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Traumatic brain injury occurs when a sudden trauma causes brain damage. TBI can result from a closed head injury or a penetrating head injury. Symptoms of a TBI can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of the damage to the brain. Outcome can be anything from complete recovery to permanent disability or death. A coma can also affect a child's brain.

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  • lostone10


    I got my first concussion almost 2 years ago, but I kept getting concussions as time went on. As of May 15, I've had 7 concussions 3 (counting this one) hat have been severe. I've done everything I can to protect my head, but no matter how hard I try I still end up getting hurt. I've been in car accidents, been beaten up, and have just been clumsy. The current concussion might have ruined my...
  • GettinBy

    Dead site?

    Of 331 members, I wonder how many are active?  I usually see 0-1 person logged in. Each post gets from 0-4 comments.  I also notice that people post their issue and wait for feedback without scrolling and offering support to others.  How is this helpful? Is anyone on any active and truly supportive sites?
  • Briemarie721

    Been ALONE since

    So i have had a TBI since 2014. It happend when I was 21. Im 24 now and It has completely taken over my life. And just when I think my family kind of gets it, they something that makes me sound lazy or crazy. So its obvious they dont and never will get it. Ive been very much alone in this. My mother always telling me to do more, boyfriend always asking me to go out more. Then theirs my brother...
  • Helpme.68

    Symptoms of a brain bleed?

    I past out and hit my head on a brick floor, woke up with the police, ems, and fire department.  The hospital put me in ICU claiming I had a brain bleed, the swelling went down, the problem is that was seven years ago in February and ever since possibly 2011 I began getting migraines everyday, eyesight was a little distorted, a few years after that my recent memory is failing, I don't even know...
  • PeteyPablo

    I am a nubie I've been told.

    I sustained a T.B.I. April 4th of last year 2016. I was shoved, (long story) and after going backwards off a curb, tried to catch my balance before falling back on the left side of my head and being out cold. I still have slight paralysis in my entire right side keeping me from running or swimming or playing Golf which I used to play up to 3 times a week. Also my trach tubes caused ulcers on my...
  • inosal


    Hi all...I'm new here.  I don't have a TBI, but my husband suffered a cardiac arrest in March.  VERY long story short, they told me he has an anoxic brain injury.  He is now walking, talking, learning to walk again (was in a medically induced coma for 7 weeks to stop seizures) and he is even texting! After 3 different neurologists telling me that he would be in a vegetative started IF he came...
  • Miitzii

    whatever can happen...

    All of my life I've felt like my life was a study in murphey's law (whatever can happen will happen at the worst possible time. Then I got hit by a school but getting off the city bus... on my birthday. That was seven years ago and it seems right when i got "used" to it (the tbi) I start having seizures (this past January). In March I was diagnosed as epileptic and put on meds but we're still...
  • Miitzii

    tired of being wrong

    It seem's like any time I'm open and explain one of my symptoms from my tbi to any of my friends n loved ones it's just an excuse etc... but if I point out the behavior in them it doesn't exist. My own husband (he met me after the brain injury) acts like he can't stand me claims he understand the whole someone else driving feeling but my apologies are never good enough and he never says sorry for...
  • Tmneal2012

    Everyday I feel different about my relationships!

    Hello,I suffered from a tbi along with other injuries due to being in a car accident in 2015 at the age of 20. It is now June 12, 2017 and I am 23 and is coming up on my 3rd year of living with my brain injury.The thing I struggle with the most is relationships. I'm not talking about a motherly relationship or a friendship really. What hurts me the most and is hard for me is having personal...
  • GettinBy

    In my glass box

    Hi - Don't know how to start out here. It's summer and I'm watching people and their lives go on all around me, while I am trapped in this glass box of my brain injury, epilepsy and anxiety. I'm blessed - I am "higher functioning" brain injured-yet cursed because its even harder for people to understand my quirky limitations.  People try to be understanding, but they can't know.  Helpful...
  • sabrinaminster

    Dating some one with a TBI

    I have been dating a really great guy for about a month now and he is 2 years post accident. I met him a week before his accident and then ran into him again about two months ago. We started dating after reconnecting and I have been doing research on how TBI effect people and their reactions and emotions to things. Yet I am struggling with how sometimes he talks to me. I guess I am looking for...
  • Porpoise143

    My journal for tonight.

    Posting my journal for tonight. Perhaps I might sleep better knowing that it's out there for the world to read:It's 11PM. I'm sleepy but not sleepy. I have so much anxiety that even being on all of this medication, half running and walking 2 miles on the threadmill can't solve. I'm having several glasses of wine. I'm living in this house like a ghost. Tom and I are in seperate rooms like...

    Heal a Brain Injury Using Alternative Treatments

    Hi  This is Anthony Aquan-Assee from Toronto.  I am a Brain Injury survivor and I am very interested in helping other survivors find ways to deal with the difficulties of a brain injury.  My new book "Rethink, Redo, Rewired: Using Alternative Treatments to Heal a Brain Injury"will teach you about some alternative treatments that can help with many health problems. Please visit my website at...
  • MgTech

    New Here

    Hi everyone,I sustained my TBI over two years ago, when I was 17. A 40 lb saddle decided that falling two feet onto my head was a good way to add some excitment to my life. My parents have been after me to find a support group where I can talk to others who are going through, or are going through what I am. I've felt alone the past few years because no one else in my life has been through...
  • townieturnedcountry

    Bit of help needed please

    hi I suffered a severe to moderate tbi the start of this year i was told from my neuropsychologist that being in a induced coma means that my injury is at the high end of moderate to severe I have less strength in my right hand pain in the ass