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This community is dedicated to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives, friends and caretakers of cancer patients. It's difficult to find a safe place to talk about caring for a loved one with cancer, and so this group serves as an open forum to foster positivity and support for those going through this tough time.

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  • Hi, I´m new here and this is my first post, ive been looking to do this for a couple of years now but never got around to (silly i know), partly because its a bit of a long story. But i´m desperate for advice, i feel like i´m stuck in such a black hole and im so confused i dont know what to think of myself anymore. Anyways, here goes... (apologies if i´m rambling)…. it´s complicated...
  • candy36


    My dads going on hospice next week ,,,I'm so sad he was my best friend,,,not to mention I lost a real close friend also in 2012 too cancer also ,,,,I hate cancer its taking all my loved ones away and im 38 ,,,and just really feel depressed and kinda lost right dad was a fighter hes 72 and fought his cancer for 2 years. I'm going too miss him terrible and not sure how to say my...
  • e3run

    Going to start here. Need HELP (LONG)

    I guess seeking help is a start, right? I've always been good at this. I cannot face the darkness alone. I search out others who are going through the same thing, and it seems to work. For the most part.I'll start at the beginning. My husband's dr suspects a large mass/tumor in his bladder is cancer. He has suspected this for months (he's been having symptoms since June), and in the back of my...
  • TishaElJuan

    Being a witness to cancer

    Hello, my step dad ( DAD) was dx with primary liver cancer this past march. He has one tumor about 5 cm, one around 2 cm and another 1cm as well as a cluster close to the hepatic artery. :( he took nexavar for 10 days, and had a horrible reaction to it. In June he had his first chemoemboliztion TACE procedure. It has been so difficult watching him lose weight, have no energy and constantly say...
  • APieceOfMyHeart

    The unknown

    This is generally a pretty quiet board but, I'll give reaching out a shot again...My mom was originally diagnosed about 11 months ago with stage 3 colon cancer and did 6 months of chemo. When it stopped it only took one month to not only return but to progress to stage 4 with 3 nodes of her liver affected so surgery is not an option. She's back on chemo now.It's really hard to not know how much...
  • Darkhole


    Recently, my sister was diagnosed with agressive breast cancer and I don't know how to deal with this.  I want to be there and be supportive to her but I am falling apart myself.  I can't eat or sleep and I feel sick and faint most of the time.  It feels like I am in a nightmare.  I am so, so scared for her and I don't want this to be happening to my family.  I feel like my stomach has been...
  • deleted_user

    does my dad have cancer?

    Hi everyone,I am concerned about my Dad, he is 51. A few weeks ago he told me he wasn't feeling too good, was really tired and had found a lump in his groin, said he got it checked out and was told he had to have it removed and that it was just a cist and nothing for me to worry about, so I was ok with that, he did say however that he was going to get a second opinion first.Anyway I just spoke to...
  • elenaa123

    Please pray for my partner.

    I'm new to the group but desperate for help. My partner, Jacob, has been found as cancer free during last year's summer. In winter, last year, cancer came back but he's been told that surgery or chemotherapy isn't recommended anymore. Not longer than three weeks ago the symptoms started advancing, expanding throughout his back as it started from throat. He feels exhausted and sometimes can't even...
  • auntierhon55


    For the last 3 years, I have been back together with someone I loved.  We found out he had lung cancer.  We did a lot of things together i.e. trips, concerts, etc.  We seem to be very happy until January.  In January he seemed to become very distant.  He told me he felt this was his last Christmas.  In March he got sick and went to the hospital.  I found out his ex-wife took him to the...
  • Darkhole

    Sad and scared

    It has been three weeks since my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was just reading up on the side effects of the treatments she might recieve.  They are so scary!!  I feel like crying  why is this happening?  Why does she have to go through this?  Will I have to go through this in the future?
  • maitray2

    new here with a question

    Ok I have been no n other boards on ds for a lng time but recently my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, I am trying to be supportive butvshe is more worried about me. I am a bipolar, diabetic who refuses meds and insulin. So she stresses about that, understanable, but now she is trying to insist I get a colonoscopy. I have no symptoms that can't be explained by the diabetes and am still...
  • 00doglover

    (new here)My dad might die in 5-7 months

    Hi, my name is Kristina and I have been going through my own mental health issues(sucidial,ocd,self harm ect). I was just recovering from 5 months of hospitalization. Just as things were looking up I found out my Dad has malignant melanoma in the stomach, liver and esophagus. I'm an only child and was raised by my dad. My mom is an ass and has physically and emotionally abused me and her family...
  • brittany8

    How to handle oll of this......

    I have been on DS for almost a year, and it has been a God Sent. My husband and I have seperated for a couple years, and late last year began the divorce process. Earlier this year, we started to doubt the divorce and began to want to fix things. In April he was complaining he didn't feel to good. Went for a physical. And to make a long story short, he has stage 4 prostate cancer, that has spread...
  • skeetny

    Dad's prostate/bone cancer

    Hello,My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago and had his prostate removed a few months ago. He's doing fine, but recently found out the cancer has spread to his bones (two vertebrate and his pelvis). He has no symptoms, but is getting hormone treatments as well as others I don't quite remember at the moment.Last night I did some research on prostate cancer with bone metastasis...
  • juliettagirl

    my brother

    Hello,I just lost my brother to a rare cancer, duodenal cancer.I feel empty and lost and alone.I am in a daze