Family & Friends of Bipolar Support Group

This community is dedicated to parents, siblings, grandparents, other relatives and friends of someone who is Bipolar. The purpose of this community is to help families and friends develop greater patience and understanding, as well as maintain a positive, caring relationships with those diagnosed as Bipolar.

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  • Justexisting

    Newest upset

    Hello. My bipolar daughter has been away from home, on and off (she lives with mil) for several months. Not talking much to any of us. When she quit her job she liked several months ago, I knew it meant trouble. A few days ago, she msg'd me wanting all her meds sent since she "lost" her passport. 2 days later, she found it, but still not back home. She called last night, really in the dumps...
  • nic4024

    Need advice for bipolar father

    Hi All, I need some advice. I am 30 years old and my father is bipolar. He most likely has personality disorder as well. His moods are so bad that he often verbally abuses me and tends to "push, pull" with me and one minute begs me to answer the phone and demands my support, but then the next minute pushes me away and claims I am against him and don't care about him. He definitely exhibits...
  • Chez12

    BP Mum

    Hello,I am really struggling with my mother. She raised me herself and ive never known my father or have siblings. She has a really unstable relationship with my aunt's (her sisters) because of her behaviour. She is so unbearable to be around. Shes either making wild plans to holiday and do the house up or do open university courses, or is screaming like a madwoman at everyone. She has no self...
  • Justexisting

    new to this group

    Hello all. My adult daughter has been diagnosed as bipolar, several yrs. ago. She is on meds., but no longer seeing a counselor. She has "gone off" on just about everyone in our family. She has told her brother to fuck off in the recent past. When I asked her to go with me to his baby on the way shower-she wouldn't based on he didn't tell her a baby was on the way.I have asked her in the past...
  • Jane000

    Meeting his therapist

    Trying to end a relationship with an unstable bipolar boyfriend. Found evidence of his cheating and lying the other day and threw him out. It took 7 hours to get him to leave. He refused to take his things. He claims to not remember sending out my nude photos, but knows with out a doubt that he didn't sleep with anyone. I know that memory lapses happen, I've seen this with my mothers bipolar. But...
  • Marieyas

    heartbroken need help

    My grandson has been taking in to care am in so much pain don't know were to turn his mother not of my blood but she in my daughter from the age of 14yrs and is now 28yrs she has as a son 5yrs Monday gone he was with me from birth and went back to his mum over 1yrs because am bipolar and have mental health and mobility problems but am still a person with feeling he should of never gone back to...
  • newyorksoutherncostume

    new to support groups...need guidance?

    hi all,this support group is new to me. i'm 34. i have a mom who is bi-polar 1 with rapid cycling and borderline personality. im here cause i think i've finally reached my patience and cant seem to speak to my mom lately without it ending in a fight or me hurt and angry. i need tools to help communicate, etc. so here goes:i'm a mom of a 4 year old and still discovery who i am. i live a fast paced...
  • notgivnup

    Not sure what to do...

    Hi, I have a son-in-law who was diagnosed with bi-polar when he was young. My daughter met him a few years ago when he wasn't on any medications. He seems to be able to hide it for a while. Anyway they dated for a few months and that is when she knew something was "off" She tried to make it work but he REALLY can be pretty much on a different planet. She broke it off with him and said he would...
  • kavliara

    BPD. Hypersexual

    My bf/ fianceHad been very sexual these last few days  sexual demanding Is anybody else have this with their husbands/ bf ect??
  • betweenplaces

    any advice

    My ex bp wrote me out of the blue after 5 months of no talking. He dumped me on new years day and told me he didn’t love me anymore. Hell fell off the face of the earth and I didn’t hear from him until a few days ago. He wrote me an email all cherry and sweet, wishing me well, and saying sorry about how he has been distant and then thanking me for all the things I have taught him. He said...
  • betweenplaces

    move forward or wait?

    My Ex BP dumped me on new years day, after we spent NYE together. He was so happy with me and loved me so much! We had a lot in common and our families are like identical how we were raised. My BP ex is very sweet guy, very lovable and charming. He was never mean to me and he never did anything horrible. Then out of the blue broke up with me and told me he didn't love me anymore. I am still very...
  • virginiabluebell

    2 Bipolars

    Everything was perfect in the beginning. He bought me a personalized cake when I made honors, we spent three hours telling each other everything opening up our deepest secrets and struggles, he said he loved me on day three, we drove six hours to visit his family and they loved me, we did so many fun things together, he complimented me, he wanted to have children with me and marry me and be with...
  • 1silently

    First time asking for online support

    I was recommended to this group by the suicide prevention line.a little about myself: I myself suffer from PTSD, Major Depression, Panic disorder, and Anxiety as well as a peronsality disorder. I have an almost 3 year old son. I left his father a little over a year ago now who also suffered from bipolar disorder and it just got to the point where I never felt loved and they were just abusive and...
  • fakeblonde

    Same sh** different year

    My husband and I have been separated for a very long time, but always have been working towards getting back together, or at least I was. Our 9 yr anniversary was last week, but he had been on a crazy rampage of verbally abusive texts, seemingly out of nowhere, so I didn't even see him. (Yes he uses drugs, yes he is bipolar) Today, he is sending me pics of him and his "angel", another woman. Oh,...
  • virginiabluebell

    No money for help

    Both me and my for-now ex-boyfriend don't have any money for mood stabilizers. How the @&$" is someone supposed to get better if they can't afford it?! Do you just keep slowly killing the ones you love and cope with the fact that you'll be alone forever? Idk what to do