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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • Tom30458

    My Chronic Pain Ditty

  • TKOK

    Recently diagnosed with crps

    At the end of last year I had a pretty serious fracture of  my tibia, which involved plates , screws and months of recovery. One of my major complaints from the beginning, was a numbness on top of my foot and tingling in my toes. Almost from the onset I felt something in my foot wasn't right. From electric type nerve pain to a crushing feeling. I had all sorts of different types of pain....
  • MeganElaine

    Good Docs in Midwest?

    10 years of autoimmune arthritis is catching up with me, and my hip is showing signs of degeneration. I had imaging looking for a labral tear; they found that the labrum was degenerated but not torn, there was a tear in the acetabular cartilage, and there are other degenerative cartilage changes. The orthopedic doc here told me that there was nothing to be done about it, but my PCP (whom I still...
  • xtreme-d

    Hi There

    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this group, my name is Doug I'm 47yrs old and I have Spina Bifida, CRPS & I'm a Below Right Knee Amputee. I'm here to try and make new friends and to learn things from those who suffer the same sort of chronic pain that I do :)
  • pain-less_pain

    Who does CVS think they are? The pain Police!

    First being extremely ill majority of my life has negatively impacted my voice w/major current events! This article came out near 2 days ago & my phone has been blowing up! It's sad we live in a society where the pharmacist believe they're God & that they alone will stop the "epidemic". What happens to us the people that are truly sick & in constant pain & those like me I've had a tolerance my...
  • Aronia

    Got an injection for CRPS

    i was fortunate enough to have CRPS confined only to my knee are and some below instead of the whole has been 5 years since I ve been suffering with it and nobody would offer me any treatement other than meds. Today I finally had an injection right into the area and deep down to the bone. I was expecting to have a bad experience but it wasn’t bad at all.the same man gave me an injection...
  • akacountrygirl


    Has anyone had an epideral in your spine/neck area?  Did you have any problems afterward?  If so what happened? My husband had one done last Wednesday.  Pain vanished for a day.  Then he got sick and been that way for almost a week.Called doctor the day of but he just said to have him drink a cup of coffee and then lay down on his side for one hour.I'm so glad that I cancelled mine.
  • lilymay

    Chronic Pancreatitis

    Hi everyone,Im 23 years old and have recently been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. I am fit and healthy and have no other problems. It has been a really really hard few months. I have started a blog and will be regulaly writing about my journey with CP. So far I have written two posts, if anybody wants to have a read it may help in some way :).Would love to hear from anyone in a similar...
  • gustokitty

    Found significant pain relief

    Hi!  I don't typically pay here since chronic pain was not my top 3 issue,  but certainly has been a problem and only not my TOP cuz I take pain meds regular! Go figure.  LolI am not trying to sell anything,  just want to share that I have tried "Thrive", it is a network marketing product.   So if you have that friend that's been bugging you, I'd say go ahead and give it a try (with doctor...
  • deleted_user

    Porn for Pain

    A little lighter subject now:I was watching Grey's Anatomy today and they had a guy who was a CPer and allergic to all pain meds. He used porn to control his pain. Apparently, porn releases endorphins in the brain. Does this work for women as well? And could you live with porn 24/7 like this guy (and his wife) did?Anyone ever try this?Just wondering:)Sandy
  • polarbare

    gout and osteoarthritis

    I read recently that adopting a gout diet can have a healing effect if you have osteoarthritis .. has anyone read this ?   my kid brother has both I was looking in to gout and article says the gout diet heals OA... any body want to weigh in if they heard of this  ?  ((hugs))
  • OlderCPer

    Dead, Dead, Dead Board!!!

    If this Board were anymore dead we might as well put a tombstone at the top of it and call it done!
  • Ghostdancer

    Burned Again

    Not sure if this is how pinched nerves feel to everyone or just my own weird symptom. I was positive in all ways for signs of pinched nerves in my neck and had a fusion of three vertebrae in my neck. Then a couple of months ago I began noticing pain was returning before pain medications were scheduled to be taken. Within the past month it turned to pills also taking longer to work. I’ve had an...
  • OlderCPer

    So I've Met 2 New Specialist This Week...

    The first being my new Neurologist.  That appt. went very well, she was nice, personable and very conscientous and detail oriented, I'm not sure after 2.5 hours there was not much she did not know about me.  We came up with a plan to get the ever increasing Cluster Migraines and Seizures under control and most of it I agree with.  I'll do the Medication Increases, I'll go in the hospital...