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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • equinegurl

    Finally Getting Somewhere!!

    Some may remember my post awhile back regarding my chronic hip pain. I went to Mayo clinic last month for my 5th orthopedic consult. After many tests, and finally a competent doctor, I have a diagnosis. Femoralacetabular Impingement, a form of hip dysplasia, and severe labral damage. This has been missed by 4 other doctors. I am now scheduled for surgery in February and the doctor believes I will...
  • tristeog

    Any positive comments.

    Hi good afternoon thanks for adding me. I will tell a little about my situation. At the beginning of the year I started with a pain and neck stiffness, the pain radiated down to my shoulder and my right hand, also felt numbness. I went to my doctor who said it was a rotator cuff tear, he said it would heal on its own. After 2 months I got better so I never went back to the doctor. In June I had a...
  • Daybyday2016

    I'm new to any support group.

    Just hoping someone else can help with my constant depression living with constant pain.
  • Sly

    I Hate my miserable life!

    I'm 46, male, I have had chronic illness and chronic pain for the last 8 years. It is caused by a rare birth defect of my intestines, they are counter-rotated 270 degrees counter-clockwise. It didn't show up until I was 39 years old in the form of staggering morning pain. I have had 2 surgeries, the first in Aug. 2009 and the most recent Aug. 2016 for adhesion removal. The first surgery was a...
  • she opted for double after finding cancer in one breast....they took three lymph nodes and showed no sign of scary for her I am sure...both my mom and her mom had breast removed from cancer and are long term mom is almost 30yrs but I think it might be longer...sister from Ohio is about 8years I truly is a horrible disease that I hope they cure...
  • I have not see JanCam in long time and missing Seekn too.....where is everyone? I am bill and I am here but do not post too much any more as most of my bad pain was surgically removed when I had total knee replaced last year sept.....
  • jayceee

    Yeah. !!

    Don't know if this will post..Haven't been able to get on DS,OR post on side group.For those who remember me.. hope you see this, and know I think of you with Luvnhugs.My " Yeah!" .. is because I got referred for palliative care !!!! This will, hopefully, put my medication decisions back into my Doc's hands, rather than the CDC.  :-)ALSO, referred for home health care. ( kinda hard on the ego.....
  • Kai

    New here

    Hello.  I am new to this site. I am a 30 year old woman who has been suffering from undiagnosed chronic nerve pain for 7 months and could really use some support.  It is really hard for me to find anyone to talk to because I appear normal to others.  The pain started suddenly in both my feet but now has spread to my arms, back and chest.  It is a sharp stinging as well as pins and needles all...
  • MaddyfromOz

    Not sure what to do...

    Hi everyone.  I seem to be getting worse and am not sure what to do or where to go next and I'm trying really hard to not completely freak out...I have DDD, my back probs started in 2004 then in 2007 I had a Total Disc Replacement at L4/L5 and fusion done at L5/S1. For about 3 months post op I felt great, the opposite of what I was told to expect, so I thought things would continue that way,...
  • deleted_user

    Neuropathy study, pays $175

    DS Friends,I received this request in my email inbox. (I am a volunteer advocate for APF.) This shall be a good opportunity to earn $175 and help a good cause, if you have neuropathy or "phantom limb pain" or if you know anyone who does. Please contact Sadaf Charity at the email or phone number below if interested. Thank you.ChronicILDear APF Action Network Leader: I am writing to you again...
  • OlderCPer

    What we're Thankful for.....

    I thought it might be nice to post what we're thankful for as the eve of Thanksgiving is upon I'll start.I'm thankful for my son Zach, a wonderful young man whose life is full of possibilities and promise. I'm thankful that he's compassionate and caring and so willing to help others, as the World can use as many men with these qualities it can get.. I'm thankful for my son Nick,...
  • MeganElaine

    Season Change

    The weather outside has taken its predictable course, and my world is blanketed in snow. It seems like winter packs a double punch in terms of how it impacts my life and pain level; my outdoor/physical responsibilities increase, while the cold bothers my joints. After scraping a thick layer of ice off my windshield and clearing a path out of my driveway yesterday, I noticed my pain was higher...
  • catskyn

    Depressed and ashamed I take Oxycodone

           I had a 3rd Level Fusion on my Cervical Spine last year. I also have a bad lower back. I am in pain most of the time. I still walk my dog everyday, most of the time when I can. Last 2 weeks have been really bad with my lower back. I am getting stuck in my sleep and have my Homedics Back massager and in a half sleep I grab that heavy thing and rub my back with it till I fall back to...
  • OK here it is. A challenge and a chance to get outside the box. Let's see if we can get this thread over 100 posts!!!!!!If you need a hug....say it.If you are here......say it.If you are just watching........say it.If you need to talk or have a it.If you feel bad, good, sad, mad, blessed, happy,etc......I think you got it.I'll start.
  • catskyn

    Pain Contract Scare

        Went through a big scare last week. I am currently on a Pain Management Contract. I am also having dental surgery. When I filled out the paperwork at my dentist I told him that I was currently taking 3 10/325 Oxycodones a day. When my surgery was over he prescribed me (20) 5/ 325 for pain. After 2 weeks he did the other side of my mouth and prescribed (10) 3/325 Oxycodones. After he gave me...