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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • Jonsparky

    They are now going after Tramidol

    Hi Everyone!Been absent a while, thought I would pop in and say "hi"...I accepted a weak pain pill from the Spinal surgeon, he prescribed Tramidol 1-2 pills/ 3 times a day, it has really helped ease the pain some, I didn't realize how it was effecting my life. As some of you know, I was Dx'd with a ruptured disc in my L5-L6, having an extra deformed vertebrae that is causing some crowding with my...
  • catskyn

    One more Oxycodone

       So while I am waiting for my refferal to go through for a new Pain Management Doctor my Primary increased my Oxy by one . I am now taking (6) 10/325 a day and 4 Methocarbabol. Can anyone suggest something I can take for back up pain management because there are many tmes when the pain doesn't get relieved from the Oxycodone :(.   I really like my new Primary. At first I was sceptical...
  • UniqueFireGirl

    Adhesion Awareness

    I've had a trauma exploratory surgery done to me about 3 years ago. Along with breaking six ribs. I've had numerous surgeries to break down adhesions in my abdominal area. Had two this last summer in Sept and Aug. The same pain I felt when I had to get those surgeries has came back. I feel sharp electric pain and feel like my stomach is being pushed out next to my ribs after I eat and also have...
  • enigmaticloner

    Multiple Disc Buldges

    Recently I've been reading over some things and I see that results from MRIs I've had in the past have mentioned mild disc buldging at various parts of the spine. I've looked this up online and have seen that it can indeed cause pain, which has lead me to believe that this is the cause of the majority of the pain I've been getting these past few years in my back, chest, hip, legs, and knees. In...
  • akacountrygirl

    Waking up

    I woke up this am and couldn't function.  Major pain in my hips, leg, stomach and rib section.  After taking numerous pills that were and were not prescribed for me. I finally have relief.  I absolutely hate taking pain meds, but it sure is better than suffering in pain.
  • jnh77

    Meralgia Paresthetica

    Hi all, After having surgery on my right knee I have developed MP Meralgia paresthetica occurs when the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which supplies sensation to the surface of your outer thigh becomes compressed, or "pinched." The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is a sensory nerve. It feels as if my left thigh has swallowed razors and slicing the inside of my thigh or as if thousand of bees...
  • OlderCPer

    Has anyone see Jeremy????

    Has anyone seen or heard from Jeremy?  He usually messages me regularly but i've not heard from him in a while and he's not been doing good.   When I just went to send him a message it said, "The Member does not exist!".   I am very concerned, if anyone knows whats up please let me know.  he's really been in a bad place mentally and in a lot of pain....I'm worried he may have done something...
  • tbug

    will anyone help?

    Ive had shoulder pain for the past at least six months that is gradually gotten worse. It's to the point now that I've had to take a leave of absence from work I can no longer hardly take care of myself which includes taking a bath getting dressed brushing my teeth you name it. I was so desperate I signed up for Obamacare and with that I have bought insurance that I can't even use as they...
  • catskyn

    A hard day.

      I don't know what is going on with me. I feel weak, chills and just sick. I took a bath and made all the beds and I just feel so bad.  I am in pain like I am coming down with the flu or something. I hate feeling this way. I already prayed for God to give me the strength to take care of my boys and fill there needs when nthey come home from school.
  • waybackjack

    Stem Cell Therapy And/Or Platelet Rich Plasma...

    As Alternatives To Knee Replacement.Has anyone here undergone either of those alternatives?
  • MeganElaine

    How Often Do You See Your Doc?

    I'm curious: how often do you see your doctor for "routine maintanence" of your chronic conditions? Do you have regularly scheduled follow-ups, or do you wait until there's a problem to make your next appointment?I'm on a "wait until you need" sort of set-up with both my primary care doctor and my rheumatologist. I have a lot of doubt about when it's appropriate to ask for an appointment. My...
  • waybackjack

    Knee Brace Rather Than Knee Compression Sleeve

    I've a number of the compression sleeves: Tommie Copper, Zensah, Nike ... and was wondering if any of you fellow knee sufferers have a product that's specifically advertised as a knee brace. I've seen several brands: DonJoy, Bort Genu, Breg, et al. and they recommend specific models depending on the type of impairment such as arthritis, ligament tear, chrondromalacia ... one even has models for...
  • beetle

    Bells Palsy

    I win woke up in 2009 with Bell's palsy. I have had pain in face since then. I have numbness and facial swelling along with attacks of severe pain that last 2 or 3 min. Doctors said no pain like that with palsy. My face is tight and numb with a feeling of constant pressure. Neurologist said Atypical trijeminal neuroliga. I was on all different melds that only made me sleep never took away pain....
  • MeganElaine


    Pacing is an issue I've posted about here before. It's something I'm continuing to struggle with. I have this habit of doing way too much during the times of day when my pain is tolerable, only to have it all catch up to me later and totally overwhelm my ability to cope. It's frustrating that the pain doesn't intensify soon enough for me to be able to adjust my activities accordingly; I feel fine...
  • Samirian4hire

    Forget me not

    I feel seriously ill, not sure how to even take the next step...  reaching out in hope....I am not suicidal, yet I know what you just know...It took many years to slow down enough to stop living like this is how life is now...  I broke through the pain, saw a reason to live...  not continue till I drop...  over and over now for 7 years.  I just don't know how to keep myself together after I...