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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • mystrength


    How do you do it? How do you go from day to day to day....nothing changes but the pain. No friends left after six years...ok one whom I have to call who hardly calls back and I never see. My days are the same. My husband works 2 jobs because I work none. He's angry alot of the time because "he's tired and sick of working so much". The guilt that he has to do so much. The sadness that he's SO...
  • OlderCPer

    This is a sad board...

    This Board is so sad...there has not been a new thread since February and no new comments since Mar 3rd, then Feb.28.  Its like the whole Board is just dieing....Very very sad....
  • enigmaticloner

    SSI Denial

    Hey everyone, here I am with some disappointing news. Back in November I finally was able to see a judge about my SSI case, my lawyer said things went pretty well and that it would take at least 8 weeks to hear back about the decision. I've finally gotten the decision today in the mail after these months of waiting and I stood there in the kitchen with my parents reading it. I'm sure they could...
  • ...Too bad I couldn't fit a ring on my swollen knuckles even if I wanted to. Sending a shout out to everyone who is dealing with increased pain as a result of the weather. Come commiserate with me. Our weather is taking a turn for the damp, and I'm having a kick-my-butt sort of flare.  I'll probably be looking at a few days of steroids to fight the inflammation, but haven't taken any so far....
  • Jonsparky

    Neurology visit

    Hi,Went back to the neurologist, it has been two years since I last saw him, he had dx'd me with polyneuropathy, but later I realized it was erythromyalgia that was causing the burning pain in my feet. He confirmed that was one of the problems, as the feet and hands give off a lot of heat, I used to go through a lot of shoes, because they would fall apart! He also said a large number of his...
  • butterflybaby15

    Help!! Nurse hit sciatic nerve with needle!!

    So three weeks ago I got a shot of Toradol after my auto accident. The little gal that gave me the shot got to close or hit the sciatic nerve. I about went through the ceiling. Since them I have been in constant pain, numbness down the back of my leg, burning etc... I cant stand and definatley cant sit. How long is this gonna last? Im tired of the pain. What can I do? Anyone ever had this happen?...
  • akacountrygirl

    Letter to friends

    A Bit Long but a perfect letter from someone with chronic pain. For those who suffer, I pray that you are able to heal and quickly. I do understand. (Roberta Troyan) Feel free to share, paste, copy, etc. Love you girl.Letter to Normals from a Person with Chronic Pain & The Spoon TheoryThis is an adaptation of a piece written by Bek Oberin.A LETTER TO NORMALS FROM A PERSON WITH CHRONIC PAINHaving...
  • ihavepkd

    Severe headaches from methadone

    Does anyone get severe headaches from methadone and if so, how do you treat them?I get headaches from most all opiates and always have (yes, I'm a bit strange in that way). With my breakthrough medications, I can easily avoid them by taking a regular strength acetaminophen tablet along with the oxycodone immediate release or oral hydromorphone. And I didn't have much of a problem when I was on...
  • OlderCPer

    So I promise this is real, I did not make it up!!!

    Don't know if y'all have heard this yet.   So Everett Washington is or was a nice quiet town where families grew in their little houses with white picket fences and everyones unicorn dreams came true..........until Purdue Pharmaceuticals created Oxycontin.The City is now, in an unprecedented, never heard of, never been done before move, suing Purdue Pharma.  In January, the city filed a...
  • MeganElaine

    "Oh Crap" Moment

    Had an "oh crap" moment today. Was being lazy after dropping a pencil, and rather than getting up and bending down, I tried to lean over and grab it from my office chair... bad idea, toppled over immediately. Sat on the floor for a minute, slightly dazed, then managed to right myself and the chair. Not a very big fall, but I'm definitely feeling it, and scared that tomorrow will be even worse....
  • misunderstood4601


       I will be 16 April 6th and I suffer from JIA in my jaw joints. Eating has become a chore for me to do I have lost 15 pounds this month from not eating. Drinking also hurts. Basically just moving my mouth is severely painful. Im having a bilateral joint replacement in 2018 I have to wait for my growth plates to close. It has caused my depression to become worse. I am on Humira for my pain,...
  • celbio

    Am I in the right place

    I suffer from trigeminal post herpetic pain. Is this strictly for fibromyalgia suffrers?
  • Ghostdancer

    Pain and suicidal thoughts

    Too many negatives from pain that push me into a whole different support group. Not sure if that makes sense but for me the journey with pain as a traveling companion has gone on to long. More chores yet to do before calling this day over and then time for pain meds among others at bedtime to allow a couple hours before nightmares begin. So on we go, and yes I'll cook dinner for my son and get...
  • mystrength

    Six years post lumbar fusion

    Hi! I have a question for anyone who has had a spinal fusion. Six years ago I had a 2-level lumbar fusion at L-4/L-5, L-5/S-1. Over the course of the past year, I feel as though there is "movement" in the areas above and below my fusion. When I move one way it feels as though the area that's fused doesn't move, but my spine above and below the fusion does. It is very painful, making me...
  • MeganElaine

    Lifestyle Balance

    Lifestyle balance is something that I'm constantly trying to improve within my life, and I've posted about it here many times in the past. (P.S., yay hyperlink functionality!). It seems like everybody struggles to keep balance between work, rest, adl's, and recreation, but these challenges are amplified for those of us with chronic pain. Insomnia is a whole different beast when the trigger isn't...