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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • gailj

    Chronic pain and hair loss

    I have had chronic pain with sitting for 10 yrs. I have had spinal cord stimulators twice with no relief and for the past 8 yrs have taken ibuprofen 800 mg bid and tramadol 50 mg bid. The past few months my hair has become so thin with bald patches on my crown. I am horrified at how this looks and wonder if it's the meds that are causing the problem. I don't know what to do as I am miserable if I...
  • jenthalia

    National Pain Report

    Hi all, it's me thaliajen but now jenthalia on this new site because my password was incorrect. Ugh.It's been a LONG night adjusting to my decreased meds due to the CDC "guidelines" that my doctor's office is trying to follow. This weekend is only half over and the pain has ruled my every emotion. I'm yelling at my husband, extremely wary of my 7 year old's movements as I'm terrified he'll cause...
  • I went through a period of severe depression due to ongoing medical procedures and poor health. I found myself in a position where I felt I had no control or say over my own health. I was frankly terrified of the prospect of further pain from medical procedures. I will admit at that point I became hostile and surly towards the doctors I was dealing with. I was at the end of my rope and barely...
  • Jonsparky

    Cervical Epidural

    hi everyone! (Whoever is left)i am going in for a epidural C6/C7 today,my MRI showed as Moderate severe bulging disc pinching off the nerve. Hope it helps! The pain radiates between the shoulder blade and on top of the shoulder. I don't see how steroids will help, but it is worth a try...Hope everyone is doing okay!
  • Community Leadersambod

    hi there

    a few days ago, ds posted in the community forum regarding fixes that were coming this week. you go look at the member tab, members who are online will and do appear first. I am told that alphabetical list of friends is coming. Font appears to be larger and hugs can now be seen in their entirety. ...
  • Hey everyone. This is Jeremy. I lost my old account when the transition took place. I had originally thought that someone complained about me and got me banned because I was too tired to read the note that the site was closed and wou;d be re-opening the following day. I'm a complete retard these days. I wanted to start a thread where everyone can introduce themselves under their old and new...
  • Hi- I was thaliajen before the changes. I've had RSD for 19 years. I've been on the same dose of oral morphine for all that time, with one smalll decrease when my doctor died and I found a new one. Today the PA told me that the practice has to follow CDC guidelines and drop everyone to such a low dose of meds that it's impossible. She and I know each other well, and I've never asked for an...
  • lladyfairhair


    Has anyone here that has tried this for pain/ getting off opioids ( so tired of dealing with these pills) been afraid of switching.? Not knowing how it would change things in your life etc.. Mostly ....I am really afraid of the actually switching over part -withdrawl and or pain- or whatever- you have to do to switch. I take quite a fair amount of Oxycodone Immediate release. I am curious how...
  • Community Leadersambod

    hi there

    as a lot of you know, there are members who have had to create new accounts which makes it hard for friends to find. One of the Community leaders made a member group for people to be able to search for their friends. I thought i would post it here.
  • Greetings and Hallucinations...Hey there CP Land... nice to finallybe back... who the hell redecorated while I was gone? Let me guess, it was the firm of Blind, Blinder and Clueless... WOW! Even at my most sleep-deprived, overly-medicated, and/or in the deepest depths of agony and depression did I EVER mess up a web project as badly as this site has been trashed! Time to start looking for a new...
  • Well spent most of last night and the wee hours of the night/morning in the ER. I felt the Kidney Stone coming on Wednesday night around 10:00ish....hoped it would just make it's way down and pass.....Yeah Right, when does it ever work that easy for me. lolSo spent the night in the very nice E.R. at UNC where the Dr.'s and Nurses are generally very nice and attentive and know me by name, because...
  • sister got her to ER I am not sure with ambulance or not but prob with ambulance as they could not get her to sit up without getting dizzy again....she hit her head arm shoulder and her back of which the worst may not be her head but the back....she has suffered with severe pain in her back and has spinal stenosis in lower back....basically her last fall hurt her back badly and now this one is...
  • Community Leadersambod

    hi there

    if you have contact with members who cannot get in by other means, then I wouldadvise them to check your spam folder. same thing happened to me.... went on vacation to the Grand Canyon for a week, came back and well, here we are.... the email reset came to my spam folder. YOu have to move it from your spam folder to your in box. the reset link will not work unless it is in your inbox. I did...
  • enigmaticloner


    So pretty much everyday I still find myself thinking about it and having difficulty accepting my body for the way it is. Between my scoliosis making my upper body pretty deformed (mainly noticeable when shirtless so I can for most part hide it) and my PKD which has no cure either, I really don't know how to just "deal with it" like people often will tell you to do. Also with the occasional...
  • LauraMC

    It's always something

    Hi all. I'm new here so let me introduce myself. I have suffered with chronic pain since 2003. I have SEVERE back issues. To date I have had 6 surgeries ranging from microdiscectomies to lumbar fusions and I am preparing for lucky number 7. I am fused with hardware from L1-S1, have radiculopathy, spondylosis and a 48 degree curve to round out my scoliosis. The more surgeries I had the worse I...