if i could possibly get some help. I've just turned 27 and when i was 20 was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, leaning towards lupus. I always had stomach problems but it got progressively worse. I also suffered from bulimia. I was eating, then worrying about my stomach and throwing up and i was on antibiotics continuously from age 15 to 19 for my skin and about 4...
  • deegirl

    Sharp / Scratchy Pains with Gastritis?

    Hi allThis may be a little bit long so please bear with me and thanks for listening. I have suffered from two bouts of gastritis in the last five years or so and I may be on my third. The reason I am not sure is this has lasted almost three months but the symptoms are quite different from the last two.The first one was in 2010 and it lasted months and months after high stress and nexium didn't...
  • SunnyS


    1,825Posts460Members< Back to All PostsHeyPosted by: SunnyS01/21/2017Mood: Bad I was diagnosed with Gerd when I was 17 years old. Out of no where I couldn't eat anything without wanting to go to the bathroom immediately after. I would occasionally get bad stomach aches as a kid if I ate something bad, but nothing this bad. I went to the hospital and wasn't able to eat anything for my 3 days of...
  • Zaneman

    BF of a gastritis sufferer..need advice

    Going for the full story so please bear with me. I am an ER nurse and dating an overworked teacher. In August of 2016 she started to complain to me about stomach pain but was pretty nondescript about symptoms. She took the "well I didn’t want to bother you" approach. After narrowing her symptoms to what I thought could be an ulcer/GERD I gave her a two week dose of some prilosec which seemed to...