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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • pain-less_pain

    Who does CVS think they are? The pain Police!

    First being extremely ill majority of my life has negatively impacted my voice w/major current events! This article came out near 2 days ago & my phone has been blowing up! It's sad we live in a society where the pharmacist believe they're God & that they alone will stop the "epidemic". What happens to us the people that are truly sick & in constant pain & those like me I've had a tolerance my...
  • akacountrygirl


    Has anyone had an epideral in your spine/neck area?  Did you have any problems afterward?  If so what happened? My husband had one done last Wednesday.  Pain vanished for a day.  Then he got sick and been that way for almost a week.Called doctor the day of but he just said to have him drink a cup of coffee and then lay down on his side for one hour.I'm so glad that I cancelled mine.
  • bobinmaine

    Wild pain relief

    I am curious if anyone here has ever used wild lettuce extract.  It has been compared to morphine but is not addictive. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried it and had success with it before I go shop for some on ebay.Thanks
  • deleted_user

    Porn for Pain

    A little lighter subject now:I was watching Grey's Anatomy today and they had a guy who was a CPer and allergic to all pain meds. He used porn to control his pain. Apparently, porn releases endorphins in the brain. Does this work for women as well? And could you live with porn 24/7 like this guy (and his wife) did?Anyone ever try this?Just wondering:)Sandy
  • Sly

    Been a long time since I have been here.

    Hi,  I'm Ted,  48.  I have a birth defect that didn't show up until I was 39.  I have "Intestinal Malrotation Presenting in Adult Life". I had a Ladds Pro'edure.  Also an adhesion removal a year ago.  I am back to hellish pain again,  CT scan tomorrow. Surgeon thinks I have new adhesion. My intestines are twisted and tied in knots,  I have partial volvulous throughout.  Pain drugs don't...
  • Wang23

    How is this community benefiting you?

    Hello,My name is Michelle Wang from the School of Information Systems at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. I am doing a Master of Business Process Management Degree investigating chronic pain sufferers’ experience of online communities. We are looking to conduct interviews with chronic pain sufferers who use this community. We are most interested in people with...
  • MeganElaine

    An Answer, and More Questions

    Finally had an MRA of my hip. Met with the ortho who ordered it, who told me that there was a small tear in my cartilage, for which "there is nothing you can do." He said that it didn't explain why I was in pain, and shooed me out saying, "I don't know what to tell you." Met with my PCP Thursday. He showed me the radiological report, which indicated "an oblique tear through the central portion...
  • motherofcats

    Ryzotomy/ please

    Hi! New to this website but not new to the fight against chronic pain. Due to multiple issues, I have chronic pain. My worst area is my mid/low back. I have a spinal chord stimulator which works pretty well, just not well enough. My dr recently talked me into a ryzotomy/radio frequency ablation (not really sure what/if there is a difference) Diagnostic injections went ok, so we decided to go for...
  • AngelaJo

    Physical Torture (therapy) and Pain

    I will be graduating from PT yet again ive gone pretty much once a year for a few months sicne i was 18 for my back. This time they got me off my cane, and i am able to do more but my pain is not better. My body is stronger i no longer lose my balance but today i am still in bed at almost 10 am praying my oxycodone, motrin 800 and robaxin make me ablet o make my friends birthday cake. I am ready...
  • AngelaJo

    Not sure if you guys remember me but im back

    I havnet posted on this board in a long time, been mostly on the fibro and PTSD boards. Life got crazy, had a complete nervous breakdown i ended up hospitalized for 2 times now i been doing well for over 6 months now. My pain has been at an all time high even with the strong meds im on. I am doing Physical Therapy and the goal isnt to get rid of the pain, that wont happen with whats wrong with my...
  • billwfriend

    Hand surgery scheduled for Thursday 7:30am....

    I have a mass in my right pinkie finger that I felt was a blood clot but then I saw the hand surgeon today who said it is a mass but of unknown kind....I have had this thing for well over a year...maybe even two or three....I was only worried when it hurts and that is sometimes....I felt it was blood clot....he wrote on the statement for billing that it is benign mass....the options were to leave...
  • Joneszayyy

    New to the group

    Hey guys, I'm new to this group, but not to DS. I suffer from severe chronic pain due to endometriosis and pelvic floor dysfunction. The only thing that I've found works for me right now is cbd oil. Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself a bit :) What are some things that help you guys with your chronic pain?
  • Muffin2017


    Hello I am new here. I have spent many years trying to control my chronic pain without any relief.  I just need to surround myself with those who understand what I am going through. I live in a small rural community and basically there are no support groups here. No one seems to understand chronic pain, so to them I need to just suck it up. They feel that being disabled just means losing a limb...
  • Aronia

    RSD And injection tomorrow

      After 5 years of going from one doctor to another - 5 orthopoedic, 6 oral surgeons, neurologist, vascular surgeon, and others - I finally got a consult from an interventional pain center and was offered diagnosis and treatment .i have RSD in my leg and mental nerve damage in my face.tomorrow I ll get my first injection in the saphenous nerve area and I m freaking out. I m SO scared it is going...
  • MeganElaine

    Steroid Injection; Limited Relief

    Feeling really disappointed. Had my first ever steroid injection into my hip last Wednesday. The relief from the lidocaine was immediate and profound, but since the lidocaine wore off several hours after the procedure, my hip has been painful as ever. They told me to expect the steroid to kick in within 3-5 days; today is day 5 and I'm scared this is as good as it gets. Was off the crutches for a...