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Gastritis is a medical term for inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It means that white blood cells move into the wall of the stomach as a response to some type of injury. Gastritis has many underlying causes, from infection with the bacterium H. pylori, bile reflux, or excessive consumption of alcohol or certain foods or drugs like aspirin.

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  • Farhadjo


    Hi everyone, In the last 5 months (when all started), nearly 3 or 4 times I have encountered setbacks where afterwards I could barely eat and had bloating and discomfort (sometimes slight, sometimes more). They were caused either by trying out some bad food, eating too much, or having new and slightly irritating food consecutively (exactly the things I mentioned should be avoided in my previous...
  • Since I have been dealing with gastritis for nearly four months, I thought maybe I can share some of the experiences which have helped me steer through this challenging condition. I am by no means healed yet; one wrong step and my stomach shuts the digestive enterprise for a few days. But on the positive side, I am pain-free, my appetite has increased greatly and can eat bigger meals than before....
  • Hi allThis may be a little bit long so please bear with me and thanks for listening. I have suffered from two bouts of gastritis in the last five years or so and I may be on my third. The reason I am not sure is this has lasted almost three months but the symptoms are quite different from the last two.The first one was in 2010 and it lasted months and months after high stress and nexium didn't...
  • Johno87

    Am I healing?

    hey all, could use your colkective wisdom on how to tell if your stomach is healing? I've been taking pantaprazole again for the last 3 weeks, and the pain seems somewhat duller although there is still a constant discomfort in my upper abdomen. I've also noticed the middle of my chest feels more sensitive, and I have urges to cough. It often feels like someone is scratching or tickling the inside...
  • Johno87

    Eating before bed?

    I know the general recommendation is not to eat 2-3 hours before bed, but because I'm eating such small meals frequently, when I go to bed hungry I find I have a harder time going to sleep, and my stomach hurts more in the morning. Any thoughts or advice?
  • Hello I'm new here and I was just wondering if gastritis is a constant pain? Im 25 and my doctor said that eating so much spicy food and stress may have caused my gastritisit has been almost a month now with this pain for the first two weeks I thought I just had a stomach bug so I didn't think of going to the doctors finally after 17 days I went and was prescribed ranitidine the first day of...
  • Finally had an endoscopy done today and the result showed that everything was fine from stomach to duodenum. No gastritis, inflammation, ulcers or anything else, stomach is perfect. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I guess I'm relieved that I don't have gastritis but I wish I had a real diagnosis already.I'm now going to have an MRI done of the small intestine. I hope they'll find...
  • Hi all, I've been having stomach pain since February, and in May went to the doctor who diagnosed me with an ulcer. He prescribed Pantoprazole but I had another stomach pain attack about two weeks later. At this point the doctor put me on H Pylori treatment (2 weeks). I finished the treatment, and continuted to have ongoing stomach pain (that was at the end of June). The doctor told me to go off...
  • cb122

    Gastritis and glutamine

    Glutamine is listed as one of the priority supplements when it comes to ulcers and leaky gut. But it seems to be making nine worse (convinced can taste blood). Has anyone else had this and are there any other substitutes?
  • Razor91

    New To Gastritis

    So, I've been having these weird sensations in my stomach for a good few years, kind of like as if something was poking out of my side near the ribcage, but it never gave me pain or anything to really worry about. Then last year I was getting spells of nuasea and went to the doctor and was eventually booked for an endoscopy. I had the endoscopy last Wednesday and was given a leaflet about...
  • ozangel

    Desperate and digestless

    Hi can anyone help..I'm a woman in her mid 50s and I have lupus and it has led to Lymphocytic Gastritis. I have chronic digestive issues and pain, but not in my stomach it is more in my lower intestines. I also have terrible breath that no amount of a clean diet, drinking only water, being careful and eating mints can fix.i also had severe endo. I take Nitazidine for the Gastritis so that settles...
  • I'm finally back on my feet again. Let me give you guys a few more tips that can help you avoid meds and heal your gastritis.I am currently taking pepcid once a day it is a dose that barely touches my heart as I have heart problems that are exacerbated by certain meds specially those meds that directly affect the heart such as H2 Blockers. Why I took pepcid? To avoid burning a hole in my stomach...
  • magic


    Hi All! I'm new to the group. I have Lymes and about 3 weeks ago I read somewhere that garlic would clear out candida and niacin would help the Lymes, both in large doses. So stupid me took lots of garlic supplements and about 5 days later I had awful stomach problems, diarrhea, bloating, belching, the whole routine. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem with garlic? A friend said I...
  • Has anyone tried this "Extra Virgin Siberian Pine Nut Oil"? I found some information about this product in the USA and people are saying how much it has relieved thier GI issues and Gastritis. If anyone has, please let me know if this is legit. I am in Canada and they don't sell it here. Thanks.
  • bloatedpain


    I know you're not supposed to booze with gastritis but you gotta still go out sometimes with your friends. I don't plan on binging at all, just two or three for the whole night. What's the least disruptive booze I can drink? Red or white wine? Whiskey? Thanks.