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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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  • Aronia

    News to share

    hello everyone... I haven't been around because I m working too much after I left my fiancé, but I have some news.    As some of you recall, I was left with permanent unexplained  nerve pain to my jaw after my accident, osteomyelitis, 5 surgeries and a refracture.  Nobody could figure out why I was having so much pain, even a micro neurosurgeon had no definite ideas. This was going on for...
  • waybackjack

    Band-Aid Approach To Treating My Knee

    Partial meniscectomy 2006. Flare-ups in that knee began 2016. So I had a good 10 years in that regard. Onset of latest symptoms 12/18/16. Two days ago, 25 days post-onset, met with the orthopod surgeon who performed the 2006 procedure. The swelling and pain had decreased somewhat over that 25-day period, although he pronounced the swelling as "considerable." In fact, he aspirated what looked to...
  • StarPolluxx

    Pharmacy Issues

    Posts40Members< Back to All PostsPharmacy IssuesPosted by: StarPolluxx01/15/2017Mood: Bad Hi All, I'm new to any forum.. I have had chronic pain since 2009. I've been treated with pain medication since that time.  This year, something changed, things seemed to get worse. My doctor upped my dose and added something for breakthrough to try for a couple weeks. I just saw him again a few days ago...
  • 247pain

    Success stories

    Hey everyone! Hope you're having a good day. I just feel theres no light at the end of the tunnel so I wanna hear some success stories. Share your fight with any illness and even if you haven't won the battle feel free to share your feelings.heres my story(no success yet) Ive been sick since I hit my 20s and now I'm in mid 20s still sick with no real solution. My main problem is fatigue and I do...
  • PinkyBB

    Returning to Daily Strength - CRPS Sufferer

    Hello, my name is "PinkyBB" and I am a former member of Daily Strength returning to the support group. I haven't been involved with the group for many years, but feel the need for mutual encouragement and support. I've been suffering with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, or RSD). Anyone else here with CRPS? My former user name was PinkyBruno - anyone here that was in the group around...
  • AlisonElaine

    Chronic pain

    New to support group. Back pain going on 3 years. Back surgery helped some but now doctor wants to try spinal stimulation. Any advice. One of my supervisors said to try cbc oil
  • gramybear

    Could use some advice and opinions. thanks!

    My doctor sent me to a pain management doctor 3 months ago. When I saw her yesterday she said she wants to start weaning me off all of my pain meds as she believes I'm having rebound pain now which is why it got so bad Christmas night that I almost had my son take me to the ER. I could use some advice on what will have the withdrawals I'm inevetibably going to go through. Any suggestions would be...
  • MeganElaine

    Christmas Burnout

    Sending warm thoughts to all for the holidays... and wondering if anyone else feels like they've been run over by a bus.Between the extra hours at work and preparing gifts/food for Christmas dinner, I've been running myself ragged. All that effort culminated in an exhausting family gathering today, full of getting jostled by kids and too much time spent standing. I love spending time with my...
  • OlderCPer

    This dead Support Board, sad, forgotten, why?

    This Support Board used to thrive with people who'd known each other for years, friendships formed, usually stronger than those formed in the Real World.  People shared thoughts on treatments, therapies, medications, Dr.'s and diseases and illnesses that cause us all unrelenting, all consuming Chronic Pain.  It was a place where you could come and know there was someone waiting to Support you,...
  • catskyn

    What a good day

       First time in 3 weeks I didnt wake up feeling like I got ran over by a truck. This Nerve Pain is just horrible. I am waiting for my insurance company to okay my lyrica. In the meantime last night I set my alarm for 5am and took my Oxycodone. I woke up feeling great. I went shopping and came home and walked my dog in the snow. I love feeling good its been a while. Sometimes I just dont want...
  • catskyn

    Pain Contract Scare

           Haooy New Years everyone!! Sure glad I am not hungover. Ive been doing well with my sobiety. I changed doctors and I feel so blessed. I was seeing a Nurse Practioner at Highlakes Health Care. I had a 3rd Level Fusion last year . I started suffering from Nerve Pain . Its horrible. I went into her office and asked for Lyrica and she told me it was beyond her expertise to prescribe me...
  • billwfriend

    My ankle has been having a sharp pain...

    it is stabbing pain and it is when walking...but it is not constant and it is probably what do I do? I know the ortho could do an Xray of my ankle but do I really want that is my question because pain is quick and sharp but not persistantly is just a few times a day that I get this stabbing on outside of the ankle joint....ugggh
  • MeganElaine

    10-Year Painniversary

    Today marks 10 years since my first major autoimmune arthritis flare and the start of my chronic pain journey.It's almost surreal looking back on all the things that have happened in the time since. Upon getting sick, I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I am now 24, have completed both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and am well on the way to getting fully licensed in my chosen...
  • Beejoi

    Intractable Pain Patient's Handbook for Survival

    3 have found this very helpful, mainly in supporting myself emotionally in situations in which I have had to deal with someone who just doesn't understand that I am really in severe pain. This Dr. also belongs to a pain association which believes in believing the patient, and has a...
  • Kai

    New here

    Hello.  I am new to this site. I am a 30 year old woman who has been suffering from undiagnosed chronic nerve pain for 7 months and could really use some support.  It is really hard for me to find anyone to talk to because I appear normal to others.  The pain started suddenly in both my feet but now has spread to my arms, back and chest.  It is a sharp stinging as well as pins and needles all...